Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 7 Recap


I want to bask in Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s romance, but this drama is about Do Bong Soon and her life and love journey so I’m willing to wait for the fan service in the future episodes.  We got the blackmailer reveal and Bong Soon’s training camp’s continuation.  If the sparks in the training is already like that, fireworks are expected in the near future.  Gook Doo and his team still struggled in the case and he is having a dejected mood as he is finally admitting the one great love he ignored.
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 7 Recap
Bong Soon’s scream from her Romeo and Juliet nightmare breaks in the night disrupting the house intruder.  In her dream, she happily dances with Romeo until she stepped on his foot causing him pain, and making him run away from her.  She gropes for the glass of water but finds it empty so she heads to the kitchen to satiate her thirst.  
The intruder makes a sudden attack, but Bong Soon’s quick reflex blocks the frying pan with her punch.  At Min Hyuk’s room, another intruder points a knife to him, but got distracted with his companion’s scream of pain.  Min Hyuk takes the opportunity to subdue the burly man as Bong Soon comes to his rescue hitting the bad guy in one shot with the frying pan.
Thug boss Baek Tak and his sidekick Jaw heads to a golf club to play and talks about the men they sent at Min Hyuk’s house.  Jaw assures his boss that they sent the best men who had special muay thai training overseas to take care of their commissioned job. Baek Tak still feel uneasy on how Bong Soon will be overpowered and true to his woes, we see powergirl back at the house bundling up the sent intruders neatly.
Min Hyuk joins Bong Soon and recognizes one of the intruders.  Bong Soon worries about the bad guys sleeping on the cold floor to Min Hyuk’s amazement.  She caringly set up the knocked out men on a bed cushion packed by omma. Satisfied at the work she did, she heads to where Min Hyuk is not knowing that the blanket is powered by a talisman that will harmonize romantically those who will sleep on it.
Bong Soon sleepily asks Min Hyuk if the men will not be handed by the police, but he replies that he will do the interrogation himself.  They sleep the remaining hours of the night in the living room and wakes up to the sounds of their phones ringing.  Gook Doo checks on Bong Soon while Min Hyuk answers the call from the intruder’s phone who turns out to be thug boss Baek Tak.
Baek Tak checks if the two are secured since Min Hyuk is not supposed to attend the share holder meeting.  Thug boss is caught off guard when he hears Min Hyuk’s reply on why Bong Soon is important to be caught.  He reveals that Bong Soon defeated his men and proposes that his only way out is to reveal who has been behind his death threats or he will spill everything to the police.  
Halmoni eats breakfast with the family and dotes on Bong Ki.  She wonders when will Bong Soon be coming home who is busy at Min Hyuk’s house with the captives.  The talisman enchanted thugs wake up in loving gazes and morning skinship to Bong Soon’s surprise.
Min Hyuk dressed up in a dapper suit and styled his hair so sexy sending me straight to a sweet bliss as he preps to go to the Annual Shareholders Meeting.  The attendees are already in ruckus so they commence the meeting with Min Hyuk’s nomination as the CEO in agenda.  The host informs that the meeting will be postponed which the shareholders are unhappy about, but approaching Min Hyuk shut them up.  He apologizes for being late and explained the unwanted guests that he had to tend to.  
Bong Soon anwers the call and feeds the video of the tied intruders to the meeting.  Min Hyuk reveals the threats he has been getting in the past few months because there’s someone who does not want him to be the next chairman.  He cites how the recent rumors are most likely a ploy of the same person.  He expresses how he does not want to get the helm of the company as he has managed his own company well, but he does not want Oh Sung group to be led by an immature person.  He motions to meet again once he gets hold of the identity of the blackmailer to which everyone agrees.  Before he leaves, he clears that he is a healthy man who likes women so they should not worry about baseless rumors questioning his sexual preference.
Baek Tak receives an angry call from his client and got furious about it.  To make his day worse, news of his boys beaten by a grandma reaches him.  Min Hyuk tells his father how one of his brothers is behind the threats he was getting, so he has to act cautiously as it will reflect badly on him as a father on how he has raised them.  I love aboji’s magenta shades
Baek Tak scolds his men on the string of humiliation they are getting recently as Bong Soon feeds the thugs so kindly.  She realizes not to feed them a lot because it will require them to use the bathroom as Min Hyuk is upset to learn that she is feeding the intruders.
Baek Tak visits Min Hyuk in his office and give the identity of who hired them for the job and gives his two cents of how Min Hyuk should handle his family affairs well.  Baek Tak advises how his brother specifically wanted to just scare him as Min Hyuk lets go of what his company did just that one time for old time sake.  Baek Tak asks if he can recruit Bong Soon, but he gives him a you can now leave answer.
Like what we all guessed, it was his second brother whom he considered to be faithful to him who commisioned the blackmailing job.   It broke Min Hyuk’s heart that the brother he trusted most betrayed him.  *sniff *sniff
Bong Soon arrives in the office and looks for his boss who is in a despondent mood staring blankly at a glass window.  She asks if he is okay, and he replies that he is not.  She guesses who among the family members was the culprit, and he denies everyone she mentioned.  He mutters how he knew she would have not thought about it either, and it dawned on her that it was the brother he was closest to.  Min Hyuk voices out his disappointment about his brother not trusting him so he could have helped him if he wanted that position badly.  He sighs and wonders who else can he trust.
Bong Soon steps in to relieve his dejected spirit and drags him to a theme park to wash away his frustrations.  They ride on bump cars, scream loud on board the vikings ride, and eat ice cream leisurely. 
When she exhausted their energy, she invites him to eat at a nice place she knows and orders everything in the menu.  Min Hyuk remarks how she is familiar around and she retorts how she goes around everytime her mom scolds her.  The food came and Bong Soon lets him try a dish he initially dislikes.  His eyes go bigger when he realizes it is really yummy and she spills the secret that in her hometown that’s how it is eaten.
Halmoni plays go stop with omma and friends and blabs about his successful children.   Meanwhile at psycho’s lair, he takes care of the new victim. The first victim gets acquainted with the second victim and advises her to just relent to the psycho’s craziness so he will at least free her legs.  The mother of the fourth victim visits Gook Doo’s team to report her daughter is missing.  The victim’s mom narrates her daughter is doing an early morning prayer in the past few days and was not listening when she begs her not to do it since the neughborhood is dangerous these days.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon ride a bus and he narrates how it has been a long time since he has ridden one.  He tells her how he once almost had an accident if not for someone who prevented the bus from falling in a cliff.  He thinks that it was his mother who sent an angel to protect him.  A call from her grandmother disrupts their conversation as she happily assures her grandma that she will be arriving soon.  Bong Soon confirms that it was her grandma who called.  She inquires when she will start to work in Game Development team, but he tells her that she has to complete her training first until she can have full control over it.  They seal it with a pinky swear and exchange reminders on him not wallowing in sadness and her not walking alone in her neighborhood.  He agrees to let her home that day as he is also going home to settle the issue with his brother.  Bong Soon cheers him up cutely to not take life’s problem seriously.
Halmoni and omma spots Bong Soon who is walked home by Min Hyuk.  Omma murmurs how she wants him for Bong Soon.  He goes to their direction and greet them.  He introduces himself to Halmoni as Bong Soon’s officemate.  Halmoni welcomes him and calls him son-in-law putting them in awkward situation while omma beams about it.  Bong Soon chides her mom on how she raised her to be conservative only to be this liberal now.  Mom counters how she was waiting for the right time to free her, and now is the right time with her CEO.
Bong Soon sits and bonds with her omma and halmoni and listens to halmoni’s wise words about being a mother, a daughter and a grandmother… a cycle that runs in a woman’s life and their family.  Bong Soon asks if it’s possible for the power they lost to be reclaimed again, but omma answers how it did not work for her no matter how she tried before.  Omma wishes for Bong Soon to have a daughter as well in the future and they rest their heads on halmoni’s shoulder.  
Bong Soon suddenly remembers how when she was staring at Gook Doo in High School, she dreams of getting married with him giving him three sons, because she does not want a daughter who will become like her.  After her heartfelt talk with her mom and grandma, she now considers having a daughter is not a bad idea.  this is such a sweet scene
Min Hyuk enters their house and sees an epiphany of him and his favorite brother playing together when they were young.  He was a good brother who took care of him so well and even gave him his favorite toy.  He confronts his brother who apologizes right away.  Min Hyuk utters how he was glad that it was him because he was really thinking of killing whoever it was.  His brother responds how his memory of him was the coward Min Hyuk whom he always protected, that’s why he did those immature tactics.  He adds how when he scared him before, he would always stop so he was meaning to just scare him to halt getting the CEO position.  Min Hyuk calls it even for them considering all the love and protection he received when they were young, and made him promise not to do it anymore.  
Gook Doo’s team is in hot seat and gets a pretty bad berating from the police chief.  Bong Soon bumps with the high schoolers who were on the way to skip school.  She reprimands them to go back and one of her mom’s friend tells omma about it.
Bong Soon and Min Hyuk goes to training again and this time it is with a rope.  He tasks her to go up without breaking it.  Bong Soon mounts and zooms up high in no time leaving Min Hyuk speechless at her ability.  Min Hyuk lectures her that they will focus on controlling her strength to which she acquiesces.
Next they head to punching bags as he coaches him to control her force.  She strikes a punch and breaks the bag in an instant.  They try it again with him holding the bag, but she ends up boring a hole on it.
They do shadow boxing and ducking drills after and then Min Hyuk urges her to escape from his grasp without hurting him.  She successfully freed herself so he locks his arms around her.  She is momentarily lost so Min Hyuk reminds her to focus and not feel something.  Bong Soon plays around and tickles him with her body and launches a swift move to make him kneel on the floor for taking advantage of her.  
Min Hyuk regains the momentum and grabs her leg to pin her on the ground.  He gazes at her face and she stares back at him as Min Hyuk whispers for her not to use her strength. He tells her that they will continue training together and gets up to hide the building feelings he has from her.  Pink hearts fly everywhere as fireworks explode while all the girls including me squeal in unison and punch their pillows to exhaustion
Finally they reach the last leg of the training where they flick stones.  Bong Soon readies herself for her first try and sends the stone straight to a cabinet like a bullet.  Min Hyuk strategizes and orders her to reduce her strength by 30% but her next stone breaks the television screen.  He remains patient and lets him try 50% but they yield the same result.  On the 90%, she successfully let the stone stay on the board which earned her entrance to Strategy Department of Ainsoft.  She is so happy she accidentally breaks the board so Min Hyuk takes back what he promised.
Baek Tak visits his men in the hospital again where one of his squadron leader is set to be discharged.  They meet the other guys who were beaten by grandma and the two brokeback gangster-lovers who were enchanted by omma’s blanket, and knocked out by Bong Soon’s frying pan.  Omma and friends consult the Shaman about the fate of the redevelopment plan and gets a surprise number when the Shaman is possessed by omma’s ancestor’s spirit warning her how no matter strength she has, a person with a knife can defeat her.
Omma and friends head back home after the weird encounter and her friend speaks about the incident when she sees Bong Soon with high schoolers bowing on her.  Omma rushes home to meet Bong Soon who just came home shopping some shampoo.  She finds a letter from halmoni but set it aside when she heard her mom looking for her.
Omma nags about her bullying high school students and throws in harsh words of not being good like her brother and not excelling at anything at all.  Omma calms down but Bong Soon has had enough of her mom’s treatment to her.  She rants how even when she is physically strong, her heart pains a lot when she sees her care only for Bong Ki.  She pours her heart out on how she feeds Bong Ki well and hides yummy food for him to eat.  She asks omma why she always choose to hurt her and why she treats her differently.  Bong Soon goes back to her room leaving omma feeling guilty and unhappy.
Gook Doo and another team member investigates on the owner of the shoes left on the crime scene.  They seek three men where the first two does not fit the profile.  They head to a playhouse to meet a theater actor starring at a play about a man who are collecting women as his brides, not knowing that psycho is also watching in the audience.  After the show, they meet the actor who informs them that the shoes they found were stolen in the dressing room and that he has a show on the date of the incident.  
Bong Soon dresses up to visit Kyung Shim and bring some food for her twin who has not been eating well.  Omma stares at her with a guilty face as she pours the soup on the container.  
In the hospital Hee Ji blurts her feelings to Bong Ki as he respond that he is friends with Gook Du.  dear psycho can you kindly take this girl as one of your brides? we are all willing to give her to you Hee Ji retorts how she fervently contemplated about her problem but she cannot just stop her emotions.  Bong Ki mutters that his sister has liked Gook Doo for a long while, just in time for Bong Soon’s arrival.  
She clears her throat and moves to where her brother is.  Hee Ji motions to leave but Bong Soon stops her and gives them a quick pep talk on what they have been doing behind Gook Doo’s back.  She tells Hee Ji how emotions are hard to control, but people can still learn to be considerate to what other people feel so as not to hurt them.  She faces Bong Ki and scolds him for meeting a woman who is already taken hence it is confusing her heart even more.  She hands down the food and reprieves on prying about their business because she does not want someone to be hurt.  She tells Hee Ji to leave his brother alone and not to hurt Gook Doo and walks away from them.
A fire breaks out near Kyung Shim’s room causing a panic for the people.  Psycho takes advantage of the diversion to enter the room but Bong Soon arrives in time when he is about to inject some drug to Kyung Shim.  She recognizes the villain so he runs to escape.  Bong Soon calls the guard detectives to chase after him but he was quick to flee away.  
Gook Doo hurries to the hospital furious on why Bong Soon chases after the psycho.  She counters not to worry about her and take care of her girlfriend instead.  Kyung Shim tries to calm them and asks Bong Soon to go home and rest, but she won’t budge since the psycho got in even with detectives guarding the door.  
Gook Doo gets mad again when he learns she is not staying with Min Hyuk.  She reasons that her grandmother is visiting, but he rages on how she does not listen to him when it is so hard for him to think that she is staying at her boss’ house.  He tells her that he will drop her off, but she picks her bag and leaves her friends alone.
Min Hyuk visits the walnut bakery to buy some egg tart and pies but aboji informs him that it is already sold out.  Aboji stops him from leaving and packs some walnut cakes for him to munch.  He finds his wallet to pay but aboji disregards it and just made him promise to take care of his Bong Soon as she is his most precious person in the whole world.  Acknowledging aboji’s wishes, he politely calls him “father” and vows to protect Bong Soon.  He tells aboji that he too cares a lot about Bong Soon.  ahhhh i like boys who gives an effort to the girl’s family
Bong Soon walks home with a heavy heart because of her earlier fight with Gook Doo.  Unaware that Baek Tak and his men are waiting for her to avenge their humiliation.  Min Hyuk spots Bong Soon from a far with the Squadron leader who trailed her and is about to brawl with her, but Gook Doo enters the picture to take down and beat the ajussi to a pulp.  Bong Soon rushes to push Gook Doo from the attacker subconsciously using her power in the process.
Episode 7 Quick Thoughts
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is raking ratings because we get to taste a simple storyline with 2-3 major and side conflicts.  The uncomplicated and yet lively tone along with the endearing characters drives us the followers a moment of weeklong sadness while waiting for the next episodes to air.  We closed one side conflict this episode as Min Hyuk learns the covert grudge his favorite brother has with him.  He started rearing Bong Soon to optimize her abilities while making us melt with the almost kisses and furtive love he is already manifesting towards her, but Gook Doo is also in the brink of finally admitting the love that has been there all along.  sigh  About the psycho conflict, it is inevitably going to the direction where he would want to collect Bong Soon to wrap up the story. I am curious how Bong Soon’s men will rise to the occasion whe she will be hindered to protect herself.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep6 Recap

Hitting the 6th episode calls for the story to reassure and engross the audience by turns so I’m happy that love plots and conflicts are settling in and building to a more solid frame.  Gook Doo and his team worked on the leads to pin the psycho.  Bong Soon came to terms with how she can use her gift through Min Hyuk’s encouragement. Min Hyuk and Gook Do were starting to see her in a romantic kind of light.  And we get a late frame surprise that I did not ask to arrive early.
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 6 Recap
Min Hyuk complains on Gook Doo’s appearance when they already agreed of the arrangement as Bong Soon goes to her usual Gook Doo love trance.  The police meets Kyung Shim to check on the mask the culprit probably used, but she denies all the samples brought.   Omma lectures them like a police profiler citing how the culprit is not confident of his appearance hence he uses mask to cover up his face.  
Gook Doo comments how Min Hyuk’s place is big and he can just sleep on the sofa.  Bong Soon refuses strongly at the thought of her one-sided love sleeping at her boss’ room ergo she blurts that he is gay that’s why she does not care staying in his house.  She urges Min Hyuk to back up her claim, but he is perplexed on her supposition about him.  
He responds to her request and voices out revealing the truth that she is her bodyguard which earned him a quick superpower girl attack.  Gook Doo does not want to believe him citing how Bong Soon is a weak woman.  Min Hyuk rolls his eyes and is about to battle it out, but Bong Soon is quick to reason out how she has to do the bodyguard job to protect his image and ward off the possible rumors about him being gay.  
Gook Doo is forced to believe the nonsense they are talking about and requests if he can sleep in one of his rooms.  Min Hyuk processes his thoughts and thinks of Bong Soon gazing at Gook Doo’s sleeping face.  Gook Doo is having the same weird thought of Min Hyuk motioning to kiss Bong Soon.  Bong Soon also thinks of Min Hyuk taking advantage of Gook Doo.  The three shake their heads to dismiss the strange ideas.  Gook Doo suggests not sleeping separately which the two acquiesce to. 
Min Hyuk proposes staying up all night to kill time so they head to a pub and play pool and darts.  Min Hyuk struts his billiards prowess and teases how Gook Doo was such a good student who studied well and never played around hence he cannot pocket the balls well in their game.  Min Hyuk slays the game while Bong Soon fights to stay awake.  
Next up the boys hit the dartboards and Min Hyuk struggles hitting the marks properly. Gook Doo smirks and clinches every pin to the center.  The male ego contest between them is tied so they settle for a drinking game.  
Bong Soon whines on their competitive streak and insists on joining the game, but the boys say no in unison.  They pile up the glasses of alcohol they drunk as Bong Soon constantly urges for them to stop their stupid game to no avail.  None of them wants to concede which ends in a draw as both of them collapse with intoxication facing each other on top of the billiards table.
Aboji nips at omma’s being hard on Bong Soon reminding her that no matter how strong she is, she won’t be able to protect herself if she will be attacked by weapons.  Omma replies how she will be safe at CEO’s house.  She shuts aboji’s whining of sending their daughter to a man’s house by reiterating that Min Hyuk is homosexual.  Kyung Shim cuts to their conversation by voicing out how she thinks Min Hyuk is not a gay which delighted omma who thinks the same way.  Aboji flares up but omma is quick to cool him down by assuring her that she knows what is best for their daughter.
Bong Soon stares at the two boys slumped sweetly on the pool table.  She checks the pub attendant and quickly grabs the boys and carries them out.  She throws Min Hyuk on a corner while carefully placing Gook Doo beside him.  She tells Gook Doo that she will buy something to help him sober up and marches to leave.
Just then late night opportunists spot the drunk boys and grope on their wallets for their bounty.  Bong Soon calls their attention but they spurn her protest.  Bong Soon is left no choice but to teach them a lesson so she summons super powergirl bong soon and sends them flying in the air while the trailing thug boss and his right hand witness the commotion.  They are perplexed seeing Bong Soon in action who fussed about her hard work that day thanks to the two alcohol battered men.  
Bong Soon drives them home and sneers on their earlier vows of protecting her.  She hoists them to Min Hyuk’s living room where she throws her boss carelessly while cushioning Gook Doo’s head and placing his legs on Min Hyuk’s body.  Over at Dobong neighborhood the police and thug volunteers monitor and patrol the area from the psycho.
Min Hyuk crawls from the floor to the sofa and finds Gook Doo cozily sleeping with a blanket on.  He gripes on how Bong Soon took care of her crush very well and disregards him at his very own house.  He removes the blanket and pillow and sighs on almost seeing the face of the girl who saved the bus if only his dream lingered.  He checks on sleeping Bong Soon and remembers the girl in pink sweater but dismisses the idea.
Omma wakes up aboji who was tending Kyung Shim and smiles brightly at the thought of her future son-in-law.  When Kyung Shim spills that Gook Doo also stayed in the house, aboji is happy while omma complains on why he is working so hard instead of helping out catch the loose madman.
Bong Soon prepares a hangover breakfast for the boys and turns the stuck chopstick to a cute South Korean flag.  Min Hyuk feeds his curiousity and explains that he thinks of the country while eating breakfast.  Gook Doo pretends Min Hyuk is non-existent and thanks Bong Soon for the food.  
Bong Soon responds that they walk to the house last night when Gook Doo asks how they got home.  Bong Soon cutely pretends having a hard time opening a jar so Gook Doo reaches for it and helps her. Min Hyuk rolls his eyes at her sly girl crush move and just tackle the food in front of them.
The two resumes their bickering on who won the male ego bout last time.  Gook Doo reminds the two of them to stay of limits as Min Hyuk says the same between them.  Bong Soon heaves a sigh and straightens them up by narrating the events of last night when they were drunk and chummy like hobbits.  She lets them know how Gook Doo went on a quick Magic Mike session, and how the two of them were cuddly and mushy like real lovers if not for her intervention.
Bong Soon munches on some chocolates as Min Hyuk is attacked by her spicy hangover soup.  Gook Doo pretends how the soup is okay as Bong Soon takes away her chocolates from Min Hyuk.  She coaxes them to eat a lot and offers a piece of chocs to Gook Doo who just want to pass on the food by claiming he normally does not eat breakfast.  
Just then Min Hyuk’s stalker calls for his morning death threat and orders him to denounce his successor agreement on the upcoming board meeting or he will destroy him and Ainsoft.  Min Hyuk counters for him to try shooting him with a gun, but he will sure catch him first.
Gook Doo urges Min Hyuk to seek help from the police regarding his blackmailer and not get a bodyguard, but he politely declines.  Gook Doo receives a call from the station to proceed somewhere for a lead in the case.  He turns to Min Hyuk and humbly requests to protect “his Bong Soon” which made our heroine feel blissful.  Bong Soon taps Min Hyuk as soon as her friend leaves and assures him to not worry as she will be by his side for his protection.  
Min Hyuk grouches on how she just committed a breach of contract with the extremely spicy soup she made by attacking his tummy, but she counters that it was not her fault they drank a lot last night.  He continuously grumps on how ever since he met her he has been to all sorts of pain, but he stops when Bong Soon threatens him of where else she can induce a new pain for him.  
Gook Doo and his team locates the burner phone owner that was used by the psycho when he abducted the third victim.  They secure the suspect and brings him in the station, but he appears not to be the man they are looking for.  Gook Doo and team leader deduce how the psycho must have stalked the victim and learned that she booked for an on-call driver.  Another team member arrives and reports that the doctor-suspect and the on-call driver are the same as reflected on the CCTV they just analyzed.
Secretary Gong reveals to Min Hyuk that the company suffered a blow in the stock market because of a rumor of him being homosexual. Bong Soon cheers him up by saying her video scandal was wiped out completely last time so the tabloid write ups will disappear too.  Min Hyuk ignores her and calls someone to have his name be cleared in the world wide web just like how the drunk girl video vanished.  
Bong Soon finally learns what he did for her and thanks him for it.  Min Hyuk tells him that the motorcycle thief was found and introduces a website where you can buy motor or car parts.  The dumb thief did not destroy the license plate so his men were able to track him.  It turns out he works in thug boss company who used to work under his father’s company.  Bong Soon gets up determined to catch the thief so Min Hyuk is left no choice but to follow her.
Bong Soon drives steadily but suddenly halts because of the cars in front.  They see a man arrogantly bullying a woman and demanding her to step out of the car.  The woman profusely apologized and promises to have everything be settled by her insurance to no avail.  When the jerk forces the woman out of her car and throws a tantrum, Min Hyuk can’t hold up any longer and as he motions to tell Bong Soon to stay, he finds her already walking towards the man and the woman.  
Bong Soon stops the ajussi from his bullying but he carries on his foul mouth blabbling spiteful words to the ladies.  Min Hyuk shoves him out of the way and tells him that it was his fault that he braked suddenly that’s why she collided.  The bad ajussi backs off as Min Hyuk lectures the woman to close her window and call the police when something like that happens in the future.
 Min Hyuk walks back to the car and finds his bodyguard missing at the front seat.  Bong Soon’s small head appears behind the still screaming foul words ajussi who brags his martial arts abilities.  She tells him to pull over somewhere quiet so they can have a quick chat to which he agrees.  
Min Hyuk nervously trails them and sees Bong Soon leaves the car and scolds ajussi nicely of how he took advantage of the weak girl in front of her.  She walks in front of the car holds it and pushes it for a spin dropping Min Hyuk’s jaw at her incredible strength.  Bong Soon gives a useless pep talk to the ajussi whose brain already fled in outer space to work on his bad atitude and foul mouth.  Min Hyuk who witnessed power girl Bong Soon gropes on how he will respond when she notices his presence and acts like she did not spite a man  and ruin his car to pieces just a few seconds ago.  
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon goes to see the sunset and the former narrates how there is a scene in the movie King Kong where the heroine and Kong see a sunset and they both say it was “beautiful”.  Min Hyuk takes that scenario and mutters how he feels like the heroine which angers Bong Soon thinking he is insinuating that she is King Kong in his analogy.  Min Hyuk appeases her heart and tells her that she is a special kind of King Kong and wonders how an immense strength comes from her small body.
Bong Soon reveals her secret of being born with super strength and how it runs in the female line of the family.  Min Hyuk confirms how “theoretically” if they will get married their daughter might inherit her power to which Bong Soon affirms.  Min Hyuk is amazed at the truth he just learned and encourages her not to feel bad since it is not her fault that she was born with it like how it is not his fault that he was born handsome.  Bong Soon smirks on how every conversation they have ends up with his boasting.  Min Hyuk proposes to help her use her power in good use as what she yearned badly last time and suggests how they will optimize her talent and use it properly.  He looks in her eyes and whisper, “I will help you evolve”. ladies and gentlemen that is our first sweet one-liner this year and it is so far away from the word “love” hahaha am I weird that I found it so sweet?
Hee Ji waits in front of the police station as Gook Doo rushes to see her.  Hee Ji declines his offer to eat dinner and go straight to her agenda. She voices out how her heart is wavering to another man, and apologizes for being selfish of her own feelings.  She left Gook Doo in a brooding state until Bong Soon calls his handphone.  
He reminds her to lock her doors and advises her that he will be on duty for the night.  Bong Soon tells him not to worry much about her since she can take care of herself well, and she is stronger than what he thinks she is.  Gook Doo responds how he cannot help but worry about her being a weak woman.  They say goodbye leaving Bong Soon beaming, Gook Doo back in deep contemplating and Min Hyuk annoyed about their talking.  
The two head to Min Hyuk’s family’s house dinner.  Min Hyuk’s father breaks the silence and orders him to get married as it will resolve the unpleasant rumor about him and will strengthen the family business as well if they marry to a good family.  Min Hyuk rejects his dad’s offer, grabs Bong Soon’s hand and declares she is his girl friend and they are living together in the house already.  Bong Soon confirms their set up as it is really the case for them as dad bombards her with family background check questions.  Min Hyuk rescues her and advises his father not to look for a girlfriend since he has one.  He promises him they will have children soon.
The two fight in the car about Min Hyuk’s violation of contract, but he shields himself by how the situation required him to do it. She complains why how of all people he used her and how her mother will freak out about it.  On cue, mom calls and check her Cinderella progress so she has to make up lines to hide the truth on how omma likes her and Min Hyuk to be together.
In the morning, Min Hyuk wakes Bong Soon up to start her boot camp.  They head first to a wall climbing place where Bong Soon easily strides to the top of the wall in quick minutes.  Next Bong Soon runs a few lapse with big wheels attached to her without showing any sign of being tired which freaks out Min Hyuk trying to decipher the extent of her ability.
Meanwhile omma and friends hike a mountain and talk about the talisman hidden in the blanket that will harmonize her relationship with Min Hyuk.  At the police station, the team secures the sketch of the culprit and a lead to his shoes found in the crime scene.  Team Leader concludes how Gook Doo is suffering from a heartache with his recent troubled spirit.  Gook Doo enters the station and notifies that Bong Soon is on her way to give her statement.
Bong Soon arrives and spills what happened during the incident but hides how she stopped the psycho from his evil plan by sticking on how she screamed so loud for him to run away.  Bong Soon discloses a key detail from the psycho of how he smelled some kind of oil.  He probes and she searches her memory and blurts the scent of asphalt to be what was emanating from the psycho.
Bong Soon notices her friend’s sullen mood so she asks if there’s something wrong.  Gook Doo speaks about his love problem and how he does not feel sad about it at all.  Bong Soon replies how pain does not sink right away, but as time goes by you will feel the pain.  She assures him that Hee Ji will come back.  Gook Doo tenderly peers on her and whispers why they were just friends?  awww  The momentary trance ended as Gook Doo recovers and heeds her of the precautionary measures against her boss.  Bong Soon smiles and walks away to go to her waiting boss who remarks how he hates the police station, and how he specifically hates Gook Doo’s station.
At Dobong-dong, the thug volunteers scare the women instead of patrolling peacefully causing distress to the mothers who are worried about their daughters’ safety.  Bong Soon’s self-appointed underlings continue on their quest to clean up the neighborhood but are disrupted when the thug-volunteers arrive spitting the gum carelessly.  The high schoolers warn them not to mess up with them or their boss will kill them and walk away proudly together.
The thugs spot a lady going home and block her path for her to sign on the citizens’ list.  The lady tries to let go of her hand and cries for help, but the crude men continues to harrass her.  Just then bags are thrown on the thugs faces as a grandma struts some martial  arts tricks in knocking them down.  
Omma and aboji close the store and waits for an expected guest who turns out to be streetfighter grandma.  Omma greets her mother and falter on the impact of the embrace just as abogi cringes in pain shaking his in-law’s hand.  While heading home, grandma mentions the alarming news about their neighborhood recently and how she taught some rough boys a lesson earlier.  can’t wait for the boys to meet streetfighter grandma hahaha
A pharmacist welcomes a customer and checks on his recent headache.  She gets his prescription and processes his order.  She invites him to go to the church for early morning prayer and blabs about how praying has helped her cure her insomnia so she’s on her 21st day tomorrow just like Prophet Daniel did. The customer retorts how the neighborhood is dangerous these days for her to do her ritual, but she replies that someone above will protect her.
Psycho is miffed while staring at the steel rod from the memory of his recent failed abduction attempt.  He goes to the ballerina’s cell and mumbled that she will not feel alone anymore since he will get her some more friends.  He removes his mask and finally reveals his face as the customer from the pharmacy earlier.  i have to admit the psycho looks rockstar hot
Bong Soon prepares to sleep after locking her door well.  She leers at Gook Doo’s protection bracelet as Min Hyuk is perturbed on thug boss Baek Tak’s role in his recent troubles.  
Meanwhile, the pharmacist heads to the church to complete her 21 days morning devotional but was attacked from behind by the psycho.  At Min Hyuk’s house, an intruder seeks entrance on Bong Soon’s room while Min Hyuk wakes up to a knife pointed to his neck.
Episode Quick 6 Quick Thoughts
There were a lot of things that happened this episode, but I am not complaining since the story places the humor and the sweets well so far.  Just like I am thankful for the big blessing and small ones, like my family to chocolates, I would embrace the fillers intention in the drama so far.  I think their purpose is for me to miss Hyung Sik and Ji Soo for a minute or two.  So I think I will just buy the side character scenes as long as it won’t drag longer.  If worse gets to worst, my contingency plan is to call Detective Jin Hyuk and Golden Time team to help out in pinning down the psycho.  But so far, I think we are moving steadily and excitingly while dealing with the romance and thrilling concerns of the story.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 5 Recap

Bong Soon’s encounter with the psycho warranted her boss and her one-sided love to work on her protection.  Neighborhood psycho almost kidnapped Kyung Shim for his new victim, but Bong Soon came in time to stop him.  
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 5 Recap
Bong Soon steps in the subway and ponders on her chance encounter with the psycho.   She tries chasing after him but he is nowhere to be found, but she remembers how he smelled of gas and rust.  Her musing is interrupted when she got distracted by another subway pervert taking advantage of a woman.  Bong Soon has had enough and takes justice in her staunch hand as she steps out of the train smiling mischievously.  We see the pervert on the floor writhing in pain as the fingers on his hand got dislocated.
Bong Soon arrives in the office and stares at a game she-warrior image on a wall.  She broods on how the world could be a better place if a female justice champion really exist.  She imagines the magical staff from the she-warrior going to her direction and reaches to it, but the mirage vanishes as Min Hyuk lets know of his presence.  
Min Hyuk checks if she slept well and she hands him an energy drink with a smile that put him on a quick sweet daze.  He snaps back to life and tells Bong Soon to follow him and head out to eat some hangover soup.  Min Hyuk notices the bracelet and ask what is that about.  She fumbles on the correct term again, and as usual Min Hyuk figures the wearable she is trying to explain.  She goes on her gook-doo-love-sphere face again and mumbles that Gook Doo gave it for her protection.  She mentions how she almost pressed it earlier and narrates her encounter with the neighborhood psycho which startled Min Hyuk.  
He mumbles the need for a bodyguard to protect them but she look in his eyes and tells him how she will do everything to protect him.  Min Hyuk brings out her drunken rant last night which shut her up and reminds her to not get drunk ever again.  He tells her that Secretary Gong will be back that day.  She asks what she will gonna do then and retorts she will remain his bodyguard as it is really what she is and has taken care of her spot in his office.  
They enter Min Hyuk’s office and he presents her study table and gives her and English grammar book for her to study.  Her ears perk up when she heard him mention a new game Ainsoft is developing.  She poses a candy smile to him and attempts an opportunity to join the team.  He smiles back and remains firm to their initial deal that she has to catch the stalker first.  He pushes her to study as he nips here and there on the initial proposals of the development team.  
Bong Soon listens to Min Hyuk as he conducts the meeting with his staff and pretends she is a member of the team as well.  She peeks on Min Hyuk’s computer when he stands to call someone and gleams at the sight of the new game sketch.  Min Hyuk catches her sidetrip and she hurries back to her spot pouting.  He fondly stares at her as she sulks on her study spot.
Bong Soon omma and the ajummas chat inside the cafe and gossips about the recent missing ballet school owner.  They talk about how skinny women are being targetted so Bong Soon came in their woes since she is petite and skinny.  But there is more to worry when Bong Soon’s pole-plucking-drunk-dancing hits the world wide web.  Bong Soon omma calls her daughter who does not know she is already trending online and mentally breaks down when she sees the viral video her mom was talking about.  
Min Hyuk wraps up his meeting with his staff and wonders Bong Soon’s empty spot.  He walks to check where she is and finds her slumped under the table.  He takes her phone, sees the video and teases how she will become popular even to Africa.  True to his words, Bong Soon’s high schooler recent minions and the thugs in the hospital tended by Bong Ki ogle at her video as well.
Bong Soon still wallows on her embarrassing video when Secretary Gong enters Min Hyuk’s office.  He whines at his recuperating injury and mumbles another Bong Soon’s monstrous strength story and rumor mill tidbits of Bong Soon being a North Korean spy or an alien.  Min Hyuk tries to signal that Bong Soon is inside the office, but he continuously blabs on how he should stay away from her.  Suddenly Bong Soon rises surprising Secretary Gong who looks like his soul left his body already as an ethereal judgment music airs on the scene.  Min Hyuk tells Bong Soon to endorse the reports he missed as Secretary Gong gives a pleading look to Min Hyuk to not be with her alone. 
As soon as they left the room, Min Hyuk calls someone to take down Bong Soon’s viral video.  Gook Doo receives a call from Min Hyuk while he works on surveilance videos of the case.  Min Hyuk reveals Bong Soon’s recent encounter with the psycho on her way to work and advises him to put a more secure protection on Bong Soon when she is not in his company’s premise.  Frustrated at the news, Gook Doo steps out of the station and tells his team members that he will go out to protect a witness.
Secretary Gong apologizes for spouting nonsense earlier which Bong Soon disregards since he won’t be saying those in her presence anyway.  She briefs him of what he missed which was technically the family dinner since their boss does not do anything that much at all.  Min Hyuk spots Bong Soon dozing and walks silently towards her.  
He ardently gazes at her face (i melted), and remembers how she babbled like a baby her woes about being physically strong when she was drunk last night.  He motions to touch her sleeping face but Gook Doo enters the office unannounced looking for Bong Soon.  Min Hyuk tries to hush him but he calls Bong Soon who wakes up from her nap.
Gook Doo fumes when she confirms bumping with the psycho earlier.  He scolds her for not looping him in right away and advises that he is done with the witness protection request and announces that he will pick up Bong Soon after her work ends later.  Min Hyuk negates his plan by declaring he will drop her off since he knows her working hours.  
They bicker on who gets to escort Bong Soon home which made her fall on a delusion and happily flaunts how having two guys fight over her is distressing her.  The two wince on her wishful thinking, change their minds, and fight over who should drop her off her house later. hahaha i lurve these two male leads
Min Hyuk gripes on how Gook Doo seemed the busiest police in South Korea as Bong Soon shuts him up on his whining.  Gook Doo narrows down the missing woman’s car’s last location and the team heads to investigate.    They head to a junk car garage and inquires if the missing car was seen there.  The person in charge denies the appearance of the car and discloses that the owner of the place is not around.
Min Hyuk orders some pies and tart just in time for Bong Soon omma arriving with the ajummas.  He greets her and she hands the boxes to Bong Soon refusing to accept his payment since she considers him a family.  Omma clarifies her reasoning to Min Hyuk’s startled face by saying since Bong Soon is her daughter and she works in his company so she is his company’s family ergo they are family.  
Bong Ki listens to the thugs of their usual sourgraping about Bong Soon.  Thug leader boasts on how he will see to it that he will exact his revenge by destroying and splitting her in half causing Bong Ki to wrap his face to shut him up.  Hee Ji stands up when Bong Ki approaches and remembers her appointment.  She mumbles how she might not be able to see him anymore once her fingers are healed so he retorts that her rehab may take awhile.  She expresses interest in meeting him again the next day and ignores Gook Doo’s text message checking if she is done with her check up.
Unaware that Min Hyuk summoned his power for the viral videos, Bong Soon is surprised that her videos were taken down and Kyung Shim steers Min Hyuk’s involvement.  Bong Soon counters how her prickly boss will not do such thing so Kyung Shim is surprised that she is back to a hate relationship with her boss again.  Kyung Shim again mentions her observation that her CEO is not a gay, but she had her knowledge of Min Hyuk’s penchant for Gook Doo’s juicy butt to back up her claim.  Bong Soon sullenly grumbles on how hard the competition is for Gook Doo’s heart, and to lighten up her mood, Kyung Shim suggests for them to munch a yummy stew.
Bong Soon wonders what is taking Kyung Shim so long when the supermarket is nearby.  She tries calling her but Kyung Shim is being hunted by the neighborhood psycho.  Kyung Shim is cornered and receives the psycho’s beating as she squirms in pain.  The psycho launches for his knockout blow but Bong Soon stops him and kicks him hard in fury.  
Bong Ki assures his twin that Kyung Shim is safe from danger.  Bong Soon apoligizes fervidly to Kyung Shim when she regains consciousness and blames herself for not going out instead of her.  Kyung Shim appeases her best friend’s heavy heart by warning her not to eat something yummy without her.  
Dobong-dong people hold a caucus on how they will work on the recent peace and order situation of the neighborhood.  They try to come up with rules but face disagreement on whether the chubby women need to be part of the plan.  Enter thug boss and his minions who officially introduce himself as the CEO of the construction company that is overseeing the Redevelopment project of Dobong neighborhood.  He boasts how his employees are skilled martial arts experts so they will be in charge of the women’s protection.  
Bong Soon promises to break psycho’s body once she catches him again as she wipes on Kyung Shim’s wounded face.  The latter complains that her nose seems to be broken but Bong Soon blames it to her still swollen face to shut her hinting of taking advantage of a nose job.  Kyung Shim whispers how she was so scared yesterday so she can only imagine the fear the previous victims had to endure because they did not have a strong friend like Bong Soon who was able to rescue her.  Bong Soon omma arrives to bring some food and curses when she sees Kyung Shim’s beaten face.  She scolds Bong Soon for not doing that errand knowing the situation in the neighborhood and for losing the opportunity to catch the culrprit.  Omma assures Kyung Shim that per her request she did not tell her mother what happened.  
Gook Doo assembles with his team and talk about the recent psycho’s attack.  They are baffled why he ran away when he could have easily managed the two petite girls so Gook Doo assures them that they will head to the hospital for the statement.
Product placement scene for Royce chocolate company strides on the screen as we see Min Hyuk buying some and complaining why chocolates have different kinds.  He arrives in his office and shoots a blank missing-her gaze at Bong Soon’s table as he wonders what he will be doing with the chocolates he bought since she will not be coming to work.  He resolves it by calling Secretary Gong and ordering him to just stay and not do anything but sit at Bong Soon’s table.  He gives him a melting gaze and mutters how it is true that absence of a person makes one’s heart grow fonder.   Secretary Gong perceives Min Hyuk’s speech as his way of telling him he missed him when he was gone while the latter murmurs when Bong Soon will be coming back.  
Gook Doo visits Kyung Shim and they have an instant high school reunion.  Kyung Shim narrates the events of last night and almost slips on revealing Bong Soon’s super power.  She tells him instead that Bong Soon screamed so strong preventing the abduction to which the twins back up.  Kyung Shim adds that the psycho does not have a face as it is covered by a mask and we see the pervert wraps his wound with a bandage and stares at the metal pole that Bong Soon bent.
Bong Soon pouts as Gook Doo nags on why she left the bracelet at home and how she has always been forgetful of important things even when they were in high school.  He cools down and asks if she was not feeling any pain and mumbles how he is going crazy worrying about her since she has been exposed too much to the psycho.  Against his will, he suggests for her to stay at Min Hyuk’s house for the mean time.  She calms him down and voices how he should not worry as she has something that she’s good at, but he is resigned to his decision to let her stay with Min Hyuk until he gets the psycho with his hands.  awww my heart is already breaking for you Gook Doo ya
Gook Doo heads to meet Min Hyuk and requests to hide Bong Soon for the mean time as it is dangerous for her to stay in the neighborhood.  Min Hyuk smirks how he knows little about his friend and asks if his concern towards her is just because of their friendship and nothing else more.  Gook Doo evades the question and marches to leave, but holds his horse and queries why he talks informally to him when they are about the same age.  Min Hyuk is baffled why he dig his information and lets him use banmal as he pleases just as long as he will not tell Bong Soon that they are about the same age.  Min Hyuk muses how Bong Soon’s one-sided love seems to be not one-sided at all.
Bong Soon wakes up excitedly and spots Gook Doo waiting to drop her off at work. He complains about her short skirt and make-up so she asks if she looks weird.  Gook Doo averts her eyes and grumbles how she should not go out looking pretty like that.  Clouds sweep Bong Soon’s feet who cannot believe what her crush just told her.  
Min Hyuk peers at Bong Soon and Gook Doo saying goodbye to each other as she dances in the air so happily while she heads to the office.  He tells her to stop feeling giddyish, but she ignores him and goes to the wash room.  She summons another shining Gook Doo epiphany of him telling her again that she is pretty.
Min Hyuk tells Bong Soon that he is yielding to her friend’s request to let her stay in his house.  He goes back to his conversation with Secretary Gong, but high on  Gook Doo, Bong Soon gleefully mumbles how Gook Doo is overreacting because he is worried about her, but she is really okay even when he might be chased by a psycho with a steel club.  Min Hyuk mutters how she looks so weird saying scary things like that and beaming at the same time but Bong Soon is on an unimaginable Gook Doo love trance.
Omma packs some sexy outfits for Bong Soon and praises Gook Doo for suggesting the temporary hide out.  Aboji castigates his wife for not being troubled in sending her daughter to a man’s house.  Secretary Gong picks up Bong Soon’s clothes and omma blabs how since they are a conservative family, was hard to agree to the set up but she trusts the CEO who cares deeply to his employees.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon are speechless on the clothes prepared by omma when they unpacked her things.  The room heats up as Min Hyuk’s eyes automatically got transfixed to a skimpy number and escapes the awkward moment my mumbling how Bong Soon’s mom has a weird taste in clothing.  Min Hyuk tosses and turns that night and wonders if Bong Soon is still awake.
Bong Soon who is also sleepless keeps being bothered by the guilt and rage of what happened to her friend.  She gets up and goes to the neighborhood where she walks around.  She finally feels someone trailing her, and when the man reaches for her shoulder she gets surprised seeing Min Hyuk’s face.  He explains how he thought she is sleepwalking that is why he looked for her.  She tells him that her intention to catch the psycho, but he rolls his eyes and urges her to convene first at home.  Min Hyuk walks back but stops when Bong Soon silently utters how she has hidden her strength all her life, but this time she will use it for good.   Min Hyuk stares at her eyes as she returns his gaze.
They arrive home just as the doorbell rings.  Min Hyuk opens the door and Gook Doo rushes inside to declare that he will also be staying in that house.
Quick Thoughts Episode 5
Obviously Gook Doo keeps Bong Soon in his heart, why he did not make a move to go beyond the friend zone is one o those things we should look forward to.  I like how our creepy conflict functions as a neutralizer to the witty and slapstick comedy we are being high so far.  
This love triangle premise is slowly breaking my heart, and it has not even happened yet.  I just can’t bear to think of it.  

KDramas that screams Girl Power

In celebration of the international women’s month, let’s take a trip to some of the most memorable female characters who celebrated the passion and beauty of being a woman.

“Jumong” – Celebrating the woman who supports her man unconditionally with all she has


“City Hall” – Celebrating the woman who is not scared to share her dreams with her man


“Dae Jang Geum” – Celebrating the woman who knows how to win her battles



“Queen Seon Deok” – Celebrating the brilliant mind of a woman


“Scent of a Woman” – Celebrating the courage and faith of cancer-inflicted women


“My GF is a Gumiho” – Celebrating the woman who can become stronger for her man


“Personal Taste” – Celebrating the woman who embraces her vulnerabilities and works to convert it to become her strengths


“Dong Yi” – Celebrating the woman who made her rough journey an inspiration to make her push through her dreams even more


“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” – Celebrating the woman who understands and values her worth

“Secret Garden” – Celebrating the woman who is not afraid to challenge herself may it be love or her dreams

“The Greatest Love” – Celebrating the woman who hits her life’s rock bottom but rises again in the most graceful way


“Faith” – Celebrating the woman who knows how to be patient in love 


“You Who Came From Another Star” – Celebrating the woman who hit a career slump but stayed being optimistic in life


“The Master’s Sun” – Celebrating the woman who overcomes her insecurity because she knows it has to come from her first


“Secret Love” – Celebrating the woman who was wronged and persecuted but remained steadfast to go on with her life


“Miss Korea” – Celebrating the woman who knows she is beautiful inside and out.


“Mask” – Celebrating the woman who is not afraid to admit she committed a mistake


“The Legendary Witch” – Celebrating the woman who chooses to become a blessing to the people around her


“On the way to the airport” – Celebrating the woman who chooses not to stay in a non-loving and disrespectful relationship


“The Flower in Prison” – Celebrating the woman who did not let life’s cruelties change how she views the goodness of life


“Another Oh Hae Young” – Celebrating the woman who wants a love that beats in her heart


“Jealousy Incarnate” – Celebrating the woman who chases her dream even if people puts her down


“One More Happy Ending” – Celebrating the woman who trusts that a divorce does not end her life


“Oh My Venus” – Celebrating the woman who challenges herself to work on her weight insecurities for her own self fulfilment

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Recap Ep 4 Recap

It was a peek on Do Bong Soon’s growing up life this episode as we traversed on how she has lived adjusting to her power and worrying about her infatuation to Gook Doo along the way.  We also caught a glimpse of Min Hyuk’s bullied childhood and his growing interest at his bizaare bodyguard.  Min Hyuk and Bong Soon went to party with Kyung Shim and Bong Ki. Signs are showing for the looming love triangle arc.
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 4
The rain still pours while the psycho successfully silenced his new victim.  He cleans up his mess by destroying the victim’s car and sets forth to his lair.
Min Hyuk walks to his dungeon and a faint smile curves on his lips while staring at the sofa where Bong Soon slept.  He contemplates about Bong Soon’s extraordinary strength as the girl he is thinking about plays on some sketches of a game character she is trying to conceive.  She picks up Gook Doo’s call who asks if she is at her boss’ house again.  He lectures her to properly live her life since she is not young anymore.  He tells her to be careful in case the perpetrator might come after her.  Bong Soon gripes when he asks her to say thank you to Bong Ki for helping out with Hee Ji’s treatment.  Perplexed at her moodswing, Gook Doo listens as she rants out how she has emotions too and to stop being overprotective to her.  
She hangs up and realizes that it was the first time she did it while talking to him.  She ruminates on how she is struggling to control her strength and heart in the recent days.  Her reverie is cut when Min Hyuk calls to ask her to spill the secret about her incredible strength.  He queries if she is by any chance a man or if she can crack a boulder which fumes Bong Soon.  She has had enough talking of her bipolar boss and hangs up the phone fired up with annoyance.
Suddenly she faces an epiphany of Gook Doo in his handsome police uniform smiling like James Dean putting her on the usual love trance.  The magical love moment shifts to horror when Min Hyuk appears in a woman’s clothing cutting their hands meeting.  He embraces Ji Soo and reaches for his bum blissfully.  Bong Soon screams No! as her vision converts to a bad dream and waking her up from the preposterous nightmare at the same time.
Team leader asks Gook Doo if there are news from the case and he briefs him of the recent update.  He hears out Team Leader as he cites an episode on “Chief Inspector” on how a single woman who lives alone was not reported up until 10 days because no one presumed she was kidnapped.  Gook Doo politely shuts his team leader by saying how the two victims live with their families so his video aid from his classic favorite show will not be of any help.
Bong Soon omma and her friends meet up and visits a shaman to seek advice regarding a business prospect.  She takes the opportunity and inquires her daughter’s fate with the CEO as well.  The shaman reveals that her daughter will prosper since her luck will be tied to the person she will marry which made omma happy.
Bong Soon arrives at Min Hyuk’s house and curious about the “P” on his schedule, he explains that it means “privacy”.  Bong Soon reacts on how half of his itineraries are marked P, and he prides on living his dream of working and having fun at the same time.  how to be you Min Hyuki?   He lets her know that he used his money to investigate on the motorcycle incident and orders her to prepare a breakfast since his foot is still in pain.  She attempts to appeal but she ends up at the kitchen checking what breakfast to prepare for him.  She spots some apples and make use of her hands as juicer.  She hands the apple juice to him but he demands for a proper rice breakfast.  
Min Hyuk sits victorious on his breakfast table satisfied and wistful on the full spread in front of him.  He stares at the table full of food and mutters how it looks the same as how his mother did his before.  awww poor Min Hyuki T_T
Bong Soon waits in the car and whines to Kyung Shim about what her job really is.  Her litany is cut when the radio on her hand produces Min Hyuk’s voice to announce that he is done eating.  She enters the dungeon and sees how he has synced everything within his premise under surveilance.  He sneers on how humans are not to be trusted as they talk behind someone’s back, but she denies it by stating she did not specifically mentioned his name and did not slander him at all.
Min Hyuk resolves to his punishment of making her chase him while he plays at the park with his hoverboard.  She gives up and sits on the floor complaining how she is tired and breathless already.  Suddenly the remote drone he is playing falls on the ground and he spots a sniper aiming ball pellets at them.   He drags Bong Soon to hide behind a thin tree, but a ball pellet hits Min Hyuk making him fall on the ground.  
Bong Soon peers at the culprit from a far and did not waste any second to carry Min Hyuk like a baby as “The Bodyguard’s” OST airs in the background.  pwahahaha  Min Hyuk who was pretending he is unconscious wakes up when he is thrown inside the car and argues that they don’t need to go to the hospital.
They head home and she nurses on his wound.  She starts sterilizing and blows on the wound as he is put on a trance gazing on her cute face.  He goes back to reality and whispers how it does not make any sense how she carried an 80-kilo man like that easily.  He pushes on revealing the truth behind her strength.  He suggests an abrupt analyzation of her possibly taking drugs or if she is an alien or a product of scientific test.
 hahaha  She shuts him up by reminding him to focus on the pressing concern that someone is after his life.  On cue, his phone rings and the culprit cynically warns him that real bullets will be used on him next time if he will not give up his father’s company.  Min Hyuk scorns him to try destroying Ainsoft if he can, but the culprit ends the conversation.  He advises Bong Soon to go home as he wants to be alone and heads to his dressing room to cool down on his own. 
Bong Soon arrives at their bakery to check on his dad who thought she might have been fired again.  She denies it and heads home to wait for the walnut delivery in their house.  Bong Soon aboji calls her quick and hands her some money from the secret hiding places in his body.  He tells her to buy some new clothes and she hugs her dad for his thoughtfulness.  ahhhh aboji saranghae
Bong Ki meets Hee Ji at a coffeeshop and was surprised that Gook Doo is not with her.  He calls to make an order as she smiles staring at him.  what’s with this girl?  She opens a chat about how he and Gook Doo where rivals at school back then, but he corrects her by stating that her boyfriend is way below him before so he can’t claim he was a rival.  
Bong Soon did not waste her time and buys some new clothes.  She wears it happily and gets a call from the highschool gangsters who are waiting for her in the park. They confirm picking up all the garbage and kneel in front of her to request for them to be taken under her wings for training and to do her bidding.  hahaha aigoo  
Bong Soon omma and the ajummas notice how clean the neighborhood is that day. well thank Bong Soon for that  They enter the walnut store and spots the thugs’ boss and his sidekick inside the bakery.  Thug boss is having a hard time figuring out how to eat the walnut pie so Bong Soon omma helps him out by coaching him to cut it into pieces first.
The highschool thugs are still in negotiation with Bong Soon when a ball hits her and a cocky student orders her to pass the ball back.  Bong Soon takes that opportunity to enjoy her Cleopatra moment from her new thug followers and kicks the ball back to Milkyway.  She marches home with dramatic dried falling leaves in the background as her anthem plays on.  Wait, is that another anthem for her?  *chuckles
Bong Soon meanders on her high school memories as she narrates how like any other high school students, she had a tough time as well, but not with getting grades though, it was more of her trying to control her power and blending in as a normal high school girl.  Once at a national heritage site where a big rock stands firm, she took a picture with Kyung Shim and shamed a tour guide’s trivia of how the rock cannot be moved by human strength as she accidentally easily pushed it to the cliff.  She muses how she cannot use the exercise equipment at school because even metals yield to her strength.  
She blabs how the last year of her high school made her shut down her super ability when as she was washing her hand, Gook Doo walked by with a friend and mentioned how he liked a girl to be gentle so that he can protect her.  In trying to match up her crush’ ideal girl, she vowed to hide her ability and even enrolled in a knitting class to become more feminine so she can meet Gook Doo’s dream girl requirement.  all those things girls do for love really
Even when she sought Buddha’s blessing with her mom, Bong Soon did not care about going to college just as long as she became Gook Doo’s girlfriend.  She knew in her heart that the prayer will be useless because she caught Buddha smiling at her.  A few days later, she accidentally heard Bong Ki’s talk with Gook Doo of joining the police academy and being a couple with the hottest girl in school.  She stared at the knitted scarf she worked on so fervently and the scene cut to omma thanking Buddha for helping Bongki got accepted at the medical school and praying for his grace again for Bong Soon to be accepted at a college the next year.  But furious Bong Soon blamed Buddha for her recent heartache moved the statue to an awkward picture in the temple shocking the temple monks.  *chuckles
Back at present time, Bong Soon flaunts her new clothes to Kyung Shim and picks up a call from Gook Doo who tells her to go outside for a bit.  They listen to the recording of the second victim’s fiance as Bong Soon denies that it is the voice of the culprit she heard.  Gook Doo reminds her to take care of herself and goes home.  She does the same by telling him to eat and rest well since he is a dear friend of hers.
Kyung Shim worries at her friend feeling drained after a chat with Gook Doo and suggests a movie night out with her to destress.  Bong Ki arrives and confirms meeting Hee Ji in the afternoon.  Bong Soon sneers at Hee Ji lying to her boyfriend of her out of town gig.  At Min Hyuk’s house, he calls his second elder brother and discloses the recent threats he was getting and suspects his other two brothers could be behind it. Min Hyuk asks his brother to let his other brothers know that if they are involved in those lame evil ploys, he will not let it slide and will kill them.  actually I don’t trust your second elder brother more Min Hyuki 
Bong Ki agrees to tag along on the movie date as Min Hyuk invites himself and promises to cover the expenses when he learns about Bong Soon’s plan.  Unbeknownst to them, thug boss and his secretary trail them secretly.  Bong Soon’s tears erupt at the superhero movie they are watching surprising the people inside the movie house.  After the movie, she composes herself and meets the rest at the lobby.  Min Hyuk is still bewildered on her crying spree over the superhero movie they just watched so Bong Ki tries to explain how it’s just one of his sister’s weird quality.  
Min Hyuk insists on narrowing down the reasons for Bong Soon’s crying fit and mutters if Hulk’s ripping his clothes appeared sad for her or if she is worried that Spiderman’s mask was too tight for him to breathe.  you know you got to love Min Hyuk’s witty blab lol  Kyung Shim deviates the chat by suggesting for them to hit a club so off they go to party the night away while thug boss and secretary draw a conclusion on Bong Soon’s cheerful and sentimental life.
Bong Soon soaks gleefully in cocktail drinks while Bong Ki blocks Kyung Shim who keeps pouring it.  The girls head to the dance floor and sway their bodies to the music.  Bong Ki says how his sister is not supposed to get drunk to which Min Hyuk agrees as she is already strange when she is sober so he can’t imagine what she can do when she is intoxicated.  With a knowing smile, Min Hyuk peers at the happily dancing Bong Soon.
Bong Soon levels up her fun and goes down to where the club poles are.  She grabs it and her liquor soaked senses forget her superpower and plucks the pole from its position easily swaying it around as the club people duck on it with Bong Ki rescuing his twin.
The next day, Bong Soon wakes up to a bad hangover and mom scolds her first thing in the morning for what she did last night.  She recollects her memories from the movie to the club and to them going home where she blurted uncaringly how Min Hyuk was a jerk in front of her mother.  
Omma grabbed her drunk daughter and she blabbed to her mom’s ears that Min Hyuk is homosexual confusing the latter.  She coaxed him to come out but her vocabulary challenged self voiced out “log out”   and mom made it worse by coaching “log in”.  Min Hyuk gave a this is impossible night look and was attacked by Bong Soon who warns him not to stare at Gook Doo’s behind or he will ripped him up to destroy his own behind.  She expressed how bad Min Hyuk was to her that it makes her want to go back to being a job seeker before the alcohol she took finally knocked her down.
Back to reality, omma spills how she should forget their Cinderella plan and just beg to her boss for her to keep her job.  Bong Soon wallows on her looming problem as omma commands her to wear traditional white clothing and heads to her boss’ house to ask forgiveness.  hahaha
Gook Doo rushes to the station and reports a suspicious missing person report for a ballet owner which fits the MO of the culprit’s victim preference.  Team lead gives Gook Doo permission to work on its possible connection to their case.  The other team members approach to spill a big development of the set of footprints found on the crime scene to be of a designer shoes company.  In the creepy psycho lair, the third victim whom psycho calls his second bride screams when she gained consciousness.  Psycho hushes her and tells her that she has to recover soon so she can wear her wedding dress.  He shuts him up when she begs for her life and mumbles how he hates chatty women.
Bong Soon contemplates on her options to make Min Hyuk forgive her.  She considers bringing a psychiatrist to attest to her frailty mind, playing it cool like nothing happened, forcing Min Hyuk was the one who was drunk, and introducing a cool guy when she heard Kyung Shim remarks that her boss seems not to be a homosexual.
Min Hyuk who is fresh from the shower beams while remembering his feisty bodyguard’s rampage last night. Bong Soon shakes her woes and picks up his call and greets him sweetly if he slept well.  Min Hyuk responds yes and asks if she slept good as well.  Bong Soon mounts on her pleading case, but he cuts it by inquiring if she already had breakfast.  He tells her to eat well and to meet him later in the office like nothing happened the night before.  They hang up the call and Bong Soon cannot believe how the heavens just favored her and throws in raves on how kind and sweet her boss is while Min Hyuk is also smiling on how cute his bodyguard is.
Kyung Shim walks in the room and points out again how Min Hyuk is not gay, but the elated Bong Soon who converts to her boss’ fanclub president a few seconds ago voices out how hos being gay does not matter anymore as his kind personality matters most.  Bong Soon says goodbye to Kyung Shim as the latter is left perplexed on her friend’s bipolar attitude from cursing her boss to praising him next.  Bong Soon threads her way to the office.  She bumps on a man while walking on the street who apologizes right away to her.  Bong Soon continues to walk, but suddenly freezes on her track when she realized that the man who just bumped her has the same voice of the doctor-culprit from the hospital.  
Quick Thoughts Episode 4
We are finally getting to a steamier love plot which will make everyone happy and confused at the same time since we have an equally adorable second lead.  I like how this drama is technically bare, but its simplicity and the amazing cast synergy accompanied by the evr prrsent humor keeps any viewer feeling good after watching it.  While providing the gist of the background of our characters, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” presented the love premise and conflict in a smooth way.  The ratings are justifying everything that we are getting from this drama so far.  Sometimes there are stories like Do Bong Soon’s that we all need a taste of each week to wash out some of our life stress.

KDramas that you can watch over and over again… because… Part 1

I have this recent pensive moment when I realized how there are amazing Asian dramas during its run that I won’t feel the urge to watch again for another serving.  A good example of that for me is “Goblin”.  I was raving and anticipating the episodes, but I would choose “Weightlifting Fairy” for another round if in case I need a kdrama pill to get me through a stress battle or if I just want to relax.  

Though Goblin is addictively charming, the narrative was thorough so you get everything in one shot.  It’s a kind of drama that you will remember the plot even ten years after. It’s weird, isn’t it?  But there are really great dramas that are magical only on the first serving.  Melodramas suffer a lot on this note because hey we won’t be liking to do a weep fest again since we saw that the evil villain was punished well, right?  

What makes the dramas on my list timeless and enjoyable for a rerun would be the excellent pacing and impeccable cast chemistry.  The writing was also sporadic hence you forgot the details often so when you rewatch it, you’d be surprised that you missed it.  The key scenes in these dramas were also polished to perfection that you melt like crazy even when you have seen it a hundred times.  Off I went to kdrama dungeon and pick the dramas that would work wonders to any kind of rollercoaster emotions you might be having or when weekends need to be spent in kdrama binge-watching. 

Let’s start with the last 7 years list for this first part, and we will delve on the classic kdramas for the second part.


Legend of the Blue Sea

Because the mind-reading conman perfectly loved back the always curious mermaid who only dreams to be loved by him…

Key Points:

  • lead man mind-reading ability
  • quick to uptake heroine
  • the no reservation kisses
  • the smooth timeline transition
  • the careful use of reincarnation plot
  • the hilariously cute one-sided love of the second lead woman
  • the bromance ala Ocean’s Eleven
  • the effort of Lee Min Ho to match Jun Ji Hyun


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Because you have all the license to be happy, stupid, hopeful and sad when you are chasing your college romance…

Key Points:

  • the swag girl friends
  • the friendship turned romance
  • Joon Young is your college boyfriend poster boy
  • the lively heroine who loves and lives incidentally
  • the mushy new couple dates and jealousies


Descendants of the Sun

Because no other man can suavely chase a woman and love her amidst disaster and career barriers like Captain Yoo Si Jin…  

Key Points:

  • the cool Captain portrayal of Song Joong Ki
  • the topless morning jog of the soldiers
  • the equally engrossing second love pairing
  • the love chase fulfilment
  • the crazy humor scattered and neatly placed in the story
  • the nifty writing


Something About One Percent

Because it is your perfect rom-com drama trimmed to remove all the unnecessary fillers, making you just fell and enjoy the kisses and the sweets…

Key Points:

  • fast-paced and lively writing
  • engrossing love couple
  • lee jae in is a rare prototype of kdramaland chaebol
  • the lead couple always communicate
  • the melting kisses
  • the heroine who knows how to tame her lead man well


Another Oh Hae Young

Because there’s no other kdrama character that can teach you how to be brave when it comes to loving like Oh Hae Young…

Key Points:

  • heartfelt screenplay
  • beautifully captured what-i-did-for-love scenes 
  • a memorable heroine
  • Eric Moon oppa’s melting and intense kisses


  Reply 1988

Because it is a nostalgic growing up story that will remind you of the neighborhood you grew up with along with the memories you shared with your friends and family…

Key Points:

  • perfectly selected cast 
  • the husband guessing game was well hidden
  • the outlandish and witty humor spread evenly
  • a deserving second lead syndrome
  • an engrossing love tale that never gave up
  • Bora and Sun Woo’s noona romance
  • the sibling fights
  • the neighborhood friendship



Because the basic need of a woman in love is to feel safe in the arms of the man she loves…

Key Points:

  • Ji Chang Wook slayed his “Healer” character
  • ajumma hacker is the best side kick ever
  • the narrative was neatly written considering a socio-political premise
  • Yoo Ji Tae is the uncle you will wish you can have
  • the love progression was intricately written and that’s why it was so affecting



Because the character portrayals are mindblowingly wicked…

Key Points:  

  • the hero and villain showdowns are amazing
  • Kim Rae Won oppa at one of his best element
  • the cliff-hangers were superb and yet the continuity of story was never compromised
  • the grit and the passionate cast chemistry 
  • the intelligent and thrilling writing


Finding True Love

Because this first love drama will haunt you of your very own love failures and bliss…

Key Points:

  • the spectacular transitioning narrative based on the characters’ memories
  • the equally fought love triangle
  • Jung Yu Mi as Yeo Rum perfectly captured the faces of woman in love and falling out of love
  • the mushy moments were fortified to a more realistic romantic scenes
  • the screenplay is relatable to the audience who lost and find love again



You Who Came from the Stars

Because an alien and a top actress falling in love in fictional world does not need any further teaser to entice you.

Key Points:

  • the neat and mischievous storytelling was consistent all throughout
  • Jun Ji Hyun owned Cheon Song Yi’s character very well
  • all those crazy things Song Yi did for Do Min Joon’s love
  • all those secret things Do Min Joon did for Song Yi’s love
  • the fusion of fantasy and reality in a romance setting was well-conceived and well-played
  • Do Min Joon is love





Because once in a year in our adult lives, we hit mid-life crisis syndrome that no chocolates can heal…

Key Points:

  • brave characters and inspiring storyline
  • is equivalent to 100 self-help books
  • Jang Geu Rae will remind you of your past, present and future career woes
  • the best workplace drama for me so far


The Master’s Sun

Because a CEO who loves a ghost whisperer heroine and waits for her to settle in her own fears is everything but romance…

Key Points:

  • So Ji Sub oppa in his first rom-com role was refreshing
  • Gong Hyo Jin channelled her ghost-seeing character so well
  • the romcom resident bickerings and mushy scenes are ever present
  • another stellar writing from Hong sisters


Nine:  Nine Times Travel

Because no matter how many times you watch it, you will be awed by its labyrinth twist…

Key Points:

  • the brilliant time traveling premise and timeline switching scenes were neatly tied to perfection
  • the editing and directing were notched superbly
  • the young versions of the main actors did well in their roles
  • Lee Jin Wook at his best


  Queen In Hyun’s Man

Because this is the best time-traveling romantic comedy drama yet so far…

Key Points:

  • the smart hero and the quirky heroine 
  • the neat alignment of the time traveling premise
  • the time traveling rules was explained well
  • the kisses are sigh-inducing coming from a Joseon scholar
  • Kim Boong Do’s flexibility in adapting to different worlds was impeccable


Reply 1997

Because any fangirl can relate to the hilarious journey of the lead girl to claim her fangirl and real romance…

Key Points:

  • the high school friendship circle will remind you of the one you had before
  • the sweet unrealized young love that was given a second chance 
  • Jung Eun Ji nailed the boygroup fangirl character superbly
  • Yoon Yoon will remind you of your high school crush who is also every other girl’s crush
  • without Reply 1997, nostalgic siblings of the Reply series would have not been aired so just pay respect lol




  Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Because this is your perfect noona romance drama, and it threw in an equally hot second lead to confuse your heart…

Key Points:

  • the cohabitation of the flower crew felt like watching the Starwars’ Ewoks enjoying a Rock festival
  • the romance built up was slow but surely sweet and addictive
  • the lead girl tug-of-war between long lost half brothers was mind bogglingly sweet
  • the storyline is flirtatious
  • brimming with sweet and comic scenes


Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Because this is the epitome of how a fusion-sageuk should be done… youthful and flirty but thrilling with character conflicts and political conspiracies…

Key Points: 

  • the sassy historical school setting
  • the cross-dressing heroine was energetic in promoting girl power
  • the Sungkyunkwan Scholars were the best PMS pills ever
  • the narrative was fresh and amusing
  • the love line was mushy
  • Yoo Ah In will give you a second lead syndrome



  My GF is a Gumiho

Because the folk-tale infused romance will make you remember Mi Ho in rainy days…

Key Points:

  • Mi Ho’s character will wake you up from a kdrama drift
  • The folklore infused love tale was engrossing to watch thanks to Mi Ho’s childlike take of the mundane modern things
  • Lee Seung Gi secured his leading man belt with his easy-go-lucky-chaebol-grandson who dreams to become a movie action star
  • the reversal of roles span the comedy and propel the romance in the story


Secret Garden

Because the body swapping chaebol-stunt-woman romance felt good and cute at the same time…

Key Points:

  • The almost kiss scenes like the sit-up scene will make anything flutter
  • the eccentric CEO in sparkling tracksuit chasing the girl of his dreams was epic
  • the strong-willed lead girl who makes a point to straighten up the chaebol who loved her
  • the swift and zippy narrative
  • the romance satiating screenplay


KDrama Bucket Listing: Trusting the Actor for your KDrama/Movie Binge Part 1

Here goes another spree watching suggestion perfect for when you are currently in an imaginary romance with your favorite Korean actor.

Jung Woo Sung

He rarely does linger in kdramaland and works incessantly in stringing movies in the past ten years. Jung Woo Sung oppa is your quintessential poster boy for your ideal action/drama star, but he did well in Romantic Melodramas as well.

FAMOUS WORKS: The Fox with Nine Tails, Born to Kill, Beat, City of the Rising Sun, Musa the Warrior, A Moment to Remember, Sad Movie, Daisy, The Good The Bad and the Strange, The Restless, Reign of Assassins, Athena the Movie, Cold Eyes, The Divine Move, Scarlet Innocence, Don’t Forget Me, Athena Goddess of War, Padam Padam



Jun Ji Hyun

As the other half of the pairing that led me to kdramaland, Jun Ji Hyun secured a special place in my heart. I have been religiously watching her movies and her recent side trips in dramaland.  She has reinvented herself over the years. Watching her will educate you on the difference between a real actress’ portrayal versus a girl group idol turned actress role playing.

FAMOUS WORKS: Il Mare, My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, Daisy, The Thieves, You who came from another star, The Berlin File, Assassination, Legend of the Blue Sea



So Ji Sub

I have been in a long running one-sided romance with him. Who won’t? His mesmerizing gaze and his countenance just disarms me and sends me to a world where only the two of us exist. *giggles In movies, he typically do action so when he made a comeback with the hit Master’s Sun in an engrossing and eccentric department store CEO role, I loved him even more.

FAMOUS WORKS: We Are Dating Now, What Happened in Bali, Sorry I Love You, Cain and Abel, Road Number One, Ghost, Master’s Sun, Oh My Venus



Son Ye Jin

A chameleon actress, she can easily transition to any role given to her with her expressive gaze and almost perfect rendition of her roles.  Most of her movies were a hit for me as she can easily draw you to her characters.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Lover’s Concerto, The Classic, Crazy First Love, Summer Scent, A Moment to Remember, April Snow, Alone in Love, My Wife Got Married, Spotlight, White Night, Personal Taste, Spellbound, The Tower, Blood and Ties, Shark, The Pirates, The Truth Beneath, The Last Princess


Jo In Sung

I first met him in The Classic but fell in love with him in What Happened in Bali. Jo In Sung oppa fits the leading man role especially in Romance genre because of his handsome features. He has also experimented on his roles to challenge himself and improve his acting.

FAMOUS WORKS: Piano, Shoot for the Star, What Happened in Bali, Spring Day, The Classic, Love of North and South, A Dirty carnival, A Frozen Flower, That Winter The Wind Blows, It’s Okay that’s Love, The King


Han Hyo Joo

“Dong Yi” made me a fan of Han Hyo Joo since I was not that into her in her earlier dramas.  Since then she has successfully crossed the film scene with memorable pictures in the most recent years.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Spring Waltz, Iljimae, Shining Inheritance, Dong Yi, Postman to Heaven, W: Two Worlds, Adlib Night, Always, Love 911, Masquerade, Cold Eyes, Cest si Bon, Beauty Inside, Love Lies


Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong Won oppa is more famous in the big screen.  His last stint in dramaland was “One Percent of Anything” which is a dear watch.  As a sought after movie actor, his collection includes box office and critically acclaimed films.  

FAMOUS WORKS:  One Percent of Anything, Magic, Too Beautiful Too Lie, Temptation of Wolves, Duelist, Maundy Thursday, Voice of Murderer, M, Jeon Woo Chi, Secret Reunion, Psychic, Camella Love for Sale, The X, Kundo Age of the Rampant, My Palpitating Life, The Priests, A Violent Prosecutor, Vanishing Time, Master


Song Hye Gyo

A known kdrama royalty, we first loved her in the tearjerker Autumn Tale and loved her even more in Full House.  Her charming demeanor and stunning beauty transcends through time a decade and a half after and still going on.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Autumn Tale, All In, Hotelier, Shining Days, Full House, Crazy First Love, A Reason to Live, Hwang Jin Yi, The World that they Live in, That Winter the Wind Blows, The Grandmaster, The Queens, Descendants of the Sun

Yoo Ah In

I actually liked Yoo Ah In when he was just a second lead in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  He has rich emotions when working on his roles without appearing exaggerated.  He initially got me with his kissable lips *chuckles, but he has clearly proven his passion for his craft as he progressed to a bankable actor of his generation.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Fashion King, Jang Ok Jung Live In Love, Secret Love Affair, Six Flying Dragons, Antique Bakery, Punch, Tough as Iron, Veteran, The Throne, Like for Likes

Park Bo Young

Acting wise, Park Bo Young is definitely the front-runner in the batch of actresses in her generation. Her knack on owning her roles has made her synonymous to the projects she starred in. Whether it may be young or zippy or heartbreaking, she always bring her A-game to her portrayals.

FAMOUS WORKS: Our School ET, Jungle Fish, Speedy Scandal, Don’t Click, A Werewolf Boy, Snow Queen, Hot Young Bloods, The Silenced, You Call it Passion, Collective Invention, Oh My Ghostess, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Cha Seung Won

The young generation might not find this ajussi hot, but his Dokko Jin and Jo Gook characters I keep dearly in my heart. You have to watch City Hall and realize how the wedding proposal there looks so surreal. He is known these days for his chajumma stint in variety show “Three Meals a Day Fishing Village” which is fun to watch if you like laid back cooking show set up.

FAMOUS WORKS: City Hall, Athena: Goddess of War, The Greatest Love, You’re All Surrounded, Hwajung, Blades of Blood, 71 Into the Fire, Athena the Movie, Man on High Heels

Gong Hyo Jin

Like a wine, Gong Hyo Jin keeps getting better and her drama choices hits home in me. She’s best served in rom-coms. She was able to establish impeccable chemistry with her lead men and her comic timing is also impressive.

FAMOUS WORKS: Sang Doo Let’s Go to School, Biscuit teacher and Star candy, Thank you, Pasta, The Greatest Love, Master’s Sun, It’s okay that’s love, The Producers, Jealousy Incarnate, Crush and Blush, Love Fiction, Missing Boomerang Family, Sisters on the Road

Song Seung Heon

I have a complicated relationship with Song Seung Heon oppa because I was not consistently drawn by him since his projects are kinda sporadic.  I sure lovw his classics so he deserves a spot on this list.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Happy Together, Calla, Autumn in my Heart, He Was Cool, Make it Big, Summer Scent, East of Eden, A Better Tomorrow, My Princess, Dr. Jin, Ghost in your arms again, When a Man Falls in Love, Obsessed, Wonderful Nightmare, Saimdang Light’s Diary


Kim A Joong

She is that one actress who surprisingly made this list without me realizing it.  *chuckles  Her excellent choices on tackling roles given to her in varied colors made her roles memorable hence she is trusted with amazing offers.

FAMOUS WORKS:  200 Pounds Beauty, My PS Partner, The Accidental Couple, Sign, Steal My Heart, Punch, Wanted, The King

Eric Moon/Moon Jung Hyuk

This oppa I dearly love. He is quite lucky because the history of his works is quite successful. He has also picked interesting roles and made it his own. His previous three rom-coms were all love drama spectacle for me.

FAMOUS WORKS: Invincible Parachute Agent, Diary of June, Que Sera Sera, Strongest Chil Woo, Myungwol the Spy, Discovery of Love, Another Oh Hae Young

Lee Yeon Hee

Smartly traversing films and television dramas, Lee Yeon Hee has picked her acting challenges very well based on the positive outcome of her works.

FAMOUS WORKS:  A Millionaire’s First Love, M, One Fine Day, My Love, Hello Schoolgirl, East of Eden, Paradise Ranch, Phantom, Marriage Blue, My Way, Phantom, Miss Korea, Detective K, Hwajung

Kim Soo Hyun

I know it’s surprising but Kim Soo Hyun has not reached yet the oppa stage for me. As we all know the rule is anyone younger as long as he is cute and gives you the hear flutter, he is considered oppa. I enjoyed his recent dramas and movies, but I don’t swoon that much the way I do with my resident oppas. I’m still waiting for that one drama that will make my knees weak.

FAMOUS WORKS: Jungle Fish, Dream High, Giant, The Moon the Embraces the Sun, You Who Came from the Stars, Producer, The Thieves, Secretly Greatly, Real

Kim Ha Neul

As a veteran actress she has explored various genres on her decorated celebrity life.  What I like most about her is how she reinvents herself by taking risks on her acting choices than playing safe to roles she is comfortable with.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Secret, Ditto, My Tutor Friend, Piano, Stained Glass, Too Beautiful to Lie, Almost Love, Lovers of Six years, My GF is an Agent, On air, Blind, You’re my Pet, Road Number 1, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Don’t Forget Me, On the way to the Airport, Misbehavior

Lee Min Ho

His mother might have prayed a lot for his son’s success and we cannot disregard how he has been honing his craft through the years to prove that he is more than just a pretty face. From trendy to action dramas, we can’t help but be amazed at his charisma and dimples. *chuckles

FAMOUS WORKS: Boys Before Flowers, Personal Preference, City Hunter, Faith, The Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea, Bounty Hunters, Gangnam Blues

Han Ji Min

Her charming demeanor helped a lot in landing her lingering roles and commercially successful projects. While she has an impeccable comedic timing, she is also good when tears are to be summoned from her arsenal.

FAMOUS WORKS: Capital Scandal, Yi San, Cain and Abel, Padam Padam, Rooftop Prince, Hyde Jekyll and Me, Detective K Secret of Virtuous Widow, The Plan Man, Salut d Amour, The Age of Shadows

Kim Sun Ah

She is famous as Kim Sam Soon from the kdrama classic “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, but I loved her more in City Hall and her stint in Scent of a Woman inspired to make the most out of my life. She is best in portraying women empowering stories celebrating girl power and assuring that vulnerabilities are but normal. While she is not that consistent in hitting big kdrama hitters, she gave me three classics that I watch when I’m sad.

FAMOUS WORKS: My Name is Kim Sam Soon, City Hall, Scent of a Woman, I do I do, Masked Prosecutor, S Diary, She’s on Duty, Happy Ero Christmas, Pitch High, The Five

Joo Ji Hoon

I loved him as Crown Prince Lee Shin in Goong (Princess Hours). Since then, even when he had that scandal, I think he is one of the most expressive actors that can slay characters in romantic melodramas. His movie portfolio is a bit varied but he is known to make his portrayal poignant and neat.

FAMOUS WORKS: Goong, The Devil, Five Fingers, Medical Top Team, Mask, Antique Bakery, Naked Kitchen, I am a King, Marriage Blue, Love Suspects, Confession, The Treacherous

Don’t panic if you are looking for your favorite actor/actress, and it’s not here yet.  This is a two-part list so kindly bear with me until I publish the next part.  -jediprincess♥♥♥

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 3 Recap


Gook Doo and Min Hyuk continuously bickered about Bong Soon.  The boss and his bodyguard sought the owner of the motorcycle, but realized too late that they got the wrong guy. Bong Soon is up for a second round to the high school bullies she previously encountered.  Bong Soon got jealous after meeting Gook Doo’s girlfriend and mustered the will to question why he is being nice to her.  On her way home to buy some beer for the family, she heard a scream of another possible victim of abduction in the neighborhood.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 3

Bong Soon stands between two hot guys vying for her presence and makes all of us girls jealous.  lol  Gook Doo and Min Hyuk snicker at each other as the former rants about labor laws which the latter boringly listens to.  Bong Soon tries to explain the circumstances of what her job entails in a way that her friend can understand it, but he gets more curious on their unusual arrangement.  He gets his phone to summon an intervention from Bong Soon’s mother.  As expected, Bong Soon’s omma is more than happy hearing that her daughter will spend the night at the house of the CEO whom she already marked as Bong Soon’s prince in the Cinderella chart she is envisioning.
 She replies to Gook Doo on how dedicated her daughter is in her job, and blabs about why he is there slacking when there’s a pressing case in the neighborhood.  hahaha She asks Gook Doo to give the phone to his friend and mom gives her a pep talk to do a good job with that one in a million opportunity of spending a night at the CEO’s lair.  She orders her to send Gook Doo out, and declares Bong Soon will not be coming home blissfully to the family.  Aboji makes a futile attempt to disapprove, but mom reasons out how Bong Soon has been wasting her youth trying to get a job so now that she finds one and she wants to be committed to it, they should support her.  i love Bong Soon omma jincha hahaha
The Bong Soon tug-of-war commences again as they sit in the living room.  Gook Doo questions Min Hyuk on Bong Soon’s job nature, but he responds how he dislikes police interrogation and tries to shake hand and formally get to know each other.  Gook Doo disregards the pleasantries and explains the urgency of how Bong Soon was attacked in broad daylight and how she is a witness to the case they are working on.  
Bong Soon cuts into the conversation and mutters how the attack on Detective Choi is not related to the Do Bong neighborhood case, but could have been initiated by Min Hyuk’s hidden enemies.  Gook Doo stands and orders Min Hyuk to go to the station for his statement, and responds he will do it first thing in the morning.  Min Hyuk rises and promises to be a law abiding citizen the next day.  He teases Gook Doo by ordering Bong Soon to come with her for them to rest directing her to wash up well before they hit the bed.  *pffft boys!
He walks near Gook Doo, draws a line on his chest and mutters it would be fun if he will stay as well making the latter winced at his weird seduction attempt.  Bong Soon freezes at the scene and remembers how Secretary Gong reveals that her boss likes men by nature.  
Gook Doo prepares to leave and puts a bracelet beeper on Bong Soon, and reminds her to use it if in case Min Hyuk will do something to her.  He rages at Min Hyuk’s direction how all men are dogs, but Bong Soon shuts him up on treating dogs that way.
Bong Soon looks for Min Hyuk and discovers the basement in the house where he conceived all his game characters.  Bong Soon mumbles how rich people are really outlandish and has insufferable victim complex.  She roams around the room, but he mentions the details of the motorcycle owner so she moves to his direction.  
She motions  to confront the culprit right away, but he halts her and mutters that they will just protect each other for the night and will deal with it tomorrow.  I’m here to protect you too Hyungsika.  ^_^  He notices Bong Soon’s necklace and takes it as Gook Doo’s probable gift for her, but she corrects that it was her father’s graduation gift to her.
Min Hyuk decides to hit the sack which voluntarily makes her cross her arms to her chest.  He rolls his eyes at her reaction and tells her how he is scared of the thought of spending a night with her.  She whines on why they have to sleep in the dungeon when there are nicer rooms upstairs, but he silences her by telling how she won’t be able to understand his intricate life.  He gets the sleeping bag, slides his body inside and lays down on the floor.  Still fuming on their situation, Bong Soon is held speechless when Min Hyuk turns off the light and a galaxy far far away emerges on the ceiling.  
He narrates how he was told that people who died became stars at night, but she counters his dreamy idea fast by blabbing that dead people become ghosts and scares the living ones.  He frowns at her response and whispers softly how he believes that tale because that was the only way for him to connect with his mother who died when he was young. He adds how he was bullied by his older brothers before and that his closet which he frequently gets imprisoned too became a comforting place for him, that’s why it became a gateway for his secret place where no bad people can bother him.
She asks why he does not like the police officers and he explains that his father used to be a gangster who has learned to manipulate the police and even the prosecutor’s office so he gets a free pass to his illegal doings.  She insists how there are still good cops in the country.  Min Hyuk reverts the questioning for her to spill the beans on why she likes Gook Doo and for how long has she been nurturing that one sided love.  She coyly beams and goes back to memory lane of her sixth grade when she first met Gook Doo who was a transfer student from Gangnam.  Since then they have become friends and as she floats in the air while listening to him played the piano, she guarded him well on the rest of the girls seeking his attention.  
Back to present time, Bong Soon voices out how Gook Doo is a bad guy for making her feel defenseless, but Min Hyuk responds that her friend did not ask her to feel that way.  Min Hyuk rises and commands her to do something with him, and we see them playing a game where Bong Soon emerged victorious.  Min Hyuk appeals for a round two, but she declines and hits the bed to sleep.
Bong Soon wakes up and adjusts her vision to the sunlight.  She turns to her left side and pushes Min Hyuk out of surprise from the sofa.  She protects her body with the blanket and he argues how he was left no choice since the floor was cold.  He adds how he fought hard on that nightmarish thought of sleeping beside her.  *chuckles  He tells her to prepare the breakfast since it will be a big day ahead of them.  
Bong Soon prettily sets a big table with yummy food and prides on how he should not be surprised with her cooking skill, but he cuts her boasting by pointing out that the food she prepared were all unhealthy.  He tells her that he would be considerate though to eat well the food she prepared for him.  
Bong Soon whines on how he will make his future wife’s life miserable so he playfully gets through her nerves by mumbling how Gook Doo has such a robust bum that he so wanted to touch.  Bong Soon had enough so she stabs the chopstick on the table and draws a hole on it shutting out Min Hyuk with his pestering.
They head to where the motorcycle owner lives as Bong Soon tries to convince him to work well with the police so that they will not be mislead by the current case they are working on. Min Hyuk is decided though to not give away his private life to the police.  Gook Doo visits Detective Choi and confirms how the culprit is not experienced in knife and seemed shocked after he stabbed him.
Bong Soon peeks her small face when an ajussi opens his door. She barges into his untidy room and confirms his identity.  She invites him for a chat but he refuses and taunts her brazen invasion by touching her face.  She is left no choice but to take care of him Bong Soon’s way.
 A few seconds later,  Bong Soon drags the ajussi like a serial killer while he is subdued feebly on the floor.  Min Hyuk freezes on his spot processing the scenario.  Bong Soon calls his attention to start the car but he sees two ajummas approaching so he rushes and leads Bong Soon and the limpy ajussi to the rooftop.
Min Hyuk checks on the man if he is still alive and castigates Bong Soon on hitting him which she denies strongly mumbling that it was ajussi’s hand that hit himself.  She spots something to tie ajussi on and hands him the taser so she can tie his legs properly.  Bong Soon unfortunately tries it too hard bumping her head on his hands and shooting the charged taser on him.  He faints and when he finally sobers up for interrogation, they learn that his motorcycle was stolen.  Bong Soon sobs with him while he narrates how he worked hard for six months to raise money for the deposit, but it was stolen in an instant and the police does not have any update about it yet.  The two fuss at their mistake and let go of the crying ajussi.
Gook Doo and his team listen to the fiancee of the second victim’s interrogation.  He suggests how the perpetrator is the same for both the murder and the abduction, but his chief refuses to believe it as the footprints found were different.  Gook Doo insists on his opinion reiterating how the psycho is toying with them and that the second victim is still alive.  Team Head closes the argument by concluding that the fiance is not the culprit.  
Gook Doo is summoned to the office as Min Hyuk and Bong Soon arrived.  Bong Soon is as usual beaming and has activated the love sphere for her and Gook Doo while she peers at him.  The latter inquires about the incident on Detective Choi, and true to his initial stand he declines providing details to him.  Gook Doo declares that he will be in charge of Bong Soon’s witness protection program to which Min Hyuk agrees.  Bong Soon cuts to their conversation and tries to expound how Min Hyuk’s stalker thought Detective Choi was him, hence he was attacked out of the sudden.  Gook Doo pummels on why Min Hyuk did not get a proper bodyguard, and before he can reply that he did by getting Bong Soon, her foot finds his and steps on it to silence him in pain.
Min Hyuk limps on the way out of the police station angry at Bong Soon’s hasty attack.  She offers to escort him to the hospital where Gook Doo also meets the surgeon of second victim for questioning.  Bong Ki bumps at his sister and Min Hyuk in the hospital, and he already pictured what happened.  Min Hyuk declares he will be staying in the hospital surprising Bong Soon who knows the tiny fracture is not worth a hospital confinement. Min Hyuk insists and chooses to be at Secretary Gong’s room.
Bong Soon pushes the wheelchair where Min Hyuk happily sits while eats an ice cream cone.  She sneers at his unreasonable need for the wheelchair as he enjoys feeling her chagrin.  She steps out and does not notice two of the thugs she beat last time cowering upon seeing her presence.  
Min Hyuk checks up on Secretary Gong’s recovery as the latter spills how everything appears interconnected with Bong Soon recently.  He speaks about the thugs she beat to a pulp were in the same hospital and how her brother is a doctor in that hospital.  Bong Soon’s day can’t get any more better as Bong Ki straightens her out on her recent superpower spree making their hospital busy.  She learns that he will meet Gook Doo and his cellist girlfriend are at the hospital for her appointment.
They march to see the couple in the lobby and Gook Doo introduces his girlfriend, Hee Ji, to Bong Ki.  Bong Soon is in a whirlwind of emotion when she sees Gook Doo’s hand reaches Hee Ji’s, so she got surprised when he calls her attention asking why she was at the hospital again.  Bong Ki ushers Hee Ji for the check up as Gook Doo grabs Bong Soon for a talk.  Hee Ji and Bong Ki draws an awkward  moment while he checks on her hand, and we see a subtle flirting Hee Ji is throwing on Bong Ki.
Bong Soon explains that Min Hyuk needs to be hospitalized that’s why she is there.  Gook Doo fumes on why she is acting as a caretaker and how she is clueless on how to deal with men.  Bong Soon’s emotion burst and she rants on why he is nice and protective of her like that when he has a girlfriend to take care of.  Gook Doo fails to respond as Hee Ji and Bong Ki emerge from the room.  Min Hyuk who sees their banter shouts at Bong Soon to rescue her on the situation, and she goes to his chair and pushes it away from Gook Doo.
Min Hyuk lectures her to tone down her sporadic emotions as the thugs spy on their room.  She leaves his pep talk without him knowing and goes home where mom confronts her if she did well in sleeping with Min Hyuk.  Bong Soon tells omma to stop her delusions as her boss is gay and they cannot change that fact anyway.  But omma reasons out how she did not like raising a dog before but she did eventually hence there is still hope.
Min Hyuk calls Bongs Soon and bawls out of her disappearance without properly advising him.  She reasons that she has to wash up that is why she went home.  Min Hyuk leers at her prioritizing her hygiene more than taking care of him.  He orders him to come back asap without blow-drying her hair and hangs up.
Min Hyuk spots an obvious gangster boss in dapper suit entering the hospital.  He turns out to be the gangsters’ boss who visits his men to confirm the bewildering tale of them  single-handedly beaten by a woman.  His defeated crew feed him the basic Bong Soon information.  The boss orders to meet her and scout her to work for them or send her straight to hell if she won’t agree.
Bong Soon ruminates on how she cannot seem to control her power lately since the incident with the bus.  Her reverie is cut by Min Hyuk’s text message summoning her back to the hospital.  Meanwhile, the high schoolers whom Bong Soon recently taught a lesson squeals to bully boss about their altercation with her and was asked to bring her over for some lesson.  The high school boys block Bong Soon who is on the way to the hospital and escort her to meet bully boss.  The high school thugs cheer on their boss as he banters with Bong Soon, but just any other men who initiated a futile manly bragging, he ends up being raised like a kitten with a broken bone as his minions ride the spinning wheel at the park for Bong Soon’s trip to Hongkong adventure.  
Bong Soon’s superpower girl themesong airs as she stares at the lovely picture of the bullies.  She halts the roundabout and they disperse everywhere crutching to their bodies.  She lines them up and charges them to pick up at least a kilo of garbage in the neighborhood, and they frighteningly zoom away to follow her bidding.  I kinda am liking Bong Soon’s anthem like how I marvel on Son Goku when he transforms to a saiyan.
Bong Soon arrives at the hospital to pick up her prickly boss.  She fails to notice the thugs and their boss peering at her as she became Min Hyuk’s human crutches.  Gook Doo drops by a chocolate store and hands Hee Ji some chocolates for the upcoming White Day celebration.  She smiles confirming how he will be on duty that day hence he already gave it in advance.  She eats the chocolate with gusto and wonders when they will be having a sweet relationship like the chocolate she is eating.
Bong Soon and Min Hyuk arrives at a mansion where she meets her boss’ strangely disconnected family.  She ogles at the yummy food served in the family dinner so Min Hyuk texted her to put her back to earth.  Min Hyuk’s father boringly announces in the dinner his intention to step down of his position and decides to give the reign to Min Hyuk to her other sons’ protest.  
Min Hyuk agrees to his father decision and speaks about finding ways to integrate his current company to their family’s business.  Bong Soon analyzes her boss’ brothers per his order as Min Hyuk’s father motions to throw his chair to his stubborn sons who refuse to accept his decision.

Bong Soon drives the car to her neighborhood and utters how she really thinks Min Hyuk’s father fits the profile of his stalker, but he disregards her crazy thought.  Bong Soon bumps with her mom on the way home as the psycho hunts his new prey. 

Do Family munch on chimaek for dinner as omma urges Bong Soon to spill the progress of the Cinderella project.  She complains at her mom’s disillusionment as aboji confirms if Min Hyuk is really gay.  Bong Soon affirms it and gripes how he is giving a different look at Gook Doo.  Omma encourages her daughter to press on as she is not at par level with Gook Doo anyway.  bwahaha you’ve got to love omma’s weird life analyzations
Bong Ki receives a call from Hee Ji inviting him to dine out to which he agrees.  Bong soon grouses on the lunch invite and how Hee Ji is not that pretty but has just a smiling face.  Omma scolds her for not doing the same thing to her boss like it is a hard thing to do.  She complains why mom seems protective of Bong Ki for not allowing him to meet Hee Ji for lunch, but does not complain when she sleeps at her boss’ house.  Omma bellows an analogy of how her children are like imported/exported merchandise where she has to charged more on the export and accepts little to the import.  Aboji mumbles who the export and the import but omma shuts him up and grumbles they do not have beer anymore.  Bong Soon knows well that she should get up to buy some beer and goes out for it.
The psycho chases his victim in the pouring rain while Bong Soon walks back home.  The woman stumbles on the ground as the psycho lunges and strikes her mercilessly.  Her frightened scream tears the night and stops Bong Soon on her track.
This drama keeps getting better, right?  We have the impressive ratings to back up for it.  The dynamics of Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s reversal of roles are clearly defined thanks to Park Couples committed portrayal.  And Ji Soo dear, you are giving me a good second lead syndrome battle as expected.  As a cushion for my weak heart, I am not giving it all yet in trusting the production team, but I have big faith to our awesome cast.  We managed to get the most out of a simple love story setting with a little bit tweaked characters.  That’s the thing about this drama it gives us a hybrid of fantasy and reality characters that’s keeping the vibrancy of the story evident.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 2 Recap

Do Bong Soon decides on taking a bodyguard job for the country’s most pompous CEO, Ahn Min Hyuk. She encounters a psychopath who has murdered a woman and abducted another victim in their neighborhood.  Following what transpired from Episode 1, we shifted from the buoyant pilot episode to some riveting undertones.  As long as this trio remain cool, wacky and charming… we would never go wrong.
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 2
Dook Goo’s team are engrossed on an episode of a classic crime drama they are watching as it is their  de-stressing pill prior to working on a big case.  Dook Goo lectures them that they should watch US crime and cop TV series like CSI and Criminal Minds instead of watching old police procedural shows. Team leader argues how psychopaths most likely watch those modern popular shows and that most cases do not have evidence so they have to rely on their gut feel and revert to analog crime solving procedure.  *dear Gook Doo please rest your case But Team Leader won’t rest his opinion and cites how the Bible is the most famous book because it is a “classic” hence the key to their current case lies in old school deductions.  
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon enters a restaurant for breakfast.  He discloses how he has been getting death threats and replies to her question that if he knew who were involved in those blackmailing nonsense they would have been detained already.  Min Hyuk chews on the food and proposes for them to work together in pinning down the culprit like they are playing a game.  She asks him why he did not report the incidents to the police and he retorts how he does not trust them.  She smiles coyly and expresses how she thinks police officers are cool having her unrequited crush for Gook Doo as the basis for it of course.  Min Hyuk urges her to eat, but when she seems adamant to munch some food, he tells her that he only eats one meal in a day so she grabs her spoon and gripes why he did not say it sooner.  
Back in the office, Min Hyuk receives another phone call from the culprit who sounded like W’s No-face villain.  seriously he does sound like him He cautions Min Hyuk of a looming danger he is setting up which alarmed Bong Soon who is listening nearby.  He utters how he has been getting the psycho harassment in the past two months and prods her to ensure she will fend him well.  
Since he is in a bad mood he rides on his hover board and announces that he will go out to play.  Bong Soon lets a few seconds pass by before moving to where her master is headed.  She asks if she ought to follow him around, which surprised Min Hyuk who sarcastically reiterates that it is her job to be always by his side to protect him.
Min Hyuk hands her the car key to test first if the car will explode.  hahaha  When she clears if he just insinuated for her to die sheltering him, he affirms her conclusion highlighting that she is his human shield.  He walks away from her and she enters the car and starts the engine without any problem.  
He goes inside the car once the coast is cleared.  She moves to the back of the car but her boss orders her to sit beside him as his car is not a taxicab.  He emphasizes how in case they will be attacked she has to be on alert to save him first that’s why he did not allow her to drive.  *dear Bong Soon you just don’t know how many girls would die to be at your place right now
Bong Soon’s mother meets with the neighborhood ajummas to discuss the high rise building project again.  They call the attention of Gook Doo’s mother to support the petition they are planning, but she refuses to make a stand as she is neither in favor nor disliking the said project.  
Min Hyuk grabs Bong Soon’s hand when they arrive in a park and prompts her to act natural in case someone is eyeing them.  His words agitate her more as she wonders why they have to hold hands. yes Min Hyuk why?  
They barge in a boutique to shop some clothes and other stuff, as she surmises on how the money she spent on playing games is now pampering her egoistic boss.  He calls her attention, struts his prince-like face for a hot shades, and she of course has to ride on his narcissistic streak and concurs how it looks great on him.  
Min Hyuk notices how he bought stuff only for him and mutters that he should get something for her too.  She declines politely but goes with the flow when he insists on his offer only to be given a vanilla ice cream cone when she is already preparing for a Pretty Woman shopping reenactment scene.  *giggles I just can’t wait when  Min Hyuk wakes up one day smitten by Bong Soon
They head to the field and Min Hyuk plays with a remote controlled drone which mesmerized Bong Soon like a child.  Min Hyuk feels a pair of eyes was on them and alerts Bong Soon who fusses when she locates the stalker.  He calms her down so they won’t get caught, but the stalker catches on and flees but Min Hyuk’s drone secured the plate number of the motorcycle.  
While driving her home, he asks if she is hungry to which she responds yes hoping they will grab food somewhere.  He cuts her fantasy by advising her to eat at home very well without going on a diet in order to become healthy while shielding him.  
Min Hyuk recognizes that she lives near the murder scene and unknowingly worries about her safety.  He inquires for a nearby bakery so she suggests a walnut pie store.  At Dobong Walnuts, mom and her cronies sigh on their unsuccessful petition camp.  The ajummas cheer her on her frustration toward Bong Soon by diverting to how she raised her soon to be doctor son.  Mom voices out how she hopes a rich guy would fall for her.  As everything is on impeccable timing in this drama, Bong Soon and her boss enter the cafe and she sends signals to her parents to pretend they are not related.  They order and walk back to the car with the people inside the store ogling at the curious case of Bong Soon bringing a man spectacle.
Bong Soon excitedly goes home knowing her friend Kyung Shim arrived from Busan.  They prettify themselves with a face mask session. Kyung Shim skims Min Hyuk’s online profile and connects it with Bong Soon’s stories.  She arrives at a conclusion that her friend’s boss is homosexual.  Bong Ki appears at the door to ask if Kyung Shim brought his favorite fishcakes and was happy on the confirmation that she did.  Kyung Shim talks about setting up Bong Soon with a baseball player but she declines the offer.  Kyung Shim tries to lift her spirit by assuring her that she is pretty but Bong Soon mumbles how her pretty face is not liked by Gook Doo anyway so it’s useless.  Kyung Shim is flustered on how she is still not over Gook Do.  Mom cuts their chit chat and commands Bong Soon to cook rice for dinner.  
It is a fish cake party for Do family and they are stirred to chomp on the food.  Mom takes the opportunity to spy and calculate the possibility of her dream marriage for her daughter and starts digging information on Bong Soon’s boss.  Bong Soon whines at her mom watching dramas a lot to even think of marrying her off to her boss and reveals that Min Hyuk is gay.  Mom is momentarily surprised but pushes to her proposition citing how anyone has imperfections and Min Hyuk’s sexual preference is just a weakness.
Gook Doo stops by the crime scene on his way home and missed the suspicious man lurking at a nearby rooftop.  That night, a woman was rescued from a psychopath who was beating her and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.  Gook Doo and his team receives an attempted murder report at Dobong neighborhood again and they sprint to the crime scene and the hospital to see the victim.  
Bong Soon and Kyung Shim lose on the game they were playing and wonders why the game room is silent and they learn that another victim was almost killed in the vicinity.  The girls walk back home to the busy street as Bong Soon spots Gook Doo across the street.  Min Kyung stops his work out to focus on the news of another might be casualty at Bong Soon’s locale.  Gook Doo balks on missing the offender and was castigated by his senior by going alone in the murder scene.  He explains that he did a quick stop since he lives in the same neighborhood.  He discloses how the culprit knows the area so well that’s why he can escape easily.  The witness who saves the woman is interrogated of what happened and remembers a detail of the villain having a big feet.
Bong Soon tells Kyung Shim that she hates seeing the weak people being hurt   and the latter advises her to give those bad people a lesson if she encounters them.  Just then, they pass by some high school boys ganging up on one high schooler.  Bong Soon assumes her super girl identity and straighten up the bullies who seem to not taking her seriously.  She kneels down to tie one of the bullies shoelace tightly and wrecks his shoes with her bare hand frightening the arrogant boys.  She tells the bullied boy to contact her if they will bother him again in the future and warns the lazy boys that if she catches them again she will break their feet, legs and who knows anywhere… making the boys cringe as they protect their private parts from her mischievous gaze.  aigoo hell hath no fury when this supergirl noona got scorned
Morning news breaks into another day, broadcasting alterations on the surveillance security launched at Dobong neighborhood because of the recent cases.  Min Hyuk is in his office early to work on his stalker and calls someone after getting the plate number of the motorbike yesterday.  Gook Doo’s unit assemble to look on the autopsy result of the recent victim.  They deduce how the unsub does not work well with knife with how the wounds appear careless so they arrive to a conclusion that they could be looking at different assaulters.  Gook Doo refutes the scenario by stating how it might be because the unsub was interrupted on the second victim hence the pattern projects to be different. 
Gook Doo takes his turn to stay with the victim.  He contemplates on the autopsy report and figures how the unsub probably tried to knock her down first before inflicting the same wound present on the murder victim.  Bong Soon who went to the same hospital check on Secretary Gong who was unhappy with her presence.  She asks for Min Hyuk’s schedule and was directed on where to get it.  She offers a proven tested cure for his broken tailbone which her grandmother claimed to work best in his situation but Secretary Gong’s directs her away to stop blabbing about feces wine that could help him.  
She heads out and sees Gook Doo on a look-out outside the victim’s door and goes on another protective imaginary love bubble moment with him.  She calls him and informs that she is also in the hospital and they go for a quick chat.  He asks Bong Soon to guard the door momentarily as he needs to pee and miss the unsub pretending to be the doctor induce some medicine to shock the patient.  
Bong Soon who was left in the scene let the unsub go with the patient thinking it was the doctor but the real doctor shows himself after a surgery.  Gook Doo chases the psycho but miss him eventually.  He proceeds to find clues through CCTV footage as the unsub imprisoned the victim in his lunatic world.  
Bong Soon blames herself for the work problem she caused Gook Doo, but he assures her that the victim will be okay because he will find her.  Bong Soon ruminates on ways she could be of help and remember her encounter with the psycho and tells Gook Doo that she will recognize his voice.  Still sullen about the incident he appeases Bong Soon’s worries to not blame herself.  
They go on separate ways as Gook Doo is scolded for losing the victim.  He requests for a witness protection for Bong Soon as time ticks to rescue the victim who is under the psychopath’s lair.  Gook Doo’s team is enraged on how the culprit mocks them by going back to his victim and they vow to catch him soon.  
Gook Doo insists on getting a guard for Bong Soon on the premise that she is a weak woman even when his teammate mentions how she beat seven guys by herself.  Bong Ki finds her noona in deep thought over what happened.  She whispers how her super strength does not come in handy when it has to save someone.
Bong Soon scans Min Hyuk’s schedule the next day and meets her boss in the office.  He checks on the assault cases in her neighborhood and she tells her that she was a witness when the woman was abducted in the hospital.  He turns on the TV and raves on how smart the culprit is that he won’t be caught by the police.  He wonders why the psycho killed the first victim and not the second one but Bong Soon counters that the profilers deduction is how they are looking for two unsubs.  
Min Hyuk disagrees and goes Sherlock on his analysis that the unsub did not mean to kill his first victim as reflected on the wounds he inflicted so chances are that he is not up to kill the second victim as well.  Bong Soon winces on how well her boss knows how a criminal mind works and he replies how he is fascinated to become a culprit when he was young.
Min Hyuk teases her again on the tailbone damage she caused Secretary Gong but she blames him for letting them fight.  Her mood swings as soon as she sees Gook Doo’s call and moves away from Min Hyuk to answer it.  Gook Doo informs her that she will be under witness protection to which she repels thinking about her job at Ainsoft, but Gook doo insists and sends one to her location.
Min Hyuk confirms that it was Gook Doo she was speaking with and she is baffled how he knew about him.  He reminds her where they all met and quips on how her mood changes whenever it involves Gook Doo.  She negates how she treats differently her friend and her boss, so Min Hyuk made her realize how she is treating her boss as her friend and her friend as her boss.  On point.  Min Hyuk queries if she likes him which shocks her again, but she still responds how she knew about it.  Min Hyuk speaks about how she is obvious with her one-sided love and how boys hate it when girls do that.  Bong Soon takes the opportunity to notify him of a bodyguard coming per Gook Doo’s advice.
The bodyguard came and Min Hyuk who knows that no danger can ever come on Bong Soon’s way tries to find his thoughts and recaps their scenario of him being guarded by Bong Soon who will be watched over by the detective.  Min Hyuk grabs the police officer for a private talk and tells him how she is much stronger than him hence she does not need his service, but the officer remain stoic and moves back to his post behind Bong Soon.
Allergic to the police, Min Hyuk does not hide his annoyance on their law enforced situation.  They go to a symposium where Min Hyuk is a guest speaker.  Bong Soon observes the surrounding for something suspicious.  The event ends and Min Hyuk goes to the wash room and brings Bong Soon’s bodyguard with him.  
Meanwhile Bong Soon is bothered by a man in  black clothes and mask who looks dubious so she hunts him but returns back to her waiting post when MIn Hyuk calls her name.  She explains what she was doing so Min Hyuk chuckles how stalkers will not be obvious and will appear wearing casual clothing.  He suddenly remembers the suspicious man inside the washroom.  He goes back inside to find the detective with a stabbed wound.
Min Hyuk worries about the incident and urges Bong Soon to just quit her job citing the variables that he was not able to grasp.  He feels uneasy on how his stalkers can bring deadly weapons that might fatally wound her.  Bong Soon refuses and vows to prioritize his safety more than anything else.  She asks if he has an idea on who would want him to be killed and he replies that it is a long list from his half-brothers and business competitors.  He narrates how he has three half-brothers and how since his father announces that he will leave the company to him, he has been the target enemy of the family.  
Min Hyuk cuts Bong Soon’s reverie and tells her to stay at his house for the night so they can protect each other.  Min Hyuk cushions his weird proposal and expounds right away to not have any weird thoughts as they will not thread on any romantic stage, but Bong Soon is quick to attack that she will decline the offer since she is well-informed of his preference.  
Min Hyuk’s draws a trump card of her job description complying to her client’s request.  Bong Soon shakes some sense to her boss’ reasoning so he just tells her he is scared and to just relent but Bong Soon refuses since she came from a conservative family.  Min Hyuk changes strategy and educates her how her one-sided love will be one-sided love forever so she needs to spice things up by using him in making Gook Doo jealous.  She finally agrees but made him double her extended hours pay rate.
Gook Doo meets his girlfriend for a quick bite after her cello practice.  He explains that they are under an investigation right now so he can’t stay long. He is notified that Bong Soon’s bodyguard is in the hospital so he calls her right away to know her whereabouts. Min Hyuk chuckles at his bipolar bodyguard who changes from her feisty self to a sweet damsel when she answered Gook Doo’s call. She tells him that she is at her boss’ house and gave him the address.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon slurp hot ramyun for dinner.  Bong Soon sees the walnut pie box and admits to Min Hyuk that they own the store and that he met her parents yesterday.  He is a bit upset on how Bong Soon scored one in tricking him to go to their store.  
Min Hyuk murmurs how it felt strange eating ramyun with a girl late at night.  Bong Soon can’t connect his thoughts and he teases  her of not having any dating experience.  She halts her eating, poses like Cleopatra and mixes femme fatale to femme homtale amusing her boss with how she plays with her words.
The doorbell rings and Gook Doo walks inside to interrogate on the situation.  Min Hyuk acknowledges his presence and explains that Bong Soon will be staying in his house.  Gook Doo scolds Bong Soon of the preposterous idea of a grown man and woman sharing a night together and orders her to come with him.  Min Hyuk grabs Bong Soon and peers at Gook Doo’s eyes on how he needs her for the night.  Bong Soon tug-of-war ensues and I just stepped on her long hair coming all the way from kdramaland.  
Episode 2 Quick Thoughts
Wow!  This premiere week will hook up anyone who is in a kdrama slump to go back to life.  The fast paced quirky rom-com promises to hook us in an addictive run if the production team will not mess up the thriller plot incorporated.  dear park bo young, you’re the best.  
I think Gook Doo likes Bong Soon as well, but it was a case where he was not able to find the right timing to convert the friendship to romance while they were growing up together.  But his protective instinct towards her is very evident so I’m really excited to see the love triangle development soon.  
Hyung Sik shares the same bread and butter romcom element of bickering with the lead girl that I can’t wait to see him caught in a love bug because I sure will enjoy Bong Soon’s payback for all the stress he gave her.   What’s amusing about his character is how he diverts from the lead man prototype and yet he looks the same.  It’s hard to put it in words but his interaction with Bong Soon cracks me up a lot because for now we get to see him hilarious without the love connection, so when we hit the romantic rope, I wonder how more hilarious he can get because he loves rationalizing everything.
We have a bright drama ahead of us and I’m very much happy to count the days to get to Friday and Saturday each week.  It is safe to say that I recommend this drama a lot for your rainy and sunny days. -jediprincess

Permission to swoon on Hwarang Flower Boys Granted



Because I remained faithful to the end, I decided to ruminate and write my thoughts about Hwarang before I fall asleep.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 1 Recap

Welcome to Dobong gu, home of Do Bong Soon who lives in Dobong dong.  Here we will get to know a heroine with superhuman strength as she conquers her colorful life and her journey on finding love.
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 1
A young man in high school uniform cradles a bouquet of flowers in his arms as he sits on bus en route somewhere.  His reverie is cut off when the one of the bus tires suddenly burst and he nervously holds on for his dear life as the public vehicle swerves from left to right.  The bus driver tries hard to keep the bus on the road, but it moves toward a mother and her child walking on the sidewalk as the people inside the bus are thrown everywhere.
Just then the berserking bus miraculously stops in the brink of the collision.  The young man crawls back to his seat and spots a small framed woman emerging from the back of the bus and walking away from the scene.  
He stares intently at her to see her face, and just as the wind blows to show her face, the same high school boy who appears not young anymore wakes up from his dream to grumpily answer his ringing cellphone and introduces himself as Ahn Min Hyuk – the CEO of Ainsoft, a famous game developing company.
The robotic sounding caller warns him to halt “Albertine Chronicles” which is a famous game Ainsoft launched or he will face death.  Unfazed of the blunt death threat, Min Hyuk responds how the psycho should have at least called him when he is sober so he could at least feel fear, and not when he interrupted his sleep.  *chuckles I like your character already Hyung Sik  The psycho continues with his bluff but the whining Min Hyuk hangs up and curses at the sleep invasion that just happened.
A woman stuffs her mouth with ramyun to open her day.  She receives a text message of her failed job interview and gloomily works on filling out her resume for another job seeking adventure.  Her name is Do Bong Soon of Do Bong neighborhood in the district of Do Bong. *wink She answers the self-introduction essay and chirpily writes that she is a very special individual.  She narrates the secret about her  herculean strength which is a special power that is passed on to the female line of her family from her mother side.  However their special power cannot be used for personal greedy interest or they will suffer a misfortune.  Her mother suffered that ill fate after using her ability to bully people and coaxed money from them.  She used to be a prolific weightlifter but she woke up one day unable to carry the heavy barbel anymore.  In her loneliness, her father who is an average wrestler came to her mother’s rescue to appease her on her failed dream.  The rest is history and twins were given to them, with the first born baby girl greeting the doctor who delivered them from her mother’s womb with a strong punch announcing the power she inherited from her mother.
Bong Soon shares her sentiments on how she strives to hide her power even when she sees social injustice over the years to avoid being put on a spotlight.  Landing a permanent job has also been a struggle for her, but she is positive to fulfill her dream of developing a web game that will showcase her true to life character.
Bong Soon listens to the instructor in the game developing class she attends to about how creating games is no easy task as you have to make the game interesting to keep the interest of the users going.  He cites Ainsoft’s “Albertan Chronicles” and gossips about how the CEO of that company enjoys his life well to keep his mind fresh so he can conceive business strategies without any problem.
On cue, Min Hyuk the CEO cozily zooms in a park on a hoverboard  and notices a man furtively watching him.  Instead of running away from him, the adorable CEO chases him, but was not able to get him for questioning.  Frustrated of the recent annoying privacy invasion he is getting, Min Hyuk orders his secretary to find a bodyguard for him.
Bong Soon rides her bike on her way home not knowing that all those years of hiding her identity will be exposed that day when she witnessed a bus driver being bullied by thugs who blocked the road with a big truck and not letting the driver with kids on his bus to pass through.  The gang leader catches on Bong Soon’s attempt to report the incident to the police and takes her phone away.  Gang leader tries to scare her but she bickers back on how unfair it was to harm an old man.  He gets annoyed at her cheeky righteous citizen act and throws her phone to the ground.  Her phone gets broken but she maintains her sanity and bargains a last offer to replace her new phone, but the gangster responds with a slap on her face whining on her guts and her glare.  Min Hyuk’s car comes in the picture and calls the police about the incident. Bong Soon finally reaches her limit and disregards the jinx that might ensue if she uses her power.  She slaps his face back and we see her hand marking his face with some of his teeth falling off because of the immense pressure.  The other troublemakers come to help out the gang boss so she pushes them to a nearby sand truck.  
Min Hyuk is bewildered on what has been happening as Bong Soon deals with the rest of the thugs dislocating bones here and there and sending them up in the air but still trying to negotiate the compensation for her mobile phone.  The children cheers on Bong Soon for defeating the bad guys as Min Hyuk wonders if the police is still necessary on what he just saw.  Bong Soon’s anthem plays as she poses cooly after pulverizing the brawl hungry men while Min Hyuk marvels at the supergirl his eyes just laid on.
The children, villains and heroine meet at the police station where Bong Soon’s childhood friend In Gook Doo works as a detective.  He is an insufferable upright law officer who works by the book in upholding the law and justice system of the country.  Min Hyuk walks in the police station and finds Bong Soon debating whether she will enter the room or not.  She freshens up her breath and practices a small talk meant for Gook Doo.
 She enters the noisy room silencing the complaining injured men.  Gook Doo starts to question Bong Soon who seems to be in another dimension as her eyes shoots heart to the glowing man of her dreams.  He asks about her details but he answers all his questions before she can even utter a word.  awww I think Ji Soo will give a cute fight as a second lead 
Gook Doo summarizes the impossible premise told by the children and the gang members on how the seven burly thugs got beaten singlehandedly by her. He narrates all the injury incurred by the gangsters who are still agitated on what happened, but they cower meekly whenever Bong Soon turns her back to face them.  Gook Doo tells her that they need another testimony from a witness and worries about the consequence of what will happen to Bong Soon if the weird case is proven true, but she cannot come up clean in revealing what really transpired.
 Enter Min Hyuk who presents himself as the witness and the one who made the call to the police.  He chuckles on the fictional story of the children and discloses how the men fought with each other and how the children might just be disillusioned of superhero movies they have watched before.  The thugs make an appeal to Min Hyuk’s story but they turn to a cocoon every time Bong Soon faces them.  This police confrontation will crack you up.
Bong Soon’s name is cleared and she meets Min Hyuk with his secretary, Secretary Gong, outside the police station.  He coaxes her to utter some grateful words for her savior but she ignores him hinting how he was not man enough to help out in the situation they were in earlier if he was really there.
 She walks away leaving them perplexed.  Secretary Gong mutters her ungratefulness, but Min Hyuk mumbles how she acted so sexy.  lol  They head back to the company and we see his cheerful interaction with his employees warming up the office.
At Dobong Walnuts, Bong Soon’s mother bosses her husband while getting the store proceeds of the day.  Bong Soon arrives and mom picks on her and reminds her to marry a dumb person with lots of money if she cannot get a job.
Back at the police station, Gook Doo explains that he knows Bong Soon because they live in the same neighborhood.  One detective mentions that Min Hyuk is the CEO of Ainsoft and is also a son of a chaebol family.  Meanwhile in the hospital, the gangsters are still fussing about their fate and curses Bong Soon on their battered bodies.  
Bong Ki, Bong Soon’s twin brother who is a doctor in training at the hospital listens on the recent case of dislocated bones being discussed by the orthopaedic surgeon.  He points out how monstrously strong the culprit was for breaking the bones and then putting it back on the same place.  One doctor mutters how they should transfer the thugs to the psychiatric ward for claiming that a woman did that damage to them and Bong Ki goes back to memory lane when they were abducted by a bad ajussi and Bong Soon took charge in defeating the kidnapper through her powers.
Back at their home, Bong Ki tells his noona how she destroyed completely the patients while she peels the walnuts with her bare hand.  She replies to not worry about her powers jinxing her since she she used her powers with good intention.  Worried on the repercussions of the chaos from yesterday, Bong Soon wakes up and is relieved that nothing serious happens to her face and that her power is still in full swing.
Min Hyuk opens his day warming up with his punching bag and contemplates on his encounter with his stalker the day before.  He goes to his company in a sunny mood and scans the files of the prospective bodyguards to choose from, but no one fits his preference.  Just then he remembers the bizaare woman with extraordinary strength and orders Secretary Gong to get her.
Secretary Gong reports to Min Hyuk that Guk Du refused to provide Bong Soon’s details citing laws that they will violate on that request.  The very same uptight attitude earns Gook Doo a post transfer when his undercover mission involved an assemblyman who ordered a lesson to be served for him.  He got transferred to Violent Crime Team 3 who likes watching old school crime tv shows to aid them in their investigation procedures.
Min Hyuk pays a visit to a police official who is his father’s friend to get Bong Soon’s information.  The police official praises him for his hard word in setting up his own business but advises him on how he still needs help if he wants to achieve something in the future.
Bong Soon blurts out how she should just do manual labor work to make use of her power but her mother reminds her of a punishment that awaits her if she abuses it.  Her phone rings and she meets up with Secretary Gong for a job offer.
Bong Soon is almost tempted to bite the offer but knowing that she will be guarding the arrogant man from last time, she declines the offer and motions to leave.  Secretary Gong throws in a huge amount plus benefits so Bong Soon goes back to her seat. When she learns that the company the CEO owns is Ainsoft, it’s a done deal for her as it is also the dream company that she is intending to work for.
Back at Do Bong Walnut cafe, Bong Soon’s mother and her cronies discuss filing a petition to prevent a high rise project that will be done in the neighborhood.  They spot Gook Doo’s mother approaching in the cafe all pretty and pompous in her writer persona.  Bong Soon’s father chummily raves about him being her fan and mentions her recent work that he likes.  Gook Doo’s mother brings out Bong Soon’s recent trip to the police station surprising Bong Soon’s parents.  
Bong Soon is interrupted by her mother with the house chores and interrogates her on why she was at the police station.  Bong Joo assures her mother to not worry about the mojo and boasts on how she has gone through using her powers a lot but was never punished at all.  She adds how the genes she passed on might have been tweaked over the years that’s why her power is not carrying a curse anymore.  She happily declares securing a new job and proceeds to prepare food for Bong Ki who almost got hurt by his noona’s reckless neck lock on him.
Bong Soon’s family sits on the table for the bibimbap she prepared for dinner.  She takes on Gook Doo’s phone call and savors the one-sided love she is having as he goes on his reminder of her taking extra precautions since the bad guys are known to be famous gangsters.  He lets her know that he will drop by to bring a taser for her protection.  Before she can tell him the good news of her getting a job, he hangs up disappointing Bong Soon a bit who was more than happy knowing how Gook Doo worries about her.  Her happiness translates to a little rolling on her bed until she fell from it causing a quick earthquake in their house and I giggled on how the family takes it as a normal occurrence in the household.
The next morning Bong Soon meets Min Hyuk at Ainsoft for her job contract signing.  He learns how she previously submitted to work for the Game Planning and Development team and comments on her courage to work there when she lacks skills and experience.  She counters on how the company does not discriminate as per the projected image that is why she tried her luck in securing a job there.  She inquires how a healthy man like him needs a bodyguard and he responds how enemies line up to harm him and assures her that he is not an evil person.
Bong Soon raises questions about her benefits, retirement plan, cafeteria, yoga classes and mixes up stock options to stop motions.  Min Hyuk is bewildered on the demands of her soon to be bodyguard and remarks that he will think about the stock options and the rest of the benefits she wants depending on her abilities.  She mutters the weak offer she is having which ticks Min Hyuk’s anger.   He clears the table between them and taunts her to arm wrestle with him to check on her skills.  She obliges and counters that he should try to pin her down instead of her initiating it.  
He attempts with all his might but was unsuccessful.  She encourages him to use both his arms but gets the same result.  Bong Soon finally pins his arm down causing all his arm nerves to break down.  hahaha
Min Hyuk orders Secretary Gong to bring the contract and Bong Soon is surprised to be offered such a big amount of money.  
 Secretary Gong communicates with Min Hyuk on his impulsive mood so he orders them to do a chicken fight to prove that she is worth the job.  
The former refuses to fight with a woman but changes his mind when Min Hyuk throws his car as a prize if he will defeat his new bodyguard.  The fight commences but Bong Soon requests a quick stop asking for a helmet to protect Secretary Gong.  Min Hyuk orders jajangmyun and buys the helmet of the delivery man for the secretary to use.  
The chicken fight of the century continues with Secretary Gong murmuring his annoyance and boasting at the same time.  Min Hyuk signals to begin and he attacks her right away.  Nonchalant Bong Soon gives a quick, soft nudge and on a classical music background, Secretary Gong zooms back to the wall behind him breaking it hard and then falling on the ground.  Bong Soon checks if he is alive and he luckily wakes up from fainting.  Bong Soon and Min Hyuk stares at the broken wall as Secretary Gong heads to the hospital.
Min Hyuk checks if she is okay and tells her to proceed with what she was about to say.  Bong Soon makes an earnest appeal for a chance to work on the company’s game development and planning team if she does a good job protecting him.  Min Hyuk hesitates citing how he offered the job right now because of her skills, but agrees for the “chance” request if she will really do a good job.
Bong Soon goes home and feels weird walking on their neighborhood.  She googles on key points to help her out with her new bodyguard job and beams when she receives a text message from Gook Doo to meet him quick for the taser he promised to give.  He reminds her to put it in good use.  He orders her to go back inside as she tries to open a conversation with his love relationship but his attention shifts to the timely phone call of his girlfriend.  She chases him to tell him about her new job but he hurriedly walks away.  
Late at night Do Bong neighborhood’s quiet night is suddenly filled with police siren after a woman was discovered killed.  In the morning, the people flock to the murder scene as Gook Doo’s team convenes to work on the case.
Bong Soon takes her first day at work and is surprised when a digital death threat shows on a TV screen at Min Hyuk’s office.  They sit and he confesses how he is getting those life portents left and right each day.  He insist on not getting help from the police since he does not trust them and divulges his intention of them working together in catching the psycho just like they are in a game.  
He pitches an offer for her to move to Development and Planning if she successfully captures the culprit to which Bong Soon agrees.  Min Hyuk turns on the TV and the news on Dobong neighborhood murder case is on.  Just then he picks up his ringing phone and his stalker gives another scary warning to Min Hyuk.
EPISODE 1 Quick Thoughts
We have a solid love triangle, vivacious main cast, cute storyline, and exciting pacing.  Need we ask more?  Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will surely stride for an amazing spectacle seeing the great chemistry of the trio and how the storytelling is neat and funny so far.  I love the character sketches.  I love how our hero has figured out all the answers to his illustrious life and how he lives to his gaming company owner persona and treating every life setback as a challenge to overcome for him.  Oh and Bong Soon’s one sided love to Gook Doo is cute as hell.  I can’t wait to see the two guys fight for her heart already.  I love how the premiere week already laid the premise of Bong Soon’s power’s back story.  Park Hyung Sik is my happy pill these days and I am just a happy fan seeing him devote so much for his character.  Ji Soo is also doing a great job that if he continues like that we will get another taste of what Goblin and Reaper bromance left us.  I can’t wait for next week to happen and I hate that I have to count days because I have not been doing that at least since last year even with the influx of amazing kdramas.  At least there will be an alternative romcom cutesy to neutralize the heavy hitters airing these days in kdramaland.  -jediprincess

dear Goblin, saranghae.


1.  Hello  breathtaking cinematography!
2.  Gong Yoo oppa in long mane and warrior clothing is hot.
3.  Thank kdramagod we don’t linger much on the backstory.
4.  That is a fiery red scarf.
5.  If the Grim Reaper with kissable lips will escort me to after life, I will gladly oblige.
6.  The gutsy heroine had me at that cheery love declaration.
7.  Autumn in Canada is pretty.
8.  Cohabitation with two hot guys with supernatural powers is such an intoxicating kdrama plot.
9.  Goblin and Grim Reaper struggling with smartphone is epic.
10.  Goblin ruminating on the pros and cons of loving his bride is hilariously cute.
11.  I’ve got to give it to Lee Dong Wook for bringing out the Grim Reaper’s adorable character.
12.  Goblin and Grim Reaper is the best bromance ever.
13.  Seriously, that villain is creepy.
14.  All the pieces are laid out, it breaks my heart on the ill-fated love of Wang Yeo and the Queen.
15.  *sob This Wang Yeo – Kim Shin reveal drained my tears.
16.  Hail to the second leads and to that emotional kiss-me-forget-me scene.
17.  Wow!  Just wow!  That Episode 13 is like a full movie in acting and plot scale magnitude.
18.  True love rules!  Yay for Eun Tak summoning Goblin back from limbo.
19.  Just as how I love the pain, forgiveness and reconciliation between Goblin and Grim Reaper, I was sad to see Reaper voyage to his next life.
20.  How many times are you going to make me cry?  Why did she have to die?
21.  Dear Goblin, it’s me Abby.  I’m here for you, I still have three lives in case your bride will take time to reincarnate.
22.  I wish Sunny and Grim Reaper’s future lives linger more, but it’s the drama’s last episode.
23.  I think any girl wishes now to have a summoning power to the man they love.
24.  Oh there you are Ji Eun Tak, yes Maam, you are the one and only Goblin’s bride.
25.  Goodbye Goblin!  *saranghae



Arguably the best korean drama that aired for 2016, “Goblin” affirmed my kdrama fan girl spirit with its addictive pace, perceptive characters, detailed back story and the exciting race to its closure.  I was at constant awe at how the yarning of the folklore and supernatural mise en scene fit so perfectly placed in the modern setting.  The cast portraying a whole new chimeric world that I want to be a part of moved through the story seamlessly alternating a wistful and lively performance that burrowed straight to my kdramaaddict heart. *chuckles


Cursed to immortality, a Goryeo warrior captain lived for 9 centuries waiting for his bride that will vanquish the jinx laid by a deity.  He finally meets his bride who has the ability to see ghost and has been aware of her status through the metaphysical grapevine gossips she heard through the years.  Goblin fell in love with her in the process and she is all willing to wield the sword stuck on his chest not knowing that by doing so, it will make him vanish.  Their romance bloomed fully, but they had to face the villain responsible for Goblin’s immortal fate.  Goblin used the stuck sword to finally kill the ghost fiend and was transported to a limbo clear of his initial curse, but trapped and had to journey for years to be with his bride again.  10 years later, Eun Tak who has always been bothered by missing pieces she felt in her heart but lost in her memories, summoned Goblin back to her world through her honest and painful longing.  Goblin worked on winning her back and her memories of him were retrieved and they finally tied the knot.  Just as they had a taste of the love they so bravely fought, Eun Tak who has lived a borrowed life faced death when she sacrificed herself to save a bus loaded with school children.  Years after, Eun Tak was reincarnated on her second life and sought the man she vowed she will only love for the rest of their lifetimes.


The summary does not justify all that happened in the story as the cast were intricately connected through their past and present lives.  What made Goblin such a novelty for a love story with transcendental element is how it neatly blended the mystical notes and sensible realities to propel the narrative without losing focus and as simply told as it can be.  The drama made me yearn a romantic interlude with men like Goblin or Grim Reaper.  I was on a long moony phase struck with the impact of the characters who fervidly brought life to their sketched personas.


 Goblin marked all the bullet points of a lingering story eventhough the metaphysical milieu was very tricky. Although set on a melancholic tone, the dynamics of the cast and the lively humor cushioned the viewers so well given its inevitable tragic scenario ending.  At times there are moments when it was languid, but it was necessary for the built up of the character connections to make the climactic conflict confrontation solid and stunning.


Breathtaking – Goblin has always been beautifully done from its cinematography, storyline and character portrayals.  The writer did a lot of impossible tweaks and conceived an intricate realm and made sure that she will succeed on the labyrinth she has set for her story.  With actors embracing their roles so well, the exquisite tale of a man searching for the woman to end his immortality curse established a memory that kdramaland followers will still love in the future.


There are a lot of things to rave about “Goblin”, but I feel like Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook’s stellar chemistry in their very own bromantic world was what kept me in love with this drama as a whole.  Sure the love lines for the main and second leads were notable, but the supernatural boys swept me off my feet with how they kept up with human induced emotional conflicts that their powers can’t resolve.  Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na were both amazing in their roles and a great support to the main character’s chronicle.  The heartrending love rides these foursome sojourned yielded a memorable impact due to the efficient layering of the reincarnation plot.


Goblin explored the boundless creativity of Korean culture through writer Kim Eun Sook’s sweet story manipulation.  See for yourself why this drama raised a cult following.