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Blame my long running inability to like someone, because it caused me to get hooked to this romance videos.  So for my friends whose hearts are broken, wants to be broken, and pretending to be broken, these are romantic pills that can entertain you and keep your thoughts away…

♥ You’re Beautiful – Jang Geun Seok still lingers in my dreams bcoz of this drama. Hong sisters have done a superb job crafting this drama. I’ll make a separate post for this. It’s on my top Asian drama for 09.
Fast paced, beautifully crafted, sweet moments at it’s best.

♥ Shining Inheritance – it took a while for me to fall in love, but I did eventually.  The villain is really annoying here but very effective.  A love story that builds up nicely.

♥ Boys Before Flowers – When it was aired in Korea, it was like the anticipation of Harry Potter book 7 for me, I’m so excited of Wednesdays because I get to watch it.   Teen romance bliss at it’s best.

♥ Beethoven Virus – great acting, scriptwriting and directing…

♥Coffee Prince – addictive, moving, will make you believe in love if you can’t

♥ Goong (Princess Hours) – Growing love was really sweet in this drama and would make you remember your first love.

♥ Full House –   Light and carefree. Cute couple fights and the famous 3 bear song made me smile a lot while watching it.

♥ Love story in Harvard – love story in a school setting at it’s best… Kim Rae Won will make you fall for him, and don’t tell you were not warned.

♥ A Love To Kill – classic directing and editing, decent conflict didn’t make the drama so dragging.  Rain at his best.

♥ Autumn Tale – A lot of people cried over this KDrama.  The twist and simplicity of the story was very heartwarming. Heart-tugging storyline and will definitely linger in your heart.

♥ Love Marriage – snappy scriptwriting, spirited lead actors and adorable love story.

♥ What happened in Bali – stirring and stimulating.  Not a happily ever after drama, but definitely a high grade scriptwriting and directing.  Realistic and sensational.

♥ What Star did you come from – poignant twist in the story can go either way.  Neat storyline, but sometimes slow moving.

♥ 1% of anything – a lovestory between a sweet middle school teacher and a hot tempered rich man.  Fun, refreshing and one of the reason why Kang Dong Won is in my Korean Prince list.

♥ Delightful Girl Chun Hyang – perky and bubbly… with lots of zest and romance…

♥ Hanoi Bride – Lee Dong Wook is my favorite actor that’s why I watched it…  quick, typical love story, somewhat great acting….

♥ Hello Miss – slow, sometimes entertaining, the only good thing here is Lee Dae Hee.

♥ La Dolce Vita – mature, splendid, great acting.

♥ My Lovely Samsoon – upbeat, mesmerizing, engaging and one of my favorites.

♥ Partner – keen directing, nifty acting… the legal cases may not really stir you, but the vibe is immersing… Dong Wook oppa’s last drama before he enlisted for the army…

♥ Fireworks – dreary storyline elevation… the only good thing to watch is the lead actor… tolerable and forgettable…

♥ With YooHee – scattered, sometimes amusing, but most of the time tiresome…

♥ Stained Glass – typical, can be stirring at some point… sometimes spiritless

♥ Last Scandal – nice storyline, superb acting and chemistry between the lead actors, edifying and passionate.

♥ Save the Last Dance For Me – deeply moving… fascinating characters… spellbinding story

♥ Likeable or Not – a moving story, it will take time for you to be hooked though.

♥ Take care of the Young lady – the plot is unexplainable, good chemistry by the lead actors… sometimes fun and tedious to watch…

♥ Wonderful Life – striking and heartwarming…

♥ Sweet 18 – light and breezy… sometimes weird, most of the time bouncy.

♥ The Devil – fresh, thrilling and exceptional directing…

♥ My Girl – one of my favorite Hong sister’s drama… the kind that you will watch over and over again until you realized you memorized the lines already even if it’s Korean.  Sparky, effervescent and undeniably romantic.

♥ Only You – mediocre storyline, twist worked well in the development of the story… emotion filled and will let you anticipate…

♥ Attic Cat -you’ll never get tired watching the odd couple here… addictive, charming, exhilarating…  Simple storyline yet entertaining.

♥ She is Nineteen – well written story… characters were perfectly played… captivating and heartwarming.

♥ Funny Wild Girl – strangely addictive, mediocre yet emotion uplifting…

♥ Get Karl Oh So Jung – ordinary, sometimes dry… I really didn’t like it…

♥ Spring Waltz – flowing and moving… arresting cinematography and captivating love affair.

♥ Stairway to Heaven – I hate that the lead actress can’t get tired of crying in this drama…

♥ Tell Me You Love Me – intriguing storyline… will bring out mixed emotions in you…

♥ The World that they Live in – underrated in most of the reviews, but I enjoyed it… realistic and lots of lines to remember… jazzy and striking…

♥ 3 dads and one mom – lively, unconventional and fascinating… The dads here are so adorable.

♥ All In – stellar acting and cast, unprecedented layering of storyline… enthralling and stimulating.

♥ Hotelier – it was a hit in Korea when it was aired, but I didn’t really enjoy it.  The progress of story is slow and all over the place… passionate acting though.

♥ Happy Together – it’s my favorite family drama… worth watching, grand acting, seriously heart-tugging…


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