Initially this is just a page for Korean romantic films, but I’ve added some films that are not really romantic so that you can check whether to watch it or not.

I have included long recaps and short movie summaries for your reference, you can also see it all in my Korean Movie Recap Page.

I have rated it A(for Amazing), B+(for Breathtaking), B(for Beautiful), C+(for Cliche but Charming), C(for Crazy but Tolerable) D(for Disappointing), F(for Forget it).   I added additional tips for your reference.  My recent entries would be on a yearly basis from now on so the most recent dramas would be on the first entries.

I have included long recaps and short movie summaries for your perusal, you can also see it all in my Korean Movie Recap Page.



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♥ My Sassy girl (2001) – If you haven’t watched this love pill, then you haven’t watched a really good rom-com movie.  Needless to say, this is one of my favorite love films.  A perfect date movie. A girl who has some past love issues was saved by a cheerful young man when she almost got caught by a train.  Fate played with them and the boy slowly became fond of her and decided that he would heal whatever that pain she has.  If I can marry someone like Gyeon-woo, I’ll be damn happy.  *wink


GENRE:  Romantic Comedy       GRADE:  A


♥ Il Mare (2000) – Hollywood made a remake of this movie (The Lake house), but still I prefer how Koreans did it. A man and a woman engaged in a romance as they exchanged love letters and leaving it inside a mail box.  Time element executed perfectly.  Addictive and deeply touching love movie. *wink


GENRE:  Romance, Fantasy     GRADE:  B

♥ Daddy Long Legs (2005) Ha Ji Won played a role of a radio scriptwriter who was always dreaming of meeting the guy who helped her pay her tuition in college.  She accidentally bumped into emails that tells about a girl’s long time admiration over a guy.  She finally had a chance to meet her daddy-long-legs and there she learned that it was his younger brother who asked him to do all the things for her.  She also learned that it was her daddy-long -legs who wrote those emails, however he switched his gender when he was writing the emails. Daddy-long-legs lost all his memories including that of the girl’s because he was dying and he asked his brother to make the girl happy once he lost his memory.  You’ll never get tired of watching it. Amazingly sweet and mesmerizing.


GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  B

♥ My Little Bride (2004) – An ordinary high school girl who worries about grades and has a crush on her school’s baseball team ace was forced to marry a guy out of her grandfather’s wish. Her being young and the I-am-a-married-high-school-girl made this movie so charming.  Dandy, cheerful, playful, this film will let you remember that feeling you have on the first person you ever had a crush on. *wink


GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B+

♥ Daisy (2006) – I like how Jun Ji Hyun reinvents herself as an actress, that’s why I love all her films.  Set in Netherlands, Ji Hyun played the role of a street painter that will become the love interest of a secret service agent and a professional hitman.  Thrilling, lingering, and romantic elements were put in splendidly fine. *wink


GENRE:  Romance, Espionage, Melodrama     GRADE:  A

♥ Humming (2008) – This is good for those who are in currently a long-running relationship. The lead actor was quite tired of the relationship with her GF.  He was about to leave for Alaska to avoid her, but she met an accident and fell into a coma. He starts remembering the relationship he had with her while nursing her back to health. Will he discover the love he has never realized?  Passionate, a bit tear jerker with a twist that you may or may not like.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  C+

♥ The Classic (2003) – A perfectly film captured unsurpassed romance.  This film will make you think about flowers, summer walks and pure love.   True to its title, it is an epic love movie that you can tell your grandchildren and be giddyish and at the same time nostalgic about it.

A young woman accidentally bumped on her mother’s love story and she got deeply engaged with it.  The parallelism from the characters of switching timelines was well portrayed and there was just so much love in the air.*wink


GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  A

♥ My BF is Type B (2005) – Nice girl meets a temperamental guy. Go figure what it would be like.  Girls always fall for bad guys and it’s always been a mystery why. Lively, witty and mesmerizing… A sweet love that turns sweeter at every scene.  ^_^

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B

♥ Heartbreak Library (2008) – Not really a romance movie for the lead actors.  It was more of feeling the pain of someone who lost his one great love.  An unconventional love movie that focus on the downside of being in love.  Strikingly fresh and very charming at the same time. ^_^

GENRE:  Melodrama, Romance     GRADE:  B

♥ My Wife Got Married (2008) – Full of mischief and kink, this is one sexy film crazily perceived and executed spontaneously making it gratifying to watch even with the slight carnal insinuations.  Son Ye Jin was a player who hates marriage until she met a guy who showed her that it’s possible to enjoy being committed.  Then she kinda like the idea being married so she asked her husband if she can have a marriage spree.  Her submissive husband agreed and off they engaged to a kind of marriage you won’t think would happen in real life.  Playful and mischievously flirty.

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  B+

♥ A Millionaire’s First Love (2006) – Hyun Bin was a millionaire’s heir but in order for him to have his fortune, his dead granny forced him to finish High School in the suburb. There he discovered the past that he erased in his mind, and the truth that money can’t save the life of the girl he loves.  Bewitchingly passionate and might leave some tears in your eyes. 

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B+

♥ Windstruck (2004) – They said it was a sort of like the prequel to My Sassy Girl, but I say otherwise.  It is a sad film about a woman who was given help to move on by the man she loved even when he is already in the after life.  Kwak Jae Young’s open-ended fantasy element made the movie an inspiring spectacle even with the movie’s grieving premise.   ^_^

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B+

♥ My Tutor Friend 1 (2003) – A lazy school boy meets the tutor he would never dream to have. The Sweet bickerings and a proof that people can accidentally be in love is what made this sweet flick captivating to watch.

 GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ My Tutor Friend 2 (2006) – A touching story of two completely different students from two completely different worlds who fell in love with each other.  Donning the original “tutor friend” plot, An exchanged student from Japan went to Seoul and stayed in a guest house where she met her Hangeul Class tutor and eventually fell in love with him.  A lot of jinks and some slapstick comedy from the supporting cast here and there.  Even with the cliches it was still charming.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B


♥ 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (2004) – After dumping her boyfriend just before their 100 day anniversary, Ha Young met a college guy when she accidentally kicked a can that hit him in the face and caused him to scratch his pricey Lexus car. He demanded she paid him $3000 on the spot and wrote up an “Enslavement Agreement” for her in order to pay for the damage to his car.   She got into a nightmarish slave life for 100 days, cleaning his house, running his errands, doing his homework and cleaning his car. Ooops.. I almost told the whole story so I have to halt it… Upbeat, enchanting and one of my favorites.


GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B+

♥ He was Cool (2004) – A cheerful high school student clumsily left a message on the school website in response to the school bully’s post. She was then stalked by the school bully since then. and while trying to evade him she accidentally kissed him after she jumped in the school’s back wall.  It was a classic are-we-in-love-mutually love game that bounce gorgeously when the couple realized that they were meant to be together.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B+

♥ Romance of their own/A Wolf’s temptation (2004)–  Two hot guys fought for a sweet naive, girl.  (I swear you would want to trade places with the girl on this movie.)  It’s your proverbial teenage sweet and angsty torn between two lovers romance with a heartbreaking twist that will make  you cry.  The story really took time to explain fully the narrative and even with a trite conflict, it was concluded neatly in the end.  Tender, passionate and love-affirming, that romance movie you need along with a blanket and hot chocolate drink on a cold rainy day. 

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B+

♥ My Girl and I (2005) – A heartwarming story about true love and happiness.  A guy returned to his hometown after ten years to attend a reunion with his high school friends.  In his return, he also remembered the sad story of his one great first love.  Nostalgic and will crawl in your emotions as it triggers those furtive bittersweet recollections we had with our own failed first love.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B

♥ Unstoppable Marriage (2007) – Sweet and easy-going girl who grew up in a normal middle-class household with a strict and traditional father met willful plastic surgeon who was born into a wealthy family, and has the ego to match his income. Their two worlds collided quite literally when they met through a paragliding accident. It’s a classic case of opposites attract as they fight, falter, and fall in love, but their incompatible families are determined to break them apart.  

GENRE:  Romance, Family     GRADE:  C+

♥ Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006) – The lead girl was a believer in true love and has always been very dedicated to her current boyfriend.  However, men always break up with her. Distracted by the latest break-up, she bumped into a car and a man stepped out of it who turned out to be her new boss.  He has very clear ideas about a relationship and love.  He believed that relationship a game of power and she sought advice from him, as she doesn’t want to get dumped again.  But the lessons turned to adorations and they had to survive their preconceived love notions and reluctance.

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  C+

♥ Jenny and Juno (2005) – The plot centered on the relationship of a 15-year-old couple, Jenny and Juno who met in school, fell in love and ended up in a teenage pregnancy.  When Jenny discovered that she was pregnant, she and Juno decided against having an abortion, and opted for parenthood instead.  They tried to conceal the pregnancy from their families for as long as possible, but the truth was revealed eventually, and their parents did not approve of it initially.  But their love to the unborn child made them stronger even with the weight of the problem they had to tackle at their very young age.  This is a nice educational film for high school students to remind them of the harsh realities when you got knocked up at a young age.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B+

♥ Speedy Scandal (2008) – This upbeat delight is an amazing movie treat for a family or friendly getaway.  As a self-confessed Cha Tae Hyun fan, the signature amusing humor in most of his films kicked wild and sassy all through the ending easing a work week stress if you will watch it. 

Ham Hyun Soo works as a local radio celebrity and is a playboy on the side.  His world was changed upside down when a young girl approached him and claimed to be her long lost daughter along with her son.  An instant-father-and-a-young-grandfather, this family made the movie time so worthwhile as they worked on the new family they were put into while adjusting to the invasion of their personal spaces in the most adorable way.

To protect his public image and maintain his womanizing around, Hyun Soo hid his new family’s identity, but having gotten his stubbornness, her daughter Jae In even joined his radio show for indie singers raking in a great following from the audience.  Eventually the awkwardness subsided, and Hyun Soo realized how his daughter and grandson mattered dearly in his life.

Even when I’m writing these thoughts now, I can’t help but smile remembering the quirky family set up in this flick.  Go grab some popcorn and chips and wallow on the cuteness of this family movie. *wink

GENRE:  Family, Romance     GRADE:  A

♥ She’s On Duty (2005) – Gong Yoo and Kim Sun Ah were secret agents who played High Schoolers for their police. Perky, funny and never a dull moment  with the lead characters.  Although romance was slightly hinted because of the crime catching premise, it was a cheery and balanced flick of action and romance.  ^_^

GENRE:  Romance, Light Espionage     GRADE:  C+

♥ My Girlfriend is An Agent (2007) – Kim Ha Neul always brings something new from her sleeves.  Unaware of their secret agent identities, a couple got entangled to stop an organized crime group in releasing a bio-chemical weapon.  This was the movie where marked Kang Ji Hwan oppa to hang out with me some time.  With trust issues and career responsibilities between them, the couple journeyed to how far can their love sustain their attachment.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Light Action     GRADE:  C+


♥ Someone Special (2004) – A really feel good rom-com perfect for your weekend movie binge. Extraordinarily sweet and appealing.


GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  A



♥ Baby and I (2008) – Jang Geun Suk played the role of a young High School student from a well-off family who loves to brawl and a typical mischief maker.  His easy-go-lucky life will stop when he got a surprise basket of a baby with a note suggesting that he’s the father.  From there he started his young father adventure trying to give the best life he can provide for his instant son.

GENRE:  Drama, Light Comedy, Family, Youth     GRADE:  C+


♥ Doremifasolasido (2008) – An engaging, nostalgic and heart-tugging teen movie about a girl who fell in love with the guy who was initially mean to her. They slowly began to fall in love, but a person from the girl’s past who was also connected to her boyfriend will force them to choose between love and friendship. ^_^

GENRE:  Romance, Friendship, Musical     GRADE:  B


♥ Antique Bakery (2008) – The lively characters sprawled a stimulating run.  You’ll love how this movie will hook you without you realizing it.  Joo Ji Hoon played the role of a bakery owner who was once abducted when he was a child and was set to capture his abductor through his baking skills. The cheery interaction of the cast and their hot selves cushioned the thrilling conflict in this sweet and suspense flick that is worth missing your weekend sleep binge.

GENRE:   Friendship, Thriller     GRADE:  B

♥ A Moment To Remember (2004) – A couple striving to keep up their relationship against the struggle with the wife’s Alzheimer’s disease.  It is a love story of a devoted husband who stayed with her wife even when she was slowly forgetting that he happened in her life. Poignant, deeply moving, and I cried buckets of tears here.


GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  A

♥ The Beast and the Beauty (2005) – Enticing and pleasing, with a lead actor you can’t help but be fond of.  A not so handsome guy created a different look of him to her blind gf, when the girl was able to see again, he struggled to fight for his one true love.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+

♥ Babo (2008) – Classic Cha Tae Hyun, he doesn’t fail to amuse me.  Ha Ji Won was at her usual best.  A story of a mentally challenged man whose optimism in life will move you to tears. Full of love and so heartwarming, prepare some tissue if you will embark on it. *wink

GENRE:  Melodrama, Family      GRADE:   B

♥ Almost Love (2006) – A typical love story of two people who overlooked how they felt toward each other because of the fear that it may just complicate their friendship.  The bubbly couple will make you laugh with their constant bickerings.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+

♥ Perfect Couple (2007) – I like Lee Dong Wook, that’s why I watched all his projects.  It’s a love story set behind police curtains and an eccentric phobia.  Although messy, the characters were fun so I just convinced myself I have to bear with it.  There were a lot of dragging points so prepare to struggle finishing  the story.

GENRE:  Romance, Light Action     GRADE:   C


♥ Changing Partners (2007) –  A quadrangle romance of misplaced love.  Sexy and seductive but lacking in substance and story.

GENRE:  Romance (w/ scenes not for minors)  GRADE:  C


♥ Too Beautiful To Lie (2004) This is one of my Kim Ha Neul’s favorite portrayals.  Here she played the role of a woman with an excellent deceiving ability who was imprisoned but was able to get a parole to attend to her sister’s wedding. 

Cupid played with her heart and she met a country bumpkin with whom she settled to a false relationship arrangement.  Comic cast and fetching love built up, this is one buoyant story to feed your romcom movie night.  ^_^

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Family     GRADE:  B


♥ Marrying a School Girl (2004) – The weird storyline put me on a mind-boggling realization if I enjoyed it or not, but I can remember the story so at least, the movie made an impact.  A sporadic love tale fused with impossible supernatural seasoning premise that didn’t help propel the story at all.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Fantasy      GRADE:   D

♥ Ride Away (2008) –  Slow moving in the beginning but I was affected in the end.  A relationship surrounded by dreams, being hopeful, and always not failing to trust in love and how it can lead you to happily live.  

GENRE:  Melodrama, Romance     GRADE:  C

♥ My Mighty Princess (2008) Fun, exciting and entertaining.   A quirky martial-arts-with-supernatural-spike-love-story that will capture you in so many ways.

GENRE:  Fantasy, Light Action, Romance     GRADE:  C+


♥ The Art of Seduction (2005) – Amusing, playful, and refreshing. A mischievous tale of a womanizer and a seductress who got eventually a dose of their own medicines.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy      GRADE:  C+


♥ Frozen Flower (2008) – I didn’t know what it was before I watched it I promise, but because I’m midway on the movie when I realized that the explicit scenes were pouring, I just ended up finishing and prayed for my unexpected first dose of erotic period film. Nevertheless, less the sex scenes, if you’ll look at the love story itself, it was realistic and saddening.  The King’s royal guard and lover was forced to sleep with the Queen to bear an heir to the throne and protect the Goryeo empire.  The royal guard’s heart was swayed leading to an illicit consensual affair with the Queen.  This period film is thought-provoking and broke my heart after the agonizing betrayal culmination.

GENRE:  Historical, Romance, R18     GRADE:   B


♥ Lover’s Concerto (2002) – Stellar acting and beautifully written script.  Tied with friendship, secret adoration and almost love, this is a little charmer that will fill you up with rose petals.  Two sickly bff’s fell in love with the same guy.  This is a touching tale of friendship and finding love and losing it in the end and of a fated love but an unfortunate chance to claim it. *wink

GENRE:  Friendship, Romance     GRADE:  A


♥ Love so Divine (2004) – This is my favorite Kwon Sang Wo movie.  A seminarian meets a charming girl who will let him choose between God and love.  It’s like the feeling of eating your comfort food after beng stranded in a heavy traffic.  ^_^

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ Hello Schoolgirl (2008) – Reminiscent of a May-December love affair, this arresting love tale is filled with smiles and heart flutters.  

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ The Naked Kitchen (2009) – A dangerous love triangle filled with excitement, addictive attachment and stolen bliss.  The Naked Kitchen presents a married woman confronted with staying faithful to her husband or daring to stir up her monotonous life with a dangerous flame.

GENRE:  Romance (w/ light adult scenes)     GRADE:  C+


♥ 2 Faces of my girlfriend (2007) – Falling in love with a person with an on-off character, this stunningly funny movie was nicely done and will let you throw laugh fits because of the dorky lead man who finally got the chance of his dream girl only to find out that there is another girl inside her.  

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B


♥ Love Impossible aka Love of North and South (2003) – A love story blossomed between a North and South Korean… will it work out?  It’s not really a movie that will leave an impression, but it’s not boring either.  Take it because it was one of Jo In Sung oppa’s earliest films but don’t expect a lot.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Family     GRADE:  C+


Romantic Island  (2008) – I watched it because I got curious that it was shot in my country.  But there’s nothing much to watch and you will forget it easily overtime.  

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  D


♥ White Valentine (1999) I almost got engrossed with it, but when it ended I was talking to the dvd player to tell me if it was really the end. I was left there between the limbo, absorbing what happened and convincing myself that if there was any consolation it was a Jun Ji Hyun movie.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama      GRADE:  D


♥ Madeleine (2002) – The prudent lets-date storyline between old friends who met again on the age where they are supposed to be dating was  strangely touching as the couple played their characters so well.  Nothing fancy just pure display of how twenties date kind of movie.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B


♥ Spy Girl (2004) – Predictable, light, sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying.  If not for Gong Yoo, I would have not stayed afloat.  A North Korean spy got involved in a romance she can’t afford to have.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Light Action     GRADE:  C+


♥ Doremifasolasido – a nice teen movie. a pure, heart tugging teen romance film.

♥ 200 Pounds Beauty (2006) – Brave, sunny and worth watching with your friends.  A voice talent who has weight problems worked hard to emerge sexy and fit.  She became prettier and avenged her broken heart. This hell-hath-no-fury-when-a-used-to-be-fat-girl-turned-sexy-now chick flick is an ecouraging film for women trying to cope up with their self esteem.  Flashes of romance here and there, the love fulfilment was sweetly achieved even with the intentional revenge. ^_^

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE: B+


♥Insadong Scandal (2009) – It explored the world of Korean art forgery and treachery.  Strong at parading well portrayed characters as Kim Rae Won was at his usual best.

GENRE:  Drama      GRADE: B


26 Years Diary (2006) – Sad and moving with ear-pleasing music… Not extravagant but worth your time… This is a true story.  ^_^

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B


Virgin Snow (2007)Nice depiction of the feeling of falling in love for the first time.   Great chemistry between the lead couple.  A Korean boy fell for a Japanese girl regardless of their language barrier.  The blossoming love was cut short though because of some misunderstandings.  They met again and proved that when love is true it will find its way no matter what.

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  C+

♥♥♥♥♥♥ (2003) –  A young woman secluded herself to her own world because of her frail body and deformed hand, but she met a photographer  who helped her step outside of her protective bubble.  Tear-jerker, but worth your time… simply narratec, but not dragging… ^_^

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B


♥ Crazy First Love (2003) Endearing, nostalgic, and a classic I’ll-be-what-you-want-me-to-be-to-prove-how-much-I-love-you love story.  It will remind us of the foolishness we all did when we first fell in love.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B


Now and Forever (2006)Trite and at times romantic, sweet but not falling apart.  A rich young man who can easily lure girls with his smooth ways fell in love for the first time with a cheerful but dying woman.  Yes sir, another sad romantic movie.  ^_^

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE: B



Finding Mr. Destiny (2010)Worth your rest day if you are going to watch it.  It gives that first-love-why-can’t-i-forget-you and maybe-it’s-time-to-move-on vibe. “The first love doesn’t necessarily mean the first person.”  ^_^

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:   C+


♥ Summer Whispers (2007) – It won’t linger, feel good when you are watching it, but you’ll forget it when you sleep… Your typical love-is-just-beside-you-all-along movie.

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE: C


♥ The Warrior’s Way (2010)Okay I’m guilty that I watched it because Jang Dong Gun is hot and because the producers were those who produced LOTR, but it didn’t give me the beat nor the depth.  The fight scenes were okay, but at the end of it, I should have picked a different movie to burn my film time.

GENRE:  Action/Samurai     GRADE:  D


♥ Surprise Party (2002) Funny with a cute twist.  It will take a few minutes to hook you but will catch you surely.  When her father disapproved of her boyfriend who was set to arrive in the country, Mir Yung asked her bestfriend Ha Young to delay her boyfriend’s visit.  Ha Young went to comic spectacles to buy time for her bestfriend, but ended up feeling confused on realizing that she was liking her bestfriend’s boyfriend.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Friendship     GRADE:  C+


♥ Grand Prix (2010) – I watched it because of Kim Tae Hee, but I should have not.  Well it gave me a glimpse of the horse-racing world, but still I didn’t like how they wove the story.  It’s just all over and plain and nothing much to ponder about.

GENRE:  Drama, Sports     GRADE:   F


♥I’m a Cyborg but that’s okay (2006) How do I put what I felt for this eccentric little munchkin?  Well for a change it’s something new for me to have watched a unique love story of intellectually challenged couple, nonetheless, it crept in my heart slowly and surely.

GENRE:  Romance  GRADE:  B


♥ S-Diary (2004) I was not familiar with Kim Sun Ah yet when I first watched this movie.  I re-watched it, and I guess at my age right now, I can sort of relate.  Contemplative, sassy and engaging… a charmer that will poke your heart if you are single at this moment and wanting to break free from it.

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  C+


♥ The Recipe (2010)It was a pretty and engaging story telling.  Splendid and impressive shifting of the storyline and I was also intrigued by how that stew tasted after the movie.  

GENRE:  Drama, Romance     GRADE:  B


♥ Petty Romance (2010) – I like Lee Seon Kyun, but I was really stoic the whole time I was watching this flick.  I just felt that the romantic elements were not properly placed.  There were some playful memories but you see the premise was so catchy, and they failed unfortunately to nail it.  There was just a nudge missing.  It was a nice storyline of a man and a woman who made an agreement to help each other out in competing for an adult manhwa contest.  They didn’t hit it well initially but they got entangled to their mutual growing fondness eventually.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  D


♥ Love Phobia (2006) – So I finally got the chance to watch this movie without interruptions.  Who wouldn’t fall for this pretty?  I was so fond of the lead couples when they were children and loved them even more when they grew up.  So sweet and worth remembering.  Watched it with my mom, and she loved it.  It’s a  charmingly woven love story, and although it will make you cry in the end, I’m pretty sure it will be one of those love movies you will highly recommend.  *wink

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B+



Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006) – I watched it because of Kim Ok Bin. It’s a novelty because it’s the first K-musical movie I saw, I don’t know if there are any other out there produced though.  Fresh, fun and flirty but it did not leave an after-effect to me.

GENRE:  Musical, School, Romance     GRADE:  C


♥ Love me Not (2006) – Tamper the concept of love for a never-been-into-romance-blind-heiress, and feel the pain even more after doing that.  I like that it presented the dark facet of love for a change because we normally get the ever-after kind.  It depicted misplaced trust and love. 

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B


♥ Closer to Heaven (2009) Closer to Heaven was a very painful and yet love-affirming romance between a dying man who wants to live, and a woman who makes a living when a person dies.  Ji-soo was twice divorced because of her job as a she-undertaker, the love that was deprived of her, she fully realized when she met Jong-woo who will eventually die because of Lou Gehrig’s disease. This was a lovestory that will make you realize how blessed you are in a relationship because there are those who really want to love one another all the days of their lives but they have to battle death for it.

A perfectly portrayed and a moving story of understanding the pain that comes when loving someone and loving someone when you are in pain.  With solid acting from Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won, this will touch your heart and will make you cry. Quintessential yet saddening, poignant and affecting… ^_^

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama      GRADE:  B


♥ Maundy Thursday (2006) – A brave and agonizingly sweet love film in a “suppressed setting”.  It is a romance of a convicted murderer with an emotionally disturbed woman at a wrong place and time with the right intentions and love.  How love affirming this can be? ^_^

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B


♥ Cyrano Dating Agency (2010) –  I really love the casting for this movie, but this is really mediocre, and heaven knows I tried to connect with it but it really failed to engage me.  The only thing I will remember would be the bubble gum scenes, but as a whole it was not plain but it’s far from amazing.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C


The Man From Nowhere “ajussi” (2010) So I finally sat down to Korea’s top grossing film of 2010, and it blew me away.  This was a different kind of love you will see, the kind of love that sprang from almost losing hope that you can find love again.  Won Bin and the girl’s performance will stir up something inside you.  I’m very picky when it comes to action films, and I was proven wrong when I took time to munch this high octane beauty.  Excuse me city hunter, I think I equally like you and ajusshi.  *giggles *wink

GENRE:  Action, Drama     GRADE:  A


♥ Jeonwoochi (2009)–  Superb visual effects, a nice watch with your little nieces or nephew, action-packed in a Jumper-meets-inception-meets Harry Potter kind of way. Undeniably worth killing your time…

GENRE:  Fantasy, Adventure, Family     GRADE:  B+


Heaven’s Postman (Postman to Heaven) 2009 A very pretty and serene love story of moving on from the pain of a broken heart.  This was a breather from the recent k-movies I got a copy of and I tried to watch.  It has a very simple storytelling but with completeness that will touch the side of your heart that was once broken, and that was able to bounce again because of not giving up to the idea of finding love.  It’s one of my favorites from the movies of 2009. 


GENRE:  Romance, Fantasy     GRADE:  B+



♥ White Night (2009) – Thrilling and will get you interested and involved at every scene, although I have slight issues with the pacing.  Your multi-tasking skills will come in handy because shifting time elements were happening throughout the story.  You will learn how dark and twisted a person can be all because of an emotional trauma and love. 

Yo-han and Mi-ho/Lee Jia were victims of a dark past.  When Yo-han’s father was murdered, it left them intertwined with police investigations, murders, deceit and a hope of brighter future for them. 

I watched it after watching Criminal Minds so I have to infuse myself with true love vibes after and got my Sungkyunkwan Scandal CD. 

A film realizing how sad you can be by being consumed over a sin you have to do at that right moment but will not justify the evil act you took.  

GENRE:  Drama, Thriller     GRADE:  B


♥ The Day Before (2009) – I was watching it for 20 minutes and I still didn’t know what was happening… The subtitles aren’t doing any cartwheel act so I was wondering if it will lead me somewhere. There was a glimmer of magic tricks, sex and infidelity… then someone killed someone, someone surrendered, someone got imprisoned, someone got sick, and someone escaped prison.  Go figure!  Then a faint ray of light emerged, and the story suddenly happened, after another 10 minutes it became pitch black.  I have a soft spot for Kim Nam Gil, but the movie was really dull, everywhere and boring.  It has such a feeble storyline and an exhausting acting but still not sufficient enough for you to hate it.

It is a love story between a fugitive and a woman with a haunting past who started having a connection amidst their emotional baggage and damaged existence.

GENRE:  Romance, Drama     GRADE:  F


♥ Secret Love (2010) – I’m beginning to declare this month as “infidelity month” *giggles as I have been watching a lot of love triangle even square love movies.  After coming out of “The Day Before” I took this movie and I was thinking what I’ve done wrong lately that’s why life is giving me confusing Korean movie pills.

But it was short-lived like 10 minutes to be exact because the story picked up its bearing, and with the hot actor I was left uncomplaining and drooling. 

A woman has to deal with the hardship of taking care of his husband who was in vegetative state.  Her husband’s brother helped her coping up, and eventually they engaged in an affair.  But her husband woke up and the three got entangled to the “who-deserved-to-be-together-game”.

Bold, brave and beautiful.  

GENRE:  Romance (w/ adult scenes)   GRADE:   B


♥ Maybe aka Rabbit and Lizard (2010) – Slow paced, not so good and you don’t know what’s really going on.  If not for Jang Hyuk I wouldn’t have finished it.  The right intention to capture the watcher was there, but the execution was lost somewhere.  I can’t remember any lingering scene.   The acting was there but the story wasn’t.  Didn’t like it and it’s disappointing.  *pout

A man with a rare heart condition met a woman who was searching for her past and they sort of fall in love. 

GENRE:  Drama      GRADE:  D



April  Snow (2005) – I’ll make this simple but firm… the film was sad, slow-paced and the proverbial melodrama, but it did not make me cry.  The premise of the story should make your mind and heart stir undeniable pain if it happens to you, but I remained poker hearted, and I even watched it in the dead of the night.  It lacked emotion it should have.

A man and a woman met in a hospital and discovered that their spouses were together in a car accident.  They soon learned that their spouses were having an illicit affair but they still decided to take care of them.  They soon got entangled in a relationship while they were nursing the angst and disappointment they felt after realizing their spouses’ betrayals.  It was a relationship that will never work out given the circumstances of what brought them closer together but they gamble on it anyway.

The man’s wife woke up but the woman’s husband died.  In the end the woman, opted to leave and start a new life, as the man ended his marriage and commence a new life too.

The conclusion was not a happy ending, but I like how it ended.  Although their love for each other can suffice for them to choose to be together, if that love was never good enough for them to begin with, settling to keep that love close in their hearts while giving up on it was an act of really knowing how to love.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  C


♥ Meet the In-laws aka Clash of the Families (2011) – A usual rom-com but not enough for me to adore it and place it before my hall-of-famers.  I love the dorky male lead, he’s what make the movie cute I think.  Nevertheless, it is sweet, light and at times hilarious.

The main conflict lies from modern-day Romeo&Juliet whose families came from the opposing regions thus their romance will not be permissible.  The man tried to win the girl’s family’s approval more so of her dad who despises anything with Seoul molecular content. They will struggle to fight for their eventual marriage amidst their opposing families.

Worth your afternoon break, but I doubt if it will be listed as one of your favorites.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B


♥ Oh My God 2 (2009) – It is your typical rom-com drama with a dying girl conflict. Surprisingly even if there’s nothing spectacular, I found it sweet maybe because the death conflict was revealed at the latter part of the film. 

The conflict was placed safe, but the quirky and defined characters filled up everything that’s missing in the story. I would have wanted a happy ending for them but I took how the movie parted with me.  It gave me a good while it last kind of feel.  I was taken by the guy’s own way of trying to make lady happy, and d taxi convertible scene will be what I will remember most about the movie.
Im Jung-hwan was a taxi company heir whose expertise is to splurge money on branded items.  Her mother tried teaching him a lesson so he ended up driving one if their taxis.  When Eun-ji forced him to take her somewhere, it led to a trip orchestrated by Eun-ji’s liking after he lost her ring he forced to take from her when she cant pay for the taxi fare.

Eun-ji got him doing things he didn’t normally engage with as they slowly connected to each other.  But Eun-ji was dying so she snapped back to reality and accepted that the miracle she’s waiting was not another chance of her living again, but the precious memories with Jung-hwan in her last days.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Melodrama     GRADE:  B



♥ You’re My Pet (2011) – This is my opening recap spectaclefor 2012 and it sure pulled out some effort considering I watched, captured screen and do the recap via online streaming.  Full of wacky and endearing moments, I will give up all my wealth if they will auction a pet like that in EBAY.

It’s a sort of a plain love film, you know where the story is heading but it was not complicated that’s why you will stay with it anyway.  It was light, adorable and super-ish.  Jang Geun Seok made my heart turn 360 degrees because of his cuteness and sassyness… Now that I think of, it gives you the my-sassy-girl-ish vibe but the Gyeon-woo counterpart was mischievous and complaining, but not in a bad kind of way.

You want to see your favorite actors not so much acting sometimes and this is what this movie brought I guess.  It was candid and captivating.  Not bad for my opening salvo this year.  ^_^

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:   C+



♥ Shotgun Love (2011) – Mr. Nice Guy, Sang yeol, has been loving pretty woman, So-yeon, from his work place.  They posed as a couple for a Food Advertisement TV program.   So-yeon is in a relationship with the PD of the show, and when he got her pregnant, she refused to give up the child.  They broke up and one night, she asked Sang-yeol to see her.  She left him drunk afterwards, but he caught up on her when he saw her standing sadly in the side walk facing Han river.  The next day he woke up naked in a motel room and thought that something happened between them.

So-yeon’s friend suggested to use Sang-yeol’s impression that they slept together, thus they ended up in an instant marriage of wackiness, lightning chicken, perky homosexuals, malfunctioning toilet and love realizations. 

But the fun was cut off when the vile ex-lover of So-yeon revealed to Sang-yeol the truth about her pregnancy, and realizing he was made a fool he parted ways with So-yeon.

The main lead was such an adorable dork here, he pulled out the character so well, and although nothing much is happening in the story and you know right away where it will be heading, it was still a fun watch and entertaining.  A comic relief considering its befitting plot, nevertheless it was still amusing and entrancing.

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ A Season of Good Rain (2009) – Yes of course Jung Woo-sung was the basis why I watched it, and as always he sent me to dreamy land, but my presence of mind snapped me back to reality.  It was a beautiful love story, the solid portrayal was there, but the connection of the lead couple was missing. 

Dong-ha and May met when they were studying abroad, when he was on a business trip in May’s hometown, he met her and reminisced the good old days.  The love they hid and kept for one another was resurrected, but they are both restricted by their personal emotions.

It was not a bad love movie but it was part-boring-quarter-nothing-much-happening-kind-of-film.  The love story happened only in like two or three days but how it slowly moved felt years for me. 

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  D


♥ Sunflower (2006) – I was browsing on my Korean movie DVD’s when I saw this movie, it was Kim Rae Won oppa starring in the role that’s why I got it, but I never had a chance to see it because I thought it was an action film, well sort of..

It was a deeply immersing story of a man struggling to start a new life after being imprisoned for a while.  His love for the family who embraced and accepted him despite of his dark past was overwhelming but the past he is so wanting to depart from kept coming back and no matter how he tried to keep his ground and not go back to his vile ways, he was challenged unfairly by fate.

I cried buckets of tears here and I really liked how the director orchestrated the story from the small sweet details and the heavy scenes.  The cast ensembles deserved applause, I don’t normally go for tear-jerker-slice-of-life but I was so drawn in Tae-sik’s life.

GENRE:  Drama, Light Action     GRADE:  A


My Scary Girl (2006) Park Yong-woo is a 30-year old man who has yet to experience first love, and when he did the bliss, the kiss, the romance and a secret were all there.

I loved how Choi Kang-hee acted her role in Protect the Boss, but with the two movies of her that I saw, I was not won by her portrayals, but I do like the geeky lead man here, well anyone geek is good for me you see.

The conflict for me was just crazy – your first love is a sweet murderer… I don’t know, have they brought out how their love will be stronger despite their personal indifferences, it would have been different I think. 

So I don’t like this movie, no matter how adorable Yong-woo was.  Miyane.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy    GRADE:  D


The Wedding Dress a touching movie of love between a mother and the daughter. Well a mother’s love has always been there when the first sign of life happened to us, and sometimes we tend to forget it and get annoyed over things mothers normally do to us because it’s their nature.

This was a deeply moving story and will make you hug your mom after, I did (omma was beside me when I was watching it), I don’t know if you will, I hope you will.

This is quite a weep fest as you can feel the mother-daughter connection of the lead characters.  This is best served if you’ll watch it with your mom.

GENRE:  Melodrama, Family     GRADE:  C+


Come Rain, Come Shine (2011) – The break up theme, the sad tone and the slow pacing are evident throughout the story.  It is such an emotion driven film that if the actors won’t portray their ends well, you won’t feel it, but they did a great job touching my tear nerves.

When you have to share your last day with someone you used to love, and probably someone you still love, how would you react on it?  How would you throw the memories and accept the fact that the love was not really meant to go on?  These questions sum up what this painfully break up movie was about.


GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  B


♥ Champ (2011) – This is my second horse-racing-themed movie, and I kept my fingers crossed that I will not be disappointed.  It started slowly but it sort of won me over at the end.  I have loved Cha Tae Hyun in all his movies, and this might not have been a very strong performance for him compared to his previous works, but I liked it nonetheless.

A famous horse jockey hit a slump after he met an accident and lost his wife.  He found his way again when he met a sort of hard to rein horse.  Their connection brought him back to the horse racing world and gave another hope in his life, but it was interrupted when he became blind.

There were a few points in the movie that were nailed perfectly.  The water scene when the horse jockey and the horse first created their connection was full of warmth.  The competition scenes were shot splendidly, and the tear-jerker scenes of the daughter deserved a decent applause.

So aside from the heavy and well portrayed scenes, the story itself is a typical human interest movie.  The strength of the movie came from the characters, but nothing spectacular or lingering.  It will touch your heart, make you cry and make you laugh, but you will easily forget it when you watch another movie.  It felt like a sticky sweet kiss from your favorite niece or nephew, but not the kind of kiss where you would want something more.

GENRE:  Family, Sports, Comedy     GRADE:  C+


Hello Ghost (2010) – Tae Hyun oppa once again showed his exceptional acting ability on this comical-sixth-sense movie.  His shifting from different characters is one of the reasons why he’s one of my favorite actors.  I was close to going to Hogwarts Forbidden Forest to attempt to retrieve the Resurrection Stone for the perky family to live through.   I have to watch Tae-Hyun oppa’s Sad Movie, next week.  He has made me cry twice already this week.

Sang-man has been living all alone, and because he has no reason to live, he has been resorting to suicide, but he was rescued from his attempts.  After another unsuccessful trying, he met new friends, and for the first time in his life, he will not be alone as he meets up new friends imported from after-world.   The quest of fulfilling his dead friends’ bucket wishes will be the only guarantee that they will leave him, so off they set to do those wishes as they teach him how to enjoy and value life.

This is an amazingly done supernatural family movie that you will enjoy watching with your family.  The twist won me over willingly and no questions asked.  It was just the perfect icing on the cake. 

The cast ensembles did their respective job in keeping up with the sunny vibe and upbeat tone throughout the movie.  *wink 


GENRE:  Family, Comedy, Fantasy     GRADE:  A


♥ MY GF is a Cyborg (2008) –  This is gonna be hard for me because most of Kwak Jae-yong’s movie I really like, but there’s always an exception, not that I didn’t find this flick appealing, but it did not leave a very strong impact on me compared with his previous films.  I’m coming to terms that Director Kwak Jae-yong, either has had his fair share of heartaches or he’s still waiting for his first love to come because his film pattern always involve ever-after future or present time element story insert.  In this film, the time element was presented intricately and will give you a very pretty climax.

A cyborg girl from the future travels to the present time to spend time with Jiro- the man in the future destined to create her.  This is a beautiful story equally enchanting like that of ET and Elliot with literally a twist of time and fate. 

I felt that the lead girl really stood out in the entirety of the movie, the main lead is adorable but our robot princess was fabulous.  It started with the poignant meeting of two people from different time, crawled steadily through the middle of the film and kicked a very nice climax at the end.  I liked that the story focused on how the character’s emotions grow (well technically, that of the girl revealed super late in the future) and how they evolved in the story as the story evolved around them too.  What I found missing is the spike of a typical rom-com movie, that limbo-like feeling of being in between the character’s love while devouring the duration of the movie.  While the characters connected strongly with each other, they weren’t able to touch my romantic nerves, and the last time I checked, I no longer have faulty romantic veins.

This is sweet and satisfying, and although I didn’t like it so very much I still recommend that you watch this movie because in its own right, it’s a real beauty. 

GENRE:  Romance, Fantasy     GRADE:  B


♥ My Black Mini Dress (2011) – A friendship tale of four ladies and their challenges as they face the real world.  It is a story of the frustrations of not being able to conjure in reality what you have dreamt, and getting by with it with a little help from your friends and yourself.

It made me miss my girlfriends, I sent them “iluvu” messages after watching it.  *wink 

Most girls can relate to the story of these ladies.  I did, maybe because I was also stuck with the job I was not expecting to have, and maybe because when I and my girls grew up, our priorities changed as our problems became harder.  What I got from this movie was a “friendship check”… a reminder to find some time and catch up with them and see how they have been. 

This was a simply laid movie with minimal light tones.  Not all the characters were strongly portrayed though, that’s I guess what I can fail in this movie.  They presented the struggles of each character and had it solved because of their friendship.  Their own personal struggles were not dealt with accordingly.  At some point it’s really plain and dragging but you have to finish it to realize that there’s an after-effect.   

It is not a perfect friendship movie, but it’s laid back and a few perky notes is enough for you to consider hanging out with these women.

GENRE:  Friendship, Drama     GRADE:   C+


♥ Lost and Found (2008) – If you are looking for an endearing and vibrant rom-com movie night with your boyfriend, this darling will delight you.  It’s ever moving and no dull moment.  From the feisty main female lead, the cholatey sweet lead man and the oozingly hot second male lead, this is a kind of Christmas gift you’d promise you’ll open on Christmas day, but when no one is looking out, you’ll sneak to see what it is.

Ji-ho has liked Min-woo since High School.  As her luck ran out with her current job, she bumped with her crush again when she was hit by his car while chasing the snatcher who took her bag.  She took that chance to pretend that she can’t remember anything to fulfill her 10-year dream of spending time with her crush.

But her neighbor-friend-who-secretly-loves-her, Dong-shik spoiled her staying at Min-woo’s house and brought her home while she still firmly held on her supposed amnesia.

She finally got Min-woo’s attention but Dong-shik was also determined to win the girl he has loved all her life.

This is about realizing the right love for you and chasing the romance no matter how long it will take.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B+


Sad Movie (2005) – So finally I was able to watch this star-studded movie.  Due to my attention problems, I like it more if there are fewer characters, but I don’t think it harmed the movie by having a lot of people moving in it.  But the stories of the characters here I believe could have stood alone, if it were made to individual flicks.  I think Hollywood had been doing those 4-in-one-intertwining-life-and-love-movies, and I’m not really a fan.

At any rate, this is a movie full of love, and I’m planning to put up a separation agency too, but I’ll be princess cupid, I’ll handle not just break ups but love second chances too.

Back to the movie… this is about a motherly love and a little boy’s love to his dying mom… a man’s love to a woman but is hindered because he can’t seem to find a stable life… a Snowhite mascot and theme park painter’s extraordinary sweet romance… and a lovestory between a fireman and a woman…

I think they titled it sad movie because of the sad endings, but regardless, you’ll stick to the film’s conclusion.  It’s not that spectacular considering the cast ensemble, but I did like the no complications, flowing narration of the film.  It’s best watched in the afternoon while the wind plays with the foliage behind your windows.  This is saddeningly disarming and calmingly good. 

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B


Please Teach Me English (2003) –  When government public officials weren’t able to address a foreigner’s electric bill concern, they decided to spin a bottle to determine who will study English to avoid being tested under the same situation again.  The lucky girl who was picked was Young-ju and from there her goal to learn English language coincided with feeling her first ever love who turned out to be the playboy salesman whose drive to study English came from his dream to meet his sister who was adopted abroad.  The conflict rose when Young-ju felt that her first romance was just one-sided, but then again the player Mun-su realized her worth in the end.

This one is cheerful and dandy and one of those mushy train scene endings which will pull a sweet sigh from you no matter how much you hold it in.  I now officially like Lee Na-Young as most of the movies I’ve watched of her well are prettily done.  She’s like the female version of Cha Tae-hyun oppa for me.

This is your prototype rom-com movie.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy  GRADE:  B


♥ Sex is Zero (2002) – Delving in the exploits and adventures of college life, this has interesting characters, sporadic acts and memory reminder of the good ole days of adult learning.

This for me is the saddest yet sweetest fall back person love story.  I think cupid’s arrows were really unfair.  It only shoots to people with mutual feelings to each other.  If it has special features of making a one-sided love be two-sided, the world will be a better place.

Hilariously presented the yin and yang of college life… those bad choices, the sticky friendship, the thrilling relationships, the dead ends and the coming out of it.  Eun-hyo (Ha Ji Won) played the character of a college girl who engaged in a relationship with a man not worthy of it, and who was adored by another man she doesn’t love.

I have mixed feelings on this movie, it was fun to watch, even engaging at the time you are watching it, but now when I look back it didn’t form an attachment to me considering it is a Ha Ji Won movie.  It was good while it last, but there was no after taste from it.

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy, School      GRADE:  C+


♥ My Wife is a Gangster (2001) – In order to please her dying long lost sister, ladyboss gangster Eun-jin embarked in a husband hunting adventure, and settled with a good-hearted man Soo-il who was not aware of her kick-ass identity.

I won’t say I didn’t like the movie, the premise is interesting… a kind-hearted man marrying a strong mafia-ish woman, but it will just give you a satisfactory feel.  The fight scenes were neutral and it fit the presentation of the story, if the action sequences were more than beyond it could have totally wiped out the emotion of the film.

Mediocre, sometimes messy, mischievously enjoyable and with a couple of comic acts that will put a grin in your face.

GENRE:  Comedy, Light Gangster, Romance     GRADE:  C+


♥ The Client (2011) – A courtroom thriller that probed on a case of a husband allegedly murdering his wife.

The battle of wits and evidences and the suspense filled investigation will inevitably cause you to stick your attention to the end of the movie.   Just when I accepted the closure and bought the defense’ argument, the end revelation put a cunning smile on my face.

Well done, well played and well ended. 

GENRE:  Drama, Thriller, Legal, Crime     GRADE:  B


♥ The Chaser (2008) – I’ll call it a Criminal Minds episode set in the big screen.  It has successfully laid the requirements for a thrilling serial killer movie.  My only issue though is that I was not left anticipating with the whole psychopath interrogating, tracking and killing.  I felt that the main man tracing the killer’s steps can stand alone, and that the whole police questioning was a useless sequence.  Not that I like it with more bloodbath, but it’s one of those things where you wished the police will only come after the big event.  Nevertheless, I will still recommend for you to watch this movie. 


GENRE:  Thriller, Drama     GRADE:  B+


Fly High (2006) – This is yet another dying girl movie… Yeah, I’m already spoiling it on my first sentence. 

Min-hyuk met his first love in the most awkward place where love can spring – the rest room, and when he confirmed the first surge of romance in his body, he did all he can to win the girl’s heart.  But since the girl is dying she has no choice but not to reciprocate.  She left for further treatment abroad and came back after two years, not successful and just waiting for the expected death. 

Min-hyuk stayed her loving boyfriend until she rested in peace.  He’s so teddy-bear-ish and that man you’d hope to have as your first romance.

I did find the male lead’s performance well and heartfelt but I have some issues with the female lead because there were some emotions that were not displayed at scenes that were most important to be presented.  It’s supposed to be a sad movie, but my heart was not moved, nor did I cry.

A few heart flutters here and there, but if you have watched the classic love films, you will find it mediocre.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  C+


♥ Miss Gold digger (2007) –  Min-soo cultivates love.  I remember that All about Anna movie when I saw this perky flick.  She playfully flirted with three men, a smart-potential-prosecutor; a rich-romantic-business man; and a young-talented-rapper.  But her search for the perfect lover gave her a dose of her own medicine and she will realize that love is something you do not plan but you let it happen.

After her brat moment in Myungwol the Spy, I really enjoyed Han Ye-seul’s performance in this love searching/waiting/affirming movie.  Her lead man is already on my stalker list.  He’s not that oozingly hot, but he has this air of being dangerous. 

This is charming, playful and feisty… will give you a Carrie Bradshaw vibe, a bit tamer though… enjoyable and a nice watch with your girlfriends or even your boyfriend. 

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ The Housemaid (2010) – Dark, twisted romance where character motivations were clearly defined.  A sexy thriller worth your Saturday night.

Eun-yi works as a househelp in a rich household.  Her primary concern is taking care of the daughter of the eccentric couple.  She engaged in an illicit affair with the father of the household, and when she got pregnant, she was forced to give up the baby. 

The chandelier hanging bursting in fire ending scene, and the amazing hot body of Jae-jun oppa made this melo-drama sizzling and strangely likeable regardless of its gloomy tone. 



♥Frivolous Wife (2008) – It was like putting Lee-shin inside a snow globe and staring at its serene picture.  It has high and low notes but it’s fun and the baseball hottie from My Little Bride grew up to what I expected him of, a fine handsome man.

Yeon-soo is god’s gift to men, she’s rich, pretty and an only daughter of a land magnate.  When she finally meets her match, she defies her life and moves to live with Jeon-do, a descendant from a traditional family.  She learns to adapt her role as a granddaughter in law the best way she can, and ends up claiming the ever after she so wanted.

I laughed for a minute in the scene when she is already comfortable with the housework and volunteered on cleaning the soy sauce jars, she chants happily and then when she saw the hundreds of jars, my laughter erupts big time.

Considering I don’t know much of the actors, I did enjoy the movie, well I’m partly blaming my recently fondness over sageuk dramas, but it’s really a nice movie to watch.  Simply adorable.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ The case of Itaewon Homicide (2009) – This suspense picture is mediocre and forgettable.  Jang Geun Seok is hot, therefore I stared at him faithfully even if he played on his dark tone in this movie.  This is just one of those passing films that you will watch if you don’t want to read the book or you want a live adaptation of a web story you read.

A young college student unfortunately was murdered by someone he hasn’t met for the first time.  The prosecutor office embarked on an investigation to prove the suspects guilty, but they have to deal with contradicting testimonies and law technicalities.   In the end though justice was not served rightly.

This movie was based on a true story.  I found the portrayals lacking except for Prosecutor Park.  I was pulling the yarn for the film credits to appear because I don’t like how it was so predictable and plain.



♥ The Good The Bad and the Weird (2008) – A Korean bandit, an assassin and a bounty hunter in Western vibe set in Manchurian backdrop.  This film is cool, amusing and engrossing.  The ass kicking fight scenes, Song Kang Ho’s classic self, Lee Byung Hun’s quick abs showcase and my currently running adoration for Jung Woo Sung are some of the reasons why I enjoyed this beauty, but more than that are the excellent fight visuals, the fluidity of the story and how the main leads live up to their existing hype and bear the best that they can to nail an amazing action picture that even a woman like me enjoyed so much.

GENRE:  Action, Adventure, Comedy     GRADE:  B


♥ Natalie (2010)– Whoa!  The movie kicks off and it was all steamy sex right there and then.  It was yet another love misplaced story.  I don’t know why we girls have at some point in our life has to fall for the wrong guy, if not entirely wrong, it’s a man who will realize too late our worth.

Either enjoy or don’t mind the sizzling sex scenes and delve to the nature of the story… The eccentric passion of the lead actor, the woman who fell for the wrong man, and the man who loved a girl who can’t love him back.

GENRE:  Romance, R18       GRADE:  C


♥ Loveholic (2009) – A bored housewife was seduced by her husband’s friend, the husband engaged in an affair with his wife’s friend… what a string connected love quadrangle.  There’s nothing much going except the infidelity.  The excuses they all have for being unfaithful are their own struggles on how they can’t be happy.  It was an incomplete closure and I felt that the cheating motivations were poorly depicted. The love scenes are not that much steamy, oh well maybe because I watched Natalie first.  Watch at your own risk… tutututut…  watch it when you’re about to sleep.

GENRE:  Romance w/ adult content     GRADE:  C


♥ The Uninvited (2003) – Seeing Jun Ji-hyun in a psychological thriller was something new, and come to think of it she has that distinct crying face.  It was a plainly laid suspense movie.  Actually I didn’t feel any goose bumps at all.  The shamanic abilities, the little ghost girls and the court case presented I felt were not fitting perfectly.  It felt like putting a magnet and placing something metallic around it but no attraction will eventually happen.  It was supposed to scare my thoughts but I’m afraid it did not.

A man was seeing the ghosts of two girls he encountered on a train one night and they always sat on a table bought by his fiancée.  He can’t seem to dismiss them until he met a woman who can also see them.  The woman helped him uncover the previous life he had as he got entangled with the past he tried to forget and the woman’s frailties and secrets.

It was not scintillatingly freaky so it’s a good warm up if you are on a Korean thriller spree.  It was not that bad, it’s just that it was too easy to understand and will not leave you haunted and thinking.

GENRE:  Horror, Drama     GRADE:  C


Quick (2011) –  I was not expecting much on this movie, hell I didn’t even do a background check which I normally do, but it held me drooling on it the whole time without any rest room break. 

It was a biker movie, and on that note I was really like uttering ancient chants that it won’t bore me.  So when the action-packed motorbike scene begins, the stunts and the speed blew me away.

Gi Su (Lee Min Ki) is a legendary fast biker who works as the errand guy for his friend’s courier service.  In one of his messenger job, he got pop star Ah Rom as his customer and asked him to drive her for their scheduled performance.  Little did they know that someone plot a bomb on Gi Su’s helmet and Ah-rom insisted on wearing the helmet so they got caught up following a bomber-slash-creepy-guy to bring packages meaning to blow up the receivers.  The catch is they can’t part beyond 10 meters or the helmet will explode so they set to follow “big brother’s orders”.

 Here’s a movie you can enjoy with your boyfriend, not so much romance but definitely entrancing and exciting. 

GENRE:  Action, Comedy     GRADE:  B


Once In A Summer (2006) – It is one of the sweetest “summer love” movie I’ve seen unfortunately though they didn’t get their ever after.  Lee Byung Hun translates to the man you won’t regret committing infidelity if you are currently in a relationship.  He’s just so manly in an I-want-to-throw-myself-in-your-arms-kind-of-way.  Su-Ae has such an expressive eyes and her blithe nature in this love movie complemented the endearing character of Byung-hun oppa.  Lee Byung Hun mostly did action films so it was a breather when he suited up the role for this romcom delight.

A felicity filled tale that will leave you fetching and at the same time agonizing.  It was a sweet melancholic movie of finding love and holding on to it even if it has long been gone.


GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  B+


♥ Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)It definitely live up to my expectations and the critics’ rave.  This is a warm action/war film narrated stunningly through the characters who buoyantly brought life to the simple and yet arresting storyline.  All elements synchronized to create a masterpiece that thrived on human emotions.
In the middle of Korean war, soldiers from North and South ended up in a remote village.  A US navy captain was also stranded there and to retrieve him the US force have planned to release a bomb to Dongmakgol.  In their stay to the village, they develop connection to the people and be friends with one another.
I love how the movie wad richly narrated, and although it has a sad ending, I felt that it didn’t make the movie less appealing.  Full of heart and beautifully done.  The climactic ending was a sight to behold, be sad and be pondered about.

GENRE:  Light Action, Drama, Comedy     GRADE:  B+

Spellbound aka Chilling Romance (2011) – I bet they were just counting on Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki’s star power to pull this off.  Nothing much special about it, typical, and the movie just passed by.  I felt that the chemistry was there but the story was not.

Kang Yu-ri has literally an emotional scary baggage.  She sees dead people.  Her sixth sense ability has saddled her to be accustomed in living alone and avoiding human contact.  But things change when a street magician Ma Jo-goo entered her life, and soon enough they both are aware of the budding romance between them, but they have to defy a grumpy ghost who was Yu-ri’s ex bestfriend Joo-hee, but died in an accident they were both together. 

I will say the talents were wasted here, and if not for the screen presence of the lead couple, the viewer won’t stay afloat.  It was like a denouement all the time, the problem was there, but there was no “what now”?

I’m sure you’ll grab another movie after, and when you doze off, there’s no trace in your memory that the movie happened.  It was enchanting when it’s on the light notes, but the conflict and the plot didn’t justify what could have been a something new romance.  Nevertheless, it’s still a must to watch if you’re a fan of both the lead actors, like me.

SPELLBOUND aka Chilling Romance Movie Musings

GENRE:  Romance, Fantasy thriller      GRADE:  C+


♥ PUNCH (2011) – I am aware that women from poor countries sometimes have no choice but to marry for convenience, and I’m lucky I was able to get another option aside from that.  This movie is invoking, and I appreciate that they did not stoop down to immigrants, but instead emphasized on presenting the viewers what a strong person they are to live in a foreign land to survive.  

To put up the essence of the movie without giving any aspersions is something the filmmaker should be proud of.

The main actors Wan-deuk and Dong-jo set a new kind of bromance, that  bickers amusingly but accidentally brought out the best of one another.

This was a blithe tale of accepting who you are and what extent you can be by embracing the life you did not choose but fought hard to decide the best shot on it.


GENRE:  Drama, Family     GRADE:  B+


 Harmony (2010) – Not since The Longest Yard did I enjoy a prison-set film.  This movie warmed my heart and made me even prouder being a daughter, a sister and a woman.

Each woman in the story contributed to an emotion fest offering that lingered in my thoughts and erupted tears in my eyes as the film worked on the personal struggles and victories of the characters.  

GENRE:  Melodrama, Family, Friendship     GRADE:  B+


 A Reason To Live (2011) – I didn’t like the movie.  I don’t know what part in my sense of feeling it was trying to get through, but I totally just felt nothing while watching it. 
I can’t point out its strength nor discuss its weakness.  If you are a Song Hye Gyo fan, you can watch it, and just remind yourself that she gave you full house and worlds within, if not… pick something else.

GENRE:  Drama      GRADE:  F

 Detective K (2011) – Move over Sherlock Holmes… Here comes Detective K. 
Set in Joseon era, be amused with the clever detective and his side kick as they unfold the truth behind the King’s enemies.  With impeccable wit and comic timing, this comedy-mystery film will make you feel dandy, lively and entertained.

GENRE:  Action, Adventure     GRADE:  B

♥ Innocent Steps (2005) -This sweet dance movie was an emotion pond. It made me feel warm, giddyish, frustrated, disappointed, annoyed, sad, appeased and then eventually blissful.
The fake marriage, dance moves and the simple yet sure love launched a well deserved love sigh from me.
P.S  I love the footprints practice dance floor. 

GENRE:  Romance, Dance     GRADE:  C+

  The Relation of Face, Mind and Love (2009) – I was expecting a lot I must admit because it was Kang Ji Hwan oppa and Lee Ji Ah, but then again I have to charge this to experience because the strong beginning wasn’t able to sustain a story worth keeping.

Kang Tae Pung is a famous architect who had a car accident but his car life-saving bag was able to save him causing minor injury that is “temporary visual impairment”.   So he sort of saw ugly things beautiful and beautiful things ugly.   He then met Wang So-jung, a cheerful-not-so-pretty lady but because of his eye problems she appeared to be his long lost dream girl.  So they then engaged to a whirlwind romance and when his vision went back to reality, her fairytale dream also ended. 

There’s not much love spell and I wondered how Ji Hwan oppa and Ji Ah unni must have felt after their finished film.   It was not ugly but it was just free flowing to somewhere you wouldn’t want to follow.  *yawn

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy      GRADE:  D

Villain and Widow (2010) – Kim Hye-su and Han Su-kyung teamed up in this awkward sometimes funny cohabitation of a conman and a widow saddled with money issues.

Kim Hye Su played the role of a widow who rented the second floor of her house to Han Su Kyung to help in their financial problem.  Han Su Kyung meanwhile took advantage of the lease offer to find a famous tea cup of antique importance that is sought after by a chaebol heir who was in the brink of losing his value to his family and the only thing that could salvage him to stay afloat was that china teacup.  So the villain was summoned to retrieve it and thus he embarked on an I-am-a-writer-scheme to try and look for the elusive teacup which the widow’s husband hid in the house. 

A little cute romance here and there and a scattered shower of humor every now and then were some of the reasons why I finished the movie.  To be honest it was not really that much interesting, but the main leads interaction was fun to watch.  It sort of bland most of the time but it has still managed not to go to the brink of boring-ness.  The good times are mainly when the lead couple did their sort of sweet moments and adult bickering.  Well anyway, it was still a comic watch regardless. 

GENRE:  Comedy      GRADE:  C

 Pained (2011) – This is the first time I saw Kwon Sang Woo as an actor, he felt so human to me that I stayed in the duration of the movie.
This was told with no frills attached and in its all natural beauty that I found it sad and yet bracing. 


GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B


♥ Sector 7 (2011) – I didn’t see it in 3D but graphics and visual effects wise it felt the same level with Hollywood “beat-the-monster” films.  Hmmmm it was your typical Anaconda vibe flick, the humans thrive on their wit to survive and defeat the monster but they were unsuccessful except Ha Ji Won unni. 

For a thriller I stayed calm and comfy on my bed watching it so it didn’t really boost the fear factor side of me.  I already have foreseen the outcome of the villain so I’ll give this movie an average score for the effects and Ji Won unni’s stunts.  As a rule, thrillers should never be predictable, the viewers should always be on an anticipating ride, and that I didn’t achieve in watching this movie.

GENRE:  Sci-fi, Action     GRADE:  B


♥ Never Ending Story (2012) – In tradition of the death bound conflict on Korean love stories, this charming movie was able to balance the premise and have it set to both the lead couple’s having after life bargains.
Oh Song Kyung worked at a bank and has lived her life planned into the smallest details, but what she did not prepare for was a malady that came instantly in her life.  She met Kang Dong Joo who was her exact opposite.  He lives a spontaneous life and never failing to lose hope that he’ll win the lottery someday. The two met because both of them were diagnosed at the same hospital and soon they embark on a bucket list fulfillment that involves funeral preparations for Song Kyung and lottery station hunts for Dong Joo.

What this movie achieved was setting a sad note to a brighter perception. It was a film about death but the lively scenes and characters have pulled a different take on life’s passing. The love couple were adorable and swung an Edward-Bella pull worthy of your smile and sigh.
I love that it was so natural and that they first slept together inside a coffin and never ending to a traditional bed. 

A carefree movie I would definitely recommend.  This was a romance charmer that will raise mirth one moment and then tug your heart at another time.  Watching it made me not expect outcomes or predict what will happen because the conflict surged up when it commenced, but I was left watching them as they have a good time alongside the struggle with their inevitable death.
It was simply done but happily narrated, and that made it hit home in me.
Radiant and resonating, this is a must watch darling.  

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy      GRADE:  A


♥ Always (2011) – And I finally got the chance to spend an afternoon full of loving vibes.  I received lots of raves about this movie and I must agree to the warm response “Always” has received.  It made me miss the feeling of being in love, and I was left smiling, calmed and inspired as I immersed myself in a love story between two people who found love in their vulnerabilities.

Im Jung Hwa was saddled with temporary blindness after surviving from a car accident that killed her parents.  She works as a customer service representative over the phone and has lived her life in full swing optimism despite of her disability.

Jang Chul-min was a former boxer who after quitting the profession settled to being a merciless bounty hunter, but in one of his bounty mission he found motivation to start his life in good faith again. 

Little by little fondness grew between them, with a life he was never proud of and nothing much to offer, Chul-min mustered whatever he has and took responsibility of a blind woman’s heart.

“Always” broke the romantic dry spell I’ve been having for a while now.  It played with the cutesies, the sweetness, the laidback and the contentment feel of a love movie.

On a distracting note, and I mean it to be really utmost distracting… So Ji Sub in his rough, untidy look was a sight to behold, and the short showcase of his abs was a manna from heaven.

The last movie I liked was Postman to Heaven which was also a movie of Han Hyo Joo.  Playing a sweet, optimist blind Han Hyo-joo connected to her lead man so well that the blue ray screen emanating love swept the romantic side of me.

Seeing the love grew, saddled, steadied, lost and fulfilled was I think the reason why it created huge admiration.  It was an ever after not of a prince and a princess, but by two people whose hearts can love each other with their eyes closed.

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  B+


♥ Penny Pinchers aka Many a Little Romance (2011) – I’m getting interesting love couple combination making my special day today worthy of slumping on my bed and making my heart and eyes happy.

 Hong-sil has an addiction to save money after bankruptcy hit her family causing her mother’s death and her father losing himself to gambling. If I get to adapt her saving strategy, I bet I will get a lot from it. So she lives a lonely life until she meets Ji-woong who struggled in getting himself a regular job. She taught him the trick of her trade and we get kmovieland’s first ever penny pincher couple.

 It was not a movie full of awesome love vibes but I was able to finish it without complaint. I think I liked it because the treatment of how their love was realized was because they trusted each other and they are both willing to sacrifice and appreciate each other’s worth.

You will find that “the boy did the impossible to make the girl happy” will now be always a resident element in a Korean romantic movie.

 A mixture of fun, friendship, forced cohabitation, saving money crash course, some cute no money involved dating ideas and a lead couple that were both fitting in their roles. Penny pincher is a stress reliever after a week’s work.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy      GRADE:  B



♥ The Crucible (2011) – The crucible touched a very delicate issue and I’m thankful that such eye opening film like this was produced.

An art teacher moved to another city to accept a post in a school for special children. What he was not prepared for was the reality that his visually and hearing impaired students who haven’t even had their families to take care of them were violated mercilessly by their own teachers and the headmaster.

 It’s a rage inducing towards the evilness of the world kind of film. But whenever power was wrongfully used, hope and faith will always find its way to protect the weak.

 A moving, inspiring and a reality biting spectacle not worth missing.

GENRE:  Drama     GRADE:  B


♥ Love Fiction (2011) – A fiction writer fell in love with a bizaare girl and has to flounder with her infamous history with boys, hairy armpit and heedless actions.
While I enjoyed most of it, I felt detached after watching it.  It has an interesting  lead couple who was able to justify the characters and the love conflict they were playing, but it doesn’t have the romantic appeal that will make you think of it when you sleep at night.

Interestingly done but mediocre… Feel good and funny but forgettable.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C


♥ Dancing Queen (2012) – I honestly didn’t enjoy watching this dream-finding-dream-realization movie.  When the movie ended, I just sighed and said “okaaayyyy”.  It did well in the box office that’s why I was curious, and then curiousity killed me badly. haha

The lead couple were childhood neighbors and met again in college.  They got married and has been living a simple life but when opportunity to pick up their forgotten dreams opened, they seized it.  But then eventually they both hindered their dream decisions. Uhm Jung-hwa hid her joining a girl group while her husband was campaigning for the city mayor office, and when it was revealed it damaged her husband’s dream.

So the movie wants to impart that not all opportunities knock once, and if they knock again, we have to claim it.  It touched on the giving-up-dreams-because-of-marriage issues which the society normally overlooked especially on the woman’s side. It was inspiring and easily narrated.  For a woman, it pointed on how much you can give to stand beside your man when you have your own dreams he doesn’t realize.

It felt good, it looked nice but I was not drawn by it.

GENRE:  Romance, Dance, Drama     GRADE:  C+


♥ Introduction to Architecture aka Architecture 101 (2012) – Architecture 101 was another first-love movie… cute, sweet and nostalgic, but it failed to indulge me.

A woman traced her first love to make him fulfill his promise of making her dream house.  They met in college when the woman took an architecture introductory class.  Because they live in the same town, they do activities together relating to their class.  They were both unaware of each other’s love feeling, and they were able to confess their love when it was too late because the lost love cannot salvage the present they have now.

It was another sad first-love film, and I liked seeing the 2012 kdrama actors in a sort of reunion in this production.
The flashbacks kept me afloat as it drove love to melancholy.  So what do you do when you have another chance you have kept for a long while?  That’s the question this movie asked.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B


♥ Wonderful Radio (2012) – Although it’s a nice and refreshing film, I felt that the love was missing.  Well it was not really a romance movie even with the kiss scene at the end, it was character driven and much as I want to relate with her, there were some critical scenes I found lacking.
A radio dj hosts a program “Wonderful Radio” which has a segment where civilians can impart their message to someone and sing a song after.  She used to be a member of a famous girl group and is wanting to get back to the music scene.  She clashes with the program director at first but they eventually hit the right note and became closer.
The conflict supporting the conflict I didn’t like.  I didn’t like what their problem was at all.  If it was a love movie then they should have sprinkled it with a couple romance, and no, a kiss scene at the end doesn’t qualify for it to be called a romantic movie.  The villains didn’t annoy me and the story was there but the characters were disconnected.  This movie somehow looked like big love drama but in radio world setting.  It was a fair watch but I was not amused by it.

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  C


♥ Sunny (2011) – This is one of the best friendship movies I’ve seen in my life.  It made me dig back memories I’ve shared with my high school girl friends.

A reflective film that will make you stop and think for a while to wonder and reminisce one of the best days of your life.  It made me cry and happy at the same time.

A dedicated mother and wife accidentally bumped with her dying high school friend and from there they relive the old times while looking for the rest of their circle of friendship.  Told in shifting time, the film beautifully captured the depth of friendship built with trust and respect.

This is a movie that will make you love your friends even more.  An appreciative story that tells how a friendship stays regardless of reasons and changes after all those times.

 GENRE:  Drama, Friendship     GRADE:  A


♥ More Than Blue (2009) – More than blue less the falling in love and dying part made me yearn to have a boy bestfriend. A film so tender and heartfelt, it will give you that sweet regret feeling as you sleep. The dearest melancholic I-secretly-love-my-bestfriend-movie I have ever seen.

K and Cream were both orphans who decided to live together and become besties, but fate will eventually take K because he has leukemia. As he secretly love his bestfriend he wished that someone will take care of her when he’s gone. Unbeknownst to him Cream accidentally learned of his condition and in an effort to make him happy she fulfilled his dream of her getting married.

Kwon Sang Woo has given me two lovely films so far.

What I love about this movie is the transparency of the characters, it’s as if I’m staring at my neighbor’s life because they acted so naturally good and painfully remembering.

The sad ending was really sadder than sadness but how it concluded was clearly satisfying.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B+


♥ Blind (2011)– A fairly done thriller about a woman who became blinded after a car accident. She lost her brother and also failed to go back to the police academy. In an unfortunate twist of event she will be marked by a serial killer and will be able to survive and free herself of the long running guilt she felt after losing her brother in the accident.

Any movie with an adorable dog wins my heart over, and Seul-ki, the guide dog here made me cry.

 It was a suspense filled movie that drew strength from the main character’s vulnerability.

 GENRE:  Drama, Thriller     GRADE:  B



♥ M (2008) – I had a hard time digesting the movie. I can’t sway my grasshopper-ish attention span because the movie was so attention seeking. The crisp and avant-garde cinematography was jaw dropping and I’m all praises to the editing.

 A fiction writer Min-woo flounders with his job and a girl who kept visiting his imagination. It brought him to leave his sanity and caused rift to his real life marriage. In between the reality and his mentally indisposed self, it was revealed that the girl was his first love.

 The story was not in a hurried pace, and yet I really mustered all the focus I can get to be immersed on it. It’s the kind of movie a film professor should have his students watch because of how superb it was done technically complementing an unconventional plot

 It’s a sad first love movie that was presented incorporating subconscious yearnings and realms of the imagination that kept our deepest longings.

 What I loved about it was the conflict done in modern vibe and mind boggling way but never leaving the sweet and painful narrative of losing your first love… thinking you are over the memories… and finding yourself haunted and affected by it because you haven’t truly given up on it.

GENRE:  Psychological Drama     GRADE:  B


♥ The Restless (2006) – A supernatural fest that reminded me of Sword of Truth and Lord of the Rings. Superior visual effects, rolling action scenes throughout and Joong Woo Sung oppa are the reasons why I liked the movie. There’s not much of a plot really and even gasping, gripping or jaw-dropping moment… They relied on their flamboyant visuals at the very least.

Set in Midheaven, a place where people who died stays to wait for their reincarnation to happen.. a demon slayer who was formerly the chief of an elite ghost slayer was transported to the place.  He chanced upon So Hwa,  a member of the governing circle of the midlands. So Hwa looked exactly Yi Gwak’s lover (Yonhwa) who was burned by the townspeople because of the belief that she has supernatural abilities.

Yi Gwak has to stand in between the woman he loved and lost and his fellow soldiers who all died on earth after pursuing a rebellion. He further learned that their deaths were intentional as they seek to defy the heavens and change the world. So Hwa held a powerful stone that they needed to claim their victory, so Yi Gwak traded his life to protect her and hope that he will meet her again.

If you are up for supernatural adventure then you can try this one, but don’t expect much chimeric after effect when you are done watching.

GENRE:  Fantasy, Adventure, Romance     GRADE:  C+


♥ Standing Sleeping Tree (2009) – The story of a dying firefighter as he takes on the road about his condition. Being a father, a husband and a friend, the film dealt with the point of view of a person facing death as he settles his affair while feeling the pain of leaving his family and life.

There hasn’t been any manual invented to guide you when you are bound to leave someone and it’s against your will.  That being said this movie evokes that feeling of hopelessness and being being hopeful at the same time.

Although nothing spectacular is in store in this movie, it will not make you hit the stop button. It’s a sad and an easy watch. It’s actually like coming from a book and narrated as it is.  I want to be nice but there’s nothing much going on this movie.

GENRE:  Melodrama      GRADE:  C



♥The Scent (2012) – Following a suspension because of an adultery claim, Detective Kang Sun-woo temporarily ran a secret investigation company that specializes in adultery cases.  One of her clients dragged him to a motel where she claimed to have her husband with another girl, but he woke up and saw his client killed and his supposed husband was also murdered in the adjacent room.  The husband’s mistress was in shock, and because the situation will go bad against him who was at the wrong place and time, he dragged the corpse and buried it.  When he learned that the girl was the real wife of the murdered husband, the detective will investigate a case in which he was unluckily framed up.

It was at first interesting.  Kim So Yeon’s multiple personality went from the vulnerable wife to insufferable tease and nothing-fazes me persona, but there’s not much substance, depth and retribution in her character.  There were some thrilling chases, boggling concepts, but there was no climax.  A little sex scenes here and there, and Kim So yeon’s nude parts will kept hold of a man’s interest.

It was not a real good deal, but it’ still worth watching.  The suspense will suffice for me to give it a mediocre rating. 

GENRE:  Thriller, Mystery w/ adult content     GRADE:  C


♥ Bunt (2006) – I was beaming and smiling and was so amused while watching this endearing father-and-son movie.  A heartwarming film full of a father’s love to his good-natured but feeble-minded child and a friendship so sweet, it will make you reminisce your childhood memories.

Bunt was certainly a gladdening and encouraging movie experience.  Full of inspiring and beautiful lessons about parenthood, friendship and believing in yourself.   Even the humor was edifying, and you will just find yourself immersed in the story, cheering for Dong-gu… cheering for everything that will make him happy.

GENRE:  Family, Comedy, Drama    GRADE:  A




♥ The Concubine (2012) – Not for minors – an obsessive kind of love set in Joseon era where a King’s besetting passion over his brother’s concubine caused him his death.  I found the mature scenes well acted, with a lot of emotion presented is what I mean.  It’s supposed to be focusing on the concubine character but I say the King’s character marked more than in me than her.   I found the explicit scenes not that offending, but then again, still minors can’t watch it.  A middling kind of movie in my ratings. 

GENRE:  Drama, Romance, Adult      GRADE:  B



♥ All About my Wife (2012) With constant humor and zest all throughout, this movie about a man with a very outspoken wife who decided to hire a Casanova in the hopes of making her leave him because he doesn’t know how to tell her that he’s wanting his freedom back had a very great potential in the idea it was trying to act, but it failed giving a strong ending punch.  It feels good and a few quirky scenes here and there but then again it lacked an after taste.  If you are a fan of Im Soo Jung, she was able to entertain me in and redefined the word “nagger wife” in a whole new level.  Her two lead men  were able to support her, but there weren’t much depth plot wise.  It was a rom-com but the romance was slightly baked.  

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy      GRADE: B



♥ Dittto (2000) – A story of a woman who has to throw away her love because she and her best friend fell in love with the same man.  So-eun has been loving Dong-hee for a while.  When she was stalking him outside of their classroom, she used an old radio to be her alibi to cover up what she has been doing.  The old radio has some mojo though and from there she met Ji In who was a man from the future.  They became talking diaries to each other separated by time.  When they realized that they were in fact living in different eras, So-eun learned that the man she was talking to will be the future son of Sun-mi, her best friend and Dong-hee.  Ji In visited his parents’ country house and from there he knew of So-eun and his father’s interrupted love.   He was able to track So-eun in the present time, and learned the truth that she gave way for her parent’s love.

This movie felt Il Mare-ish but using a radio this time for the time element.  Steady and okay for me, this is sweet, sad and nostalgic. 

GENRE:  Romance, Fantasy      GRADE:  B



♥ The Thieves (2012) – Blame White Collar and my love for Neal Caffrey because it made this star-studded movie not that appealing to me.  I finished it.  It was good, I liked it, but a typical heist film.  Nothing much spectacular, and I really think it’s overrated.  This time I’ll give it to Hollywood’s Oceans. 

GENRE:  Heist, Adventure      GRADE:  C+



♥ Miss Conspirator (2012) – A certified agoraphobic, a woman was entangled between gangsters and police in their drugs and money deal.  Because of the conflict she was accidentally put into, she decided to step up and throw away her old self and from then she transformed into an overnight female negotiator.

There’s nothing much to watch really. Skip it.   

GENRE:  Action (tssss idk what genre to put)      GRADE:  F



♥ Jackal Is Coming (2012) – A Hallyu Star was supposed to be meeting his rich ajumma sugar mom but experienced a series of unfortunate events meaning to kill him in the hotel he was saying.  Sometimes cute, sometimes fun, sometimes dallying around.  But because of Jaejoong oppa’s trimmed abs I’ll give it a higher notch.  *giggles  Among the sort of action movie I saw lately, I liked this more than the rest.

GENRE:  Action, Comedy     GRADE:  C



♥ Helpless (2012) – A couple was supposed to be meeting the man’s family for their incoming wedding’s blessing, but after a phone call the woman run away and left her fiancé.  Then it was revealed that the woman he was intending to marry was actually using another person’s identity.   His brother friend helped him uncover even more about her past and revealed the sad and abusive past she had that made her a monster in killing a person and assuming their identity.  In the end after a frustrating battle of the main actor to the reality that he actually loved someone he really don’t know well, he still let go of her in her fated and dreadful closure.

Since I have been stalking Criminal Minds for quite some time now, the psychopath girl here and the chase to get her was predictable on my part.  If truth be told they were withholding the essentials until the end when it’s very easy to infer what will happen next.  Safe considering the promised suspense premise but great acting for the lead man in presenting the pain of not knowing what to do in something that you can’t understand.

GENRE:  Romance, Thriller, Mystery      GRADE:  C



♥ Highway Star (2007) – If not for Cha Tae Hyun oppa, I would have not stayed until the curtains closed…

Dreaming to become a rock star, Bong-pil was a back up for a trot singer, he got invited for a solo album only to find out that he has to perform trot as well.  Story passing, nothing much happening but not that bad-feeling. 

GENRE:  Comedy, Musical      GRADE:  C



Venus and Mars (2007) – Incessant love quarrels, relationship non-sense, and totally weird couple… This was a dark love story I struggled to finish the ending.  The A-list actors weren’t able to salvage the twisted love movie at all maybe because they were busy fighting all the time, and the mellow-romantic surge came up probably late at the same time..  Divorced because of indifference, the short-lived marriage turned into a nightmare after the couple’s temper wont concede to one another.  A case of love gone crazy… hmmp!  Thanks to that pendulum-sweet-scene, it made me forget the many pout scenes from the movie. 

GENRE:  Strange Romance      GRADE:  D



♥ The Way Home (2002) – Once in a while you get to sit with a simple story about love that doesn’t involve romantic feelings, and you will feel so happy and moved after spending time watching it. 

Sang-woo (played by little boy Yoo Seung-ho) was left by his mother in an old village to settle some financial problems they have.  Raised in the city he was not accustomed with the plain living in the old village and was disrespectful and a brat with his old grandmother.  Little by little though he became closer to her and when his mother returned for him it sent me to 60 weeping seconds as I grew attached of their relationship.

This is a perfect movie to watch with your grandmother if you have one.  So touching and heart-stirring in its simplicity and yet the emotion surge you will get while watching it was so compelling and family bond affirming.  This is a story of a grandmother’s unconditional love to her grandson.


GENRE:  MeloDrama, Family     GRADE:  A



♥ The Grand Heist (2012) – Set in the era with so many technological limitations, The Grand Heist will mock at those heist films you have already seen.  Overflowing with humor and showcasing a smooth sailing story, this movie will leave a smile on your face after watching it.

Modern heist films normally brag about the tricks and the smarts they utilized to get their score, this production is no different but it was made even so much better.  It’s not a precious diamond or a pricey antiquated work of art in spotlight to be pinched but ICE.  Why ICE?  Because at that time it was a very indispensable commodity.  How a band of thieves execute their premeditated plan to procure a tantamount ice stock and transport it to another storage is for you to watch (or read on my blog).  *wink

This fusion period movie was well mixed and well done.  I promise you

cuteness and humor.  I promised you it’s gonna be worth your time. *wink


GENRE:  Adventure, Heist      GRADE:  B+



♥ My Love (2007) – I call it “waiting for love” movie as the characters involved in a web of liking someone hopelessly even if it was hurting them in the process.  It’s a good thing that two of the couples in this quadruple romance story were able to get their happy ending.  It was a nice watch but not that momentous.  The main love story started very strong and adorable and I really sighed and got sad when their love became a tragedy.  The supporting love couples were not plain but something you have seen if you have been watching kdramaland for a long time.  Even if Jung Il Woo was there, it didn’t salvage my wondering on what that somewhat-4-in-one-love-movie was trying to achieve.  The romance stories involved a man with his “hug me”campaign who returned to Korea after 5 years and was hoping to be reunited with his ex-girlfriend who promised to wait for him and to call him on the day of solar eclipse, she called, but she failed to wait any longer and delivered him the news that she got married.  Then there’s a girl who has been liking someone who liked another girl, she eventually got her chance to be closer to him, and soon he eventually liked her back.  Working in an ad agency, a woman loved a man who was imprisoned by the memory of his death wife, after so much showing away, she eventually found a way to his heart.  Lastly, a train operator recounted his memories of the woman he met in a subway.  It could have been a romance overload but humor spikes and funny moments were added to balance the red notes in this love movie.   Sad, sweet, sassy and sunny.

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy     GRADE:  B



♥ A Werewolf Boy (2012)I initially feared that this movie could go overrated considering the familiar plot and stellar main leads but I’m so happy to have chanced upon a very beautiful, unconventional, heartwarming first love movie. The last time I felt it was with the film “The Classic” and I couldn’t be any happier witnessing a young love that was not bound to happen but felt so right.

A Werewolf Boy Quick Recap

GENRE:  Romance, Fantasy     GRADE:  A



♥ Hearty Paws (2006) – Another tear-jerker dog movie, Hearty Paws will promise a lot of smiles. The simple and quick to predict storyline was overshadowed by the relationship of Hearty, the dog and his master. Sad and yet sweet, a heartwarming film for the whole family to watch.

Hearty Paws Quick Review

GENRE:  Drama, Family     GRADE:  B



♥ Plum Blossom (2000) – This erotic film I watched only because of Kim Rae Won.  One of his earliest films it tackled a man’s point of view when it comes to romance and exploring himself to how he separates love emotions to sexual connection.  I will give a fair rating because it managed to tell the story along with the intimate scenes.  The intimate scenes didn’t overpower the essence and narrative of the main character in the movie.

GENRE:  Drama, Romance, Erotica     GRADE:  C



♥ COUPLES (2011)A good man trying to please his gold digger friend, a gold digger who’s true love was a thug, a thug who want to change his ways for the love of his gold digger girlfriend, a woman who met the man in the wrong situation and intention, a sort of detective who fell in love with his bestfriend’s gold digger fiancée…  oh yes!  This is even better than the Hunger Games.

It was snail moving at first, but how the situations were displayed and connected were nicely done.  Forgettable but pleasing when you are watching it, but I do love the happy ending.

This is a love tale told from flashbacks and cute side stories.  Regardless of not having that prolonged feeling, it did fairly in my Hunger-games inspired heart this week.

GENRE:     Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+



♥  Love 911 (2012) – Most love stories tell an evident 100% love from its onset, that being said I liked how the adoration build up in this movie. It was not “impossible instant”, but “I know where you’ve been” kind of love. I liked that the man was wounded this time, and the woman did the chasing to make the man fall for her and to heal his broken heart. It was a reversal of romantic roles that exuded understanding and maturity in handling love replies.

Love 911 Quick Recap

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B+



♥ Confession of Murder (2012) I was on the edge of my seat on the chase-the-killer-fight scenes of this movie, and until now, I still can’t accept that I wasn’t able to deduce the ending twist of this movie.  *pout  I thought when the “who’s the real killer conflict” was raised there will be a showdown between them, but there wasn’t.  Years of watching Dexter and Criminal Minds, I thought I have all of it figured out when it comes to socio and psychopaths, but this movie surprisingly amazed and amused me.  Well hidden, director… Well Done!   Nifty written and cleanly executed… this was such a riveting delight and will be one of my favorites for the 2012 movies.

Confession of Murder Movie Recap

GENRE:  Action, Thriller  GRADE:  B+



♥ How To Use Guys With Secret tips (2013) – It was a sleek directing and editing, that’s what you will really notice about this film, considering that the plot was not a novelty, the director was able to make it so appealing because of how it was narrated.

I love the idea of how the lead couple “fell in love”, against their personality differences and going beyond their comfort zones, but I hated that they acted stupid on the course of falling in love.

I would give a fair rating on this film because I really found the editing cute and appetizing, but don’t account on a lingering effect, because you won’t find it.

How To Use Guys With Secret Tips Quick recap

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy    GRADE:  C



 ♥ 5 Senses of Eros (2009) – 5 short love stories made up this film… I enjoyed 2 out of the 5 films but the rest of the 3 films I didn’t like, it may appeal to its target audience though, but I didn’t like the last 3 . “His Concern” was in a Before Sunrise movie vibe, and I enjoyed the screenplay. “Me, I’m here” was a sad love tale of a devoted husband who will have to deal with the passing of his wife.. The first two and the 5th movie are what I liked. “The 33rd Man” tells about a newbie actress who got acting lessons from a veteran actress who turned out to be a vampire. They ate the film director afterwards… That’s why I didn’t liked it. “In the end is my beginning” A woman discovered her husband was sleeping with her high school friend after they got involved in a car accident and the man died. The friend in guilt promised her life to atone for her sins. This started out well, but concluded weak… I would have wanted a clean ending. “Believe in the Moment” was about 3 college pairs who changed partners for 24 hours. It was cute and reckoning. 

This was not an inter-connected characters flick, so you’ll get like Bertie Botts different love beans. The entire movie experience was good and this is for one time watching only.

GENRE:  Romance, Drama     GRADE:  C

Five Senses of Eros 2009


♥ My PS Partner (2012) – My PS partner is an example of another vibrant love movie I would strongly recommend to watch. It has a subtle indie appeal with a very smart screenplay. It went to the love trap cliche but the upbeat development of the romance plus the organic feel of witnessing what relationship in late-20’s-early-30’s was about were depicted amusingly, realistically and candidly. I gave it a 5 star rating and a space on my kmovie favorites because of how it has minimal mature content but was able to balance and even heightened the romantic essence, the seamless humor and the responsive chemistry between the main leads in the movie. Sweetly impudent, My PS Partner made me feel so wanting to be in love after watching it, and not the knight-in-the-shining-armour-cinderella-rose-petals kind of way but the wearing-his-oversized-shirt-singing-while-he-plays-the-guitar kind of love. 

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy w/ minimal adult content   GRADE  B+

My PS Partner Movie Recap



♥ Christmas in August (1998) – Highly praised for its earnest characters and endearing yet bound to fade love, “Christmas in August” made me really want to consider the idea of really reciprocating love out of all the romantic and single life movies I’ve seen so far.I have prepared myself that it could be a dragging narrative since it is already a 15-year old movie but the fetching capturing of the scenes showing vibrant emotions is a must watch for film majors and critics.

Jung-woon is a middle-aged photographer who lives with his father, while he is trying to prepare himself to his eventual death, he meets a woman who will be giving him the best moments and smiles of his routine life.

It is a sad film, but it won’t make you cry. It does have though a lingering effect to reflect and ponder about things, life, romance and and your relationship to people you cared for. It may not appeal to people who prefers a fast paced, idealistic or dream-like love stories and it may not be as stunning as the recent korean romance films, but it is one of the most sincere pictures I have ever seen in my life.

GENRE:  Romance, Family     GRADE:  B+



♥ Late Autumn (2011) – It was a strong performance from the lead actress and an amusing rendition by Hyun Bin oppa.  Imprisoned after killing her husband, a woman was given a reprieve to attend to her mother’s funeral.  She met a runaway gigolo in a bus and their unexpected connection would be an eventual momentous memory in their not so meaningful life so far.  As a self-confessed sucker for accidental and impossible love, the saddening thought of an is-this-person-worth-it-kind-of-love transcended in this movie.  Between a two damaged people, the ease on how they converged and the pain of their love situation made my heart think and my heart sad.  This won’t appeal straight to the emotions but after a while when you contemplate of what the movie was about.  An imperfect couple and imperfect romance but was a perfect realistic movie for me.

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B



♥ The Neighbors (2012) – After a psychopath murdered a little girl in the neighborhood, he saw another girl who looked exactly like the girl he killed.  He marked the young girl as his last target before he moved from that apartment but his secret was realized by the people in the neighborhood who were adamant to reveal his identity.

It was a neatly drawn and simply explained to-catch-or-not-the-killer movie.  I have nothing much to complain about but I won’t say it was that Criminal Minds amazing.

GENRE:  Suspense Drama     GRADE:  B




♥ The Taste of Money (2012) – Blunt on the intimate scenes but the characters and story were not in synchrony.  This film depicted the frustrating life of the rich and powerful.  I saw something like this in The Housemaid so it was not really an inviting movie experience for me.  It centered to infidelity issues and forced relationship participated by members of an affluent family.  It moved in that direction without hitting any viable lessons to provide to the onlookers.  A waste of talented actors and a waste of my time.

GENRE:  Drama with adult scenes     GRADE:  D



♥ Masquerade/Gwanghae (2012) – Living up to its box office success and strong cast ensembles, Gwanghae/Masquerade presented an astonishing story filled with amusing characters, and perfectly inserted humor that has balanced the serious tone of a sageuk movie.

Masquerade tells the story of an ordinary clown who sat on the King’s throne when he fell unconscious due to political attacks to poison him.  The clown in a freak coincidence looked exactly like the King conspired with the King’s right hand to pose as the nation’s leader to avoid a serious political conflict if the current King’s condition will be revealed.   In his short stint assuming the King’s identity, the poser was quick to uptake in dealing with the anomalies and unreasonable battles he has to go through as the father of the nation, and in doing so his rational thinking and good heart has affected the people around him who were unaware that they were not serving the real King.

What made this movie appealing to me was the exemplary portrayals of the cast and the funny Joseon monarchy customs.  Yes, I really giggled at the idea of having the King’s servants watched him poop.  Lee Byung Hun oppa won me over in both his comic and serious personas, although the comedic side was more lingering to me. 

The film nailed the poignant scenes seamlessly.   Although not understanding at first the risk of acquiescing to be a King impostor, when he grasped the urgency and importance of the position he was baby-sitting, his simple-mindedness and his leaning to what’s best for his people decided most of pending concerns the unconscious King can’t even resolve.

If you want to see a Korean period film in binding mixture of quaint characters and staid storyline with delightful inflections, Gwanghae will be a perfect pick for you.  This character-driven story albeit the sleek Joseon setting was narrated in an easy to understand fashion that first time watchers will not be lost following its conclusion.

GENRE:  Period Film, Drama     GRADE:  A



♥ Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) – I promise you a heart-warming tale that will make you smile and cry.  I promise you a movie experience that you will remember. 

This daddy-daughter-love film was a heart-wrenching picture that sent me to tear-land.  With its simple and yet meaningful theme of a father’s love to her daughter and a daughter’s appreciation to his loving father, I really thanked the stars for giving me such a captivating movie brimming with resonating filial love.

Miracle in Cell No. 7 Movie Musings

Genre:  Family, comedy, melodrama     GRADE A


♥ Try To Remember  (2009) – When he was cut from his job due to business needs, Eun-kyong was invited to do a teaching stint in the suburb where he stayed in the house of Kim family whose daughter, In-woo, was his fellow employee.

Both of them have recurring dreams dating from Joseon period. They soon became comfortable with each other but an urgent business in Seoul had Eun-kyong leave Andong. He finally rested his case on his ex-girlfriend who will be getting married and gave his consent as his mother’s guardian for organ donation when she dies.

He returned to Andong but In-woo who has been sick since the day she was born was brought to the hospital. He soon discovered her scrapbook diary narrating her secret adoration towards him. He rushed to visit her but got into an accident that took his life.

It was revealed that they were lovers 400 years ago. They were reincarnated in the present time in reversing their roles from the past. In-woo was the man who protected the daughter of a traitor but died because of sickness as Eun-kyong was the woman who grieved over her husband’s death and left a love letter that was excavated in the present time.

There’s really nothing much to brag, my synopsis from above says it all about this movie. For a deja vu or reincarnation plot themed movie, it lacked connecting scenes of the present and the past. The flashes from the past was explained in the end but I already know what has been going except for the reversed reincarnation trick. It was not ugly but it’s not worth your time.

GENRE:  Romance     GRADE:  C


For Horowitz – A piano teacher who was struggling financially ended up with a troublesome kid whom she discovered as a piano prodigy.  She taught the kid patiently but she has to let him go as financial constraints drowned her and to make a future for him in the world that she also used to dream of.  Touching but not that affecting, I still prefer Bunt and The Way Home.

GENRE:  Drama     GRADE:  C+



 ♥ Very Ordinary Couple (2013) – A workplace relationship movie gone bad with hints of crazy Venus and Mars flick.  It culminated in we-are-meant-to-be-happy-together note, but the path going there and how it was narrated, I didn’t enjoy.  It felt like the movie was in confusion on acting on the emotions or focusing on the conflict.  It ended without me being immersed on it.  Not ugly, not plain but the chemistry, biology, physics and all the sciences needed to conspire a romance based film were out of focus and most of the time missing in action.

I took a deep breath after I was done watching the movie, but I really wasn’t able to connect.  There was a couple who fell in love, broke up and then got back together.  It was aiming I think to ask the question “Will you get back with your ex-lover if he slept with another person?”. The love couple answered it in the end by staying together but it felt like they just covered it with the lead man throwing a fit when he remembers his girl slept with another man and on cue, the man will be in the scene to accept his beatings.

It was not appealing for me but if you really like Lee Min Ki, maybe you can just focus on his face when it becomes boring.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE: D



♥ The Berlin File (2013) – A polished action-spy film worthy of your weekend night, The Berlin File’s resonating characters, continuous fiery scene shiftings and the well-blended weaving of the story parading amazing action scenes which didn’t drown the organic essence of the film were some of the reasons why I really enjoyed it.  While I want an action movie to be really brimming of skin rips, blood spatters and gun shots, it’s definitely a bonus if I get a nice story and a resolved conflict.

GENRE:  Action, Thriller, Espionage     GRADE:  B+

The Berlin File Movie Musings



♥ Secretly, Greatly (2013)Secretly, Greatly stormed Korean Box Office big time, and I can only agree why.

A covert elite team of North Korean spies were sent to South Korea for future orders from the Republic.  Comrade Captain Won Ryu Hwan took in the role of a village idiot Dong-gu while observing and waiting for the orders from the North.  After two years, he was reunited with fellow 5446 corps Captain Rhee Hae-rang who was ordered to become a Korean rock star as well as Rhee Hae-jin who hero-worshipped Ryu-hwan and was disguised as a high school student.

It was narrated with no complications and ended splendidly and in a heart-wrenching fashion.  I would have wished for a happy ending but given the serious tone set, I accepted and got my closure even if it was painful.

It’s rare for an action movie to remember the heart of the characters more than the brawl scenes, but in Secretly, Greatly, I was totally immersed on the story and yearnings of these soldier-brothers.

GENRE:  Action, Espionage   GRADE:  B

Secretly, Greatly KMovie Musings



♥ My Little Hero (2013) – I was moved to tears and felt happy after witnessing this engaging film of a man who has made his dream come true by making a young man reach his dreams too.  Simply narrated and a story full of heart, this heartwarming movie was a surprise birthday gift for me today.  Best watched with your nieces or nephews, this is a family drama with the right amount of tears, music dreams, humor, friendship and happiness that your heart will surely remember.

GENRE:  Drama, Family, Musical  GRADE:  C+

My Little Hero KMovie Musings



♥ The Face Reader (2013) – It took me 5 days to finish watching this movie because there’s really nothing to watch… overrated and most of the time boring. It tells about a used-to-be nobleman who can read people’s character and destiny by looking at their faces. To provide a better future for his limping son who set foot on his journey to become a minister, he and his brother in law agreed to try their luck at a courtesan house and drew a contract to read people’s faces. After his help in solving a murder case, he was summoned to help in reading which people have the positive faces who can work in the government. He eventually sided with Kim Jeong Seok by giving advises to the young King during the famous power struggle contest in Korean history against the evil Prince Suyang, but in the end was outmaneuvered by the Prince’ cunning mind and ended up having his son killed after Suyang eradicated his arch enemy and his men.

GENRE:  Period, Drama    GRADE:  C



♥ Commitment (2013) – A North Korean spy infiltrating South Korea is a pitch I consider done deal everytime for me, and when you have T.O.P and his snappy mixed fighter moves not to mention his piercingly hot eyes and drowning voice, I ended up drooling and elsewhere dreaming about him. And I am not even a kpop fan, but he was really amazing into that cold and gritty espionage stance all throughout.

GENRE:  Action, Drama, Espionage     GRADE:  B

Commitment Quick Movie Recap



♥ Blood and Ties (2013) – What if the loving and kind father you is not really what he seems he is? “Blood and Ties” raised disturbing thoughts in me after watching it for the reason that the killer was drawn in a very positive character. A very effective role that really strengthened the depth of how the heroine resolved the conflict because it was a really perplexing decision to cut ties with a person who has been good to you because he did something evil to another person. It has a spontaneous plot but unpredictable characters and that has made me so engaged in watching it. Provocative, bewildering and steady.

GENRE:  Suspense, Drama     GRADE:  B

Blood and Ties Quick Movie Recap



♥ Cold Eyes (2013) – Trailing a smart robbery gang, a special police unit has to rely on their guts and wit to pin down the thieves who work clean without a trace and is always one step ahead of them in executing their crime. It is your usual cop drama, nothing much new that you haven’t seen from crime dramas, but worth your time to watch. Jung Woo Sung as the villain made it all the more exciting. A mixture of cunning and quaint villain and a heroine equipped with photographic memory handy in chasing the lead of a notorious gang, this is a fast paced thriller that will engage you from start to its ending.

GENRE:  Suspense, Action, Cop and Crime     GRADE:  B



♥ Thread of Lies (2013 ) – I saw “Thread of Lies” today, a heartfelt film that talks about school bullying. Cheon-ji, a young lady in Middle school committed suicide because of depression from the unfair treatment she is getting from her classmates specifically from the only friend she has who talks behind her back. Just when she finally became closer to another classmate who shared happy moments with her in their secret away, her new friend who holds grudges towards her irresponsible father learned that her father was dating Cheon-ji’s mother which her teenager heart can handle so she threw it to Cheon-ji’s already ripping heart. Cheon-ji can’t no longer bear the emotional stress she was getting while keeping it to herself. And in those times when she wanted to reach out to her stoic sister and busy mother, her family failed to notice how she is failing to succumb in the depression. There was no visible suicide note left but Cheon-ji’s sister and her mother soon was able to piece out the reason for her departure. They found notes attached to the end of Cheon-ji’s knitting yarns revealing the reason for her eventual death.

I can’t put myself on a parent’s shoes but this movie is a good wake up call to parents to start talking about their children about their friends at school. High school life is mostly spent with friends and it’s hard for teenagers to open up when they are having emotional torture because of peer pressure. The movie touched also how bullies have their own wounds that they can’t handle hence they are throwing it to people who accepts their evil doings. What alarmed me after seeing this film was how people have difficulties understanding each other’s pain. Is it the bully’s fault that someone let himself to be bullied? Is it the family’s bully’s fault for not raising up their child well? I myself admittedly have bad thoughts about someone when someone really gets to my nerves, but I’m so far successful in just keeping it to myself and letting my memory forget that I ever have those thoughts. But there are people who can’t handle it, and in the age of social networking, cyber bullying is a more pressing issue, because people tend to feed negative ideas from other people’s pathetic and nonsense rants over the world wide web. I think for parents trying to know their children’s closest friends is a good way to check if he is in a functioning circle of friendship. Making sure that having open communication with their fears, woes and things that make your children happy is a must too.

 GENRE:  Drama, Family with slight Mystery hints     GRADE:  C+

Elegant Lies


♥ Steal My Heart (2013) – Steal My Heart is a case of rom-com imbalance where the comical moments sprinted a lot that it left the romance somehow behind. Nonetheless it was still sweet and engrossing as the overload of quirky police officer hiding his con artist first love under the nose of the Police Department he belonged to was filled with hilarious events and cotton candy flashbacks. Famed for his profiling ability, a police officer was on a quest to get a promotion, only if he gets the hit-and-run driver who bumped the infamous serial killer their police department has been stalking for a long while. When he cornered the culprit, he discovered it to be her long lost ex-girlfriend who disappeared just when he was about to propose marriage.

Blinded by love he swallowed the reality that she is a skilled pincher who has stolen quite impressive hard to steal items and is on the police chase list. He has to deal with her quaint one-woman heist ability and possibly compromising his career for being an accomplice to her crimes.

Steal My Heart is not a boring watch because the comic kicks were ever present, but it was not a romcom you will take another serving for when u don’t have something to watch in the future. It was a good romantic treat while it lasted. Feel good, fun and frolicsome.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ Plan Man (2014) – Suffering from obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, a neat freak man who works in a library meets a messy indie artist who changed his life 360 degrees. Not being able to lead a normal life because of his excessive drive to follow rules he set for himself, he resorted to conniving with an aspiring singer who is a friend of his crush to give a shot in his new found feeling of romance. She has made him do things he doesn’t normally do and when their duo tried out for a reality singing competition, both their pasts were revealed which lead to both of them understanding more fully each other and eventually falling in love as well.

Although the romance kicked in at the latter part of the story, I enjoyed this movie immensely because Jung Jae-young oppa played his role in a very amusing way and because I have a penchant for adorable nerds. *giggles This says a lot about how you can fall for someone who is your exact opposite and how much you are willing to change so you can adapt in a world where you and your loved one can compromise. I also like how you feel positive and smiling after watching it.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  B



♥ Hot Young Bloods (2014) – This really narrated the story about hot blooded youth set in the 80’s. Boiling hot that half of the story just involved brawls and bullyings. kkk I like period movie productions because I get to be transported back to the time when I was not yet born or too young to remember. And in this movie the only feel good thing I remembered is how I was able to have that “they-were-like-that-in-those-times” thoughts.

It was not as affecting and enchanting as “A Werewolf Boy”, and most of the time it was lacking of engaging elements. It spiked up a little in the dying minutes, but overall it was not as engrossing as I hope it would be. The potential of a nostalgic youth film was there but it lacked comic inserts and spotlight scenes that would make the viewers relate to the characters, or just even reminisce those reckless days they also had when they were young. Fairly done, but a movie you will just easily forget.

GENRE:  Youth, Drama, Romance     GRADE:  B

Hot Young Bloods Quick Movie Recap



♥ Innocent Thing (2014) – A film in the premise of “to-sir-with-love” gone crazy obsession between a High School girl with her PE teacher which failed miserably in establishing solid threading of the narrative to its climax. If truth be told, all I can remember is how pitiful the character is and how it was a waste of Jang Hyuk oppa’s talent since there were not much venue in the duration of the movie to showcase his emotions.

When the film hit the supposed to be thrilling part of the love struck student who started killing people around her obsession, I gave up and hated that I wasted my time with it. They were intending for a subtle progression from the onset, I say they should have incorporated her evil ways all throughout and make him subdue it strongly too. If you have enjoyed Jang Hyuk in his Lee Gun persona, it would be a waste if you follow up with this movie.

GENRE:  Drama, Romance, Sort of Thriller     GRADE:  C



 ♥ The Pirates (2014) – Failing to notch a polished recipe for an action-adventure film, I would give “The Pirates” a mediocre rating because of its shallow storyline. It could be easily overlooked given the riveting fight scenes and the amusing characters that have played their roles to the fullest, but I really felt something inadequate when the movie ended. Sailing to a dallying pace when it begins, it laid down the pirate members and mountain marauders who were in the quest to claim the bounty offered after Joseon envoys lost the Imperial Seal bequeathed by the Chinese Ming Dynasty to a big whale which swallowed it. Halfway through the movie, the alliances, the old grudges and the conflicts were set into motion pushing the film to a moderately swift movement while throwing bordering-slapstick-funny-anyway comical reliefs.

GENRE:  Action, Adventure  GRADE:  B

The Pirates Quick Movie Review



♥ The Admiral:  Roaring Currents (2014) – I didn’t expect I would feel good after my movie experience with Admiral Lee Soon Shin and his men. I think the film director impeccably established his character as a great strategist and commander but still able to show his frailties as a human. It was a kind of film where bravery and patriotism were able to outweigh the shown violence and evilness in the movie hence it gave me a generally positive feeling. Definitely living up to its hype, I found myself succumbing to the movie’s electrifying current and enjoying every moment of it.

GENRE:  Action, Drama     GRADE:  A

The Admiral Roaring Currents Quick Review


♥ Miss Granny (2014) – Just like when she thought she has lived her life to the fullest by raising his son to become a well-known educator, granny Oh Mal Soon faced a sad reality that all her efforts to become a loving mother and grandmother will be eventually overlooked with her strained relationship to her daughter-in-law who got sick due to mom-in-law-stress-related-issue. The doctor advised a time away from granny and she inadvertently heard the family meeting between her son and his children. Sad about the impending decision for her to be brought to a retirement home, she ended up at a mysterious photo studio which magically transformed her back to when she was 20 years old. She took advantage of the fountain of youth given to her to rediscover herself and do the things she has been longing to do but wasn’t able to because life didn’t give it to her the first time. Quirky and fun this is a movie that will ask you what you might have done differently in your life if you were given a chance. Although filled with funny moments, this movie gave me a nostalgic feel of wanting to just relive some of the best memories in my 20’s and yes I feel like I’m already 50 when I’m just 30-ish. Easy to follow and light to digest, Miss Granny is best watched with family and friends.

GENRE:  Family, Comedy  GRADE:  B+



♥ Obsessed (2014) – It is your typical cheating husband to a naïve, unhappy married wife movie… not much story, a lot of sex. The end.

GENRE:  Erotic, Drama, Romance    GRADE:  C



♥ My Brilliant Life (2014) – This is by far the only Song Hye Gyo movie that I enjoyed. It was heart-warming, simple and a nice family movie. Although sad, the drama is not scattered and most of the time evoking. A young couple raising their child with a rare disease have to confront the sad reality that the child who changed their fate is bound to leave them permanently. It talks about the importance of family and the magical bond that every parents and their children have. Engaging, no complications just pure narration of a loving family story.

GENRE:  Family, Drama     GRADE:  B+



♥ Cart (2014) – Cart is a movie I won’t show to omma because it will induce a long story-telling with bits of labor law lessons she gained from being a Union officer and a National Women’s Rights organization member. I have a vague memory of going to those labor strikes they did when I was young but it was not as oppressing as what was depicted in the movie.
Cart tells about the painstaking battle of a supermarket laborers’ union who were illegally dismissed by the company they have worked hard to serve with while the main characters dealt with their own family problems.
It is a movie that encourages social awareness to the rights that we have as employees that we sometimes overlook because big companies have a way of bending rules and most of the time would always choose profit over people.
Cart is not a weekend movie you can enjoy after a week-long stress filled work, though thought-provoking and emotionally written, I think it will be more appropriate for students to watch for them to get a glimpse of the real world.
GENRE:  Drama, Family         GRADE:  B
♥ C’est si Bon (2015) –  There’s just something sincerely sweet when turning screen pages of love stories that were  set when romance was not digitally induced and when couples actually talk and share kisses because they reached that loving point through shared memories of being together all the time.

C’est si Bon tells the story of a famous acoustic music hall in 1970’s Seoul, South Korea where free spirited singers were applauded by its vibrant 20’s audience.  Two already famous singers Song Chang Sik and Yoon Hyung Joo were joined by Oh Geun Tae and together formed C’est si Bon trio which became a favorite act of the music lounge patrons.

I love the guitar-based music and songs in this period love and friendship film.  It was calming and inducing of ardent memories we tend to recall  in bittersweet  bliss.  It made me exhaust what online resources can give me to listen to Twin Folio’s  music.  It moved me to a realization that I dig love movies with a lead man who does  everything stupid he can all for his  first love.  *wink

I don’t know if being in my 30’s have caused me to be fond of period stories these days, but staged in 70’s era the costume and production design were done superbly solidifying my dream wedding in 60’s and 70’s theme.  Haha  With enough humor and wit and uncomplicated  narration, I enjoyed the cheerful  vibe of the movie all throughout and felt sad on the heart-wrenching scenes.

For some lucky ones they would end up with a happy-ever-after, but for some loving the person with all their heart is the closest they can get to be with their one great love.  I give you C’est si Bon if you want a solitary and quiet movie me time filled with love.

GENRE:  Romance, Musical, Friendship     GRADE: B

Cest si Bon KMovie Quick Review



♥ The Beauty Inside (2015) – Love they say is felt from our hearts  and nurtured by the memories.  In this heartfelt and innovative romance movie, you would feel good on how a sincere adoration can know no boundaries and believe a seemingly impossible love.

Skilled in woodwork and furniture making, Kim Woo Jin has been living in shadows because of his rare situation.  He wakes up to a different body each time he sleeps.  He has managed to live through his strange misfortune until he fell in love with Yi Soo.  And in his earnest heart, he braved the love odds, and in time won the understanding heart of Yi Soo who loves the beauty she sees inside him.  She has courageously loved the changing face of Woo Jin regardless if he’s a man or a woman, young or old, local or foreign.

But the uncertainty of their relationship emerged and Woo Jin was left no choice but to go away in order for Yi Soo not to hurt herself because of her strange love affair with him.  In time, both came to terms how their lives don’t go anywhere and has been despondent since they fell apart.  Recognizing the artistic value of a foreign furniture maker Yi Soo went to chase the hermit-ing love of her life and promised her future to him even if he kept pushing her away.

Great editing and amazing love story.  The chronicling of the bizaare love for Woo Jin and Yi Soo will be encouraging to those who have doubts in their current relationships.  It teaches the value of faith that everything will work out for as long as both hearts dance to the same rhythm of love.  It is a reminder that it is not a person’s physical attributes that would sustain a couple’s love but the memories and the quiet moments when we feel in our hearts that we are loved.

GENRE:  Romance, Romcom     GRADE:  B

The Beauty Inside Korean Movie Quick Review


♥  The Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015) – I have watched a lot of what-i-did-for-love movies, but nothing has prepared me to the lead guy willing to sell his blood just so he can marry the girl of his dreams.  *chuckles  Crafted in a traditional post Korean war background, the family featured in the film will leave you affirming realizations on love, family and life.  I guarantee you will love the hero of the story in his bold ways, idiot times and fatally sweet acts.

GENRE:  Drama, Romance, Family     GRADE:  C+



♥ The Crown “Sado” (2015) – From the moment the film opened to the agonizing and poignant scene of the king who ordered his son to death by imprisoning him inside a rice crate, I was rendered confused on what I will learn and who I will blame on the ill-fated life of Crown Prince Sado.  *chuckles  The director achieved a well-executed story-telling even when he started on a climactic point while traversing the past life of the main characters.  It was a brilliant switching of character thoughts and development while unraveling the conflicts and the plot of the film.  It was an exchange of point of views that were equally battled out making the protagonist turn to being an antagonist and vice versa.

Albeit the despondent tone, for me it did not mar the ruminative effect of the film.  It was definitely meaning to present the inconsolable truth about the depth of a parental and filial love.  In the case of the main characters in the narrative, it was an unfortunate conflict that was not resolved both in real life and the film.

GENRE:  Drama, Period     GRADE:  B



♥ Assassination (2015) – Maybe because I like history that’s why I have patience with period and war films.  Plus the fact that the plot covered espionage and and it was top billed by acclaimed South Korean actors, those are enough reasons why I enjoyed the swift moving and easy to  follow historical movie based on the happenings of Korean  Independent movement in the Japanese occupation period.  The story and screenplay were not complicatedly conceived which is good because the film was mostly filled with gun fights and action scenes.  But even with the brawling binge, the conversations of the cast flowed naturally in the story explaining what was happening and where it was going.  That’s what I first notice, the narration was neat and straight to the point without diminishing the thrill of the plot.

The conclusion was half-sad and half-resolved as the conflict culminated to the freedom army completing their task although losing the hired assassins who helped out in the spur of the moment for that cause.  It’s not typical to get happy  endings with all your main characters intact on the closing curtains in action films, but at least the closure satisfied the decently written story.

GENRE:  Drama, Period     GRADE:  B+



♥ The Last Princess (2016) – I felt like a hundred dementors attacked me after watching this movie.  It was so poignant and sad that it halted my korean movie binge watch plan.  Nevertheless if you are a fan of period drama, you would appreciate the melancholic narrative of the fate of the last Joseon princess.

GENRE:  Drama, Period     GRADE:  B


♥ Train to Busan (2016) – It was an exhaustingly superb zombie apocalypse thriller movie. Train to Busan lived up to its South Korean box office hype as it propelled a simple zombies-chasing-people-on-board-a-train premise, to a gripping thrill and excitement from start to finish.  While the protagonists were fighting to survive, the movie experience were putting me and my friends on a rollercoaster ride of uphill emotions and omg screams.  

I was all cheering for the heroes in escaping the brutal attack of the walking corpses while hating the villain dying in a manner he did not deserve.  I refrain from watching suspense films because I hate stupid fictional characters, but kudos to the main cast they were all good holding and keeping the cliff-hanging scenes of the story.  If there was one wish I would have wanted was for the main hero to have survived because it was really sad that after what they went through, he still did not live.  But as it is an armageddon movie type, tragedy is expected and at any rate it was a fulfilling narrative that I was happy to see in the big screen.
Though the zombies were not scary looking for me, the placements as the main conflict in the story all throughout has had me at the brink of my seat everytime obstacles were thrown to the main characters.  The zombies were so quick in their movements complementing the fast pace trajectory of the story which in turn made the narrative so addictively enthralling.
If you are up for a thriller then you should not miss this wickedly conceived spectacle.   I promise you heart raising moments and varying emotions that would keep your interest on erratic movements as you feel like racing along with the characters in  steering clear of the attacking zombies.
GENRE:  Thriller, Drama     GRADE:  B

♥ Time Renegades (2016) – Though the movie felt like Back to the Future with me sans the fluid narratice execution and witty humor, it did not make me feel good after.  I applaud the strong portrayals of the main leads as it was kinda expected of them to deliver.  Actually it took me three days to finally be done watching the movie.  It was not that bad, but it just did not enthrall me.  The switches from past and present and the clues used from the timelines struggled because the connecting links I felt were easy to predict.  Given that it played on alternating timetables, the pushes and surprises I felt should have been done furtively and distinctly like how Nine Times Travel was done.Nevertheless I still recommend the movie if you are up for a supernatural and time defying romance.  It might have not hit my love movie palate but who knows you might like the ride?  

GENRE: Supernatural, Romance, Thriller     GRADE:  C




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  1. hey abby how’re you? i met you a few years ago back when i had a facebook and you went on a seoul trip i think. you prob don’t remember me but we have the same name haha
    planning on getting back on the horse after taking a break on kdrama/film-obsessing and i remembered you. lol i hope you have any updates on a few new korean films i could get hooked on to get me started. talk soon

    I bookmark this page forever.
    yeaaaaaaa i bet your life is full of korean movies, isn’t it? you have sooooo much on the list.

  3. hi abby,

    i dont normally comment on anything over the internet, i’m just too lazy or too busy to do that, hehe.. but what urged me to do so now was because we basically have the same love and admiration for korean films, it really warms the heart watching these movies, even those with sad endings… what really got me started with the craze was “my sassy girl” – an all-time favorite, and i’m really really glad that lovely movie was my first.. i love ha ji won, kim ha neul, and my ultimate crush jeong ryeo won from “two faces of my grilfriend” and “never endiing story”…

    i’ve watched close to a hundred (no kidding) of korean movies and i’m still proudly continuing to do so. some of the k-movies that i saw recently which you may wanna watch and rate is “hide and seek” (suspense) and “misschange” (comedy R), i don’t think i saw them on your list yet, maybe soon… 😀

    basically, i wrote just to thank you for doing all of this, everybody’s grateful for your blog and for the list. wanna give a two thumbs up, way up, for your love of korean films. by the way, i am a filipino too, from cavite.. may i know where you’re from abby, if it’s not too much to ask? 😀 thanks!

    1. Hi randy thank you for d warm comment… hope to hear thoughts about what you have seen soon…and it’s nice that we share the same favorites… hope to hear from you soon.. ^_^

  4. Greetings from the UK, I’ve just gotten into k-movies and I have to say that they are surprisingly amazing! I’ve watched nearly half of the movies from your list. 🙂 Are you planning to release a list of Japanese romantic films? I’ve seen koizora, I give my first love to you and also kimi ni todoke which are great! Once again, thanks for making this list! 😀

    1. Hi Jeff… I appreciate the warm response… The 3 Japanese movies you’ve mentioned I have already seen and yes they are good… I like some Japanese dramas and movies, but sometimes there’s really a nudge lacking on their finish products so I prefer how Koreans do it. ^_^ 10 promises to my dog and Departures and Miyazaki and Kurosawa films are also my favorites. ^_^

  5. then i realize, there’s a lot more to watch…

    i have my own lists of Korean movies and dramas, and while looking for something to watch i saw this blog and Hey!, where are those good movies listed and why i haven’t seen them yet?
    Copied all the titles of the movies that i haven’t seen together with your comments and sent them on my personal mail and will surely crossout one by one as i am really planning to watch them. Notes have been highly appreciated, makes me decide whether i should watch the move or not.. To the blogger: komowo, geu doum, kamsahabnida!

    Among of the list, “miracle in cell #7” is one of the bests Kmovies i ever watched. “it will make you laugh, it will make you cry!”, and im quite proud of myself watching it first before my friends does and i can brag to them as they post the movie in Facebook, lol.
    its just, most of my favorite Kmovies are listed here so i have this thought that our taste are the same, and im looking forward to see those movies you recommended.

    anyhow, sure you also enjoy Kdrama. How about a list of them too?? *wink

    1. Hi ghie, thank you for appreciating my list… hmmm I have my drama list rating too on this site so I will refer you to that and yearly I also have a year-end review for the dramas I watched, unfortunately though you have to dig on my site just go to the archives and most likely in December or January months…

    1. Hi, i’m still working on my movie list and hopefully I wi be able to add the most recent I saw… japanese romantic list, i only saw kimi nimtodoke, koizora and i give my first love to you.. oh and cyborg she is half japanese and korean.. ^_^

  6. unni, another great review! but I’m having difficulty with the scroll bar maybe because of the long entry 😦 I can’t read it all even if I want to. maybe you can divide it into pages?

    1. Sorry dear, kkk i think if u use desktop it’s ok, on my tab it also takes time to load… there’s a page of it on my blog, i dont know if it loads fast… when i have a lot of time dear, i will do a post for each movie entry and just link it… ^_^

  7. I salute you to the extreme :))) you surely helped a lot of people through this site.. Please keep on updating movies.. Godbless. #bangismopo

  8. Hi. Thanks for this list. ^.^ Do you know that kind of movie where that begins with some kind of childhood when one girl and boy are sitting on the grass and she gives him painting and after many years they are going at the sime school but he is still really sick and he doesnt have much time left so they try to do as much as they can. Skipping school. His friend(she) from hospital doesnt have much time but she never haved kissed so he kiss her. I cant find that movie. I hope for your help. Thank you ^.^

  9. this blog is sooooo cool! i’ve enjoyed on how you express your opinions on every movie XD … its funny and so uuhhhmmm…. ah yeah AMUSING XD oh by the way if you find any movie which have the same impact as the MIRCLE IN CELL #7 please… please……………. please!!! tell me inform me XD.. keep up the good work.

  10. hello jediprincess… na amaze ako sa dami ng Korean movies and drama na pinapanuod mo, paano mo napagkakasya ang oras mo, medyo naaddict na rin ako sa mga Kseries and movies to the point na 2 hrs na lang ang tulog ko, ako nga pala c Marilyn ng Dubai, pwede ba tayo maging friends sa facebook?

  11. At last! whew! After hmmmm…, after almost… i guess almost 10 years of searching for website or blog like this, I am really happy right now to find this.. You know jediprincess, I am also starting to create my blog about korean movies. (more of romantic korean movies) since i’ve watched many korean movies already. but when i see this site, I feel so novice in terms of watching korean movies. I think, I just watched around 60% of what you have posted here. I need to watch the 40%. Hehehe. Anyways, I really want to thank you for creating this site. I am a big fan of korean movies, series and a bit of kpop, but I am more hooked to korean movies. Since 1st year high school, I already watching korean films until now . I do have friends who also likes to watch these films, but not to that extent. I am so happy that I found your site. Not all of my friends understands my addiction. And because of this addiction, some people think that I am gay but no. I am a man. And I’m not a gay. I just really love watching korean films because some of them has a very good story line and most of them has a beautiful/pretty leading lady. Hehehehe. And I am a hopeless romantic person. =( That is why watching these films will always give me hope to find my one true love. (Hehehehe. so cheesy) Anyway, to sum it up, I just want to thank you. Thank you and thank you for creating and sharing this site. Well, i need to start watching the 40% already. Hehehehe. kamsahamnida! annyong-hasseyo! =)

    1. HI Larc,

      That was a lengthy message, I don’t know how to respond… appreciate the warm response and if you have suggestions that I haven’t seen yet please feel free to tell it to me so I can also add it on my list. Happy Watching. Rom-com productions are declining you might want to consider jumping on kdramaland too as they never run out of quality romcoms. Take care. God Bless. ^_^

  12. I just saw “Always’… It was really awesome and will be forever my favorite movie. Before I didn’t like So Ji Sub, but because of this movie, I really find him so handsome and just like what he said in the movie, he looks really manly. Waaahhhh I really love it. I thought it will be a sad ending.

      1. I’ve seen the postman to heaven already. It was okay. I still like “always” haha. 🙂
        Actually I’ve seen 70% of your list already. Pinay here btw. ^^
        Where do you download these movies? Are you an asiatorrents member?
        I only DL them thru torrents sites eh…

  13. Good thing i chanced upon your blog, very helpful. Whenever i have free time here in UK, i watch korean dramas. I also appreciate the comments and recommendations of your readers. Best regards

  14. i have to say that.. its really a long list.. wow thank you so much.. seems like you really like TEARJERKERS and heartbreaks..
    btw i love rom-com.. so the MOVIES that you rate B+ are my tops/A+. and the many of the movies you rate A+ , A i wouldnt even dare to look at it… (* i am sorry i hate to cry*)….
    you really gave me an insight to “what- to -watch” mind..TY keep goiing

  15. This is such a great list 🙂 I enjoyed reading all your comments about the flm. I will surely watch some movies that’s on your list 🙂

  16. Thanks for the list. I have already watched couple of them, just now finished watching ‘More than blue’. God help me… I am getting addicted to Korean movies. Keep updating and happy watching. 🙂

      1. Thanks again. Finished watching Pained. Its really worth watching. Kwon Sang Woo is a great actor, I have watched his couple of other movies as well. Since I don’t understand Korean so sometimes it gets difficult to search the movies with english subs with good quality over the internet. If you know of any website where its easily available then let me know as well.
        Happy watch ^_^

  17. Hey Kdrama fans. I had a question about a subtitle translation I’ve seen frequently. A lot of times characters say, “I’m leaving first” when they leave a person or group of people. Is this a correct saying in Korea? I’m assuming it means something like “Hey, I’m taking off, See you later” which is what we would say here in the states. I was just curious. BTW, I’m watching City Hunter now. Loving it. Only 6 more episodes to go!

  18. ‘My Sassy Girl’ is the best of all. I adore Jun Ji Hyun. I wish I could see her then in real. I love her from the core of my heart.

  19. Tony, really. You should have warned me 49 Days was a tear jerker. *sniff* And I stayed up all night to watch it too. Thanks for the Secret Garden recommendation. That one was lovely. I wish I had watched them in reverse order. I’m now on to Heartstrings. Hoping to get over my 49 Days sadness…

    1. Heheh yeah 49days is proper sad took me a while to digest the ending. Messed my head up lol
      Heart strings was ok but not my favorite thou .
      Hope alls well and your still having fun 🙂

      1. Tony, I just wrapped up Heartstrings last night. It was ok, but I agree not a favorite. It won’t stay long on my mind. I still think about 49 days. The whole Scheduler farewell keeps coming to mind. *sigh* Not sure what I’m going to watch next. Netflix keeps suggesting Boys over Flowers so maybe that.

      2. That’s a great suggestion , also flower boy next door also is good ie same series boys before flowers (korean) is the greatest watch that next 🙂

      3. I like flower boy next door more than boys over flowers… among all the flower boys saving damsels in distress dramas… flower boy next door is really my favorite.. ^_^

      4. Flower Boy Next Door isn’t on Netflix so I’d have to watch that one another way. Maybe Hulu. I’ve been sticking with Netflix because it’s so easy to switch back and forth from TV to my Kindle Fire. I’m sorry I’ve been writing responses between this blog and your K-drama blog. I think I’ve made it confusing. You had requested some the picks Netflix has been giving me. I have that list over there. I do have to say I like happy endings over the tragic ones. Really, if I had to do it over I would have stopped watching 49 Days on the 19th episode.

      5. Hehe don’t hold your breath over happy ending korean dramas even Japanese ones are quite emotional and sad I’ve not encountered many really happy endings obviously there are happy endings but usually quite sad through out the end hehe you have to admit though 49 days was exceptional drama though

      6. Yes, yes Tony. I realize happy ending K-dramas is a oxymoron *laughing*. Still, there are a few that end well. I liked the ending of Secret Garden, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, even Heartstrings ended ok. 49 Days WAS exceptional. It could have ended after episode 19 and been perfect. And besides the bad ending the whole birth secret thing was just annoying and unnecessary. I understand what they were trying to do but it wasn’t executed very well. I think the key for me will be to intersperse the melodramas with the rom-coms. I wouldn’t take back watching A Moment to Remember or Now and Forever, two of the most heart wrenching and best movies I’ve seen to date.

  20. Abby, I am back from my vacation and hit the dramas. I went to Netflix and picked the first one it pulled up. I started with I Need Romance. Watched it all in 2 days. I am now watching Flower Boy Ramen Shop and will probably finish it tonight. You and Tony said you’d give me some pointers where to start. What should I look for next? Man, I knew it was going to be dangerous starting on the dramas… I was thinking City Hunter next. I’m liking the ones I’ve seen so far. *laughing*

    1. Hay lyn hope you had a good vacation , right a list to get you started …il take it easy on you hehe

      These are easy going and completed series so you won’t have to wait for these

      Gu family book ( loved every episode )
      That fool ( Awesome I thought )
      Birth secret ( very cool )
      Painter of the wind ( really good story ) non fictional historical
      City hunter ( I really like rain dramas he’s a good actor )
      Arang the magistrate ( nice ghost story line )
      Faith ( time travel great great series )

      That should keep you going for a week il provide more when ur done with these

      If you dare this is a top quality list of the best dramas to me

      49 days ( one of the best dramas ever don’t forget the issues )
      Boys before flowers ( apart of the flower shop boys series )
      Flower boy next door
      Can you hear my heart
      Crazy for you ( This one was crazy emotionally epic it blew me away )
      Dae jang gem ( amazing historical )
      Dong yi
      Yi San
      Empress chun chu
      Queen Seon duk ( you have to watch this first this is the epic of all epic dramas )
      House doctor ( great too )

      There’s lots more but I’d be here all night and you won’t have enough time in the day to finish this list lol

      Ps how are you finding

      1. Had a great vacation, thanks for asking. Went from awesome 70’s weather back to my 105/109 weather though. That’s been horrible! LOL Thank you so much for the list Tony. I remember seeing a lot of these titles on my Netflix list. Gooddrama has been good but I watch a lot of things on my Kindle Fire and it doesn’t support Flash so I can’t use that site there. I start with Netflix and then if I can’t find it I head to gooddrama and watch from my computer. The dramas are going to take me awhile. You’re definitely right about not having enough time in the day to finish your list! 🙂

      2. Lol yeah do try watch what’s on that list I feel these are the best ones of the top of my head there are more obviously but these are a good start , if u arnt in to the historical ones leave them to last and watch the current drams ie flower shop boys ones but I would recommend you start with

        Secret garden
        49 days
        Boys before flower

        Start with these 3 because I feel these you will enjoy the most

        I’m currently marching through the big boys At the moment ie cheer up mr Kim currently over 100 episodes and still going lolol yesterday finished a Chinese drama called princess pearl 2 98 episode there believe me when I say Chinese drama are harder to follow than a korean one hehe

      3. So sorry you’re fighting the flu Abby-Blech! Hope you feel better soon. Thank you both for your lists. I wrapped up Flower Boy Ramen Shop last night. I really enjoyed it. I think I’m finally getting the concept of Oppa now. he he… That and I really want to get a REAL bowl of ramen, not that Maruchan packaged ramen we have here in the states. I remember when I was in college we had two Korean exchange students in the dorm who shared their really good noodles. I wonder how I can get those nowadays?! It was midnight and I knew I should have gone to bed but I still started in with Secret Garden after finishing Flower Boy. LOL This one will probably take me a bit longer. It looks like there’s more episodes and they are longer in duration.

    2. Happy you had a nice vacation,

      While iam writing this, a website for streaming kdramas and movies was shut down so kdeamaaddicts i am sure will be enraged… as for my recommendations, i have my drama list/ratings page, quick descriptions were also written.. idk yet if u will like period dramas, but they will grown on you eventually…

      I am nursing a flu and trying to finish all my pending downloads in the event that cyber police take down all online resources..

  21. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another shake up in the world of Drama streaming, for those who dont know, in the last year we have lost a number of very good streaiming sites to licensing law suits such as, MySoju & EPdrama.

    Today around an hour ago, yet another amazing site ran by a collective of drama fans has been taken down.

    DramaCracy, fondly known by its fans as DC anounced that they would be atking the site down, no real explination has been given as of yet, there are now many fans who do not know where to go to get their daily fix.

    RIP – DC

    1. Is this right mr d drama crazy is being taken down … If so that’s not right the site gets all the shows really quickly and subbed really fast too there even quicker than gooddrama
      It’s a sad day in the k drama world 😦

  22. Hi, everyone, really thank you for this great list. It will be of great help to me in the next few months as I am planning to watch them all. I already saw some of them already, and the most lovable one to me every and every is Daisy, never tired of watching it again and again. I like also My sassy girl, A moment to remember. But sometime, I find it difficult to understand the Korean movies. It has something strange in the script or the directing. It makes me a little bit confused, may be I am used to the American movies and its theme, may be so. Anyway, thank you very much. I am from Egypt by the way

    1. Hi amany,

      Appreciate the warm response… you’ll get used to their culture just watch some more, and their movies will somehow teach you about their culture.. you can also ask me if there are things you want to ask, if i know the answer i will surely help…

      And it’s nice to meet someone from Egypt… It’s one of my dream travel destination… take care. -jediprincess

      1. =P 9 x 9 is AMAZING!!!

        definitely worth watching

        Noona, what other dramas have you on your current watch list??

        Mr Ð

      2. I am watching Shark, I hear your voice, and Cyrano these days… Finishing Fugitive of Joseon hopefully until next week..

        I am also hooked to variety these days… Appa Odiga and 1 night 2 days…

        What about you?

      3. im struggling to find time to research dramas worth watching, i watched the japanese film adaptation of Ruroni kenshin, great film and have to say i now have alot of music by “one ok rock” who did the titles music =)

        Can you put me a list together of must watch stuff please noona x

        Mr Ð

      4. I liked the kenshin movie too.. there’s this famous dorama where the actor in kenshin was the main lead as well.. if u will check it out, please give me feedback..

      5. Hmm, any idea what the drama is called? ill see if i can watch it.

        I started watching Shark at 11pm, its now 2.30am…………….i’m still watching Shark……….hook, line and sinker, lookes like coffee and a sandwhich =)

        Im looking out to watch Jung Yi, should have first 2 ep with eng sub by wed/thurs

        P.S. sorry i havn’t been around much, not only work but lotta family stuff too, my brother and my sisiter both have a baby due in the next 6 weeks, been a bit mad in my family recently

        Mr Ð

  23. BTW, one that I’ve watched over and over has been Always, Only You. I’d say that one is at the top of my list. I’m sure you’ve seen more than me though and haven’t missed it! LOL

    1. Oh I’ve watched a fair few enough now I have to troll around for hours to find some thing to watch , just you wait till you venture in to the tv series i.e. kDramas then you will be in for a treat I wish I was watching some of these for the first time again lol specialy when u have got things like

      dong yi ( absolutely stunning )
      Queen Seon deok ( the best historical drama ) for me
      San yi
      Painter of the wind ( STARS THE GIRL FROM MY LITTLE BRIDE)
      Faith ( brilliant )
      Arang the magistrate ( amazing )
      My girlfriend is a gumiho ( marvellous )

      This should keep u going for the next hundred years lol

      1. Tony I can’t even imagine starting in on the dramas! I’ve got so many movies to watch. I watched Windstruck last night. It was good. Comedy, a little action and drama all in one. I started to watch Cyborg She but only got through the first 20 minutes before I had to get some things done. I’m heading off to a beach vacation tomorrow and will be away from viewing anything for a week. I’ve been watching 2 movies a night. It will be interesting to see if I go through any withdrawals! 🙂

      2. I am 50-50 at cyborg she.. idk i feel like kwak jae young has really suffered at one point in his love life that he really is into claiming love from the past and future timeline.. it worked well in msg and the classic but not fully in cyborg she…

      3. Heheh I would defiantly suffer if I was on vacation , well enjoy your self I’m quite jealous lol me and my kids will only be going away for a few days this year pennies are a bit low hehe

      4. You haven’t seen the Chinese version of Mulan the one with Zhao Wei yet Abby yes there’s a live adaption and its good

      5. Yes there is a love aspect in this but not a romantic one as u could make sense of but it’s a bitter sweet romance you just have to see for your self

      6. Ah, the south of England. It’s only 9:50am here-time for breakfast! I’m actually at work too-last day before vacation. Whoo hoo! I looked up the Mulan film info. I haven’t watched anything like that yet. I’ll have to check it out.

    2. I’m pleased u watched Windstruck now now just watch cyborg girl lol and I know of daisy Abby but I can’t bring my self to watch it because of knowing how it ends 😦
      Oh I have another recommendation for you Lynn you can watch it on the site …watch Mulan it is a Chinese film but utterly brilliant

      1. Tony, I too haven’t watched Daisy because I know how it ends! I’ll get to it eventually though. It does seem like it would be good. I really liked Jung Woo-sung in A Moment to Remember. I watched Sad Movie because of him too. I was going to watch A Good Rain Knows but Abby didn’t have a very good review for it.

      2. Lyn unnie, i’m about to sleep now.. yes, please don’t watch a good rain knows.. *lol you have to start on kdramas after your beach vacation just like what tony oppa recommended.. tony oppa, one of my suggested script in jang ok jung i heard came true, but i haven’t seen it yet because Nine Times travel had me glued watching it? I hope it is true that it was salvaged in the dying episodes.

        Lyn unnie, if you will attempt on dramas, watch the regular favorites first.. we will be sharing you recommendations when you are ready. ^_^

      3. I’m going to be biased here now and say I really only watch some movies because of the actresses lol
        I am a huge fan of historical dramas and movies At the moment this is what I’ve been doing of late

      4. Aha!!! I knew it! That’s unfair oppa! I remembered watching Miss Go, with a really bad looking lead man… aissi! But I finished it because we’ll never know oppa when NoKor will attack so we have to watch whatever they give us. Lol just kidding.. ^_^

      5. Good night Abby. Too bad for the time difference. Been enjoying chatting this morning (well, MY morning LOL)

      6. Really Abby hehe how exciting il look forward to the final episode then and hope they end the show with a acceptable ending that’s not going to give every dong yi fan a heart attack and a Joj fan an early death lol

      7. I also can’t believe it, was meaning to watch it but I’m drawn to Nine plus im intending to watch it when it is all over.. i was already resigned to the idea of a bad ending and that the only thing that can salvaged it will be a topless yoo ah in screening, but of course a king can’t do that.. lol i hope they will end at a happy note.. that is joj happy in l8ve and not yet embracing the dark side.. ^_^

      8. Oh yeah your morning Lynn my late afternoon and Abby’s bed time I think we just about cover it all lol

      9. Lol i remembered someone inviting me to a group blog, but i politely declined because of time difference.. now here’s a taste of that dismissed possibility.. I am off at work that’s why I can hang out until my eyes drop…

      10. Too true Tony, too true. Where in the UK are you? And where in the Philippines is Abby? I think I’ve already said I’m in California. I’m assuming people know where that is in the US but I could be wrong. The only place I really think about when I think of the UK is London and England is so much more than that! LOL

      11. I am in Manila Lynn unnie.. yes I know CA… I work for GE Capital Retail finance, if you have store credit cards, I handle fraud prevention… and yes London and England are what we normally know of UK. Lol

      12. Yeah the real life Chinese adaption is great Zhao Wei is the lead actress she’s on of chinas best female actresses. And I’m from south England in Hampshire county it’s only 5:34 pm At the moment

      13. Ah, the south of England. It’s only 9:50am here-time for breakfast! I’m actually at work too-last day before vacation. Whoo hoo! I looked up the Mulan film info. I haven’t watched anything like that yet. I’ll have to check it out.

      14. Good I’m sure ul like Mulan 🙂 I hope you have a good day at work I’m off now to cook my kids tea so have fun and don’t work to hard lol

  24. It’s funny you mention Cyborg Girl. That was one I kept looking for last night but couldn’t find! I’ll look at I’ve seen My Sassy Girl (loved the 2nd half of the movie, not so much the 1st half) and My Little Bride (beyond cute!) I’ll keep the others at the top of my list. Thanks!

  25. I have been avoiding Windstruck because I know I’ll probably cry like a big fat baby. I stopped watching Korean movies for awhile after watching A Moment to Remember. LOL Really, so many of these movies need cry-o-meters! I would rate A Moment to Remember as a 10. The movie Now and Forever was a 9. Sad Movie (which I should have known by the title-duh!) was an 8. Always, Only You was probably a 6. Windstruck really is on my list to watch so I’ll bump it up on your glowing recommendation. But really, what’s the range on the cry-o-meter? Just so I can be prepared you understand… 😉

    1. Oh it’s a blubber festival … It’s the only film that has actually left an impact on my life were I can’t stop thinking about what went on in the movie I was so hooked in to the characters on a different level like no other film I’ve watched .. Like I said i recommend whole heartily .
      Ah yes the ones you have recommended are great too .. Let me see … Try

      My sassy girl (korean one)
      My little bride ( awesome film )
      As one ( table tennis film but really good )
      Cyborg girl ( Japanese film .. Absolutely brilliant film ) try watch his one soon u won’t regret it

      These so much more I can recommend but I’d be here all night and probably crash this site 😀

    2. Hi tony oppa and lynn, i just woke up.. lol yup a moment to remember was a super tearjerker… i didnt know that you love windstruck tony oppa… my saddest jun ji hyun movie for me still is daisy… you should check it too lynn.. my newer favorites include neverending story, werewolf boy, love 911 and my ps partner…those are very nice romcoms… ^_^

      1. Abby, I’ve watched My PS Partner several times! It’s one of my faves. I’ve also seen Love 911 and liked it though it’s not one I’ll probably watch over and over. I’ve tried to find Werewolf Boy but have to go to a different website than I’ve been using. Tony had an awesome recommendation but I found out last night it doesn’t work on my Kindle Fire. You need Flash to run it. Darn technical difficulties! LOL All is not lost though. I can watch on my computer. Last night I watched Windstruck and Loveholic. Of course I cried after Windstruck. It was amusing to me to see the actor in the last scene. He looked familiar *laughing*.

      2. I see that Jung Ryeo-won is in Never Ending Story. She was really good in Castaway on the Moon. Can’t wait to see her in Never Ending.

      3. It’s a really nice watch unnie.. i love the humor.. the couple had strange adorable chemistry not that so romantic but you feel the sincerity of their connection. ^_^

  26. Abby, shouldn’t YOU be sleeping? Isn’t it 2 in the morning where you are? he he… I always have to check the internet to see what time it is around the world these days. It’s only 11am here. Thanks for the other sites. Looks like I have a lot of places to go for my movie fix. I usually watch them on my Kindle Fire so I disturb the hubby and kiddos. Whatever works, I say. I have to say I tried watching a movie the other night (My Scary Girl) because it was available to watch and I remember seeing the title on your website. I forgot to read the review though. I couldn’t even finish it. You had rated it a “D”! Lesson learned, read your reviews first! LOL

    1. Hay lynn 🙂 and thx aby for answering that one you were better suited to answer that one anyway lol
      Well lynn I have one recommendation for you and you must watch it .. it got me started on the whole thing and this film is utterly fantastic please watch Windstruck and let me know what you think of it I am confident you will fall in love with this film . This has no baring on the fact I absolutely love Jun Ji Hyun 😛

      here is part one just click play on the top video and click each part once finished 🙂

      1. wow, seems Abbey noona has some new fans.

        Just popping back to say hi to all Asian film and drama lovers out there.

        @ Lynn, if you are evr struggling to find links, try the video strems links about, i provided a bunch of links around ayear ago, i know some no longer work and i will try and do my best to update noona with updated links.

        My Sassy Girl is a definite must watch, cheeky, cute and completely heart wrenching all at the same time, i would also highly recomend The Classic.

        As far as dramas go, Secret Garden and Queen Inhyuns man are must see’s

        And just to finish “yobo” is a tearm of endearment too, roughly translates to honey.

        @ Tony, nice to see noona has another devout (now helpless) follower, i first found this site by accident after watching The classic and wanting more asian films to watch, ive been stuck here since =)

        If you want something a little more accessible and less likely to make u get all emotional i would highly recomend the dramas of Ghost and City Hunter, both very well put together.

        @ Noona, hope ive not been away too long, ive had an awful lot happening, been trying to keep up with a few dramas but in all honesty my memory has turned to mush and cant even remember the titles of most with out being prompted =(

        Missing you and the world of K drama

        My love to all

        Mr Ð

      2. rich,

        i miss you..

        you’ve been busy?

        kdramaland is steady these days but I’m still waiting for new favorites…

        Have you seen? NIne? JOJ and the disappointing Gu Family Book?

      3. Hehe thx Mr D ive been Hooked just as you said for months now .. and ive pretty much watched every thing known to man
        I even struggle to find stuff to watch most nights now because ive seen pretty much all K Drama / Movie even Japanese drams and films .. im even Battling through Princess Pearl 2 atm which is actually quite good hehe ,
        im now subjected waiting each week for new episodes of the shows such as Cruel palace , Gu An Heo , The Best Lee Soon shin ETC … all the good ones 🙂 But my Favourite K Drama atm is definitely ” I Summon You Gold ”
        Once in a while il stubble on to a really good drama for instance I randomly found “Boku to Star no 99 Nichi ” which was Brilliant lol or ” That Fool ” which is my favourite .
        Well its nice to meet you hope we can converse here some more and share some thought once in a while 🙂

      4. Tony oppa,

        Have you checked MOnstar? I still am deciding whether to watch it or not, I don’t like teen angsty dramas these days as it’s raining a lot in my country… Is it good?

      5. Yeaah I remember what you said about teenie bopper dramas .. me personaly I don’t mind them they can be quite refreshing some times , im still watching it atm and it is slow but its not ” go team go team go! ” kind of tennie bopper drama, its got some good points and it has the music element to it also which I find great and the acting is really nice too I think worth a watch abby …

      6. @ Tony – ive seen boku star, one japanese series i would recomend for something different is Deus x machina – future diary, little bit more aimed at younger audience but the love story is sweet

        @ Noona – ive seen 9×9 and im watching crazy love, its not the crispest drama and one of the main actors ( j min- the husband) is terrible, i do like the lawyer and the main lead mi so.

        Mr Ð

  27. Thank you Tony and Abby for sharing some of your thoughts. We don’t have the elder titles in the US either. It’s a different concept to me when characters refer to older people as older sister or brother when they are not even related (or when they don’t even LOOK older-how do they KNOW they’re older? ha ha). There is a code or respect given to someone based on their age. And I’ve seen that you can’t be casual or familiar (on first name basis) with someone without being given that privilege by that person. Here you pretty much call people Mr. or Ms. only if they have authority over you like a teacher or a boss. Or a very young person to an adult. But adults to adults are pretty much equal. Tony, I’ll have to see how to watch the drama you recommended. Right now I’m only catching movies on whatever Netflix or Hulu has in their library or watching them on YouTube. It’s not like I can go down to the local video store or Redbox. I know there’s got to be another way but for now I’m working with what I’ve got.

    Abby, we have cougar love too though it’s more like women in their 40’s and 50’s with men in their 20’s. LOL A 7 year difference wouldn’t really catch anyone’s attention. Still, it drove the story in Fabulous 30 so I’ll roll with it. I understand that the movie My BF is blood type B was trying to show opposites attract but the male lead was so irritating I couldn’t believe someone would want to be with him. I haven’t seen much before about why a person’s blood type would matter but saw from the movie that some people think there’s a science to it. I have heard of A and B personality types so am guessing it’s along the same lines. It was also interesting to see there are actual agencies that help people find matches. I guess we have them here too but they’re not as big of operations as they seemed to be portrayed in some of the movies I’ve seen. We do have and eharmony though! he he… In He’s So Cool the lead was always fighting for no apparent reason and I couldn’t believe someone would want to be with a person like that. Maybe I lost something in the translation. I kept trying to figure out what there was to fight about. LOL

    Last night I watched You’re my Pet and Secret Love. Obviously, VERY different movies. I wish I had watched Pet first because Secret had me tossing and turning a bit with it’s ending!

    Thanks again Tony and Abby for talking with me about these movies. I’m kinda on my own over here in my little town in California.

    1. ahh your welcome lynn 🙂 it was abby who got me on to Korean movies after I stumbled on to this site and got to know abby really well ( shes a top women you know hehe :D)
      in response to you questions you are right the idea that people will use a different term while conversing with you .. for instance …..calling someone “oppa” (brother/boyfriend) and saying it in an affectionate way, like if you know him well.
      ahh…….20 years difference? or you can call him “sunbae” as to respect him as an older person.
      Or When you’re not that close with someone, but they are of similar age, you would use their first name plus ‘shi’ (씨) at the end.
      ex. Woo Young-Shi (우영씨) ….. im still learning this stuff lol

      If you really like watching Kdrams or movies then I REALLY recommend this web site so bookmark it its east to use just click the show from the list and embedded videos appear from different sources ie youtube etc just click start and it streams it and above the video theres numbers representing each part of the movie once 1st part if finished just click the part 2 and play again .. so on and so on .

      And yes its nice to meet you too its good to talk with another fan here 🙂

      1. Tony, thanks for the website recommendation. I was getting frustrated last night when I couldn’t find the movies I wanted to watch. I just kept going through my list until I found a title where 1. the picture wasn’t too bad and 2. I could actually read the English subtitles. I tried to watch Ditto but the one I found had really blurred purple subtitles I couldn’t come close to reading. I ended up watching “…ing” and “Miss Gold Digger”. I’ve learned I’ve got to watch the tear jerker first and then follow it up with something cute or light. Last night did the trick. BTW, I was wondering what “oppa” meant. I’ve heard it in many movies but didn’t know what it meant. I hadn’t noticed the ‘shi’ references. I probably will now. LOL

      2. Hi lynn,

        Tony oppa, might be sleeping so I will answer your question…

        “Oppa” is like a term of endearment for lovers… for siblings, a lady calls her older brother oppa too.. you can also use it for close male friends older than you…

        You might want to try and too… they have movies there too…

        Take care, Abby

  28. After watching some of these films I am interested in the cultural differences I see in the movie versus what I have grown up with. I’m kinda fascinated by how people eat around a central bowl on the table for instance. Or drinking what looks like hard liquor out of beer bottles that is poured into shot glasses. Or for that matter, the AMOUNT of drinking that goes on. And Karaoke seems to be a huge entertainment over there. Renting private rooms? Interesting. Silly things like different styles of mobile phones that have little chains and charms on them. I saw Fabulous 30 this weekend and couldn’t quite understand the lead girl having such angst over getting involved with a guy 7 years younger than her (and man, he was a DREAM!). She was only 31 at the beginning of the movie and she was considered OLD. Man, that’s a prime age. LOL I’ve seen about 30 of the movies on your list. I have to say I didn’t quite get/understand He’s So Cool and My BF is Type B but the most of them have been excellent. I’ve only got about 100 (or plus, plus!) to go. I hope you or other followers of your blog might answer some questions or give me some insight along the way…

    First, what’s up with the cell phones? he he…

    1. Hello Lynn , I too love korean drama/ film and find it fascinating the cultural differences in Korea to what I’m commonly used to here in the UK , things like family being the back bone of your existence and you do as the elder say marry who they tell you to marry the UK there are no such titles . And I too believe Koran s do think about age and tend to only date or marry some one he same age , all thou this info is from the hundreds of dramas I’ve watched in the last few months . I would love to experience this first hand as soon as I can come up with a thousand pound for the flights hehehe
      Also if you too like the culture I recommend watching some of the historical drams ie Dong yi , queen Seon de ok ( best drama ever) yi San , . If you want a good list message back and il make one for you 🙂 Happy watching

    2. Hi lynn,

      Asians are mostly close-knit family.. the central bowl when they eat is like the main dish, they have side dishes when they eat… Koreans love to drink too.. soju, they have those tents for drinking liquor after work or the cozy bars too.. karaoke or noraebang is also part of their culture as it engages everyone in the gathering..

      When a younger guy falls for an older woman, we call it cougar love, they call it noona romance.. and yes 30+ is considered old although most people marry in their early 30’s…

      My bf is blood type b tells the story of a rough man who falls in love with a nice girl and vice versa.. you see in romcom land, they love to pair people with impossible chance of falling in love, and they will make it work through premeditated coincidence. He was cool was another storyillness driven love story..

      Ill skip the midpart of my list and go to the recent ones ive posted… bandage, love 911, neverending story, werewolf boy are my recent favorites…

      Take care… ^_^ -jediprincess

  29. thanx jedi princess !!!
    i’m from INDIA but i loved those korean movies especially 1.always 2.windstruck 3.a moment to remember
    4.secret (Taiwanese) sassy girl 6.a millionaire’s first love girl and i 7.the classic
    hey though i watched ALMOST A LOVE STORY & I GIVE MY FIRST LOVE TO YOU but i want your reviews.
    i’m waiting for ur suggestions for some non korean but asian movies like those .
    btw i hope someday “he” wud find u and u wud find ur true love.
    tc . . .

  30. Hello Jediprincess. Thank you for this list, i almost watch 70% of korean movie on your list. thank you so much po. i even bookmark this site on my laptop so i could be updated to your new post of K-movie. I saw your blog a month now, when i search for “list of korean movie” … Thank you again po! 🙂

    1. Hi Aprille Rose,

      I’m happy to help you with your kmovie bucket. I am making sure to add movies each week for all of us. Take care and if there’s some recommendations you want me to watch, please feel free to do so. Take care. ^_^

  31. Hi 🙂 I must thank you for posting/creating “Korean Movies Blog”.I tried so many keywords just to find your blog. Thanks 🙂 I cried bucket of tears to A millionare’s First Love and A moment to remember. Dami ku pa hahabulin sa mga entries mu.hehehehe! Keep safe Ms. Jedipriness 🙂

  32. Hi..I would like to say thank you for making these movie summary and critics. I already watch some of the movies but there are so many now to be added on my bucket list and thanks to your effort, it makes me happy especially I am a korean drama/movie fanatic..Please keep us updated.

    1. HI Hershey,

      You’re welcome and I’m also happy doing this for all of us. Happy watching and if you have recommendations feel free to comment or email me. Take care. ^_^ -abby

  33. hi ate.. thx for the list.. done watching Cha Tae-hyun movies..
    i’ve been watching his movies for quite some time..
    never failed to amaze me..
    thx again for sharing your A-list.. ingatz.. 😉

  34. Thank you so much for your listing. I don’t know how I got hooked to this genre but I did. The very first movie I saw was Time Traveller. It was odd to me but I couldn’t help watching how it would play out. Now I’ve seen about a dozen more Korean romances and found that I hadn’t even scratched the surface with my first one! I always come to your list to see which I should watch next. So far my faves have been A Moment to Remember and Always (Only You). Again, thank you so much for your insights and reviews!!

  35. wow this list of movies of yours are really AMAZING !!! i really love Korean movies and dramas. THANKS a lot 😀
    these movies gave me a lot of inspirations and love . thank you for sharing ❤ well i hope you'll continue updating some awesome movies . #theclassic #thewerewolfboy & #always are on my top , they really moved me :)) ty..

  36. Hey Jedi, thank you very much for this list i have been watching all these movies every night and its a perfect way to end my day.

  37. hi jedi…I really like your list of korean movies…as you know I’m also a Korean addict…Although I’ve watched most of the movies in the list, it is still helpful for me to look for good korean movies I’ve never watched..thank you.. and please continue to update us,,, god bless and by the way, i recommend you “71 into the fire”,,, nice movie! ^_^

  38. Hi,I really like your list. Your ratings for most of the movies i did watch seem to match mine, so i can’t wait to get started on the ones you highly recommended. Probably, I’ll start with han hyo joo’s always and heaven’s postman. I got your page bookmarked now for future reference. Thanks!

      1. oh well, I haven’t watched that many movies since I’m more into watching Korean series 🙂 but have you watched Herb? It’s a 2007 korean movie… romantic, a real tear jerker and really inspiring. 🙂

  39. this is a very nice compilation of movies, thanks a bunch for posting this here~ and may i ask if is there any recommendations for k-drama? ^ ^

    well, so far my faves are windstruck and architecture101

    and another question~ is this updated? it is right?

      1. hey abby, i was just wondering, you buy these cd’s right?
        you dont torrent it?

        coz i cant seem to find a decent torrent site w/ good graphics on the kdrama/kmovies

  40. Glad I’ve bumped into ur blog!!! Awesome list (:
    I’m searching for korean movies to watch since I’m so hook with Girls’ Generation and I thought y not try watching korean movies since I also love Kdramas and voala… Here’s ur blog (:
    Thank you so much po for the list.. *^_^*
    Hope u’ll accept my friend request in FB..

      1. If any one wants advice on whas good I’d be happy to help too , I’ve been watching none stop for 6 weeks now and have now started on Japanese dramas now which are just as great as kdramas

    1. Hi Ivy, you’re so welcome… Happy Watching! I’m finding time to watch lately I got stuck up with Korean dramas but I’m almost done so I can go back to my movie list… Take care.. ^_^

    1. Hi there, haven’t watched Japanese movies a lot… koizora, bokura ga ita, kimi ni todoke, cyborg she, i gave my first love to you… i watched them bec of recommendations… and there’s that 10 things about my dog something too… i haven’t delved much on Japanese films except those of Miyazaki and Kurosawa… I will try to ask my friend to download me Japanese movies so I can share reviews too… God Bless… Take care.. ^_^

  41. Hi..
    Im from india.. i loved korean movies more than indian movies now 😛 i used to watch 1 movie evry night.. almost ive watched lot of movies.. but still ive not watched in ur list. thanks 🙂

  42. Do you know the title of korean movie wherein the girl is a cop and the boy was somehow a teacher? Whom are lovers. at the end he was mistakenly shot by the girl?

    1. lol i can totaly relate rinku . i found Jediprincess site a few weeks ago and i tell you i have watched prety much all the list hehe . here is a link for you if you havent found it it has all korean films and drams including japanese , chinese ones too
      this site is amazing for your needs
      Happy watching

      Ps VINs the film you after is Windstruck here is the link for you

  43. Hi. can you send me sets of Romantic Comedy movies like Penny Pinchers, Spellbound, etc. I am fond of watching light films like those. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jeonha,

      For romcoms, I highly recommend Love Phobia, 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant, My Little Bride, Neverending Story, Lost and Found… those are the movies I will recommend first… Hello Ghost is a must to try…

      Happy Watching.. ^_^

  44. I just have to say . Amazing i never knew this Say ” Market ” existed .. i have watched pritty much every movie and i found ur list of romantic coms and just romance and im not to ashamed to admit i spent half the time with a tear running down my face …. how can Chinese / Korean movies be sooo good .. way better than western movies … they never moeved me in ways these on your lest have ….. if you know of any more recent ones please let me know its hard to find lists of films for sum reason and also availability .

    Ps wasnt kidding about watching every single one on ur list 🙂
    PPS i just have to recomend and say WINDSTRUCK by far best film for me … god i cryed over half that film …..

  45. Hey Abby, just wanted to say hi, its been really busy for me with the run up to Christmas, not had much time for dramas, just finished watching a jpn drama called mother, its a real tear jerk-er, toyed with my emotions and with how you deem your actions to be right, if you have not seen it i recommend it highly, Merry Christmas to all

    Festive cheer and love to you all

    Mr Ð

  46. grabe. dami ko iyak hahaha! gaya nga ng sinabi ko sa sarili ko. di bale ng umiyak sa mga movies na ganyan. di naman nasasayang. may natutunan pa minsan. :)))))

  47. i watched Crazy first love it was awesome….i love this movie…thanks for list …out this list most of movies i had already watch….hey who ever you are you should try hollywood romantic comedy like , 50 first date, 10 thing i hate about you, how to lose a guy in 10 days, preety women, when harry meet saaly,

  48. @abby, where do you watch “the big bang theory” . . ? I feel like downloading it coz I might not be able to DL it next week. I’ll be going to mindoro for christmas vacation. super bagal kasi internet don.. hehehe

  49. @abby
    today I have downloaded i think 6 or 7 movies with “***wink”…. hahahaha mejo natuwa ako sa bilis ng internet kaninang umaga ee… hahaha

    I feel like watching “five fingers” …. what do you think???

    1. hi jes, feel free to text me.. hirap dto sa wp.. five fingers was superbly acted, I like it more thsn nice guy.. mas mgnda pacing nela.. depende kc kung anung preferred mo n storyline.. 9228460545 ghost, queen in hyun’s man, faith, a gentleman’s dignity, operation proposal, history of salaryman, five fingers.. ung mga nagmark saken ds yr..

      beaming, abby

      1. thanks!!! nagsesearch kasi ako ng mga Korean actors and actresses. tinignan ko yung cast ng Goong. Hindi kasi talaga ako palatanda ng mga pangalan ng Korean artists. ang natatandaan ko lang yung mga madalas kong makita.
        tapos nakita ko si Joo Ji Hoon , yung partner ni Yoon Eun hye sa Goong tapos nakita ko yung latest drama nya, five fingers. ayun na-curious ako.. hehehe ayan, may panunoorin na naman ako..
        salamat ulet..
        Itetext kita… 🙂

    1. ken, I saw first few eps of game of thrones but my mom sometimes watches with me, and she sort of point out d sex content so bec mom is conservative plus I’m not really into it, I’m just in d process of reading it..

      beaming, abby

  50. Thanks jediprincess for this list. . . . this is really awesome.
    Im jestony, Im from Cavite but I study in Manila. MIT. i bet you know where that is.
    I have read the comments (not everything) , and I was like “wow! they really are hooked”[and so am I] .
    I have been addicted watching Kdramas for almost half a year now. It started when I decided watching yoon eun hye’s “Princess hours”. this is a bit funny but the one i watched was the Filipino dubbed I found on Youtube. there were episodes missing but that’s okay cause I’ve watched that way back when Im in elementary. (Im only 17, and I think it was 2006 when it was aired in ABS-CBN. I was in elementary back then. ) anyways, Actually the very first drama that I really craved for watching was “City Hunter”, last year. when I saw its trailer on abs, I searched it right away. but none followed after that. I just gained again my interest this july. since then, I have watched (and downloaded. yeah right, I dont watch them on streaming sites, I download them) several Kdramas and Kmovies. This is my list on my KDRAMA folder.
    -coffee prince
    -dream high 1
    -flowerboy ramyun shop
    -full house take 2 (still airing)
    -i miss you (aka missing you[still airing])
    -itazura na kiss (this is not korean but japanese. I just put it there )
    -love rain
    -ma boy
    -my fair lady
    -my girlfriend is a gumiho
    -playfull kiss
    -princess hours
    -secret garden
    -sungkyunkwan scandal
    -the vineyard man
    -to the beautiful you
    -white christmas

    I havent finished watching “the vineyard man” though I have downloaded all the episodes. Even though i dont understand Korean, I really just dont like the accent of the characters in this drama. I tried watching this because of yoon eun hye (because i really like her ) but the accent really pisses me off. (No offense).
    Im also not finished with “sungkyunkawn” yet because I keep on adjusting the time of the softsubs I downloaded. But i want to finish it before this year end hehehe. I have seen many good reviews about it.

    other than those 2, ive already watched everything on that list. I have also watched “Lie to me”, but its from a DVD i bought from Baclaran. hehehe

    I just wanna share this. from that list,the best i think is “love rain”. it made me cry from episode 1(huhuhuhu). the story was very touching though Yoona (no offense) [I think] doesn’t fit the role. I think I could have cried more if she did her character well. but still it’s worth watching.
    “Secret garden” comes second. Just like “love rain” It made me tear every time i watch it. sometimes I’ll just find myself crying over one scene. thanks god, im living by myself (no one sees me cry like a fool). hahaha.
    “my girlfriend is a gumiho” comes third. well just like the other 2, I cried and laughed a lot watching this drama. though its fictional, the love really seem so true.

    “Princess hours” is also touching, that’s why Im planning to DL the original one (not dubbed). I also like TTBY and FAITH. and…”my fair lady”…. and coffee prince…. and “playful kiss”… I like them all!!! hahahaha

    I like yoon eun hye but I think you dont. hehehe. I have already watched almost all of her dramas and I can see that she’s a really great actress. She’s very versatile. she can portray her character well.

    anyways. . . i just started watching Kmovies recently. here’s my list.

    – hello my love
    – my black mini dress
    – a moment to remember
    – baby and me
    – 200 pounds beauty
    – crazy first love**
    – a wolf’s temptation*
    – a millionaire’s first love**
    – lady daddy**
    – love in magic**
    – gong by the book*
    – Girl X Girl*
    – Couples**
    – Love so Divine**
    – windstruck**
    – 100 days with mr. arrogant*

    *havent seen yet but already downloaded.
    **seen and downloaded, just this long weekend

    — I got bad impression on “love so divine” and “girl X girl”. I tried watching them but I just cant stand it. hahaha Maybe because I have many movies to choose from and they are all better.

    A moment to rememer, a millionaire’s first love, windstruck, baby and me, lady daddy and 200 pounds beauty – must watch!!! trust me.
    I dont want to say more coz I might over broad. spoiler attack!!! hahaha

    Jediprincess… thanks again for your blog, now I have more Ideas about what movie im going watch later.
    btw, can you add me on facebook? I just feel like i should get in touch with you. you know, If ever na may itatanong ako. hahaha salamat po!. ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. hi jestony, I like yoon eun hye, goong and coffee prince are included in my hall of famers and yes shes a good actress, it’s just that her recent projects werent that good, but I hope I miss you will be nice.. thanks for the suggestions… and yes, you can keep in touch with me at facebook abby noona will check it and will be very happy to answer questions.. take care.. ^_^

      1. @abby. Grabe!!! abby… ngayon ko lang ni-browse yung buong blog mo. napanganga na lang ako ee. , , andamidami mong ginagawa, nanunuod ka ng kdrama, nanunuod ka ng Kmovie, nanunuod ka din ng AMerican series. ^^heads down….

        Ive seen your watching “the big bang theory”. . . That’s the first american series I loved watching. It just keeps you laughing til you cry. hahaha. I love shelly!!! If there’d be a real sheldon cooper Id like to meet him!!! woah. . . though I know he wont shake my hands. I finished watching the first four season last september and I havent seen a single episode of season 5. I think that’s because of my kdrama addiction. . . I have heard that they’ll be airing season 6 soon. (that was long time ago. maybe they are already airing it). hehehe
        before I tried watching “gossip girl” because my tita suggested me to but I just dont find it my type. hehehehe

        this is just a random question, do you llike Harry Potter???

      2. hi jes, yes I’m a Harry Potter fan, I also like Starwars and LOTR.. I love movies, and yes I also watch american series.. big bang, mentalist, criminal minds, mad men, breaking bad, white collar, bones, grey’s anatomy, dexter are currently on my drama bucket.. and for d recently concluded house and fringe.. and yes I really have lots of things to do before I was up to date with Taiwan and doramas too but I have to give them uo, but my buddy still downloads it…

        beaming, abby

      3. hi jes, I have it planned each month.. movies I watch it when I get a copy as much as possible I write abt it after watching.. I have pending movies to add, I’m just pre occupied because of my year end review for kdramas.. same goes with american series..

        beaming, abby

  51. hi Jediprincess, thanks for creating this blog. I like techs and gadgets but honestly im new to this blog thing. So pls be kind to bear with me as i write here. My life has been like Cha Tae-Hyun’s in My Sassy Girl. Ever since i went here in the U.S my life became much much different. I dont have much friends and i cant go out as much as i wanted to. Its only been a few weeks since i was attached to K-cultured-movies. (-Its not that i dont like them before,but its because most of my friends find it too mushy and they usually tease u if youre into it). But for me, Korean movies are really good! Though i prefer watching it when theres no one around (cmon, i dont wanna get caught with a teary eyes when the SAD part is playing!haha) I can relate to some of it to be honest, specially those “hopeless-romantic-guy-still-waiting-for-the-right-one” themes. lol anyway,I just wanna thank you for the BIG EFFORT on making this blog, the synopsis and your personal reviews on each titles. i always consult your list first before watching a new movie. And i REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE the synopsis and the “reviews” that u made on every titles. It Helps me a lot deciding on which titles to pick. Watching these films somehow fill the emptiness that i feel being alone. I also read all the comments of other readers as well..though it is Extremely long! 🙂 Pls keep it up because its helping a lot of people-and im sure im just one of them. Im really happy i found this blog! I dont wanna keep this long, so thanks thanks and ingat! ^.^

    ps. Can i also add you on fb? 🙂

      1. hi Abby and hello fellow readers, *inhale* … *exhale*.. so yeah i know im really behind about this but.. i just finished watching Hello Ghost and Daddy Long Legs today. The funny thing was i kinda feel like i was “VICTIMIZED” by Hello Ghost!! I dont wanna give a hint about the movie (to be fair to other readers here who havent seen it yet). Hello Ghost was something I REALLY DIDNT EXPECT. But yeah im proud to say that i got over it-with a painful throat though hahaha hmm.. about Daddy Long Legs, all i can say is IT REALLY DESERVES ALL THE WINKS AND HEARTS that u gave it. And yes it should be one of those titles that should be on top of the list. Good thing everyone is sleeping here already (its 2:01am here in cali) or i will look like a crazy guy after watching it lol anyway, i’ll try to watch The Classic or just pick a shorter cute film just before i sleep.
        Thanks again and Goodnight. 🙂

  52. hi abby… parang gumulo ang isip ko ng mapadpad ako dito sa blog mo… d ko alam kung ano uunahin ko… babasahin ko ba muna lahat ng posts? ng comments? or manonood na? uunahin ko ba korean dramas? taiwan dramas? or films? hehehe… gusto ko ng umpisahang manood kasi napag-iwanan na ako kaso d ko alam kung paano magsimula… pag download kasi, mabagal… pag streaming, my buffer… baka naman pwede mo ituro sa akin ung video shop na nagbebenta ng mga korean films? (ito pinakamabilis na paraan)… pwede ring hiramin o upahan ko ng lang mga napanood mo dyan… hehehehe

    1. hi jackal,

      sorry naman… ung mga copies ko kasi naipon ko since 2006 basta may makita akong movies sa quiapo, alabang or sa mga video stores sa mall binibili ko kaagad… the rest downloaded from asiatorrents nung ngddl saken… tapos kumukuha din ako dun sa korean friends ko…

      i recommend na unahin mo muna ung mga korean dramas and movies kasi taiwan hinde naman sila gumagawa in bulk unlike koreans every quarter sumasakit ulo ko sa kakahabaol ng dramas and movies… where are you from ba here sa Philippines? you can add me sa facebook kasi c rich lang ang everyday ngchecheck ng blog ko, dumadaan lkang ako dito pag ngpopost… hehehe jediprince55 ata name ko dun or search for abby addao…

      God Bless… Take Care. ^_^

    1. hi claudia, kmovie addiction is very hard to fight with, but at least we get a lot of romantic feelings while on board… happy watching… take care… btw i’m also from laguna.. ^_^

    1. if you check the links section at the top, they are all the sites that i personally use, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, some are better for k drama, some for j drama, a few with good Asian cinema and some for more world based.

      The main 2 i use are Dramakrazy and VeeHD, VeeHD is a really good site, just register a username ( no charges or forced surveys/downloads) once you register, as long as your logged in it doesn’t prompt you to download codec packs etc. VeeHD is mainly better quality video, hence the HD name, but this means sometimes pre buffering a film is wise before you watch, dramaKrazy is lower quality, but its rare that it stalls to buffer when streaming.

      Hope this was some help engelovesprettyboy and thanks you very much for your kind words

      Much love Mr Ð ♥♥

  53. Thank you MR. D .. it’s really surprising to hear from a guy that he’s waiting for his MRS. RIGHT…
    you proven me wrong about my belief that all men are the same .. hmm thank you for making that difference .. and continue waiting for your MRS. RIGHT .. as what I’ve said TRUE LOVE COMES TO THOSE WHO WAIT 🙂
    and i totally agree with Ms. Abby that a man who likes watching Korean romantic dramas won’t hurt any woman
    intentionally … MR. D and MS. Abby ^___^ i’m really so happy to meet you guys … love lots .

  54. hey Jediprincess … Thank you so much for sharing this list ..
    it really helped me a lot because lately I’ve been having a hard time choosing good Korean movies to watch..
    ^___^ .. your movie review is also amazing and relevant .. THANK YOU ^___^
    and btw I really love MY SASSY GIRL it made me laugh and cry so hard >___<
    MOMENTS TO REMEMBER .. such a great story about LOVE .. and THE CLASSIC it's really the best 🙂 you I'm really waiting for my Mr. right .. my friends always tell me that I'm a hopeless romantic..
    and this K-rom movies feeds my thoughts about love .. it makes me hope that somewhere out there.. TRUE LOVE REALLY EXIST .. love lots ❤

    1. hi engelica, than you for the warm words… let them all say we are hopeless romantic… at the end of the day we just want to be with someone we love and who can love us back… take care… i saw your facebook request… will update it tomorrow when i get home… God bLess.

      1. Welcome Englica
        =) another victim of asian love stories, i agree that i more than ever believe that there is not only some one to love me out there, but it is someone who can love and appreciate me and my flaws for whom i really am.

        Being a guy i get quite allot of comments from friends saying that as i am young, i should “enjoy my self” im sure u know what they mean by that. But thats not for me. I’ll keep on being little old me until i find mrs right.

      2. men who like korean dramas I know for sure know as well that they will never intentionally hurt someone.. I never let fate give d love I deserve, but I am ready to let it happen if it will..

        beaming, abby

      3. Thank you abby .. i hope you don’t mind if i call you Abby 🙂
        yah2 your right … hmm. I know someday we’ll find HIM… our MR.RIGHT.. ( or may be you already found yours)
        all i know is TRUE LOVE comes to those who wait… and I’ll just be waiting right here for HIM…
        I’m really so happy to meet people with my same views about LOVE ^___^
        btw.. thank you for the accept in advance & I saw your wall… you have that HALL OF ABBY.. It’s really amazing plus you impressed me once again with your reviews.. I’ll be looking forward of reading your reviews on dramas and movies .. Have you seen the drama ” LOVE RAIN” i heard it’s great.. plus the lead actor is JANG GEUNG SUK I just wanna know if you could make a review about it.. if you have time … 🙂
        THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN … love lots.

      4. you’re welcome… and yes you can call me abby… yes i saw love rain already… have a review on it on the series recap page… and no, i havent fallen in love big time that i would fight for it now matter what… but just like you do, i’m waiting for love to be ready on me.. take care.. happy watching. _abby

  55. hi abby…thanks for this blog site, appreciate the list and reviews. trying to look for top korean movies and stumbled upon your site, some on the list i already watched and had me like/love kmovies more..i’ll try to watch your reccommended ones with the winks 🙂

    korean movies/dramas has a different effect on individial at least even just to us who are here and been able to appreciate them. the way they talk, their facial expresion love ’em! kakaalis ng homesick…specially the koreanas XD

    thanks to mr.d as well for posting your list and sites where we can find these kmovies/dramas

    kudos to you guys *_^

    1. Thanks for the mention dodie, i found abbys blog almost 2 years ago and kinda barged my way in =) ive been annoying her on an almost daily basis since and will occasionally do something useful like find links and things for the people who dont have the films available on dvd.

      If anyone is struggling to find a particular film/drama link, let me know and ill see if i can help, by the way, abby u need to remove mysoju and kimichidrama as both are perm deleted =( bad times

      Mr Ð♥♥♥

      1. I like that “bad times” remark.. this is feeling like Voldemort hates love so much, he’s doing all the best he can to stop korean dramas.. ive been busy lately I hope to finish arang’s recap this weekend..

        beaming, abby

  56. thanks for this list of korean romantic movies, i love watching romantic film 🙂
    thanks ms jdp. papanoorin ko to lahat…
    more power to your blog,mag add ka pa ha 🙂 thanks!!!

  57. Hi jedi…thnk u soo much fr givin us such a grt idea abt korean movies…ur list s awesum…n ur descriptn helps me 2 find my kinda movie…keep updatng…wishin u a gd lyf…tc

  58. Jediprincess – thanks for posting this list! A lot of good movies in here, and gives me some new movies to watch during the boring work day~

  59. Thank you so much for this list… I love Korean Movies as well as Dramas. I believe that you are my Kababayan? Thanks again for the list, it’s really helpful in choosing which Movie should I watch first.

  60. Well then, i have just spent a little time going through what ive watched over the last 16 months, and wow is there a lot, this is just the korean list =) hehehe

    Apologies in advance for the long post, Ill make it up to you Abby

    Much love

    Mr Ð

    1% of anything
    49 days
    A Gentleman’s Dignity
    Arang And The Magistrate
    Beethoven Virus
    Boys Before Flowers
    Bridal Mask
    Cain and Abel
    Cinderella’s Sister
    City Hunter
    Coffee House
    Coffee Prince
    Flower boy ramyun shop
    Full house
    Goong (pricess hours)
    Heart strings
    Hwang Jin Yi
    I do, I do
    I need romance
    King 2 Hearts
    Lie to me
    Love Rain
    Love Story in Harvard
    Ma Boy
    Man of Honor
    Mary Stayed Out All Night
    Me to flower
    Miss Ripley
    My Girl
    My Girlfriend Is A Gummiho
    My Princess
    Padam Padam
    Personal taste
    Playful kiss
    Protect the boss
    Que Sera Sera
    Queen Inhyun’s Man
    Reply 1997
    Roof Top Prince
    Scent of a woman
    Secret Garden
    Smile You
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    The Thousandth Man
    Time slip Dr Jin
    To The Beautiful You
    Tree With Deep Roots
    What Happened In Bali
    What Star Did You Come From
    Wild Romance
    Will It Snow At Christmas
    You’re Beautiful

    100 days with Mr Arrognat
    200lb Beauty
    A Millionaire’s First Love
    A Moment To Remember
    A Reason To Live
    Almost Love
    An Introduction to Architecture
    Babo Miracle of Giving Fool
    Baby and I
    Chilling Romance
    Christmas in August
    Closer to Heaven
    Come Rain Come Shine
    Crazy First Love
    Daddy Long Legs
    Finding Mr Destiny
    He Was Cool
    Heaven’s Postman
    Hello Schoolgirl
    I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK
    Il Mare
    Kiss Me Kill Me
    Love Me Not
    Meet the In-laws
    Miracle on 1st Street
    My Black Mini Dress
    My Boyfriend Is Type B
    My Girl and I
    My Girlfriend is an Agent
    My Little Bride
    My Sassy Girl
    My Tutor Friend
    Never Ending Story
    Now and Forever
    Seducing Mr. Perfect
    Speedy Scandal
    Temptation of Wolves
    The Classic
    The Legend of Seven Cutter
    The Man From Nowhere
    The Recipe
    The Scent Of Love
    Too Beautiful to Lie
    Virgin Snow
    Wonderful Radio
    You Are My Pet

    1. hi rich oppa,

      I’m a proud noona.. not all.can muster the effort and strength you’ve used for the last 16mos.. on an alarming thought your kimchi video addiction has reached a level where there is no turning back anymore.. *giggles I’m starting on d new dramas and still debating if I’ll watch dr. jin. hope you had a happy weekend!

      beaming, abby

      1. Dr Jin is worth a watch, good twists at the end, all of the ones listed were tolerable, even if a few fell short in some areas, such as the ending, wouldn’t want to cause a BIG commotion by mentioning any in particular =).

        I don’t think i’ll ever be able to turn back now, but to be honest, i don’t think i want to, i don’t watch any TV at all now, unless its the F1, everything is Asian drama and film based, hehehehe

        smiles =P

        Mr Ð

  61. Hi 🙂 Thanks for this long list. It’s spicing up my boring weekend. Anyway, I’d like to ask if you’ve seen a movie where the female lead is ill and has to stay in the hospital for a long period of time but she escapes from the hospital at times. One time, she escaped & met a man who fell in love with her & started admitting himself to the hospital. Please help? Thanks. ^^

  62. thanks for putting up this blog… it has become my no.1 basis in choosing and watching K movies… I’ve seen almost all the movies that you’ve listed here, sure enough every movie is worth watching.. i think i’m gonna try to venture out on K dramas next… hope i enjoy them as much as the movies.. thanks again jediprincess… job well done =)

    1. =) be careful seph you might just end up hooked on k dramas too, i started by watching Asian rom coms then moved to korean film in general, now im hooked on dramas.

      Mr Ð

    2. you’re so welcome.. when I read comments like this how can I not prioritize dramas than dating? giggles.. take care, I’ll watch as much as I can..

      beaming, abby

  63. I completely agree with u abby, its was highly anticipated, but the ending kind of killed it off for me, the sisters have never missed the mark before, but it seems no one can have a perfect career.

    @ dane, you wont need to download any now, just check the video/music links area, there are a wide variety of sites listed which you can stream directly from, enjoy

    Mr Ð

    1. ahm it’s just disappointing considering it was written by Hong sisters.. I dunno I just really don’t like it.. I have a series review for that u can check it out.. ^_^

      beaming, abby

  64. so excited to watch the others movies especially the heaven`s jaejong oppa ..i really like it..,thanks Ms.Jediprincess always t.c and Godbless..

  65. may I call you Abby? 🙂 wow! im so happy to read something from you! (i thought i had a long day) ^^ over the years ive watched a few k-movies as i would watch just about anything whenever i ran out of movies to watch…(just realized recently that they were in fact Korean, i thought they were Japanese, Chinese or Taiwanese hahaha but i definitely know that they weren’t Thai because im a Pinay working in Bangkok, Thailand) i’d say nothing beats how Koreans do it, they’re just so romantic even their language, it’s sweet and endearing hahaha—- ive started really ignoring hollywood films after i watched BOF straight from 1st to the last episode and fell in love with Lee Minho hahaha….after that i asked my hubby to download Coffee Prince for me as “pasalubong” when he came to visit me in Bangkok last month..watched it til the wee hours and watched many times thereafter…i just love it! i cant watch all the k-drama as they take time so im just into Lee Minho’s drama so yeah done with Personal Taste and City Hunter and currently watching Faith…and Gong Yoo’s projects….im super into k-films now that i have to watch at least 2 movies before i can put myself to sleep…just soooo glad to know that there are so many of us who appreciate the efforts of the Korean film industry…. 🙂

    1. sure u can call me abby.. u can also add me at facebook if u want.. happy watching! don’t watch gong yoo’s big.. hehe I mean watch it at your own risk.

      beaming, abby

  66. hello Jedi! thanks so much for posting your list (so helpful!) ^^ i have been constantly checking your blog out to see which movies to watch (i go for the ones you have hearts and winks first of course!)—i just realized that ive been rude not to thank you first for making it easier for me to look for k-movies to watch online and or dl…thank you very much! iv just started liking k-dramas/films and im even trying to learn the language (too hardcore?) 🙂 btw, so cool to know that you’re i….aren’t we all suckers for romance? *kilig* 🙂

  67. hi, thanks for the list! i bookmarked your blog because there’re a lot of movies to be watched and i can’t miss every single of them. currently, i’m trying to find latest interesting romantic movies ~ 2009-2012. cant you recommend more.. since you just put several of them. btw, i totally enjoyed postman’s heaven and the actor (scratch that :P) bless you jaejong. it’s the only movie i already watched when i checked your list. sorry for the long comment. it’s my habit 🙂 thanks once again~!

    1. appreciate the sweet thank you… and i love long comments as I do that too… I’m in the process of watching the new movies… they are already piled up, I just don’t have that much time… i constantly update my list so, just be patient with me and visit my blog every now and then…

      be safe.

      -jediprincess ^_^

    1. hi tammy, the titles are not familiar with me.. do they have other titles? I’ll try and check it with my friend if he can download it.. thank u for the recommendation.. ^_^

      beaming, abby

      1. i don’t think there’s an alternate title for these movies, but love in magic is played by park jin hee and yeon jeong hoon(han ga-in’s husband), while ditto is played by yoo ji tae&kim ha neul:)

  68. good work buddy…..i am so loving your list….ur the best……….
    always was the latest flick i saw and i liked it very much….plzzz.. do add more stuff to this list