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Lovers in the Snow

I was never put in a situation where I love someone and I’m inlove with him and I’m in pain because of loving him and yet I m happy and didn’t shed a single tear for him… I guess I’ve been through alot of pain, I can’t recognize if I’m hurting anymore… *giggles

I know I complicate things most of the time because I’m really having problems weighing what I feel and what I really want. I got confused on the things I need to get over with and the things that I really need to thrash… but I would not have been Abby if I wlil not be like it… *giggles

I don’t care if I’m wired like this… I don’t reckon having hurt someone just because I’m a hopeless romantic or I watch Korean romantic flicks or enjoy live PBA games.

For me if you are not ready to sound and look stupid, then you are not ready to fall in love. I’m not saying this because I’ve made such bad judgments on those guys I chose to love but because it is so hard to be in love and harder to be finally convinced that you are in fact in love… I don’t believe that nothing matters anymore if you have that “someone” who believes in you…I’ve been believing that for the past 6 years… and believe me it didn’t work…

When you really want something, the universe will conspire for you to get it… bu I’ve been wishing on all the falling stars I’ve seen and yet the only wish I badly want, I can’t even get it… *giggles

Why would you tell someone you love him when in his mind he would just reject the idea? Why would you hold on to something when you know that on the other side he was letting go? Why would you continue loving someone when you know it’s pointless and he won’t even give a damn about it?

If it wasn’t love then I guess… it was a lot like it..


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  1. hi there! tnx for this post, it’s been a long time since i watched korean movies because i am not updated with the latest ones! i really love the romantic comedies.hope you will update me for more k movies. tnx

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