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Save the Last Dance for Me

Eugene as Ji Eun Soo
Ji Sung as Kang Hyun Woo
Lee Bo Young as Yoon Soo Jin
Ryu Soo Young as Jung Tae Min


Eun Soo (Eugene) is a pure but unsophisticated woman who runs a small resort inn with her father. Eun Soo is just an ordinary girl, but her life changes when she meets a man (Ji Sung) who lost his memory. She took care of him, and eventually love blossoms so they got married. But Hyung Woo disappeared and left Eun Soo wondering why. When they meet again, Hyung Woo who recovered his memory was not able to recognize Eun Soo.



Eugene is one of my favorite Korean actress. I have watched almost all her movies and dramas. What’s good about her is that she easily adapts to the character and do justice to it.

Memory loss has been one of the favorite twists in romance stories, and in this drama they were able to execute it without making me change another drama to watch.

It has a slow pacing, but the transitions are very strong. The screenplay was well written and well versed with emotions by the lead actors.

Here’s a sneak peek of Save the last dance…

MV Give my Love

Behind the scenes



  1. yes I like this couple so much 🙂

  2. I love this movie so much>>>

  3. I REALLY love that koreanovela!

  4. I love this drama so much. Love Ji Sung and Eugene. They’re a perfect couple in this.

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