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Ha Ji Won as Lee Soo-jung
Jo In Sung as Jung Jae-min
So Ji Sub as Kang In-wook
Park Ye Jin as Choi Young-joo


SYNOPSIS (from dramawiki)
Lee Soo-jung is a travel agent who is seeking her good luck in Bali after a harsh and unforgiving childhood. She meets Jae-min, Kang In-wook, and Young-joo in Bali, three seemingly perfect people entangled in a triangle of love. When Lee Soo-jung finds herself back in Seoul, her desire for success leads her to seek Jae-min for a job, unwittingly setting off a course of events that further complicate the love triangle.

What Happened in Bali is a drama that reveals the inner materialistic desires of people. It reflects upon the sometimes ugly (but truthful) side of man where nothing matters more than money.



I know it’s weird but I love the ending of the drama. The extent of consuming ourselves when we love someone was greatly depicted and acted. This is where I fell in love with Jo In sung. The actors portrayed their persona very well. It’s a different kind of love story. A love story of deceit and pride.
Adults in relationship would understand the relationships presented in the drama.

Here’s the sneak peek of “Memories in Bali”



  1. plus the fact that it is realistic and unpredictable…

  2. The drama was so powerful and the actresses and actors truly gave life and justice to their respective characters. What can i say.. its my all time favorite. 🙂

  3. yeah..i love this drama too. It was full of life and so natural. The casting and the soundtrack was great. And i wanna thank the brilliant writers for bringing us the drama. annyeong! :))

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