I’ve now ventured myself into watching “doramas” (Japanese drama), I think sooner I will be called “Asian Drama Guru”… *giggles

I really enjoyed the story line of “Meichan no Shitsuji”… makes me wonder what it feels like to have someone chose you as his “lady”…


What’s good in doramas is you can finish it in one sitting, they have like an average of 10-12 episodes. So you can get to watch as many as you can…

Going back to the story, here’s a short synopsis for you to read…

Mei lived happily with her parents who have an “udon” shop in a small town. A tragic incident took her parents away and changed her life.

Mei learned that he is the only grand daughter of the Hongo family which is the richest and most powerful company in Japan. His father who should have been the successor, left the family to live quietly in a small town.

To hone her into becoming a successor of the company she was forced to study in an elite school for rich girls – St. Lucia Academy.

St. Lucia Academy is a school where students can exercise their freedom. They have this council of 4 students who gives punishment and decide on school matters.

Ladies are grouped to 3 (Ombra, Luna, Sole) and they have to make their way up to become “Lucia” – “infinite lady”.

Ladies in the academy are personally taken care of by their butlers. Mei worked hard to win the hearts of the girls in the academy, slowly she was able to win their hearts.

There are rules in the academy that you have to take seriously for you to be able to climb in the rank, and you can’t also fall in love with you butler.

The only Lucia in the academy is Hongo Shiori, the adopted daughter of Shiori family. She was forced to live in the HOngo house after Mei’s father denounced his inheritance. Shiori has also been having emotions with Hiro who used to be her Butler.

When Mei has finally come to feel home in the academy, she was caught in the middle of growing emotion with his butler Hiro and the danger Shiori is putting on her.


You have to watch it to really enjoy it…

The storyline is really refreshing…

The duels, the butlers and the ladies are very charming…

The pacing is fast so you will not be bored with it.

Here’s a sneak peek…


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