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Dong wook oppa, enlisted to the army last month, I’m quite sad because I won’t be seeing him for a while…


His last drama nailed him to me… He’s really an eye candy, and he has this charm and look that you won’t get tired at staring at…


Here’s Dong Wook oppa in my favorite famous portrayals of him….


Seol Gong Chan – My Girl

Who can forget the famous rich hotel’s CEO’s grandson whom because of his love to the old man made an arrangement with a charming pretty girl to pretend as his long lost cousin.

Here is the turning point of oppa’s career I think. He’s most famous with his role in this drama.





Park Eun Woo – Hanoi Bride

Here Dong Wook oppa, played the role of a doctor who fell in love with a Vietnamese girl who has a sister who purely detest acknowledging their relationship.

He looks very hot here, and the depth of his acting is becoming visible in the drama.




Lee Tae Jo – Partner

The rebellious, playboy lawyer who defies his family and whose charming antics would definitely win any trial. His lawyer portrayal is very amusing and you can’t help but fall for him.

He will surely be a lawyer you would want to have should you commit a crime. Even if you’ll end up in jail, a lawyer as cutie as him would be worth it.





I also love him in Heartbreak Library…






Wish 2 years will fly fast… I will really miss Dong Wook oppa…



  1. I loVE him s0 muCh!

    hiS moviE ( my giRl ) iS so FantaStiC!

    I recommiT to watCh iT…:*:x

  2. I love him! he is in my favorite actors he is nomber 2 . nomber 1 is lee min ho!!! my darliiiiiiiiiiiings!!!

    • bahahaha me too >.<
      im choosing between lee dong wook and lee min ho
      hahah they are soooo hot! but llee dong wook just might be hotter

  3. lee dong wook is so handsome! chookahe! 🙂 i like him so much! bye!

  4. He enlisted to the army of his own choice or he had to go to the army??
    I love him. he is my favorite actor.I love all of him characters.

    • Koreans have to go to the Rmy at a certain age, it’s a requirement if you are a Korean.

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