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My must see and highly recommended Asian dramas this year, would be “You’re Beautiful” and “Boys Over Flowers”, my newest favorite is the Highest rating Taiwan drama these days… “Next Stop Happiness”.

The storyline is a bit typical, but what’s nice is how the director was able to inject flavor in the monotony of the script. I love the kid in the drama.

This is my first encounter with Ady An, and the actress can really act, supporting Van Ness Wu, who has minimal lapses, but still he looks fresh and got a nice bod in the drama. *wink

Sadly it’s shown once a week, so literally my anticipation builds up everytime.

Here’s the full trailer:


Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An), became orphaned at an early age, she then was raised by her late father’s second wife. Her aunt remarried another man when they weren’t left with any options but to survive.
They sell lunch boxes in Sheng De University.

Ren Guang Xi is a rich man’s son, who plays a lot with girls, and who doesn’t seem to want to figure out what he wants to do in life. His father also died early, and he has distant relationship with his mother.

Fate brought Mu Cheng and Guang Xi together, but they left bad impression to each other at first.

They met again when Guang Xi was taunted by his friends in a deal to date a pretty bento girl, who turned to be Mu Cheng.

He initially wanted to just win the dare, but he soon fell in love with her.

When they both admitted their love to each other, tragedy happens as GUang Xi needs to have a brain tumor operation or else he will die. The risk of the operation made him forget everything about Mu Cheng.

Mu Cheng left the city as commanded by Guang Xi’s mom who is against her. She was helped by her friend and admirer Hua Tuo Ye start a new, upon knowing that she is pregnant.

5 years after, the couple meet again, without Guang Xi’s memory of Mu Cheng.

How will they make up for the years that was lost? How will they feel the love they felt in the past? This is what makes this love story different from all other.

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  1. Kindly repeat it from the start.Veryice stiry and super kilig.Please.thanks

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