Here are my personal Taiwan drama picks… Still have a bundle to watch so I’ll just update it every now and then… ^_^

I’ll rate it the way it is rated by Asian drama addicts… 1-10 (10 being the highest) The first is how much I enjoyed it, the second is how I rated it and the third one is how I will recommend it.

♥ Meteor Garden (2001) – I gave credit to this drama, because my Asian drama addiction started when I was swept off my feet by 4 china-eyes hunks. This was my “first” Asian drama, and because it’s the first, it will always be special. At that time it was aired, it was a novelty… vibrant and undeniably addictive. With cute guys you can’t help but fall in love… interesting development of the love story… and romantic elements well injected to stimulate the audience’ romantic veins. These are reasons why you should watch it. Phenomenal, unsurpassed and spellbinding. 10/10/10

♥ It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again (2005 & 2007) – It’s the drama that I watch when I’m sad so I can feel better. It is so breezy, flowing and never a dull moment. The endearing chemistry of the lead couple was one of the best I have ever seen in the Asian drama land. 10/10/10

♥ Autumn’s Concerto (2009) – what’s strange about this drama is that the premise was typical, but superb directing and acting I guess made me glued and love this drama so much. The pacing will make you crave for more, the twist is simple, yet done exceptionally. It’s like your favorite romance novel coming into life. This is my must see Taiwan drama of 09 and of all time. 10/10/10

♥Sunny Happiness (2011) beckoning, entrancing and habit-forming. Mike He at his usual devilish charm and Janine Chang at a very refreshing performance. It will be on my Top 3 taiwan drama this year. ^_^ 9/9/9

♥ Starlit (2009) – A different kind of Jerry Yan here. Stirring, nothing fancy, and will make you cry. It sure will pull the sad veins in your body. At times dragging but the tone of the story kept it afloat. 8.5/8/8.5

♥ The Hospital (2006) – Superior directing and scriptwriting. I saw Jerry in different faces and I say he may be struggling in this drama but you will let it pass because it can faintly be felt because of the flowing story. 8.5/10/9

♥ My Lucky Star (2007) – Groovy, high spirited and lingering… Took a few episodes for me to get hooked, but I did eventually. One of those T-dramas with vivacious yet feel-good vibe. 9/9.5/10

100% Senorita (2004) – *bucket list

♥ Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007 ) – *priority list

♥ Bull Fighting (2007) – *priority list

♥ Bump-off Lover (2006) – *bucket list

♥ Smiling Pasta (2006) – Perky, fun and tantalizing… The vibe is similar to Korea’s Full House. A love tale of an almost-losing-hope-in-love-girl who found her ever-after when she least expected it. 9/9/10

♥ Romantic Princess (2007) – Nothing spectacular, light and quite engrossing… Wu Chun at his prince-like addictive state was what made me enchanted to this another princess-fairytale-like-story. 8.5/8/9

♥ Easy Fortune Happy Life (2009) – It was a nice, sweet drama. With I-have-to-make-you-fall-for-me-to-keep-my-inheritance-in-place major storyline. Then of course the main male lead will be moved by the kind-hearted lead woman. Ijust want to see Chen Qiao En in a different kind of tone just not a typical nice girl image. 8/8.5/9

♥ Hayate the Combat Butler (2011) – *priority list

♥ Calling Big Star (2010) – *priority list

♥ Hana Kimi (2006) – Fast paced, energetic and cute cast. I still prefer the Japanese version though. 8.5/9/9

♥ Mars (2004) – Sentimental, amorous and absorbing… Terrific directing with melo-dramatic yet engaging storyline. 9.5/9.5/10

♥ Corner with Love ( 2007) – Average, sunny and endearing… There were minimal story arcs that should have not been placed but nevertheless the “love-realization” tones they neatly layered made the narrative a must watch. 8.5/8/9

♥ Hi My Sweetheart (2009) – *bucket list

♥ Honey and Clover (2008) – *parking lot

♥ Miss No Good (2008) – Cheerful, sparky and fascinating… This was something that for a normal point of view was really full of wit, humor and love. It was a stunner and yet it’s strange that it’s not lingering. 8/8/9


♥ Why Why Love (2007) – the onset was fun, the twist was cool, but the ending was disheartening. 8/8.5/9

♥ Le Robe De Marriage (2004) – adorable, sometimes dull, and yet ironically worth watching… 8/8/8.5

♥ Devil Beside You (2005) – pardon me if I didn’t enjoy it… It’s just so typical, nothing extraordinary for a love story… Didn’t like Rainie Yang’s acting here. Nevertheless, it’s buoyant, fervent and warm. 8/8/8

♥ Love Contract (2004) – Moody, spry, but will eventually keep you uninvolved… No matter how perfect the lead couple, this justified that you can’t get the best of both worlds. 8/8/8

♥ The Prince Who Turns into a Frog (2005) – satisfactory, sometimes dragging, and I don’t know why it got pretty decent ratings. 8/8/8

Knock Knock Loving you (2009) – *bucket list

Lavender (2001) – *bucket list

Love Keeps Going (2011) – I have neglected seeing some Taiwan dramas lately, and so I will spend the remaining days of November finishing the rest of the DVD’s here. I took this darling because of Cyndi Wang and Mike He, and because it’s only 12 episodes. I have a love-hate relationship with him, I’m waiting for him to crawl in my heart and warm it up. I don’t like him that much yet, but I have watched all his drama*giggles And proving that I have the gift of premonition, I chose right. It was a bit weird in the beginning, but when the relationship was established it was charmingly sweet. There were some unnecessary things but the interaction between the lead characters filled up the weak spots I guess. Sunny, remarkable and very doting. 9/9/9

Love You (2011) – *priority list

♥ Summer X Summer (2007) – Two Words… Skip it… The only good thing going on here is Joe Cheng. 6/6/6

♥ Love storm (2003) – chipper, lively and amusing… Classic love bickering and one of my favorite Vic Zhou’s TV portrayal. 9/8.5/9

♥ Tokyo Juliet (2006) – interesting chemistry of the lead couple… I may be weird but I enjoyed it, I manage to finish it in one sitting. You’ll slowly get attached to it. Decent and satisfying… 9.5/9/9

♥ The Rose (2003) – You might not really enjoy it. Drama is all over the place, weird development of romance. But once you watch it, you can’t help but finish it. 8.5/8/8

♥ Magic Ring (2004) – High Grade storyline layering, twist executed fairly… Enjoyable and Attractive… Aside from ISWAK, this is another Joe Cheng darling. 9/9/9

♥ Fated To Love You (2008) – classic, amazing and fascinating… Fated Love was perfectly portrayed by the lead characters. It is a love story I secretly wished to have. 10/10/10

♥ Love or Bread (2008) – Don’t watch it after watching ISWAK, because you’ll just get disappointed. Whatever chemistry they had from the endearing ISWAL turned into Physics here. *giggles 8/8/8

♥ Silence (2006) – The story is compelling, but I don’t know, I feel like it’s missing something. Or I’m just used to the lead couples really talking to each other and not just mutual understanding. ^_^ 8/8/8

♥ Wish to see you again (2008) – sometimes captivating, most of the time though I dozed off… 7/8/8

♥ Hot Shot (2008) – Electrifying, fancy editing… skittish and exuberant… My Jerry Yan as a basketball star, I was a happy camper here. 10/9/9

♥ Down With Love (2010) – I’m forever in love with Jerry Yan, so I watch all his dramas. This could be dragging but you still will drool over him. It will give you mixed emotions and flower petals are scattered everywhere when the lead couple finally surrendered to the idea that they are both in love to one another. 10/10/10

♥ Material Queen (2011) – *bucket list

♥ That Love Comes (2011) – short, simple and sweet. The ending blog love revelation scene was a darling. Nothing much to expect but it will not disappoint you either. Hassle-free and endearing. Joe Cheng, I miss you sweetie. 9/9/9


34 thoughts on “Top Taiwan Drama

  1. You had me at your “summer x summer” comment hahaha seriously that has to be the worst T-drama i’ve seen. I was able to finish it because of the 2nd couple but seriously the leads have no chemistry at all, the storyline is a mess and the female lead is annoying as hell.

    My favorite T-drama aside from the classics (MG, FTLY) is My Lucky Star. I agree that it will take you a while before getting hooked but it’s one of those dramas that will secretly occupy a special place in your heart. 🙂

    1. hi mixie.. i wish i can have more time to watch more tdramas but i stopped since i crossed Han river.. d last tdrama i loved was Autumn’s Concerto… d other chinese language dramas i saw last were Jerry Yan’s My Best Ex Bf and Loving Never Forgetting.. ^_^

  2. .. hi:)

    recently i love korean dramas. i have a lot of cd’s
    and after i buy taiwanese drama like bullfighting devil beside you why why love ISWAK fated to love u sunny happiness love contract love u and many many more. and anything about me is im a kpop lover .. and my favorite actor and actress in taiwan is mike he and rainie yang=) ❤
    hahha im inlove w/ them. so handsome he jun xiang. wo ai ni.

    i have a lot of taiwan dramas especially mike he 🙂

  3. You should also watch Love, Now and Love, Around. The main casts there were George Hu and Annie Chen. I’m sure that you will really love it too! 🙂

  4. OMG @bibi, I was about to talk about “summer’s desire” as well then I saw your comment! XD Summer’s desire is like the best romance tw drama of all times.

  5. Hi jediprincess! I’m back to check you’re blog. Recently, I started watching Just You of Aaron Yang. And I love Skip Beat, too!

  6. hi jedi princess thank u for your recommendations but how can i buy these DVDs with English subtitles? Ive been to DVD shops in sydney but only one or 2 dramas have subtitles. Most of them are in chinese. thanks

    1. Hi elaine,

      I think you can google some dramas and order it online or you can also sign up to torrent sites (asiatorrents) to download it. Chinese/Taiwanese dramas though don’t have much downloading site unlike Korean dramas. I am just lucky because here in my country they sell asian dramas like hotcakes. Not much good video quality though but tolerable.

  7. Hi! Sorry, but I think you used the wrong picture for “miss no good” because it said “海派甜心“ on the front, which meant “hi my sweetheart”

    1. hi simz,
      i appreciate the warm response…
      i already have summers desire… i plan on finishing at least two taiwan dramas over the weekend… i might choose summers desire… happy new year… -jediprincess

  8. YAY! Autumn Concerto is in here. That’s like, my fave drama forever. Crying like a baby when I was watching :’) You should try Green Forest, My Home [2005] too. It was funny and perky, but sad at the end when the girl -spoiler alert- almost died of illness.

    Oh, and can you do a Top Korean drama list too? I want to see more! :3

  9. Absolute bf is great, kinda quirky, but at the same time i felt all the pains that the lead characters went through =( ( cried a little bit too, but shhhh dont tell any1 )

    Mr Ð

      1. I’ll be honest, yes sometimes, if i’ve really connected with the characters and the situation they are in, like in secret garden when the guy intentionally switches bodys by driving into the storm, i couldnt help but feel the emotion involved.

        Im quite in touch with my emotions and feelings (a bit girly ) =)

        Mr Ð

    1. hi lex,

      i haven’t watched Taiwan dramas recently… when my time permits I will update this list… the last I saw was Skipbeat! I’m halfway to finishing Absolute BF… Take care… appreciate the warm response. -jediprincess

  10. I have been trying to watch Magic Ring for a long time now.. but can’t find it with subtitles.. Any Suggestions??

    I loved most of the dramas you have shared.. the rest of your recommendations I will put on my list.. thanks for sharing!

    1. hi linda, i’m sorry, i bought a dvd copy of that, vikii doesn’t have the complete translation yet and mysoju doesn’t have it either. Thank you for leaving a comment… Enjoy watching…

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