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Thank you for being all that you are.

If there was something I would have wished while I was growing up was some memories of you and me taking afternoon naps.  Not that I dislike growing up with “tatay’s company” and our daily reading sessions and music delights, but it would have been nicer to feel that my mom was beside me watching me sleep while I was growing up.  But I know that you have to do what you had to do then for us, plus I know that when you leave us at home, you always take us along in your heart, and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

I deeply appreciate you for bringing us to church every Sunday when we were young, those are the most memories I remembered from my childhood.  I thank you for the always delicious dish you cook for the family when there’s occasion, and when there’s not.

I’m overwhelmed that you trust me and understood the choices, may it be bad or good, that I made in my life, and even more delighted that you scold me for the little mistakes,and let me contemplate on the big ones.

I love that you are always there when I have to go through the setbacks in my life… I know that when I cry overnight, it makes you sleepless for a long time.

The thought of you and what you will feel always hinder me to doing things that may hurt another person’s feeling, and I thank you for making a sensitive, rational, and nothing but ordinary woman in me.

Your prayers have always followed me, and have clung to me all my life, and it has made me feel safe every time.

I could not ask for a more brave and endearing mother than you are.  I’m blessed to have been raised well by your gentle spirit and unwavering optimism.

I love you Mama, so plenty and in so many ways you can imagine.  I promise I’ll fall in love again and give you a bunch of wonderful grandchildren.  I may love someone the most, or another the best, but you will be loved by mine the LONGEST.  ^_^



  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Di ko usual na ginagawa to. God bless. 🙂

    • hi harris, that’s a very sweet thing to say… appreciate it so much… be safe… if you have facebook or twitter we can be friends there… ^_^

      • hahaha… if you have facebook or twitter please add me… -jediprincess

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