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Title: 시크릿 가든 / Secret Garden
Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy, melodrama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-13 to 2011-Jan-16 HelpSites:  youtube, dramawiki, google


Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won –> an eccentric, arrogantly cute chaebol grandson and a CEO of a big department store

Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im –> a humble, hardworking stunt woman who has unwavering optimism in life

Yoon Sang Hyun as Choi Woo Young / Oska –> a famous singer and chic magnet who is also Joo Won’s cousin

Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul –> a rich heiress/director who has a hate-love relationship with Oska due to misunderstanding

Lee Philip as Im Jong Soo –> the gorgeous director of the action school where Ra Im is working.


A rich-man-poor-woman love story between a pompous department store CEO and a reserved stunt woman. When Kim Joo Won needed his cousin-celebrity’s approval to extend his contract for his department store image, he was asked to deal with a woman Oska dated.  He then mistook Gil Ra Im acting as a double for the actress he was looking.  Confused and denying he would fall for a stunt woman, Kim Joo Won searched for answers, but then eventually sank deeper as series of incidents made them even closer.

With a mother-who-doesn’t-want-the-girl-her-son-is-dating conflict and a haunting past that will connect Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won, this is a drama that will make you wish you could relive the first time you ever fell in love.


Secret Garden Episode 1:
The drama opened up showing the beautiful façade and scenic location of where our lead actor lives, and as he stopped by his cousin Oska’s early morning womanizing, Kim Joo Won had his “presenting-our-rich-distant-chaebol” introduction by Oska.  He then headed to his “rich-girl-set-up-date” by her mom with Yoon Seul, but being his high and mighty self seems like anyone can’t be match for him.  

Yoon Seul appeased himself and went for an afternoon relaxation at LOEL department store VIP lounge.  While they are mumbling girly nothingness, Gil Ra Im in her rugged clothing and tattoo entered the place and annoyed the two ladies.  She confronted  Ah Young, the employee and also Ra Im’s friend attending the guest and demanded her to leave and get her  ID.  When the two girls went outside, Yoon Seul’s friend’s bag was snatched and was witnessed by Ra Im, having a good heart he chased the bad guy and showed her killer action moves as she made the guys look funny.  She got the bag and gave Yoon Seul a tough woman lesson after she refused to give the name tag of her friend.  

We then see what Ra Im does for a living, a hardworking-kick-ass-stunt-woman for weak actresses who happened to be the girl Oska had  that early morn playing around – Chae Rin.

On the other hand, we also see how cold and cutely cynical Joo Won is managing the department store while his staff who are older than him whined about him just going to work twice a week.

Director Park:  We had a proposal to decide for the Autumn Sale.Kim Joo Won:   Can I sit down first?

Director Park:  The other stuff needs to know your decision.  Sorry for the impatience.

Kim Joo Won:  If it’s urgent, why didn’t you authorize it?  Can you still not copy my signature?

Director Park:  That’s just a rumor.  They thought of that because they didn’t see you at work often.

Kim Joo Won:  I do come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Director Park:  You also have to come the rest of the week.

Kim Joo Won:  I don’t want to because there’s a lot of traffic.

**Sat down and read the title page of the proposal**

Kim Joo Won:  Is this the best you can do?  Are you sure?

Staff:  We’re not entirely sure.  Which part don’t you like specifically?

Kim Joo Won:  How will I know, I’ve only seen the title.  If it’s not the best, and you’re not certain, then you should redo it.

<*giggles straightforward and distant Joo Won, you got me with your charming cold exterior.>

Looks like high-and-mighty runs in the blood as Oska complained with his manager on the progress of his music video project.  His manager ranted how his behavior sometimes is hard to deal with, and that’s why it’s hard to finalize his projects.  He went out for a drink with Joo Won and discussed his contract renewal as a model of LOEL to the former’s annoyance because Joo Won won’t give more money.  As Oska was going out he heard a young lounge singer and was mesmerized by him ignoring Chae Rin’s phone calls which made the latter so furious about him.

Ra Im and Chae Rin did a practice drill and the girls had an accident causing a mini-wound on the actress’ thumb and a deep cut on Ra Im’s arm.  This upset the bad tempered movie director throwing harsh words at Ra Im, and on came the director of Action school Im Jong Soo and rescue our damsel in distress by declaring his staff to leave immediately as they can’t work with people with goodness deficiency.

Oska phoned Joo Won to deal with Chae Rin as she is blackmailing him of scandal pictures she will release to the press.  Uncaring Joo Won just advised him to let out of his pictures as well, so left with no choice he baited his contract to make him work on wiping Chae Rin’s trace on him.

So Joo Won went to Chae Rin’s filming site and asked someone to point out who she was.  Donning the same clothes as Chae Rin, the movie crew pointed out Ra Im who was at that time begging the director for her to continue what she started.  Joo Won asked her if she knows Oska, and as our Ra Im has a crush on him and his fan, she said yes, and agreed to meet him even if she wondered why he would ask for her when they only met a very long time ago.

Joo Won has a fear on riding an elevator so he had to take the stairs after making fool of him defending his sparkling track suit.   Settled in the hotel room Ra Im remembered her first encounter with Oska when she played double for Kim Sun Ah, and then Joo Won joined her running out of his breath.
Kim Joo Won:  Will you be okay hanging out with me?Gil Ra Im:  I’m okay since I’m always around with men.

Kim Joo Won: (choked while drinking water) *giggles You seem straightforward and charmingly cute.  Can I ask you how much money you usually do if you meet with a top star like Oska?

Gil Ra Im:  I don’t get more on a top star status.  If the location is local province or outdoors I will get more.

Kim Joo Won:  outdoors?

Gil Ra Im:  Rooftops, bamboo groves… those places are trendy right now.

Kim Joo Won:  Bamboo groves? (amused at how his brother can go that far)

Gil Ra Im:  I get more for cars since it’s difficult.  *wink

Kim Joo Won:  It must be really hard and out of space but men like it right?

Gil Ra Im:  You’re right!  Men like the speed and action.

<so here’s when I first fell in love with Ra Im’s candidness>

 Ra Im realized that he mistook her for Park Chae Rin so they went back to the film location while she drove super fast scaring our cute prince to a hilt.  He located Chae Rin who was in her I’m-crying-because-Oska-fooled-me conference and stopped her right there and then to avoid the damage she might cause his brother.  On his way out he saw Ra Im on as she practices fight scenes, and there start the connection with her.He waited for her after the shoot wrapped up and learned what her true job was.  Annoyed when she was asked if she was feeling well, she made her first kick to him in his anger and confusion on why the woman seems not to be bothered on his presence, but he went soft when he noticed blood dripping to where she was walking.  He then forced her to go to the hospital, and even there Ra Im was still throwing a fit.

Gil Ra Im:  (walking away) I said I’m okay

Kim Joo Won:  If you’re okay then why are you shaking?  Is it because this is the first time you are with a handsome man?  Perhaps you might misunderstand, this is what high class people do.  It’s a good deed.  I was raised this way, so even if you are shaking to death around me, bear with it!

<way to go Joo Won oppa! your antics is growing on me!>

He swept Ra Im of her feet and settled her to the hospital.  For a guy who gets easily bored, he patiently watch her sleep, staring and puzzled on why her face looks troubled why she sleeps.

Then Director Jong Soo came rushing after an almost rude telephone conversation with Joo Won which was cut by his doctor.  Ra Im tried standing to leave the hospital but due to weakness she almost fell down if not for Joo Won’s quick arms.  She was then carried by the director, and I love how our main hero expressed his subconscious jealousy… “She moves from one arm to another.”

Outside the building the Director asked Ra Im to take care of herself and take a taxi, and she assured him that she will be okay and the medicines have worked already.  When Jong Soo left, Ra Im start walking home and there came Joo Won pestering her again on why she didn’t take the taxi and insisted on taking her home if she doesn’t have money.

Then enter Oska…

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  1. This is the best drama in the world, you must watch this. the true love story, cinderella.

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