A mod romance movie co-production between China and Korea starring Zhang Ziyi, So Ji-sub, Fan Bingbing, Ruby Lin, and Peter Ho that was released in August 2009.


Sophie is a blithe, good natured comic artist who could not ask for more until her boyfriend of two years (Jeff) called off their wedding and left her for a famous movie actress (Anna).

Still optimistic that she can win back her ex boyfriend, she devised a plan for two months hoping that Jeff will be back again with her before their wedding.

Sophie worked on her operation-claim-my-ex-bf-back to a fault, making her friends support her even without them wanting it. She also met Anna’s ex-lover, Gordon as she embarked on her mission to save her contempt on love and marriage.  But as she proceeded with her methods she got entangled to a new, familiar feeling, and almost falling into it a twist will lead her to discovering her inner self and finding her way back to love.

Sophie’s Plan

Understanding and Forgiving – no matter how much pain someone caused you, forgive him…she cheerfully went to visit Jeff in the hospital but she can’t still face him bravely causing a literal may hem in the hospital.

Reminisce the Past – use all the mementos from the past and invoke those sweet memories.. did not work out either as jeff remained glued to Anna.

Change your Appearance – still ineffective when the girl your ex is dating is pretty and sexy.

Foe to Friend – can never happen especially if the other girl know why you are doing that thing


“Women should find her inner self, then only can she discovered true love.

“Man is afraid to enter the wrong occupation, and women fear to be married to the wrong man.”

Men basically are lazy. His laziness caused him sometimes to ignore woman’s suffering. To prevent him for forgetting you, don’t allow him a space to remember a new love.


Editing wise it was so avant-garde and playful. It is fun and relating but there’s an “uhm” factor missing.  I normally see Zhang Zi YI in her dare devil moves so it was kind of nice seeing her in a new light, but still having watched a lot of romance dramas it’s hard for me to be pleased.

I didn’t feel any fondness while gluing myself on the movie, although Sophie is such an adorable character with a good heart but vulnerable most of the time.  



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