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I have watched more than a hundred Korean dramas so far, last night I was bracing myself for the finale episode of Korean drama “Scent of a Woman”. It is officially my favorite TV drama now.  The whole 8 weeks of spending time with it made me realize how living can be tiring and hard but then again it’s still full of hope and a chance to be happy.


More than finding love and having an unwavering faith, it is our will to make each day “our” day that can make us appreciate this life more.  Live for the moment so that when you look back, even if there will be regrets, you know that you have done what you should have.


If there’s any realization that hit me hard while I was watching it, those would be finding ways to fulfill my very own bucket list.  I have strong faith I would.


Dear Heavenly Father, please give me a lot more years to make my parents smile each day.

love, abby


P.S  It would be nicer to fall asleep to the arms of the man I love (and loves me more).  But no pressure!  *giggles




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