In the middle of a grassy plain stands a mailbox where letters of pain to the departed people can be found.

A man, Shin Jae-jun walks toward the mailbox, gets the letters and reads some of it while lying down beneath the sky and through the grassy plain.

 A woman, Cho Hana walks toward the mailbox drops her mail and gives a sigh.  She tries drinking some water but she runs out of it, and then comes Jae-jin who offered her some.  

She asks him who he is, and he replies that he’s the Heaven’s postman. Bewildered Hana asks if he was a ghost, but he corrects her that he is an angel.  She taunts him to fly if he really is, so he commands her to close her eyes so that he can do what she wishes, but he takes a few steps away and left her. 

Then we see them in a coffee shop, he tells her about letters of longing and love written by the people who were left behind by the people they love, but there was a strange wicked letter which was full of hate blaming a man who died. 

She pretends not to be the one he was referring to, but he tells him because of her “hate mails” he will have some extra work to do more than being a postman.  She defends herself saying she really wants to put a bomb inside her letters because of that person. 

When the coffee shop attendant came, she asks her if she sees a cup floating but the attendant confirms that there was another person. 

Still not buying the whole heaven’s postman idea, he explains that it was just a part time job.  His work is to help deliver closure for the people who lost their loved ones.  He even offers her to help him with his work but she declines it.

She then proceeds with her normal life. After an attempt to get a job from a business that deals with making alibi’s and faking almost anything, she finds herself in the mailbox spot again accepting the initial job Jae-jun offered her.  But she tried to negotiate with the pay, but he blackmails her that he will post her hate letters on the internet so she can’t demand how much she should get.

When they read a letter from a mother who lost her 5 year old son, she can’t help but feel the pain of a mother losing her child.  The mother even prepared a lunchbox for him, and when he asks her to take a bite of it and confirms if it’s tasty, he shouts in the heavens that the lunchbox was tasty.  After putting little flowers on top of the lunchbox, Hana and Jae-jun agreed to work together.

The first assignment he tasks her to do is to make a grandfather finds his closure on his deceased wife.

Harabushi found love letters from a man on her wife’s belonging and he is worried that his son might not be really his.

Hana speaks to grand dad’s daughter-in-law about how they can help with harabushi’s grief and she agreed to be of help.

So Jae-jin and Hana set up a fake DNA test result to make granddad’s doubts on his late wife’s fidelity vanished, the only problem is how they can make him read it.  Then we see granny heading home, noticing the mailbox, he stops and gropes for something inside it not minding the letters inside the box.  He found what he wants and voila!  it was the magical “yakult”.  *giggles 

After failing the first attempt, Jae-jun personally handed the envelope to harabushi, and when he opened the result, we see granny smiling again after the confirmation of his love’s wife for him.

Their next project was a letter of a vocalist, Yong-shik from a famous band.  He wrote a letter for his father who passed away.  His father disliked the idea of him being a performer. 

So Hana plans to make a scrapbook of him and pretends to be the last nurse who took care of his dad. He was so happy about it and he thanked her for giving it to him.  She was even happier to have been a part of his moving on from the agony of losing his dad.

Back to the green fields, in her usual inquisitive mood, Hana asks Jae-jun why Yong-shik and granny believe the DNA test and scrapbook so easily.  He answers that they have to believe it for them to finally have their closure. 

Then they saw a mom and a little boy approaching so they pretend they are playing.  He throws a ball and when she looks for it her glance caught up the woman with her child and realizes that she is the wife of her dead ex-BF.

He wonders why the woman was with a child and concludes that she was the wife, so she’s not the girlfriend to her annoyance. 

While Hana wonders whether there is really a heaven and still confuse of the emotions she felt earlier, she rants how she was lied about so she still can’t forgive. 

He advises her to tell all those things to him and not to write a letter.  So she shouts to her heart’s content of her disappointment to him dying without even telling he was married. 

When she felt better, he asks if it was okay with her shedding her angst while he sits beside her, and she says that it was okay because it was him and not other people.

Then Jae-jun says he wants to kiss her but he takes it back when he sees her expression.  She responds that he was good at saying it, so he teased her that she also wants to do it but she says she lost her desire to do it when he mentioned it. 

They both stand up and he says that in the future he wants to listen to her stories which made her cry again because she used to be taken for granted by that person she loved, and she even knew the intentions from the start because he was always never by her side but she was blinded by love. So then Jae-jun pleads if he can be by her side and in the green fields of forever he leans towards her and gives her a kiss.

While inside the heaven bus, she asks him if the job will end someday.  He replies that it will if the person sending letters will find out about them or if he messes up with things he’s not suppose to ruin.  That way he will get fired. 

When they step out of the bus, they proceed to a lighthouse and she is so elated at the sight of the ocean.  He comments that it will be their new hideout because she doesn’t like busy coffee shops.

The next day Jae-jun stays at the coffee shop and while he was sorting the letters he orders a coffee but the attendant who used to see him can’t see him anymore. 

He then heads to visit a gallery.  The owner of the gallery offers to get a coffee and when he got back he snaps at Jae-jun when he mindlessly looked at a photobook. 

He apologizes for touching the photobook but he motions that it was okay.  Jae-jun notices that the photobook is about the “sky” and inquires him when he started taking pictures of it.  The man responds it was his dead son’s hobby to take pictures of the sky and he is just continuing it.

When Jae-jun goes to the lighthouse, he sees Hana embracing the letters.  When he called her attention he asks why she was doing that.  She mumbles that the mom who sent the lunchbox wrote a letter again.  She is longing to see her son again. 

Hana is sad because they can’t fulfill the mother’s wish.  He is curious if it was  the reason why she embraces the letters, she affirms, so he sits beside her and have her head rest on his shoulder so they can both embrace the letters. 

Hana says she remembers him telling her that no one will write a letter for him when he dies, but she assures him that she will write a letter for him every single day.  He retorts that it will make him happy. 

The next letter they work on is for a father who felt sorry after losing his child.  He used to be a busy doctor that he blamed himself neglecting his responsibility as a father to his child and a husband to his wife. 

His son blamed him of his mother’s death and he never forgave him for that, unfortunately his son died without his apology. 

Jae-jun visited “father” again and had another cup of coffee.  He tells him that he is actually a ghost which makes him laugh because he is seeing him normally.  But Jae-jun insists that he really is and that the reason why he can see him is because he can only be seen by people who are yearning for someone they love who passed away. 

He asks the man why he takes picture and he replies that it’s a way of communicating with his dead son.  Jae-jun tells “father” that he likes someone, and he was advised to propose to her before it’s too late, because he can never be sure if tomorrow will still be there for them.

Later he meets up with Hana, and she is happy bubbling her plans to one of their projects.

While she was getting their usual order at the coffee shop, she was surprised when she suddenly can’t see him, and it dawned on him that all along he might be really someone not belonging to the mortal world.

She commands him to get the order as she always does that, and when he didn’t move, she gets the sad confirmation of what she just figured out.

When she confronts her about his true self, he denies being a ghost nor an angel and explaines that the reason why she is seeing him is because she’s in an emotional pain, and that only people who are grieving over a departed soul can see him.

She tells him that she can’t see him earlier at the coffee house and sometimes even in the past few days, so he confirms that she’s starting to forget the man whom she was grieving for. She says she’s starting to like him, and she’s forgetting her ex-lover because he is by her side.  He replies he knows it but utters she won’t see him anymore when she completely let go of him.

When Hana’s phone rings, she gets the confirmation that the tape of the son’s voice is ready.  He decides not to proceed anymore but she insisted on doing it.  She hints she won’t believe all the things herevealed today because she loves him and then she walked away and left him alone.

Later Hana marches to ajussi’s gallery.  He offers her a coffee too and asks her if she sees a good-looking guy sitting over there.  Hana said yes pretending it was the first time she meets Jae-jun. 

Hana explains that she got a tape from the place she had her last vacation.  The local people can’t understand the tape so when they were visited by another Korean they gave her the tape. When she listened to the tape she did some research and learned about a plane crash on Uruguay in 1938.  She looked for the father of the owner of the tape that’s why she is in front of him now. 

After they listened to the tape, Jae-jun can’t take the guilt any longer and admits that it was a fake recorded tape which Hana denies.  Ajussi retorts he thought they don’t know each other which made them stopped fighting. 

She drags him outside and complains why he’s making this hard.  She tells him he isn’t in this kind of pain that’s why he can’t understand that even lies can make someone feel better.  He perceives she should be realistic and she retaliates by venting out that he is a coward.  Ajussi then stops them from their hate dialogue and requests them to leave as he wants to be alone for the day.

They went out and separated ways, Hana walks furiously first and then stops, turns back, but didn’t find Jae-jin standing to where she left him. 

Hana visits Ajussi again and apologizes for the last time.  He affirms it was okay and asks if she already spoke with Jae-jun.  He said Jae-jun dropped by and told him that he will be away for a while saying he might not be able to visit him again. Hanna bids farewell to Ajussi and heads to the mailbox. 

While she was realizing the last time she saw him was the last time she will ever see him, the last letter he wrote for her can be heard being read by him in the background.

He said in the letter that he was thankful for spending the past few days with him because she made him happy and also said goodbye to her because he can’t stay by her side anymore.  He also told him a bit about himself. He used to be a rich-happy-go-lucky guy who thought life has a game but then he met an accident and he regret that he lost all the people he loved without him appreciating them. When found his job he was happy about it and when he met her he was even happier. 

While inside the light house, Hana cries while reading his letter to her as their memories were seen fading in the pictures. *This scene made me cry big time

In another scene we see a doctor telling a mother to prepare for the worse as it has been two weeks but the patient hasn’t awakened yet.

Meanwhile, Jae-jin preps himself up as he sees the big boss in heaven. Because of his good performance as a postman he was told that he can live again. H’s curious whether Hana will remember her or if he will remember what happened in the past weeks but big boss say it will just be like a dream for him.

He walks out of the heaven limbo and bump to grandpa who was reunited with his wife.

Hana is moving on with her life with her new job. There is no trace of pain on her anymore. Her boss asks her to get the mails from the post office and she gets surprised when Jae-jin shows up.

He questions her if she has a number already, and when she didn’t respond, he gets the number for her and walked away.

When she finally realized what just happened she follows him, but he is not outside anymore. When she gets back inside the post office, he is there standing.

They take turns saying the places they’ve been, and finally she throws herself to him in sweet embrace.

Later on Hana works as a cartoonist for postcards while Jae-jin becomes a real post man.

P.S Sometimes when you meet someone who asked you if he has met you before, think of it not as a pick up line because he might be a destiny in disguise.



When you watch a love story with supernatural element inflection, you have to prepare yourself not to expect that much, and that’s what I did. Actually it was vaguely presented and was injected fully later in the story, nevertheless I love how this movie was not complicated and effortlessly endearing.

Surely worth of your rest day movie time.


7 thoughts on “Heaven’s Postman (Postman to Heaven)

  1. Really i enjoy my time to the max when i am reading your posts and comments…you have such a great taste in revewing movies and specially the romantic one i became addicted to your blog keep going…Regards from Egypt 🙂

    1. Thank you so much movie lover… I’m happy you enjoyed reading my ramblings. And I’m even happier to know someone from Egypt. Aside from Korean culture, I’m also fascinated with anything about Egypt. Take care. -jediprincess

  2. Hi,
    it’s my first comment on your blog but I visited a few times before. I like reading your posts, especially when I’m in nostalgic mood. Like today, I just dropped by and started reading your review, the movie seemed to match perfetly with my current state so I had to watch it. It was simple but nice and warm, I would compare it to a warm cup of chocolate in the winter evening. The story was so romantic and innocent, with a bit of fairy tail in it, nothing extraordinary but maybe that simplicity made it really enjoyable 🙂 I guess it’s one of main qualities of Korean romantic movies and dramas.

    Greetings from across the world 🙂

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