CAST:  Son Ye-jin, Jo Sung-woo, Jo In-sung

Ji-hye is a typical young woman, blood type O, with a constant habit of *pffft sighing and enjoys Taekwondo.  Her father died when she was young, and her mother didn’t opt to marry again. 

While tidying up the house, she takes a box which is very special to her mother.   There in the box are letters of her mother’s first love.

She is about to read one of the letters when the telephone rings, and when she comes to pick it up, the wind blows the letters out of its confinement. 

The caller is Ji-hye’s friend, Soo-gyung, who is inviting Ji-hye to come with her and Sang-min to visit an Art Museum. 

Soo-gyung likes Sang-min and Ji-hye has been helping her write love e-mail letters for him.  Secretly, Ji-hye also likes Sang-min just like most of the girls in the campus, but she has to give way for her friend.

When she gets back to the room, she sees the room in a mess because of the scattered letters.  She picks up the letters, sits down and turns the pages of a journal.   She sees a picture of a young man, and from that picture we will go to our first time travel.

Tae-soo approaches Oh Joon-ha to request him to write love letters for her fiancée, Sung Joo-hee.  When Tae-soo shows him her picture, Joon-ha is sent back to a beautiful memory he shared with her.

Joon-ha is catching a beetle with his friends, but his attention is caught when he sees a beautiful young lady passing by.  His friends tell him that she is from the city and is a Congressman’s daughter. 

In another moment, and still catching beetles with his friends, (Oh how simple and pretty killing time before, you just have to catch insects *giggles) the young woman approaches Joon-ha to look at the insect and asks him to accompany her to go to the haunted house near the river.  Lovestruck, and even without knowing how to row a boat, Joon-ha obliges to her plan.

Joon-ha and Joo-hee go haunted house hunting the next day, and when they arrive on the place, they scream when they sees an old bum drunk.  

Unfortunately, the rain falls and pushes away their boat so they have no choice but to wait for the rain to abate and settle inside a small resting place.  If eating watermelon is how they did dating before, I would be more than willing to indulge.

They start to head home, and when they pass by a wooden bridge, beautiful fireflies light the place.  He catches one for her, and I’m so envious of that scene, next time I won’t ask for flowers, just lighted flying insect surrounding an old wooden bridge. 

When they are about to depart, she gives him her necklace and when she reunites with her worried family, her grandfather slaps his face.

It is hard for Joon-ha to write letters for Tae-soo because he himself wants to tell a lot of things to her, but he doesn’t have a choice but to help his friend, and in a way continue his secret love for her.

Tae-soo comes rushing one day to find Joon-ha in the library.  He received an invitation to witness Joo-hee’s musical recital.  Joon-ha goes to see her perform and hopes to give her flowers but she was dragged for a lunch with Tae-soo’s family and hers. 

Joo-hee comes back looking for Joon-ha, and after a very short hello, she excuses herself because she can’t stay long.

Back to the present time in the Art Museum, Ji-hye exchanges glances with Sang-min while Soo-gyung annoyingly played sweet with him. 

When Ji-hye tells Soo-gyung that she’s wanting to leave, he tries to convince her otherwise by asking her to spend the dinner with them, but she politely refuse it. 

When she is about to leave, Sang-min calls her again and asks her to pick a gift.  She picks one. leaves, but Soo-gyung follows her to exchange the present she got.

When she gets home, she iss debating whether to open or not the gift, and when she finally open it, she is surprised to see a cute bear key chain and a short love letter. 

Of course the user-friendly Soo-gyung demands to get the love note when she reads it to her ovet the telephone. Ji-hye is sad thinking that Sang-min must have really like Soo-gyung a lot to write something sweet and special like that.

Switching to another flashback, Tae-soo asks Joon-ha to come with him to a Polka class with Joo-hee and her friend Na-hee.  Joo-hee is surprised when Tae-soo introduces Joon-ha as his bestfriend. 

The secret lovers exchange whispers on how coincidence is playing with them as Tae-soo in his playfulness changes the Polka music to Rock and Roll.  Tae-soo walks Joo-hee home, and annoyed with her tongue twister display, Joon-ha leaves Na-hee’s side secretly and rushes to catch up with Joo-hee. 

When Joo-hee is about to ring the door bell, the street light flicks on and off in resemblance of a firefly, and she smiles when she sees him standing beside the street light post.  She embraces him and our I-love-my-bestfriend’s-fiancee-love-tale is established.

Back to the present time, Ji-hye purposely tries to be late on her music class only to find out Soo-gyung patiently waits for her as well to get the love note. 

Ji-hye gets caught in the rain so she shelters herself under a tree.  She sees Sang-min running towards the shed and pretends she doesn’t notice him, but he calls her attention and they are put in an awkward situation.


When she tries running away, he asks her where she is heading.  She tells him her destination and he offers to run with her until she gets to the library.  Under that rainy day, with Sang-min’s jacket and a secret love resonating in the air, my second favorite scene happened.

During the morning exercise, Tae-soo tells Joon-ha that Joo-hee is not responding anymore to his letters and it’s making him sad because it’s the first time he has really liked a girl.  He goes to see Joo-hee to confess his feelings for her. 

When Joon-ha and Joo-hee meets up that night, he requests her to reply to Tae-soo’s letter.   It made Joo-hee sad because they are torn in causing pain to someone both dear to them. 

Joo-hee decides on not seeing Joon-ha and Tae-soo anymore because of their complicated situation, but Joon-ha still visits him every night turning the street light on and off. (This is why I’m lucky because my friends don’t have the same preference as mine when choosing a guy.)

Joon-ha visits sick Joo-hee, and he tells her that he wanted to come clean with Tae-soo, but when he tells him about it, he laughs and retorts not to let the necklace Joo-hee gave to him be seen by his father because he gave it to her as a gift. 

During school break they exchange letters, and one of the letters got returned back to Tae-soo’s address.  He is hurt big time by his father because of it.  Joo-hee’s father learns of her secret affair with Joon-ha and her plan to visit her grandfather’s house is cancelled.

When Tae-soo and Joon-ha get back to school, not being able to handle the emotional stress, Tae-soo pretends to be sick during the morning exercises and attempts to commit suicide.  (Before all the other bromance I saw, this has been my first favorite.)

When Joo-hee visits Tae-soo in the hospital, Joon-ha hung the necklace she gave him on the door knob and left.  She tries chasing him but he is nowhere to be found.

Back to the current time, The store owner chats with Ji-hye.  She narrates that she has a special umbrella, and it is special because Sang-min gave it to him. 

She tells Ji-hye that Sang-min left it the other day when the rain was pouring heavily.  Ji-hye realizes that it was the same day when she met him under the tree shed.  It dawns on her that he might have liked her too and ran happily under the rain to see him to confirm her suspicion.

She goes to see Sang-min to confirm if they have mutual feelings, and when she was about to walk away away, he stops her and admits his feelings to her.  He tells her that he likes her all along, and that when he asked her to pick up the present, he was hoping, she’ll get the one with the note.  (which we all know we got when Soo-gyung replaced hers)

During the stage play, Soo-gyung makes a fuss and childishly declares her love for him while they are on stage acting.  When the curtains close,  Sang-min reprimandes her and they end up slapping each other’s face. 

Ji-hye and Sang-min go for a date and she tells him about her parent’s love story.

Tae-soo and Joo-hee meet again during a civil rally they both participated.  When the war breaks in, Joo-hee learns from Tae-soo that Joon-ha will be signing in for the war, she goes to the heroes’ send off, at first he ignores her, but his heart melts and she gives him the necklace again.

But the war blinded Joon-ha, when he realizes that the necklace is lost, he goes back to the war zone and gets into an explosion.  He wasn’t able to return to Joo-hee’s side and later married another woman who patiently took care of him even if he was blind.

Years later, Joon-ha finally meets with Joo-hee.   He tells her that he was married already.  He is pretending all along that he is not blind, but Joo-hee learns what he is trying to hide when he talks about a piano doll which was earlier picked up by a little boy to play with it. 

She asks him how she looks and he replies differently.  He hurriedly makes an excuse to be out of the situation but he falls down on the floor. 

Both of them cries of how their love will be coming to an end.  He tells her he even practiced there in the restaurant last night to calculate his movements but it is still not perfect. He tries returning the necklace, but she puts it back on him and tells him that it will always belong to him.

Tae-soo and Joo-hee got married and had Ji-hye, but Tae-soo died after three years.  In the movie, Ji-hye has been seen doing that *pfffffttttt sigh, which she actually got from Tae-soo. 

After Ji-hye narrated her parents’ love tale, Sang-min cries and takes off the same necklace her mother gave to Joon-ha.  As it turned out, he is Joon-ha’s son and the love that their parents weren’t able to have, will be finally achieved in their time.

Joo-hee and Sang-min passes by the fireflies bridge where their parents love story started.  Sangmin catches a firefly and gives it to Ji-hye.  He kisses her and the love fate denied their parents are given once again for them to continue.  ^_^

“CHANCE is a GIFT for those who TRY”


When I first saw this movie, I was deeply moved I named all my pet dog…  Sang-min.  *giggles  Until now, my pet is named Sang-min.  It was a time-transcending love at it’s best.  This made me love Director Kwak Jae-young much more. 


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