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Title:  발리에서 생긴 일 / Bal-li-e-seo Saeng-kin il Something Happened in Bali / Hearts in Bali / What happened in Bali

Genre: Romance, Melo-drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2004-Jan-03 to 2004-Mar-07

Viewership rating: peak=31.8% average=25.6%

HelpSites:  youtube, dramawiki, google, mysoju

CAST:  Ha Ji Won, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Park Ye Jin


Episode 1 and 2

Jung Jae-min groped sleepily to answer his ringing phone and headed to a jewelry store to meet his fiancée, Choi Young-joo and his mother.  His mother left for another appointment and was left alone with her, but parted ways as well after showing off an arranged marriage casual meet up to please the elders’ play.

At a meeting Jae-min showed disinterest drawing on a face on a newspaper as the CEO fretted on funding a useless soap opera production and other business sounding problems.

Young-joo went to Indonesia for a supposed business trip and then settled in the hotel.  She went to visit Kang In-wook and when she entered his place, she slapped him.  In-wook was her ex-boyfriend but she has to break up with him because of an arranged marriage with Jae-min.  He learned of her engagement, he volunteered to be transferred to the office branch in Indonesia.

When she opened her eyes the next morning, she saw breakfast prepared and she argued with him when she saw him leaving for work.  He burst out his angst on her but then again he gave in and they acquiesced to making the most out of her short visit there.

When she didn’t answer his phone calls at the hotel Jae-min decided to follow her to Bali, Indonesia and the secret ex-lovers were put on an awkward position when he came unannounced.  She introduced In-wook as her friend, and Jae-min invited him over for a dinner.

During dinner we learned that In-wook used to work in the main office for planning department and moved to Indonesia 3 months ago.  Jae-min joked if he moved there because of a broken heart.  He asked further personal questions, and then he got a call and excused himself to take it.  Jae-min asked his secretary to gather information about Kang In-wook.  Yung-joo apologized for the questioning marathon, and when Jae-min got back, In-wook excused himself and thanked him for the dinner and left.

Frustrated on meeting-my-ex-gf’s-rich-chaebol-heir-dinner, he vented it out on a concrete just as he saw a bubbly Korean woman, Lee Soo-jung, with foreign people trying to make fun of her.  While waiting in the taxi bay, Soo-jung made a small talk with him and asked him if it’s okay if she rode the taxi with him.  But he grew tired of her being chatty and kicked her out of the cab.

Lee Soo-jung was excited when they were called to facilitate the city tour of a rich heir.  When she met them up, she was surprised to see In-wook there and apologized for offering the night club tour last night to Jae-min’s amusement smile.  When all were settled they proceed to the trip that would intertwine their lives from then on.

On their way, Soo-jung incessantly talked about Bali to the love-entangled-trio until Young-joo complained that the tour guide was too loud.

Soo-jung and the trio continued their Bali Tour.  Jae-min was already sensing something weird between Young-joo and In-wook.  When Yung-joo threw a tantrum of going back to the hotel, In-wook asked her to stay and she complied to Jae-min’s annoyance.

After ranting on how much food she ordered, Jae-min stepped out and saw Soo-jung eating her lunch and trying to fix her shoe.  He approached her and they engaged in a talk.  She asked him if the quiet one was the rich heir, and Jae-min agreed to her assumption. He asked her that they should have some fun and so they drink.

Jae-min and Soo-jung got drunk to their heart’s content, when Young-joo got bored she asked In-wook to help her get back to the hotel, and when they did, Jae-min threw a fit and get into a fight with In-wook.

Soo-jung dragged Jae-min back to the hotel, and when she was about to leave, he asked her to stay for the night.  She asked him how much he can pay, and he threw money at her and asked her to leave.  So the day ended Jae-min alone, In-wook being drunk, Young-joo trying to call In-wook and Soo-jung feeling pity at herself.

When drunk In-wook got home, he saw the car they used earlier parked and overheard Soo-jung crying and talking with someone over the phone.  They say each other when she picked up her dried clothes, and he went inside his room.  He finally answered Young-joo’s call and she told him she loves him and she will go back to Seoul that day.

Soo-jung’s evil boss took her saving’s book and ran off with her money leaving her problems with gangsters due to business debts also left by her con boss.

Back in Seoul Jae-min was scolded by his father and went to meet up for lunch with Young-joo, and their mothers.  The two moms boasted of how they rich they were.   Both of them looked amusing and annoying at the same time.  Of course they excused themselves and left to give time for the forced lovers to try and kindle their forced engagement.  She bargained with him to call of the wedding, but he refused and explained that it’s not because he’s afraid of his father but that he’s beginning to like her.

Soo-jung woke up while on a flight back to Seoul and saw In-wook sitting beside him.  He handed her a jacket when they arrived at the airport for a cover her up on the freezing winter.

In-wook arrived at their house but left upon realizing that his mother was with her lover.  Soo-jung reunited with her friend Mi-hee and asked her if she can stay with her.



Lee Soo-jung went to Jae-min’s company, but he was busy playing in his computer so he didn’t pay attention and she was forced to leave the company premises.  

He went to a meeting and was surprised when he saw In-wook stepped in the room.  He approached his elder brother and asked him to take In-wook as he didn’t need him in his team, but elder brother perceived otherwise.

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