CAST:  Kim Jae-won and Ha Ji-won

Kang Ha-young wakes up from dreaming of an ugly Prince Charming kissing him while she is on her class to her classmate’s wondering and the teacher’s annoyance.  On the other side, Ahn Hyung-joon comes out of the water oozingly hot making the girls faint to his manly charm and appeal.

When she meets up with her boyfriend later, he tells her he wants to end their relationship, and to save face she leaves him after a bitter litany and blurting out that she’s going to end it with him anyway. 

While walking sadly after being dumped, she kicks a can which landed on Ahn Hyung-joon’s forehead.  It defocuses him causing him to bump his luxurious car on a wall.

She  runaway but she left her wallet bearing her school ID.  Later that night Hyung-joon calls but she dismissed him again. 

The next day at school she worries about the cost of the car repair expense and after the class, they are all curious about the commotion outside.  A wall full of paper banners of her asking to come out is the source of the school buzz. 

She tears the pages down, and then Hyung-joon appears and carries her on his back to her schoolmates envious-why-she-has-a-cute-guy-squeal.  While she sits on his car, she is having crazy thoughts of punishments that she might be getting from him.

He brings her to a cozy restaurant and asks her to sign a 100 days enslavement agreement which sends her to wild imaginations of her being sold to gangsters and being forced to marry someone, but he seems to be reading what her mind is conceiving so he cut her thoughts pointing out she’s not pretty enough to succumb with such ideas.

Hyun-joong visits his friend and brags about his new found slave.  When Ha-young gets home, she is about to rest her mortal body when Hyun-joong calls to assume his “master” role.   She gets another surprise when she sees him living to the apartment across their house.

The next day at her class Ha-young is hounded by her classmates asking about the details about Hyung-joon, so she makes up a dinner story and she even reversed the enslavement agreement making  her the boss and him the slave.   *giggles

On cue she receives a call from “her master”, and he demands her to leave her class to come to his place.  Furious of her newly acquired role, she hurt her eyes making her look like a Halloween character and asks her teacher to excuse herself because of her eye injury. 

She proceeds to his apartment and before she can enter, she is asked for a “password”, and that password is to imitate Sailor Moon’s heroine action chant which she does shyly and cutely.  When she enters his place, she is asked to clean it up because his father will be coming over for a visit. *giggles 

The enslavement relationship requires her to tag along with him when he’s shopping and watching a movie.  She also does the cleaning of his car, even pushing it when it gets stuck on the road, and all other unreasonable caprices he wanted to be done. (bad master!  *pout)

When Ha-young’s father’s car bumps on another car, she accompanies him to the car repair shop.  While her father is bargaining to cut the cost of the repair, she become extremely angry upon learning how cheap the cost of repainting was for a car scratch even if it was a luxurious car.

Upon knowing how he conned her, “operation-hell-hath-no-fury-when-Ha-young-got scorned takes in effect.”  Determined on her revenge she paints his car’s front window and leaves him a note that she painted it dark for him to be protected on the sun rays. 

She also presents a field demonstration starring Hyung-joon as the man who got her pregnant and left him afterwards. 

The car repair man tells Hyun-joong that his car window needs a replacement, so equally annoyed on what she did to his car, Hyun-joong hunts Hae-young down who is busy with her “Support the Vanishing of Hyun-joong Act” in public.   He drags her among the curious crowd and they exchange unpleasant sentences.  When Hyung-joon sends her a message to call him back, she sends an annoying video message of her to his irritation. 

He hunts her down at school and he chases her along the neighborhood but to no avail.

Hyung-joon posts an advertisement for a private tutor targeting Ha-young’s mother.  His effort pays off after his strategic attempts to have Ha-young’s mom notice his ad, when Ha-young’s teacher reveals her class standing to her mother.  Alas!  *evil laugh Hyung-joon was hired to tutor Ha-young.

On their first class together, Hyun-joong runs a diagnostic test of her basic knowledge, and he is amazed and annoyed of how sort of slow she is.  Their enslavement agreement continues with additional tutorial sessions.

They watch Hyung-joon’s friend concert which makes her really happy even if she  pushes his car when he runs out of gas and gets soaked in the rain when she gives her umbrella to him.  They also spend some time singing in a videoke house which triggers a special feeling the master and the slave haven’t realized yet.

Hyung-joon in his boredom asks her to go to a trip with him, but she declines because she is not allowed to go overnight.  So he sends her parents to Jeju Island by making them think they won a trip.

They have a fun and enjoyable trip and Ha-young and Hyun-joong become closer to each other. 

When they are about to try bungee jumping,  Hyung-joon is having an encounter with another man who is laughing at Ha-young’s weight.  While Hyun-joong is on an argument, she dares to look below and gets scared of the height.  She faints and then falls unprepared, but Hyung-joon jumps to caution her fall. 

She rests in the hospital after the bungee jump accident, as Hyung-joon contemplates on the budding emotion he is feeling for her.

Hyung-joon asks her to meet him up at a restaurant when he realizes that the 100 days of enslavement will be over.  When she shows up to what appears to be a meet and greet with Hyung-joon’s friends, she is coaxed to take a vomit soup recipe of waste, boogers, saliva and basically anything dirty coming from their bodies.  (eeewwww)

After his knight-in-a-shining-armor-move, he tells her that she’s officially free of being his slave.  When her friend notices that she brought a gift, they pass it around and it eventually lands on Hyung-joon’s hand.  He smiles when he reads the birthday card and sees the cute boxer gift.

When they reach the front of their apartments, he kisses her to her surprise.  Ha-young’s mother sees Hyung-joon kissing her daughter so when he visits for their study time she scolds him about thinking he was just playing with her daughter. 

The next day, Ha-young is introduced to a new tutor.  She tries calling Hyung-joon but he is not answering her phone calls.  When she gets the chance to talk to him, he tells her not to put an effort on him anymore because he is done playing with her.

In between private tutorial, Ha-young is having a hard time moving on with her first love.  When she goes drinking with her friends, they convince her that she can get over him in 10 seconds, but after 10 seconds she is still heartbroken.  ( 10 seconds?  Are you moving on from a lizard girl?)

Drunk Ha-young walks home and sees Hyung-joon. (You see in KMovieland the lead couples always bumps to each other when they are desperately praying not to)  She asks him if she is just really a toy for him but he ignores her and leaves her crying.

Hyung-joon leaves his apartment.  When she learned that he left, she iss extremely devastated.  When Ha-young notices a letter in their mailbox, she opens it and sees a ring.  She then realizes that Hyung-joon left it for her and she makes a promise to herself that she’ll study hard so that she can enter the same university where Hyung-joon also studies.

Ha-young confidently takes the University Exam and when she checks if she passed the entrance exam, she felt sad when she didn’t see her name on the list.  She goes to meet her tutor and mopes about her unhappiness.  Her tutor brings her to a place to make her feel better and leaves her alone to go the wash room.

Then lights burst in everywhere to her surprise and she sees Hyung-joon standing beside her.  He hands her the acceptance letter from the university and explains to her that he had her name purposely removed so that he can bring the good news to her in person.

He also tells her that he bargained with her mother not to lose her so he arranged for his friend to tutor her as the rest of his friends worked on the reviewer for Ha-young’s entrance exam.

He embraces her and kisses her while the fireworks display in the night sky. 

P.S We see Ha-young riding her car and is hit by a can kicked by a school boy.


This is a movie brimming with feel-good vibes.  It is nothing spectacular but always fun and nice to watch.  A slave-master love story refreshing, engaging and worth remembering.  ^_^


7 thoughts on “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (2004) MOVIE RECAP

    1. Hi, mewmew… the ending I think is that lead man asked his friend to tutor lead girl so she can be in the same university. It’ was a happy ending with fireworks and true love fulfilled. ^_^

      1. But JediPrincess , I’m just confused when she was hit by a senior high school boy with a can like what happened at the first time she met Hyun – Joong . Will she fall in love with that boy ? Cause that scene was exactly alike with the first scene of hyun-joong and her . And I think she was already married to hyun joong . I’m Reallly confused :((

      2. Hi Lyra, I think that scene was only an ending filler that sort paralleled how she met Hyun-joong. I’m pretty sure the story headed to them being together after he waited for her to blossom properly so she can suit his age.

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