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Soo-jung went to look for news about her old runaway boss and she was told to go to a place where she might see him.  She saw him and she chased him around the market but lost him.  She went back home unsuccessful with her mission for that day.

Jae-min asked In-wook for a drink after work, and there they continued with their manly bickering.  Young-joo came in and In-wook asked to leave and left them alone. 

In-wook arrived home to witness her mother flirting with her boyfriend to his disappointment.  Her mother grabbed a soju bottle, wept and declared how she hated herself because she has a great son and she sucked up as a mother.

In-wook looked for an apartment which was also the room next to where Soo-jung and Mi-hee lived.

Soo-jung went to look for Jae-min and was luckily found by Jae-min’s brother and walked her through his office.   She asked him to help her get a job but he refused.  She left her contact # on a piece of paper  just in case, and left but she forgot her bag so she got back to the room and saw him about to throw her contact no.

While Jae-min tended to his wound, he remembered Soo-jung and suddenly felt the urge to help her.  He called and was answered by Mi-hee who told him not to call that number anymore.

At home Soo-jung was sad why Mi-hee didn’t tell her about the call from Jae-min.  Then they were intruded by Soo-jung’s brother with a couple of gangsters.  Soo-jung was forced to work at a night club because her lazy and dumb brother helped a girl working at the night club escaped, so she will be acting as a replacement.

Meanwhile Young-joo stalked and waited for In-wook, but he just disregarded her.  While they were talking about what to do in their relationship, they witnessed his mother bullied by her lover.  In-wook punched the man but her mother begged him to stop.  Later that night, he told his mother he’s moving out of the house.

When Young-joo arrived home, she saw Jae-min waiting outside.  She said sorry and told him she’s tired and wanted to rest.   She went to take a shower and as he was leaving, he heard her cry.  He opened the door and she told him that she really loved In-wook.

In-wook moved in to the room next to Soo-jung’s and Mi-hee.  Mi-hee did a friendly neighbor visit and invited him to visit the club where they were working.


Wanting to hide herself when she saw In-wook with Mi-hee, she got another surprise when Jae-min came out of nowhere.

Jae-min and In-wook engaged in another trash talk and was reprimanded by the club owner to do it inside but the two didn’t mind him.  Jae-min insinuated how he can’t take care of a woman as In-wook retorted him to be arrogant not in front of him but in front of his father.   When the bald club owner cut them in their conversation, Jae-min punched him and they were left no choice but to exchange fist fight with the bald-wrestler looking man to the cuties disadvantage.

While Soo-jung was walking she got dragged by Jae-min and brought him to a store to buy her a coat and back at the night club, Soo-jung’s brother and Mi-hee have to face the gangster’s inquisition.

When Soo-jung got home, Mi-hee was not yet around, she was offered by In-wook to his room while she waited for her.   When Soo-jung dozed off, he carried her to his bed and went to visit her mother who was as bruised as he was.

When Soo-jung woke up she tidied his place and saw a picture of him and Young-joo.   Mi-hee lectured her to use her head and luck to get her out of the slum while they were having a breakfast.

While In-wook delivered a presentation, Jae-min’s brother pointed out that the competitor’s evaluation should be considered as well, and when he asked Jae-min of what he thought about it, he didn’t give a useful answer.  When he got inside his office, the secretary presented the report about Soo-jung’s life and his daily itinerary.

Before they arrived to the their engagement dinner, Jae-min and Young-joo talked inside the car and he pointed out that it’s okay to lead their own lives even if they are married but if she wants to cancel the wedding, he would oblige.

In the family dinner, Young-joo called off the wedding to Jae-min’s family’s fury.  And of course he was scolded by his father.

Jae-min and his friends went to the night club, and he asked for Lee Soo-jung to accommodate them.  With a red face and wounded lips she was forced to host Jae-min and his friends.  He gave her his calling card and left her crying in self-pity again.

Young-joo again waited for In-wook to arrive, when he came approaching she was surprised to see Soo-jung behind who asked him to drink for helping her the other night. 

While drinking, Soo-jung complained how life has been unfair and her desire to get out of being poor so she won’t suffer anymore.  She narrated her sorry life and jokingly admitted to him that she thought he was the rich man in Bali which made him smile.  Then she cried so hard beside him.

Evil and smelly Cho Sang-bae went to visit Jae-min in his office and offered him a tortoise business.  He learned how Sang-bae got into shipping trouble and how he felt sorry to Soo-jung for running out with her money.

Soo-jung was being convinced by her brother to come to work because he’s worried of what will happen if she will not come to work.  Annoyed and fed up with her brother, she took Jae-min’s calling card and informed that she will be coming over.

Jae-min in his playboy mood joyously prepared his flat and then the doorbell rang and he opened the door to see Soo-jung standing there.


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