The much awaited conclusion to Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle reached my hand last week.  So I have to munch the 860-pages of Eragon and Saphira’s final adventure.  Did I enjoy it?  yes, so plenty.  I anticipated it much so I was so looking forward on joining the characters in the realm of my imaginations.


Because of it, I set aside uploading my regular movie recaps because I have to send off another favorite book series of mine. 


The ending book narrates the struggle and victories of the Varden in acquiring the cities under the Empire of Galbatorix.  It tells of the frustrations and uncertainties of whether the rebellion they have long been fighting will be enough to defeat the power of the Empire. 


Eragon and Saphira have grown immensely in characters and powers to help the Varden achieved the hardly-earned victory.  Surprises and secrets were also revealed, and the last of the egg under Galbatorix’ lair chose her rider.


Beautifully chronicled and superbly described to depict such a wondrous tale of courage, goodness and love.  The fight scenes and the culminating chapter were bravely and beautifully depicted. 




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