CAST:  Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Seok

Ji Eun-yi walks with an office mate who blabbers about not trusting a relationship and deciding that she instead settles to taking care of a pet.  She sits and answers a call from her mother who informs her that she is planning to divorce her father.  She retorts that she always says it every day but nothing happened still.  Then his father comes in next calling her telling her about her mother’s intention to divorce him even if they are already old.  She advises him to humble himself, but her stubborn father won’t give in.  She leaves a sigh and gets back to work, and then another call interruption comes in from her friend demanding her to attend her birthday celebration.

Eun-yi calls the attention of Jeong-min to discuss the article he wrote about sex appeal, and he defends himself that his thoughts might have been different because he didn’t study abroad to which she responds otherwise pointing out that it has nothing to do with studying overseas and that he has been doing the same mistake over again.

In between sigh and fury, Eun-yi eats ice cream as she sits on the toilet seat as she overhears Joeong-min complains of her feisty attitude and his bad luck to be on the same group as hers.  Her friend reminds him to brace his self and put extra thinking on his work.   She bitterly remarks that Eun-yi is a know-it-all to a fault. 

Later that day, Eun-yi is approached by her junior who chats about her transfer to the Fashion department and boasts about her covering an international affair to make Eun-yi feel simultaneous envy and fury from her.

While drooling over the handsome Kang In-ho, the ladies practicing ballet wonders why the elusive guy refrains from working with women.  One of the ladies mentions that he caused an accident in a practice when he was in Europe, and the girl he worked with was forced to discontinue ballet after that, so he blamed his self for it.

Eun-yi sits with her friends at a restaurant in a theme park to celebrate her friend’s 30th birthday.  The birthday celebrant decides for an outdoor celebration because she can’t get hold of her mother’s worry of her being able to marry someone.  She complains that even if she already reached that age, she still can’t just rush and marry because she wants to feel secure.  Eun-yi comments that she has long given up on that idea and is just enjoying what she has right now.  Then the other friend voices out and I quote…

“Men are like empty taxicabs, if you wait too long for one, you just have to say fine, I’ll go find another.  After you give up, a pile will come and stop by your side, but the moment you hesitate on which one you should ride, timing will become a problem.  One mistake and another gets in, and it will become someone else.”

After the daily love advice line of Eun-yi’s friend, she still believes otherwise and states that she disgusts men who thrive in their inferiority.  She adds that she will only be with someone taller, smarter and richer than her.

Her friend suggests her to try and get a pet so that she’ll become nicer but changes her mind after realizing she can’t even take care of a boyfriend.  Eun-yi tries the suggestion but ends up getting annoyed with the virtual puppy she is raising.  She calls her friend and talks about her starving the virtual pet because it was useless and her plan to get a real pet even though they look so weak.

In-ho looks hopeless as he was thrown out by a girl he is living with, but his junior saves his woe and volunteers that he knows of a place where he can stay.

Eun-yi discusses reminders to her younger brother which were non-complainingly accepted by him.  Eun-yi walks to the wash room and slaps the man’s bum thinking it was his brother.  She gets surprised when she sees a stranger. 

Eun-yi’s brother begs her to let him stay for the mean time.  At night, In-ho gives the money to Eun-yi’s brother for his stay at the house.  He worries about his sister staying with a man as he gleefully enjoys the scent and warmth of his new found crib.

In-ho talks with his agent the next day and informs him of a good project who wants to cast him but he has to work with a woman, then he sees men flirting with ladies, and he just suddenly runs and ends up inside a blue box soaked by the pouring rain in front of Eun-yi’s house after he taunts the men flirting with the girls in his friend’s bar.

Eun-yi tries kicking the blue box she found on her door step and was perplexed when she sees In-ho tired-looking-wet from whatever adventure he just had.

When In-ho finds his senses he complains to Eun-yi why she comes in late after work and then falls on her for support.  She mends his wounds as he praises his soft and smooth hand which earned him a painful pinch from her.

She asks him why he waited for her when her younger brother already went back home to their parent’s house.  He smilingly explains that he already gave 6 months of money rent and adds that she may feel awkward to be living with him but she should not worry.  Eun-yi realizing what her brother did, calls him but he can’t be reached.  To calm herself she grabs a bottle of wine as she listens to him discussing how hard it is to take care of a dog after he saw a picture of a puppy in the house. 

He proposes to her that she can take him as a human pet which made her drink the wine straight from the bottle, pauses and then agrees to his idea, but lays down the cards though on what he should expect as her pet which includes answering always to her summons or else he won’t be able to eat on time, being a pet with no human rights and being there for her when she needs someone to listen. 

Eun-yi is confident he will decline the agreement but he crawls towards her and submits to his new master and lays his head on her lap.

Then we see him pushed by Eun-yi and fighting with all his might to stay inside the house, but when her neighbor complains of the noises they are making, she is left no choice but to let him stay.

After a tedious pictorial job, tired Eun-yi is welcomed by her pet is advised that a package was delivered and he took care of it.  Eun-yi mutters that because of it he is of course expecting a reward. 

He asks her if she can help him shampoo his hair as his right arm is still injured and there’s a tiny paper cut on his left index finger.  Eun-yi turns to face him and queries on why he is not using polite words to her when she’s older than her, but he replies that “pets don’t use respectful words”.

Eun-yi in his dark eye glasses scrubs In-ho’s head as he narrates his ballet life story.  When he finished talking, he praises the refreshing feeling of getting his hair washed and asks her if she won’t ask what itchy part needs to be scrub still on his hair.  Eun-yi responds with a chop on his neck.  He turns his back and asks her why she’s wearing sunglasses and further inquires if there’s anything she’s ashamed of in front of her pet.  She offers taking off his clothing but she bickers that there’s nothing interesting to see.  Game for the challenge, In-ho stands up, takes off his shorts and dances teasingly to Eun-yi’s horror.

Eun-yi stares at her pet’s excitement on the food she prepared for him.  He takes a bite and happily enjoys the delicious food, and while eating she lectures him of how he cannot understand what a master-pet relationship is.  He assures her that since he hears it from her 15 times already, he knows what to do, and he should not worry about it because he will take care of it. 

She asks for his name, and he retorts that she can call him whatever she likes, her favorite actor or singer if she wants to.  She thinks of a name and then decides that his name will become “MOMO”.  He complains it sounds like a dog’s name but she explains that it used to be her dog’s name and he’s very similar to that pet dog of hers.  He realizes that the name is a girl’s name from a children’s book so he insists to choose a different one but she has made up her mind.

Eun-yi meets up her father to convince him to settle his issues with her mother but her father complains that she’s only worrying about dramas, she’s not wary of his existence anymore, and he’s okay with it because he has a pet that is always excited to see him.  Father leaves and Eun-yi smiles on her father’s new found true love as she sees a stuffed toy with a pretty necklace.

In-ho wears a pet blue star neck lace and Eun-yi is so happy looking at him.  He picks some of his new toys, put it back to his toy bin and heads to lay his head on his master’s lap.  She looks at him and he stares back explaining that she’s the “master” and he’s a “pet”.  She continues with her jigsaw puzzle solving which annoys him so he gets up and sets himself on top of her. 

He tells her she should pay more attention to him, and notices something nice about her chest. She pushes him and angrily reminds him who she is and who he is. 

She writes down the long list of rules between them that he should always follow and from then on he behaves well and stares at his workaholic master do her things each day.

In-ho runs with his friend and he asked him to describe his new master and as he’s describing how hardworking she is, Eun-yi’s boss put her on a hot spot after not approving of her magazine layout proposal, to add additional injury, she is forced to interview her ex-boyfriend.

When she gets home, she wakes up the sleeping In-ho and demands that she wants to wash his hair.  While shampooing his crowning glory roughly, she complains to him how hard it is to put up to her job and tells her to get a book stand, turn on the lamp and sit up straight while reading a magazine to realize that.  Momo did as what she told him to do. 

Eun-yi’s friend congratulates her of getting a new pet dog, but clears that it’s a human pet who can dance, and on cue In-ho conquers the house floor as Eun-yi approaches the house.  When he notices her presence, he takes her to the dance floor which hurt her waist earning him a kneeling with arms above penalty.

Eun-yi is told that a handsome man is looking for her, and when she sees the guy, she is surprised to see her first, unrequited love standing in his hotness and gorgeousness.  Eun-yi’s friend analyzes and strategizes the current situation she’s having and reminds her not to show her strong personality. 

Armed with a positive attitude of a possible romance, Eun-yi displays a not so Eun-yi-ish character with her subordinates and heads home to prepare dinner for Momo.  In-ho begs for him to stop the wrestling exercise she’s doing with him complaining it is an animal abuse.

Her phone rings and her tortured pet escapes from the situation as she agrees to meet her first love.  She practices the lines she’s going to say to him and is feeling so hopeless trying to do it.  When he appears out of nowhere, she spills the line she’s practicing on how good his necktie looks on him as her date wonders why she says it when he is not wearing a neck tie.

In-ho sings “Mandy” as Eun-yi goes to a museum with her date.  Her date walks him to her doorstep, and when he is about to kiss her, In-ho barks breaking the magic moment.  She asks him to stop but he won’t so she has no choice but to ask him to leave.

She marches to confront her pet and slaps pillow on him for making the noise.  He sulks that before she will tell him if she will be late because of work but now that she is dating she is starting to lie to him. 

He rises and corners him to a wall and asks her if she knows what happens to a wolf when it’s full moon, she responds if she’s a wolf that’s why he’s asking that, then he leans even closer and whispers that a dog is the same as a wolf.. then “rawrs” and leaves her dumbfounded. 

Eun-yi’s seeks advice from her office mate when Momo plays a few pranks on her.  She wakes up having her hair tied to her bed’s headboard, and when she goes to pee, the toilet seat is broken.  He also ate her ice cream and plants a seedling on her pretty shoes. 

Her office mate explains that pet may behave differently if they feel that their master doesn’t care for him anymore.  She adds not to become angry and calms the situation by making her pet happy. 

So she makes him blissful again by preparing some food.  The next day she ditches her appointment and plays with him at a theme park and gets soaked running around a fountain. 

At night, Eun-yi watches him sleep, and when he suddenly wakes up, he sees her lying in theopposite side.  He put his blanket, lie cs again but when he realizes how cold it is, he takes it back and covers himself again.  (bad pet!)

The next day In-ho visits his master in her office to bring medicine for cold, and marches out leaving her officemates wonder what his relationship is with her.  Her annoying junior recognizes him as a famous ballet dancer who has won a lot of awards in ballet.  Eun-yi tells them that he’s her cousin so when she is asked why he quit ballet dancing, she is not prepared to give an answer.

In-ho rushes to leave for his ballet practice and gives his master a quick kiss.  When she chronicles to his friend how her relationship with her pet is, her friend thinks it’s a bit complicated but she convinces her that her relationship with him is the same as her old dog momo.  When she brought her first love’s dating status, she mutters how being with him is happy but nerve-wrecking, it’s as if she has to pretend she’s a different person when she’s with him, unlike when she’s with her momo.

The next day Eun-yi’s boss gives a bribe to her and informs her that she has to do extra work because two of the staff will not be available in the next two days.  She sends a message to Momo that she will come late and proceeds to being workaholic.  Momo pouts when he gets the message and continues to sulks of his master’s not knowing how to understand him.

Eun-yi’s office mate asks her if she ever wonders what her pet does when she’s not home, but she retorts that pet should just wait for his master until she comes home. In-ho chats with his friend and mumbles how much love a pet should get from his master. 

He worries how sad he will become if she abandons him. His friends tease him on how he can manage staying with a woman and not thinking of some nice things he can do together with her.  He gets up and speaks to them how he used to be a morning person, but it has changed as she likes doing that thing at night, even if he’s tired and sleepy.  His eager friends are thinking all along that he shares sheet with her but then he corrects that they play wrestling most of the time.

Eun-yi eats with her work mates and finds the cake so delicious. She decides she’ll get some for her Momo, but when she gets home, he is asleep lazily.   She says how lazy her pet is not welcoming her when she got home and forces her to eat before sleeping.

The next day, she encounters problem at work when her junior, Young-Eun, (who is now confirmed to be the villain in the story) brings out her bitchy attitude by abandoning the task she should have done to spite Eun-yi.  She faces the Young-Eun and commands her to do the job better again this time.  She stays up in late in the office and her first love drops by to bring her food.  They were interrupted by the bitchy junior and she requests Eun-yi’s first love to give her a lift.  When Eun-yi checks if they are still together, the first-love-guy invites her to spend time with him for his company’s party, she replies she’ll check her schedule first.

In-ho sits on Eun-yi’s bed trying to wake her up, as she dreamily begs to let her rest as she just got home not a while ago.  Momo lies down with her as his master dreams of having her first love and Momo being with Young-eun because she’s been neglecting them.  She wakes up from her bad dream and sees Momo sleeps beside her.

They try to catch some fresh air, while in the park Momo demands her to throw the Frisbee for him, which a dog catches so Momo has to play tug-of-war with the dog. 

While choosing what to wear on her trip with “first love”, Momo mumbles if she’s going on a wedding night trip.  She tells him she will go to a business trip to which he complains of why she stays up with a company like that.  Eun-yi notices Momo’s injured foot and demands him to go to the hospital tomorrow but he wants his master to be with him tomorrow but of course she can’t come because of the business trip.

Eun-yi tries calling Momo to no avail as her date wonders why she is always on her phone.  She apologizes and replies that she’s trying to reach her friend to feed Momo.  As “first love” narrates on how he can’t forget the first time he held her, Eun-yi sees Momo’s face on the wine glass.  He proposes how he’s so thankful to finally have the chance to be with her and he’s willing to wait until she’s ready to take him.  Then he opens the tiny box and the ring that rules love of all lays sparkling to entice her.  While making out she gets to a thought of   disabled Momo hit by a truck and press people blaming her for the injury, she gets off mood and rises up to leave first love in favor of her dog.

Young-eun makes a move with grieving-because-he-was-turned-down-for-a-dog “first love” as Eun-yi drowns herself to soju asking questions on why she didn’t know what to with a marriage proposal.  She goes home drunk and sees her old dog Momo and In-ho staring at her. 

While talking to her sleep she tells Momo/In-ho that she’s scared to grow old alone and hopes that she can stay by her side.  When she snaps back to reality, she sees In-ho beside her and becomes furious on why he’s confusing her.  He gets mad too because he’s always getting hurt by her. 

Eun-yi lays on her bed hurting after a fall from her previous argument with In-ho.  In-ho catches her hand and attempts to kiss her but she covers her face and evades the situation.  They end up sleepless and contemplating on what’s happening with their relationship.

Eun-yi apologizes to “first love” about what happened, but he replies to forget it and surprises her with a a dog neck lace with “MOMO” name… (ahhhh, this guy is also sweet).  He voices out his intention to play with Momo when he visits her next time so she gets a substitute Momo while In-ho pesters her cleaning the house in preparation of “first love’s” visit.  When he sends a message that he’s near the house, she chases him away but they end up meeting at her doorstep and introduce one another. 

“First love” carries substitute Momo and tries to dote her but she pees on him.  He washes up and Eun-yi hands him a yellow shirt. 

He makes the move to kiss her but In-ho bursts in to stop the magic moment and sees the wedding ring on the floor.  He asks first love to play a game with him, and they lay on the floor for too much exhaustion.  Then Eun-yi’s friends come in for an instant reunion.

In-ho tells his friend of his hesitation to leave the country but is advised by his friend to take that wonderful opportunity.  Meanwhile Eun-yi declines “first love’s” dinner offer and chooses to cook for Momo who faces struggle in their production practice.

In-ho didn’t go home that night wasting Eun-yi’s dinner so the next day she is worried that something might have happened to him.  Her friend annoys of her too much worrying blurts out to find him if she really wants to know why she can’t reach him.

She goes to the dance company, and steps on him while he is resting.  She asks him why he’s not picking up the phone and he explains that he’s trying to think of the reason why the practice is having some troubles.  He teases that she’s worried about him and crawls to rest his face to her tummy.  He asks if he can ask a question, and when she says yes, he asks why her tummy seems to be coming out, and his usual master hits him with a pillow because of it.

They go home and see Young-eun waiting at the doorstep to give some work documents.  She overhears Eun-yi calling In-ho Momo and realizes that the pet is a human.

The next day “first love” tells Eun-yi that he has 3 year work contract and seeks for her opinion of it.  He hints that she might want to consider being with him during that work contract.  She later meets up with friends and they give her advice that men will promise things like that and then eventually you will be tag a lazy bum afterwards.

Eun-yi asks In-ho of what he thinks on the dress she’s going to wear for her date with “first love”, but he shows unresponsiveness, and when she snaps on it he shouts that it is too short.

Young-eun makes her pathetic move and reveals to “first love” who really is Momo.  Eun-yi left her phone and is trying to reach “first love” but the only phone number she memorized is that of In-ho.  In-ho finds her phone on the table and answers her call realizing she still hasn’t met “first love”.  (You know you love someone when subconsciously his phone # is the only # your instinct can memorize.  In-ho rides his bicycle to look for Eun-yi who stands patiently outside the theater.

Eun-yi paces and tells In-ho that the performance already started and she’s debating on whether to wait or not.  If she will leave she will just like those movie characters who were not patient so everything messed up, and she doesn’t want to be called impatient anymore as what her ex-boyfriends all said about her.  She faces In-ho and continues mumbling how she doesn’t know that person’s number, when he is supposed to be someone she likes.

In-ho smiles and tells her that they should just go home, but she replies she doesn’t want to go home and cry miserably, so In-ho offers to become her genie that day and will grant whatever it is that she wants to do that night.

They sit drinking and numbing theirselves as In-ho gives the second relationship quote I like for this movie.  He says and I quote…

“Relationship between a man and a woman is a careful dance that each other dances to.  With the partner, each other will make a beautiful movement.  But if I make a mistake, I can with the other partner just say we were confused or tonput up a block and be hurt.  After that, I started to be afraid of my role.  Do you think it’s because I’m still young?

Eun-yi happily drunk replies that it’s not because he is young that’s why he’s like that, he is just “careful”.  They blissfully dance with the a band playing in the background, as water from the fountains sync with their movements.

In-ho carries her and alcohol intoxicated flirts and teases with her pet just in time when “first love” comes in to witness their teasing.  She confirms the situation with “first love”, but his mind is closed with her reasoning.

In-ho visits “first love” in the office.  First love reveals that he doesn’t want to face him and is not ready to listen to his reasons because he cannot understand why a young man like him can even be compared to a dignified man like him.  In-ho retorts that he is fully aware of self-respect and he’s only doing it for Eun-yi, but “first love” counters it that he already knows that Eun-yi took him in because he’s a pitiful person.  In-ho ticks and calls him “ajussi” and punches him.  They go rumble as spectators watch two hot men fight. 

The girl they are fighting over comes in and demands them to stop but leaves when she gets e phone call of a matter that needs to be done urgently. 

In-ho follows her and she annoyingly blurts for him to stop chasing.  He asks her if she’s okay but she responds not to bother about it as it doesn’t involves him.  They have a heated argument as she tells him to let her go because she’s tired of people making her feel guilty.  She turns her back but he grabs her and kisses her but she pushes him, and he walks away.

In-ho broods in the dark as Eun-yi’s officemates think she lost her dog that’s why she looks really gloomy. 

She meets up with her friends and is so crossed if she’ll read In-ho’s video message, but her friends urges her to watch it and so they did.  In the pouring rain, he tells her that he can’t let her go and that he already likes Momo, even if sometimes his role is very hard to do, he is happy doing it.  He says when he goes back as Momo she has to always treat him nicely.  The video ends and we see In-ho sneezes and gets mad at his friends orchestrating the rain effect for the video as Eun-yi’s friends are so envious of her sweet Momo.

Eun-yi returns the ring to “first love” and he cooly says it’s okay and at least he can rest his case.  He leaves her in the rooftop and on the street we see him hammering the little monsters to release his frustration.

Eun-yi together with her friends see In-ho’s stage performance, and when the music starts… MTV-ish like In-ho sings Mandy’s Korean version in a cute musical production number that gains immense audience applause.

She tries to see him to give flowers and to congratulate him, but he is surrounded by his fans.

Eun-yi visits the depression land as her parting ways with him is approaching.  Her friend snaps at her to go back to reality and go back to her usual self than acting zombie-like because she doesn’t know what to respond in her complicated emotions. 

In-ho leaves for a job opportunity abroad and one day bumps with Eun-yi.  She throws punches at him for leaving early for his flight and not being a good pet.  She states that she hasn’t decided yet to throw him away and the main role of a pet is to stay by his master’s side. 

Then she stops and wonders why he is in the country so he explains that he stays there for a month and just came back yesterday which makes her even angrier because he didn’t contact her first.  She slams her bag at him and with a sunset background they kiss as the film wraps up.

P.S  We see scenes along with the credits of In-ho acting as a master to his pet Eun-yi whom ne names Nicole because Nicole Kidman is his favorite actress.  He feeds her, bathes her and walks in the park with her.  They read books together and live happily ever after.   ^_^


This is my opening spectacle this year.  Full of wacky and endearing moments, I will give up all my wealth if they will auction a pet like that in EBAY.

It’s a sort of a plain love film, you know where the story is heading but it was not complicated, light and adorable that’s why maybe I like it.

You want to see your favorite actors not so much acting sometimes and this is what this movie brought I guess.  It was candid and captivating.  Not bad for my opening salvo this year.  ^_^


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