CAST: Hyun Bin and Im Su Jung

Come Rain, Come shine is narrated through a lot of conversations between the main couple.

The movie opens with the husband and his wife on the way to the airport for the wife’s business trip for 3 days. When the husband reveals his intention of leaving architecture for good, the wife also discloses of her intention to move out of their house and her relationship with him that has long been gone.

On the day of her departure, heavy rain pours in the city, just as their emotion flows heavily within them. While packing up, the pieces of the estranged couple’s love story unfolds. They were married for 5 years, but the wife engaged in an illicit affair, and the husband remained passive and forebearing.

When the wife asked why he was not mad at her when the situation calls for him to be really furious, he just replied that getting angry won’t change anything and that he knows there’s no going back once she made up her mind. This shows how the husband knows her faults but has loved her anyway.

My favorite scene was when the man lights a cigarette for her (he knows where she hides her cigarettes around the house) and she tries hitting him out of frustration for having such an understanding husband who can’t get mad at her infidelity.

When a stray cat scratched his hand, the wife tends to his wound as he suppresses his wanting to kiss the wife he will soon have to let go.

I cried big time when the wife’s other man called their landline and was answered by the husband. While she talks with her bf, you can feel the pain the husband was feeling.

The movie wraps up when they have to cancel their reservation to the wife’s favorite restaurant because of the heavy rains. The husband prepared the dinner, and was helped by the wife. The wife noticed him crying while chopping onions so she asked him to wash it up. While she prepares their dinner plate, she sees the stray cat, and keeps talking to herself that everything will be okay.

I’m trying to understand the wife’s character, and how could she become unfaithful to a very sweet, homey kind of husband, and why the husband loved her so much to even bear being nice to her when she has been unfaithful to him.

The break up theme, the sad tone and the slow pacing are evident throughout the story. It is such an emotion driven film that if the actors won’t portray their ends well, you won’t feel it, but they did a great job touching my tear nerves.

When you have your last day with someone you used to love, and probably someone you still love, how would you react on it? How would you throw the memories and accept the fact that the love was not really meant to go on? These questions sum up what this painfully break up movie was about.

When I watch a romance movie, it helps me a lot if I put myself on the lead couple’s shoes, that way my perspective will be fair. It’s like dating someone and sharing a part of him, if it won’t work, it’s inevitable that it will hurt, but at least I can proudly say that I was with him the whole time.

I can barely recall the feel of heartache, but my memory knows it’s painful. I feel like I can create a mini Pacific Ocean as I watched the movie. It was such a nice watch for couples in the brink of falling out of love.

I have yet to have a break up like them, all my parting ways were full of tears and going on to the 5 stages of grief. I hope someday I can have a mature acceptance when I deal with things that cannot stay within my reach.

Only the brave can let go.

Sometimes you have to throw things out without leaving any regret.


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