Sang-man has been living all alone, and because he has no reason to live, he has been resorting to suicide, but he was rescued from his attempts. 

After another unsuccessful trying, he met new friends, and for the first time in his life, he will not be alone as he meets up new friends imported from after-world.   He is left no choice but to adopt a ghost family… a kid, a crying lady, an old alcoholic man, and a man who smokes cigarettes incessantly. 

The hilarious living in with ghost strangers transforms Sang-man into doing things that he didn’t try before. After a nasty hangover from soju-showdown with grandpa ghost, while his ghost family scarily watches a horror movie, (their scary faces while watching the horror film are priceless, ghosts scared of a horror movie… go figure) he made a fuss over wanting them to leave his life.

He seeks a shaman for an advice, and he explains that they want closure and only he can do it for them.


He tries following the Shaman’s advice, but his ghost friends are TV addict, they won’t budge, but when he bargains that they can use his body to do what they want, they all go into business.


The quest of fulfilling his dead friends’ bucket wishes will be the only guarantee that they will leave him, so off he set to do the bucket list while assuming their characters in a hilarious way as they teach him how to enjoy and value life.


First up is the alcoholic granny who wants to get his long lost camera.  After being jailed, they side trip to visiting granny’s friend in the hospital where the guy fell in love at first sight with a pretty nurse, Yeon-soo.


Next wish granted was the little kid’s wish to watch a cartoon movie.  By virtue of creating romance plot, Yeon-soo, the man has a crush on was also there with a kid who is so amazed with his eating prowess lent of course by the kid.  When they won a game in the fair, the little boy doesn’t want to give up the prize of the giant candy fish to Sang-man’s crush.  Confirming Sang-man’s eccentricity of talking to himself, she just tells him not to give the prize.


The cigarette loving man comes next with retrieving a car owned by a man living in the depression land because his wife left him.  They promise to help him, and when they try to approach the wife, they learn of her illness and her pregnancy.  

Sang-man encounters Yeon-soo again and reveals to him that the wife is sick.  The wife and husband meet to clear things up as the car is retrieved by Sang-man and the cigarette dad.  They stop by a beach and conversed about life.  The bored ghost coaxes Sang-man to go skin dipping even if Sang-man doesn’t know how to swim.

Sang-man goes to buy cartoon videos for Yeon-soo, and on the way the policeman stops them for a street violation and paid another visit to the police station.  The officers shake their head as Sang-man does his ghost-driven-self-interaction yet again…

Do you know what day most people die?  New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  Those kinds of days.  Because they are lonely.  You go through life thinking you’re not the only lonely person.  But on these days, everybody else looks happy.  Then I think I’m the only one like this.  This is how my life was meant to be.  I just thought I’d work as hard as I needed to, meet a girl I like and get married, have children or two, and no matter how difficult we’d be together.  That was my dream, but for a bastard growing up with no family, it’s just impossible.  I worked hard so that no one would look down on me.  I mean it’s not like families are born in sets.  One is just created after another.  Only photos I’ve seen were other families, but I try to imagine that mine is also among them.  The family I can’t see, I try to imagine… becoming the father… the mother appears… it’s just wishful thinking.

After he delivers his life story speech, Yeon-soo who is standing there all along, embraces him and bails him out of the prison.

 While Yeon-soo drives, she narrates how she dislikes having her family, but after hearing his story, she feels blessed to still be having a family.  Their connection move up to another level, giving candies and cartoon videos, sharing a bus ride, listening to heartbeats, the latter was my favorite, and I’d like to try that sometime.


Last bucket list is set to be rolled, and the crying lady just wants to cook something for someone she likes, and of course Yeon-soo’s participation is again summoned.  I’m beginning to think that these ghosts were cupid in their past lives specifically tasked to match people losing hope in life.


Sang-man approaches Yeon-soo and her father joyfully thinks that he its hey boyfriend.  She raises her voice when her father persists on extending the small talk with Sang-man and argues with Sang-man on calling out her attention on how she treats her father.


Sang-man feels bad after that encounter, and decides to throw his things away.  When the doorbell rings, another ghost shows up needing his help.


He goes to Yeon-soo’s father’s funeral and reveals to him his after-life ability as well as his father’s message to her about his gift that he left in his favorite spot, but she remains stoic of her emotions and reckons how her father has disregard her and her sick mother when she was growing up.


The crying woman sheds her tears again so they head off to the market and prepares the dinner.  


Yeon-soo stops by at his place to give the camera to him, and he invites him to stay for the dinner.


They eat and chat with his ghost friends chipping in the conversation.  Yeon-soo is confused with his third eye tale but hints how he might have been struggling because he can’t commit to who he really is.  Sang-man demands the dead intruders to leave as he has granted their wishes and broods to depression land again and relieves his memories with Yeon-soo.


When Yeon-soo’s favorite kid patient died, she eases the grief at his father’s hideout, and there she sees the gift his father left for her.

Sang-man visited Yeon-soo in the hospital, and tells her of his intention to go on living… happily living if possible with her.

He smiles.  She beams.  And they are off to go ever after.

Yeon-soo mentions a different ingredient he used last night on his recipe, and he tells her that he got it from his mom, and suddenly his memory of his mother dawns on him, who turns out to be the crying woman.

He runs back home as pieces of memories of his family goes back to him. 

We see little boy Sang-man held by the ghost kid looking at the cartoon movie video, his father showing his wife and his father a new car.  When his father announces they will be going out to the beach the next day, his grandfather forcedly borrowed his friend’s camera.  On their way to the beach, his father happily tells Sang-man that he’ll teach him how to swim, but a truck hit their car, and his whole family failed to survive except him, although his trauma made him forget his family.


Sang-man goes back home demanding his family to come out, his big little brother comes out and tells him that he’ll leave the toy robot for him… then his grandfather shows himself and inquires if he has already confessed his love… then behind him, his father wonders at how tall he has grown, and brags how he taught him how to smoke and how to drive, and this was the scene that triggered my faulty tear ducts.. Last to present herself is her mom, she apologizes for leaving him to live alone at an early age.  She promises him that his family will stay by his side as they have always been. 

They took a family picture and Sang-man parted ways finally with his family as we see his pictures of the best memories he has with fading in presence of his family beside him.



Tae Hyun oppa once again showed his exceptional acting ability on this comical-sixth-sense movie.  His shifting from different characters is one of the reasons why he’s one of my favorite actors.  I was close to going to Hogwarts Forbidden Forest to attempt to retrieve the Resurrection Stone for the perky family to live through.   I have to watch Tae-Hyun oppa’s Sad Movie, next week.  He has made me cry twice already this week.

This is an amazingly done supernatural family movie that you will enjoy watching with your family.  The twist won me over willingly and no questions asked.  It was just the perfect icing on the cake. 

The cast ensembles did their respective job in keeping up with the sunny vibe and upbeat tone throughout the movie. 




2 thoughts on “Hello Ghost Movie Recap (2010)

  1. do you have any idea where i should look for the picture I LOVE … YOU in bus station??

    after this scene:
    Last bucket list is set to be rolled, and the crying lady just wants to cook something for someone she likes, and of course Yeon-soo’s participation is again summoned. I’m beginning to think that these ghosts were cupid in their past lives specifically tasked to match people losing hope in life.

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