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and yes it did…  After my 5-day rest day basically perfecting how to become a high maintenance bum, I managed to cover 5 decades of movies and tv series, a pinch of Korean movies every now and then and a dose of current episodes of Korean dramas presently airing…  So when I got off from work earlier, after sleeping on my bus ride, because I wasn’t able to ride beside a cute guy, as I walk home, I felt a beautiful morning breaking…


5 days from now, the love day will be celebrated around the world, and you can’t help but feel the fuss everywhere… I don’t know it felt like as the world grows, occasions are more overly celebrated… And no, I’m not bitter, 5 years of not being together with someone has got me used to it already, without a slight longing to spend it around flower petals.  I have grown, so I have noticed, and I’m proud of it.


Today is oppa’s birthday, my new found wonder of a friend across the globe, and that could have been another reason why the breaking day felt so wonderful and familiar today.


I’m watching House new episodes, my boyfriday is still downloading the rest of the dramas I watched.  I say I’m a lucky girl, I’m a super heroine, and I have a very efficient side kick.  Learning that this will be the final season is saddening.  I’ve been in a relationship with him for the past 7 years, well 8 years running, and he’s the longest fictional character I had a relationship with.  I will surely miss him, please give a superb and classic finale episode.


I got two new puppies… Kenshin and Hyeshin, I had a hard time naming the girl pup, finally settled to Hyeshin because she’s pretty.


This morning breeze extended to almost noon time now, the perks of living close to nature…


Hope we are all feeling the love month…  ^_^



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