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I’m sooooo craving for this weekend to come.  I owe two KMovie recaps, please blogger god if there’s any, make me a super-ish on my rest day so I can upload a lot of my pending works.  *prayerful

 I was so consumed in watching the current season episodes of Big Bang Theory, House, Fringe, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and Mentalist to avoid the Love week frenzy.   It did help but unfortunately though I reached my saturation point eventually, but I’m blaming “Gone with the Wind” for that.  I watched it morning of February the 14th, and the almost 4-hour movie hit me with the final blow.  I will never watch a long-running movie I watched before.  I promise.

So today I just slept the whole day in between reading Kafka on the Shore and listening to Chopin.  I was assured by Honabunch that he’ll bring Lee Dong Wook tonight to resuscitate my supposed video burnt out, so I’m full of optimism.

Since I’ll be saying goodbye to House soon, I’m checking on possible replacement for the new drama breeds launched in the past two years.   I tried “Secret Circle”, but so far it’s not clinging in my veins, and my inner witch isn’t feeling the shadow too I guess.  I’m set to finish Game of Thrones which has been delayed due to my mom always sitting beside me when I’m on a marathon, apparently my mom thinks I need parental guidance because she once saw Dexter and the explicit scenes she believes are too much for me to handle. But she’ll be visiting my sister’s house so I’m free.  *giggles

I also saw the remake of “What Women Want” by Gong Li and Andy Lau, well sort of saw it, I’m still halfway on the movie, will finish it tomorrow and will write something about it. 

So what happened to my Love Week?  Nothing yet…  I will be celebrating it with my friends come Saturday by watching “Unofficially Yours”, a local movie directed by my favorite local director.  So far, the buzz about it is overwhelming.   I’m mustering my will not to rush to the movie house and not wait for my movie date with my friends this weekend.


I have this crush at work, but so far we’re not moving.   When Aphrodite gave her gifts to women, I think she purposely confined me to have the “difficulty of loving gift”, thus it’s so hard for me to like a person and even harder reaching the point of emotional attachment to someone.  This is so tiring at times but I don’t want to be those girls who can easily bounce back from one relationship to another like almost magically.  It just doesn’t make any sense to set your “moving on” stage to confusion.

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