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I’m more than halfway to “Wild Romance”, so far it’s making me feel good, but I’m a little impatient now because the lead couples are wildly cute but they haven’t seem to get into the romance part yet, well one is trying to but she seems to be bewildered on what she’s feeling as well.

Wild Romance is the story of a lady body guard who ended up protecting a baseball superstar she and her family hated so much.  The hate-you-love-you relationship and the sweet, pretty bickering plus the light comic feel had myself engaged in watching it.

I hope my sleepy veins will be nice this weekend so I can upload up until episode 10. 

“They say you have an invisible thread somewhere in your little finger connecting to another person.  It’s not about how many times you got married or have a relationship with someone.  Even after breaking up with that person, it doesn’t feel like it’s over, it’s not going to feel like it’s gonna end like that.  It’s not about working out with that person or not, just feeling that person is the one.”

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