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Episode 1 Playball that no one wanted

Playball is what starts a baseball game.

Debonair-trouble sponge-baseball-superstar Park Moo-yul wakes up to a morning interrogation by their team’s lead publicist Kim Tae-han.   He is trending in the cyber world’s top searches because of a video of him down in the floor after a woman maneuvered her Judo move on him.  His mischief making history causes the public to throw distasteful words on him when the netizens thought he started yet another fight again, and what’s worse was it was with a girl.  Ya! Lee Dong Wook!   If you’ll always be that adorably cute, I’ll vow being a single all my life.


At the same moment he was put on a hot seat, the woman on the video, Yoo Eun-jae is also scolded by the security agency boss  by her unbecoming behavior as a lady bodyguard.  He lectures how she should know what her works entail and how important a reputation is in their line of work.   The boss’ Mission Impossible-ish portraits are shouting to be noticed in the office’ background, I can’t help but chuckle.


Back to Moo-yul, he disregards Director Kim’s sermon on the immense percentage increase of his online haters forum and the public opinion that he’s the worst influential celebrity ever.  The publicist insists on knowing what really happened to arrive on a good defense for the press conference, and on the other hand the security agency boss knowing that the mishap involved a famous person demands Eun-jae to narrate the incident as well.  I’m liking this director. He resembles Kim Hyun Joong by the way.  He’s firm, smart-ass and robotic, everything a girl could wish for.  *wink


In switching versions, Moo-yul and Eun-jae tell the story.


It was Eun-jae’s father’s birthday and they went to a noraebang to celebrate.  At first she denied drinking, but the boss saw through her lies when she attempts to denounce her liquor involvement and even through her soju-beer drink mix penchant.    I hope the wardrobe people will dress the lead girl not so lousy in the future, yeah it’s snowing, but her hair looks weird already her baggy clothes will kill the fashion police just by staring at her, if not for her very pretty face, I won’t stay glued watching her.


Moo-yul secretly met a woman in the same noraebang (karaoke house) where Yoo family is having their song festival fun, and while the woman he’s with looked upset and was softly crying, Eun-jae’s father burst accidentally in the room.  Realizing his mistake barging in the wrong room, he apologized and went back to their proper room, but then it hit him who the person he bumped with was so he dragged his son and stalked on the enemy’s presence.  Their family is Moo-yul’s #1 anti-fan after he caused their favorite baseball team Blue Seagull’s defeat in last year’s series’ championship.  I know for some people these fanatics look creepy, but I can empathize to their unreasonable attachment to a bunch of people they are not related to.  I myself is a self-confessed fanatic and I go to depression land everytime my favorite basketball team loses the game.


Moo-yul noticed the father-and-son tandem peeping through the glass window, so he went out to chat with them.  Moo-yul’s 2-man eradication movement formed their Naruto stance as the baseball ace pointed out that it was not his fault that the Seagulls sucked so they lost the game.  Bad mouth.  Very bad mouth.  You just turned the flame into a big fire honey. 

This angered drunk father so he grabbed his shirt, and at the exact moment Moo-yul pushed father away, Eun-jae saw her father falling down on the floor, and seeing the culprit who caused it was Moo-yul, this made her even more mad and thus her epic Hulk Hogan move was captured by the on-lookers for web viewing as the family chants the Seagulls’ theme while Moo-yul laid puppy-ish on the floor.  Just soooo victorious!! I love this family.


Not understanding the unreasonable fanatic rage of Eun-jae’s family and not buying her fake tears that she only did it because of a daughter’s love to her father, the boss reprimanded her that she will be considered at fault in the situation considering the fact that she was alcohol intoxicated.   Eun-jae frustrated on how clueless the boss was about baseball, was left no choice but to relive that game which broke their hearts in million pieces to try and get the boss’ sympathy and understanding. 


Moo-yul stood to take his turn to hit the ball.  He missed the first two pitches which were thrown so close on his face… his team holds their breath, the crowd anticipates the moment…  On the third pitch as the ball approached him, he threw the bat on the pitcher and this caused ruckus among the opposing teams leading to him and the sniper-pitcher out of the playing field.   *pfffftttt men!  Squabble-hungry men!  *pout


When Eun-jae got back from the quick reminiscing, she can still feel the short-lived happiness hearing the stadium barker’s announcing Moo-yul’s disqualification only to be hammered heavily as her favorite team’s pitcher was also declared to leave the court. 


C3PO Tae-han doubts if he really did not start the fight considering his consistent history of triggering conflicts, but he firmly stands that he did not start it so their next move is to look for the girl to clear the issue, and synchronizing their thoughts Eun-jae and her boss arrived at the resolution of her invisibility move so that her existence will not be traced by the outside world until her instant celebrity status abates.  Publicity vs Security.  This is the Battle of the Century.  I’ll go for the publicity, I suck on protecting you see.


Moo-yul temporarily exiles himself at Jin Dong-soo’s place, his close brother friend for further instructions from Tae-han as Eun-jae warns her brother not to answer press calls looking for her.


Dong-soo welcomes Moo-yul and relays the news that he’s on the internet’s top list yet again.  He teases on him being hit by a gangster’s wife and just knocked down in pain to which he throws the tissue box in childish retaliation.  Moo-yul blabbers on his early morning interrogation as Jin-dong answers a call from Writer Go whose hobby is to mess up with Moo-yul’s career.  Jin-dong denies knowing Moo-yul’s whereabouts as the writer and the rest of the press people lurked in his place pestering his aunt-helper.   Is it just me or the writer really looks like a snoopy loser?


Director Kim and Eun-jae stumble at the noraebang.  She is on a mission to request to have her credit card payment be replaced by cash instead to cover her trails.   Tae-han recognizes her as the Judo girl and she gets shocked when she realizes she is in front of the enemy she’s trying to evade.  I’m sorry girl, you are soooo busted!


So they end up at MI Boss office as Tae-han gets to the settlement details with Eun-jae and her boss while blurting out the result of his robotic research of the status of their company and the previous scandals they have engaged with, plus pointing out that the Dreamers could boost their busines.  That and basically not having much of a choice they are able to arrive on an agreement.  See if C3PO and R2D2 rule the world, the world would be a better place.


Meanwhile Moo-yul fights with his detractors online and comments on their unpretty remarks.  Hahaha cyber bullying at its best, and a cyber victim worth your cyber bullying.


Director Kim phoned Moo-yul and advised him to prepare for the conference to his annoyance as Eun-jae begs to find another way to bail her out of the situation but her boss can’t be swayed.  The poignant meeting of the sensational couple cannot be avoided anymore and when they met again, it was not fireworks and romance but an exchange of unfriendly lines which almost stopped the conference from happening if not for C3PO and Boss’ interference.  This couple has a special ability to make each other act like 5 year old whenever they are in a meter radius.


The press meeting starts and Director Kim gets into business.  He explains that Moo-yul has been receiving death threats so the company hired a private body guard for him.  On cue,  Eun-jae comes in as Tae-han further adds that she was teaching him a judo move on the famous video online.  The skeptic press people questions why he gets a woman bodyguard to which he retorts that he was rumored being gay once when he went shopping with a guy ergo he settles for a female bodyguard.   Mutual annoyance between writer Go and Moo-yul Established.  Are you on for their rough ride?


After the successful press misleading, the two have to stay together to justify their act until the buzz subsides making them both feel soooo bad.  Bad like Moo-yul howling in frustration and Eun-jae walks away chanting the Seagull’s theme when MI boss permits her to go home.


The next morning we’re on for the body guard – client showdown.  Eun-jae prepares her notebook for his itinerary, but he just dismisses her intention.  Eun-jae sighs in irritation and just slouches in her seat.  Moo-yul tinks of an evil plan to tease Eun-jae more, he presses on the car break which made her slide down in her position even more.  The immature adults stare at each other and begin their showdown.


Round 1  Eun-jae marking the dashboard with her dirty sneakers.  Eun-jae grins, Moo-yul scowls.  Eun-jae wins 1-0!  Oh you two little rascals, how adorable you both are!  *giggles


Round 2 Moo-yul commands her to wipe the dashboard.  Eun-jae took of her shoe, and slides her socked foot to tidy it up.  Moo-yul annoyingly laughs, she teasingly laughs.  He gets serious, and asks her to open the door.  Eun-jae frowns, forcedly does her job and opens the door.  Moo-yul wins 1-1.


 Round 3 Eun-jae opens the driver seat, Moo-yul emerged from his fuschia pink baby and throws his bag on her, then Eun-jae pins him on the car front pretending she’s on her body guard self as Moo-yul’s teammates walks and grins at the sight of him with his bodyguard.  Both of them win 2-2.  Give me that pink car!  Give it to me!  pretty please give that to me.


Later that day, they drive to the mountain side, and when they reach the destination, he tells her to go home in the shivering cold countryside.  She attempts to plea but his intention is to really become the devil and the deep blue sea to her.  She departs and kicks the wheel of my pink car baby.  Ya Yoo Eun-jae! Not my pink car you naughty girl!  She tries to hitch and sees the girl she bumps with and was with Moo-yul on that noraebang night, but the woman apologizes that she has somewhere else to go so she can’t hitch her in. 


Eun-jae walks home cursing Moo-yul on the snowy weather.  At night she catches flu and whines about what happened to her that day on Moo-yul’s haters forum.


The next morning, Moo-yul is in high spirits participating in their fan meet as Eun-jae sneezes behind him.  He happily signs baseball stuff for his fans.  The frantic fans shouts their adoration to Moo-yul as Eun-jae icily comments in her thoughts.


Chubby girl screams how gorgeous he looks.  Eun-jae’s thoughts ask where does he look so handsome and shivers when the girl ends her privilege fan speech with declaration of iloveyou.


Crying girl can’t believe she’s staring at Moo-yul, calls on all the gods she knows.  Eun-jae is so irritated with her high-pitched voice.


A dork rants on Moo-yul’s exceptional statistics.  Eun-jae pities how a smart guy studies Moo-yul.


A middle aged man excitedly extends some good words for Moo-yul to win the championship again.  Eun-jae rolls her eyes saying “that’s impossible”.


Boyband wanna be sings the Dreamer’s chant Eun-jae sings the Seagulls’ to distract herself.


Then MI boss warns Eun-jae of a suspicious looking guy so she goes forward.  Then two tweeners shower Moo-yul with ego building words as they talk trash of the seagulls while he coaxes them more to infuriate Eun-jae.  But she can only take so much, as she hears him laughing while the tweeners talks bad of her favorite team, when a neurotic man threw an egg meant for Moo-yul, Eun-jae evades it and hits Moo-yul’s face directly which stops him from his maniacal laugh.  Bow.  Hell hath no fury when a woman’s favorite sport’s team gets scorned.  *super


And just then Moo-yul’s unfortunate egg incident put him back as the first placer on the internet top searches making Eun-jae’s family throw a surprise party for her heroic act of egg evasion to spite the villain of their family.  While munching on the food she ecstatically deliver the blow by blow account of her sweet vengeance.  The next day Eun-jae denies that she purposedly let the egg flew to Moo-yul’s face, but her boss didn’t buy her acting.


Round four of this pilot episode starts and we see the two stubborns on a marathon, when he tries to make her admit of her avoiding the egg and she gives in, this infuriates Moo-yul so they go for a marathon battle almost reaching the North Korea border and tiring them to exhaustion.  You lame couple.  When will you end up that cat fight?


They end up stranded somewhere without a cellphone and someone willing to help them.  So what else they can do but to fight, right?  Moo-yul insists the pitcher throws the ball to him first, Eun-jae shouts that it is what a pitcher does!  They met eye to eye, fury vs anger.  Eun-jae bossily walks away, Moo-yul sighs and musters his patience not to hit her.  No one wins.  Score still at 2-2.


Eun-jae and Moo-yul find luck and is able to finally get home.  To release stress she goes to Moo-yul’s haters’ forum where she’s an admin, and writes hate love notes for him.  Moo-yul on the other hand counter-acts her remarks as their final bout for this episode happens.  Seriously, Moo-yul?  Are you a masochist?  Is there no other hobby but to check your haters’ forum?  But still, saranghae  oppa. 


EUN-JAE – When God made him, he got lazy on the character part.  Check.

MOO-YUL – He’s good at baseball at least.  Who cares?  Yes, who cares?

EUN-JAE – huh?  He’s on his way to the minor league already?

MOO-YUL – I heard that he takes good care of himself.

 EUN-JAE – You must be his fan.  Go somewhere else before I hurt you.   Whoa!  Take it easy girl.

MOO-YUL – I’m just saying that you should write bad comments that are facts.  Stop making stuff.  Trueness.  Write what’s true only.

 EUN-JAE – I know him really well.  I know a hundred times better than you do!

MOO-YUL – Who are you?

EUN-JAE – I am your father.  *giggles

MOO-YUL – I will kill you.  *super giggles

EUN-JAE – Calm down fool.


Moo-yul remembers a person who always happily calls him fool, and confirms if she’s Eun-jae?  Eun-jae is lost as her identity got revealed, she stares at her computer screen, and leaves the chat room, and furious Moo-yul.


Ladies and gentlemen this is not a proper decorum in the chat world.  Final Bout Moo-yul and Eun-jae win, still at deadlock.  3-3



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