CAST:  Ha Ji Won and Yun Jeong Won

A young girl chronicled how she was told by her mother that she will meet her first love if the knot she tied on her little finger will stay until the first snow of the next season.  On another scene the little girl’s father helped her do her first bicycle ride.  We shifted to the girl hiding on his father’s back trying to evade her mother who was trying to cut the knot she put on the little girl’s finger.  This little girl’s world was filled by her parents’ unconditional love and her expectation for her ever-after when the future comes, but it was shattered into pieces when her father and mother died in accident.  She met the big world without her mother’s warmth and her father’s care, but she got by because of her optimism and courage.

The little girl grew up to a warm, charming and sunny lady, her name is Cha Young-mi, and this is her story.

Cha Young-mi feels elated after seeing her passing score in the University exam.  Later that day, she receives a shoe package from someone she doesn’t know so she asks the post office if they can trace where the package came from, but the office has no way of doing so.  Since she became an orphan, she has worked hard to support herself, but on some occasions she faces financial concerns.

Then we see Young-mi running fast and bumps at someone in her hurry to pay for her tuition, but when she is about to pay it, she is informed that someone already paid for it to her confusion.  She rushes to try and catch the person who has been helping her, but she’s not successful.  She feels thankful that someone is making her feel that she is not alone and is making her to trust that there is always hope.  She dreams that someday she will meet that man who has helped her secretly and makes her trust in the world again…  She is hopeful that someday she will meet her daddy long legs.

Time passes and Young-mi ventures to the real big world.  She looks excited as she gapes at the building where she will be working from then on.  She works as a radio scriptwriter and was transferred from a local station to the main station.

When Young-mi was introduced to her fellow teammates, the host of the program directly expresses her dislike of having an addition from their team when they are in the process of saving the program, but the program manager insists that she will be able to bring fresh ideas to the team.  The distant female host leaves and the team continue to chatter.  When the program manager learns that she lives far from the station, she offers a room for her to stay.  He explains that it used to be occupied by another employee but she is abroad on a sick leave.  Young-mi feels sorry about her condition and hopes she can thank her when she gets better.

Young-mi writes to her diary that night sharing her new found home and thanking the owner of the place for her kindness.  She feels excited of her first working day.

The next day, the diskette malfunctioned so Young-mi writes down the script to the female host annoyance.  She complains that she can’t work with that kind of set up, but the program manager convinces her to just go on as they are left with no options.  Her first script is aired but after that the female host scolds her for not knowing the proper sequence of the program and her writing skills.  Young-mi apologizes for the trouble as the program manager comes in between to cool down the situation.

Young-mi enters the elevator feeling so frustrated and gloomy.  When she realizes the elevator is not moving, she calls for help and notices that another man is inside the elevator with her.  As she goes panic-stricken, the man presses the button of the elevator as Young-mi realizes her stupid mistake.

When she enters the department room, the program manager tells her that her boyfriend has sent her a cake.  She reads the note on her cake as Jeong-joo mumbles what was written on the cake card.  She snaps back to reality and asks who delivered the cake and she hurriedly tries to follow the man, but she is able to catch only the roaring motorcycle sound.

Young-mi reveals to Jeong-joo her Daddy Long Legs, and she makes her promise that she won’t tell it to anyone. She tells Jong-jong how daddy-long-legs helped her with her college tuition fees but she never once saw him nor did she knew the reason why he helps her.  The last time She  asked the post office to reveal who her secret benefactor is they still can’t provide an answer and just gave her a necklace gift from daddy-long-legs.  So instead of looking for him to thank him, she has worked hard to reach her dream so he can be proud of her.  Young-mi tells Jong-jong that it’s the first time she heard from him that year.  Her new friend jokes about the possibility that he can be a perverted old man, but Young-mi defends that he is surely a warm and good person like her dad.


They head to the library but the clerk is not on his post so they decide to browse for the mean time. When the clerk came back they go back to the clerk post and ask him where their things go but he pretends he is clueless of what they are asking when in fact he hides the cake in his station.


Young-mi thought of an idea of how she can communicate with daddy long legs by writing their story for their radio program.  Jong-jong blurts that daddy long legs is most likely near her because he can easily send him gifts.


At night Young-mi watches a horror film alone and hides herself behind the pillow when the scary character comes out, then Jong-Jong calls her informing her that she will be coming over. 


When Jong-jong learns she watched the ghost film, she tries to scare Young-mi so that she can prep her of her intention of moving in together with her.  She sets up her tent and from then on lives with Young-mi.


The cold female host nags about Young-mi’s capabilities on their meeting pointing out that the ratings didn’t improve in the past week but the director explains to give her more time to adapt.  When Young-mi is drag by Jong-jong out of the meeting, the host asks the director why he always protect Young-mi but he escapes their inquiry.


Young-mi dozes off while on her bus ride, when she gets off the bus, she sees the library clerk, Jun-ho, emerges from the same bus she was on earlier.  She tells Jong-jong about seeing the clerk, as Jong-jong teases her to go out with him if she’s interested.


While working on a script her laptop suddenly shuts down and won’t start again so she uses the computer of the owner of the house for the mean time.


Young-mi notices an email notification, and she curiously opens the email and reads it.


The owner of the house wrote that email so she can send that email a year after.  Young-mi gets intrigue and delves more to the letter.  Then we see the owner of the house sending the email a year ago.


To cherish our memories, I’m writing myself this email.  I don’t know how I will be a year from now on, if I will still read this letter at that time, I would like to confess my love for you which I couldn’t do before.


Young-mi accompanies Jong-Jong to buy some clothes for her blind date that evening.  Young-mi hints she can just date the producers at work but her friend dislikes it.  Young-mi asks her if an email can be send at a later date, and she replies that the sending date can be scheduled if it is a future date.


The blind date turns out to be their producer to Jong-jong’s disappointment, and she expresses frustration to Young-mi while they face beer bottles.  They saw Jun-ho and Jong-jong drags him to drink with them before she passes out.


Young-mi sits in front of the computer and immerse herself to the emails of the home owner.


A Year Ago…

A woman stares at her crush while he talks with his friend.  Her friend tells her not to worry about the school pass but the professor asked those who don’t have school passes to leave because they won’t be able to take the exam. (me blushed Hyun Bin oppa is in his pretty boy self)


Her crush stood up and gave his pass to her confusion.  The woman tells her friend of her hope to attend the same college as his, but her friend hinted it could be impossible because he’s an achiever and he might be at a different university. The woman vowed she’ll worked hard then to be at the same college as his.


Young-mi and Jong-jong bumps at the broadcast director and greets him.  He recognizes them and tells them that he likes their show and then leaves.

 Young-mi asks the clerk for a cd of an artist but it is not available in the library.  He suggests her to fill up a request form and advises her to wait for a week for a response.


Young-mi finds Jjong consumed reading the woman’s email.  Jjong deduces that the man in her email possibly works at the station and wonders who he is. 



Young-mi stops by at a music store to check if the CD she’s looking for is available and sees the library clerk, Jun-ho, there.  She greets him, he leaves but stays outside because it suddenly rained.  She stands beside him and sees him holding the CD she requested which she also just bought.  She hides it and they both wait for the rain to stop.


I don’t know where they got the umbrella, but he walks her home.  Young-mi sneaks a peek on him as he walks away.


Young-mi stares at the nail polish she put on her fingers as she narrates to Jjong that if it stays until the next winter she will meet her true love. Young-mi tells Jjong that she’s intending to look fit the man in the email so that he can tell him how the woman felt for him.  She asks for details about the woman but she didn’t get lucky so she decides to just air in the radio program the email letters.


A Year Ago…

 The woman smiles as she ponders how love is really a miracle.  She was elated to be attending the same university as her crush.  She stole glances at him while he took a nap and was happy watching him from a distance when his sand hour glass fell.  She picked it and stared at it.


Later on an art class she observed how he turned the paper drawing upside down and emulated what he did.


At a rainy day the woman was about to offer her umbrella to her crush but his friends interrupted and they tried dragging him somewhere but he refused because he’s off to meeting someone.  His friends teased that it could be a woman he’s meeting which made the woman left and sad.


At home she finished the portrait of her crush and lovingly gaped at it.



The woman was able to work at the same station as his and continued loving him from afar, but then fate was never on her side.


Young-mi is approached by Jun-ho to give the CD she requested.  Young-mi writes on her diary of her desire to meet the man in the email and ponders on the thought that she is sharing someone’s love story without permission.


Jun-ho discovers Young-mi sitting asleep while he does his round in the library.  He wakes her up and they walk home together.  Young-mi shares him her woes about airing her love but the clerk convinces him that she needs not to worry because she’s helping her deliver the love to its destination.


A Year Ago

 The doctor revealed to the woman’s brother that she’s slowly losing her memory and that she needed to have the surgery.  The woman agreed to have the surgery, and on her last day at work she cried when she saw her secret love walked by and thought of how she wanted to keep her memories of him.


Young-mi’s team dine out to celebrate the success in their ratings.   Jjong warns Young-mi that Ji-Yeon won’t agree of the script she has in mind but still pushes to it.  When Ji-yeon read it, she scolds Young-mi that she won’t allow her story to be aired.


Feeling so down, a big bear stuffed toy gift from daddy-long-legs cheers her up. 


She struggles carrying the big bear and when she bumps at Jun-ho, he put a string on it so she can carry it on her back.


Young-mi drinks soju with her big bear friend, when Jjong and the producer enter together wearing love couple shirts.


Young-mi pouts at Jjong for not telling her she’s dating the producer, but her friend explains that she didn’t tell her because she told her before that she didn’t like dating producers.  Young-mi gets sunny when she sees new books from her favorite writer.  She tells the clerk how she wonders how it would feel losing life and not having someone to worry about it, but the clerk just stares at her necklace in silence.


Blindfolded Jjong walks with Young-gyu, she asks him if she can go to the bathroom first before the surprise but he insists on holding it.  She releases gas just as her bf comes back and open s her eyes to her birthday surprise.  The lovey-doves sweet talking made Young-mi sleepless so she walks out of the house in frustration. 

Young-mi rides a bicycle to kill time and come across Kim Jun-ho, when she enters the convenience store.  They stroll in the flower market and after that evening, Young-mi feels that a blooming love is on its way.


Young-mi is in bright spirit when Ji-yeon agrees on the new spot on the program she previously proposed.  She feels all the pieces in her life are finally falling into their right places.


Young-mi’s relationship with Jun-ho is getting better too… stealing sweet glances and smiles of an almost love they both deserve.


Ji-yeon talks with Young-mi and finally patches up things between then.  She also notices how love is written all over Young-mi’s face.


Young-mi looks for Jun-ho to give a can of soda but he’s not on his post, so she gets a paper to leave a message, and then she notices an hour glass on his table, and remembers that the the woman in the email letters also picked up an hour glass.  She thinks that Joon-ho could be the man the woman was in love with, and she goes back from reverie when Joon-ho makes his presence known.  She hides the hour glass and at night she asks Jjong.


YOUNG-MI:  Say you’re in love with someone, and there’s a girl who has had a 10-year old secret love on him, what would you do?

 Jjong replies that if the guy doesn’t know there’s no problem about it but Young-mi feels like she has to let the guy know about it.



The woman was sad that her illness is making her forget the memories of him…  She wrote post it letters for her to be reminded of him…


WOMAN:  When I woke up this morning, I decided to leave you for some time.  The virus in me takes away memories of love.  It makes your scent dull and slows me down following you.  If things get worse and I forget about you completely, my heart will always feel and love you.  When the war embrace leaves the world, I will run into you, and I hope that the memory will last forever.  I’m now freezing memories of you inside me like the sand that doesn’t fall in your hour glass.


Present time..

Jun-ho smiles when he sees Young-mi visits him, he worries why she did not answer her phone, but she just returned the CD and coldly walks away to distance herself and give way to the woman who has loved him for a long time.

 Young-mi passes by the music store where she first felt something for Jun-ho while he stands at the front door of her house waiting for her.

 Young-mi sings sadly with the team at work, her drunk teammate offers her a drink, but when she made a pass on it through Ji-yeon’s help, she suddenly blurts out that she got in through the back door.


Young-mi talks to Young-Gyu and he reveals that her daddy-long-legs was the one involved to her moving.


She rushes back to the station to finally meet her daddy-long-legs whom Young-gyu revealed to be the director.

 She faces the director, but he revealed that he is not the daddy-long-legs that she knows.  Her daddy-long-legs was his little brother.


She goes home to see the portrait of a girl who was actually her.

Then we see Jun-ho working on her portrait as flashbacks of them when they were in college streams…

  We see Young-mi giving him the school pass…

  Jun-ho watching her sleep in the library and hitting the hour glass when she stretches her hand…

Jun-ho mimicking her when she turns the paper painting in the opposite position…

Jun-ho attempting to give her an umbrella… Joon-ho paying her tuition…

Jun-ho on his last work day looking at Young-mi as she walked away.


Kim Jun-ho is the director’s brother and he has been secretly loving Young-mi since college.


The director explains that his brother lost and is losing his memory and death is also inevitable.  When things sink in to Young-mi, she writes a letter for Jun-ho…


I’ve been living a life on a log bridge.  On a log bridge, you can’t look back or sideways.  You just look ahead and keep on going.  I’ve been writing to you my stories to make myself less lonely.  For the first time in my life, I feel so much regret.  What should I do?


Young-mi walks toward Jun-ho and asks him to go out with her.  While driving, he asks her if she has found her daddy-long-legs, and she replies that she has already found him.


They go star gazing, and as she marvels at the stars, Jun-ho asks if she knows the legend if the stars.  She responds that the great people who died became the stars. 

He chuckles and reminds her that not all people are great.  He narrates that a long time ago there were no stars, but as people started to love, their greats went up to the sky and became stars.  He adds that there’s so much love in the world that people sometimes are not aware of.


When a shooting star passes by, he asks her to make a wish, but she refuses to do so and tells him that her wish will not be granted anyway.  But he begs her to make it, so she obliges and closes her eyes to hope for her deepest longing.


When he inquires what she wished, she says that it’s a secret, he smiles and gapes at the night sky, and then Young-mi faces him and gives him a kiss on his cheek, and lays her head on his shoulder.


Jun-ho is rushed to the hospital, and as he lies unconscious, Young-mi talks to him…


You know what, when I first saw you, my heart pounded and that is why I went there so often.  I haven’t responded to your emails.


Jun-ho lovingly stares at Young-mi while she sleeps on his hospital bed, and while he brushes her hair, he recalls of meeting her in the library..


Before I ran into you in the elevator, you looked so familiar.  I knew I was in love.  isn’t it funny?  In love with a stranger?  I’ve planned so many things… Theme parks, movie date and drink coffee together.  I will buy you flowers when you look sad.  I love you, Young-mi


Young-mi who is pretending to be asleep softly cries when she heard Jun-ho’s love declaration.


Then we see flashbacks of Jun-ho living at Young-mi’s room writing down his memories of her and everything about her so he can be reminded in case he won’t recognize her.  He wrote the email and have it sent to the future to be a map for him to find his way back to her.


Young-mi and her office mates decorate the Christmas Tree happily and she later heads to the place where they watch the stars together.


While staring at the sky, she remembers him telling her that wishes on the star are done the moment the star falls, so that the yearning of the wisher will be felt by the star.


But Young-mi sadly utters that Jun-ho lied to her because her wish was not granted, because what she wished was for her to come back with him at that place again.  She shouts at the stars and begs for him to give her a present again, and as a bright star twinkle in the sky, snowflakes pour down on Young-mi.




Daddy Long Legs is one of the sweetest movies I’ve seen so far.  It is laid back and serene.  The tricky identity switch can either fascinate you or pull a “make no sense” plot in your eyes.  In my case I like how it was laid. 

This feels like that “one summer walk” with your crush that you dearly keep in your heart. 

Eventhough the ending is sad, it is worth your afternoon break.





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