Eom Joong-ho’s pimp business is on the rocks, and to add injury two of his girls are missing so he’s on to hunt the man who last saw the two girls.  He calls in one the remaining girls, Kim Mi-jin, who is not feeling well at that time and demands to see a client who pushed back two girls already.  Mi-jin goes to see the client as Joong-ho reminds her not to forget to send a message of her location. 

When Mi-jin and the customer, Je Yeong-min, arrives in his place, she asks permission to take a shower, and fails miserably to send a message to Joong-ho of her location because of network coverage issue.

Yeong-min gets to his evil penchant and starts hurting Mi-jin with a hammer and a chisel and when Mi-jin struggles for her life, he accidentally hurts himself which enraged him and knock Mi-jin out.   Then, he was interrupted when a couple rings the doorbell looking for the owner of the house, Mr. Park (who was already killed by Yeong-min).   The couple was just in their good intention of trying to check on Mr. Park who hasn’t been visible in the church lately, but they were at the wrong time and place… the disruption they did caused them being butchered. 

Joong-ho accidentally bumps a car and offers the driver compensation arrangement, but the driver, Yeong-min, who was in the process of disposing the couple’s car he murdered, just wants him to let the incident pass. 

Joong-hoo instinct’s feels something suspicious about the man who doesn’t want to give his mobile phone number, and when he calls in Mi-jin’s customer’s number, Yeong-min’s phone rings and he goes for a cat and rat chase with Yeong-min.  The winner of the race – Joong-ho, but his victory is short-lived as a police officer sees him with the injured Yeong-min.  They are dragged to the headquarters for questioning.

Joong-ho explains that he beat Yeong-min because he thinks he sold his girls, but when Yeong-min was asked, he confesses to killing the girls.  At that time the police department is in the brink of public shame when a lunatic threw dung at the Mayor’s face, and nailing a person that could be involved in the town killings will bail them out of the trouble.

Joong-ho and a police officer head to Mi-jin’s house to get something for DNA analysis, and they are met by Mi-Jin’s daughter.  The sad puppy face of Mi-jin’s daughter wins Joong-ho’s heart and he takes care of her for the mean time.

Joong-ho tries to trace Yeong-min’s identity by visiting other pimp houses and checking if his number will reflect on their log book, and with the first two he visited, his mobile number shows up and both girls are no longer can be reached.  The third pimp house showed some hope, and when he talked to the girl he used to see, she reveals Yeong-min’s being impotent and his strange lunatic messages.  Mi-jin’s little girl overhears the conversation and weeps of the thought that her mother could be dead.

Because of lack of physical evidence to hold Yeong-min, the police have no choice but to release him.  He goes back home, as another officer still secretly tails him.  Mi-jin wakes up and frees herself.  She goes to a convenience store and the woman tending it helps her.  Yeong-min goes to the same store to buy some cigarettes and when he learns of a woman who was hurt by a lunatic, he ends up murdering the woman, and giving the final kill blow to Mi-Jin.

The police are in rampage in search of the man they let loose who is resting in his domain looking at Mi-jin’s head inside an aquarium.  Joong-ho follows his hunch on where Yeong-min probably stays and goes to the church in the vicinity.  He sees a cross similar to the drawings of Yeong-min in one of the rooms he stayed.  He is told of where Yeong-min stays, and when he is about to ring the doorbell, he changes his mind and use the keys he found in the couple’s car.  After three attempts, he successfully gets in and just as Yeong-min is dressed tidy to go somewhere, they go for their last fight which is by the way bloody and nice. 

It was a battle of hammer, golf club, actually any hard and pointed objects they can use to hurt each other.  Joong- ho defeats the maniac life-taker and as he is about to pound the hammer on him, the police authority stops him and separates them.

Yeong-min is justice vindicated and Joong-ho heads to visit Mi-jin’s daughter in the hospital, holds her little hand and rests his body.


P.S  I didn’t do the screencaps here.  I just got it from all over the web.  So I give credit to where it is due.  ^_^


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