Episode 2 – The worst Keystone combination


Keystone combination is the core defense in baseball.


Eun-jae signs out of the forum while Moo-yul fumes in anger.  She worriedly questions why the person they are mocking on their webpage visits their forum.  I also wonder why.  She hits the sack, breathes heavily at the thought that it could be Moo-yul.  You wait till tomorrow girl, I’m sure that rascal will brew something for revenge.


True to my words, Moo-yul confronts Eun-jae of their cyber encounter.   Well at least that was one hell of a cute conversation, I’d rather pester someone I despise in the chatroom than answer asl questions.


Moo-yul mutters how Eun-jae calls him online, but she pretends she’s in an alter universe not comprehending what he’s insinuating.  Yes they bicker first thing in the morning.  Mooyul warns that he’ll sue her for calling him names, but she shows defiant challenging him to proceed.  Moo-yul kicks the floor of the elevator heavily and launches an in-house earthquake which scare both of them.  The ray of light talks and assures them that everything is good, so the cat-mouse go back to whining each others presence in their life.


Eun-jae devil-draws on Moo-yul’s poster and talks how she must have done something bad in her past to have crossed paths with him.  She is cut in her modern voodoo activity by one of the Red Dreamer’s staff to hand over presents from Moo-yul’s fans.


Moo-yul peeks on the gifts and summons her laugh nerves to stay still when she thinks of the perverted gifts.  Moo-yul opens the source of her amusement and teases her if she also sends seducing underwears.  He offers it to her but changed his mind implying it won’t fit her.  Eun-jae looks at her chest and then moves her eyes to his crotch, and when he complains of what she’s doing, she carries on with motioning how she’s having a hard time trying to look for his “teddy”.  Smooth.. just smooth.. You don’t complain for small chest without considering if it’s directly proportional with yours.


At night, they hit the club to satisfy Moo-yul’s playboy life, as Eun-jae stays as a look-out.  Time for night cap, but of course the day will not end without another imposed karmic justice by Eun-jae.  So when Moo-yul gets his car, she warns the girl to be careful and look for a camera, a weapon and underwears inside the car. Eun-jae heads home as he approaches.  The girl sees the warning objects, jumps to imagination that Moo-yul is a pervert and hurriedly leaves to his confusionEun-jae scores again!  I won’t be counting points anymore, it’s futile, bickering is both their middle names.


When it hits him that his supposed wonderful night, but was spoiled by his favorite retard, he can only sigh in frustration. 


Dong-soo talks with the team’s manager of his career possibilities.  The manager explains his unimproving performance and slips that his friendship with Moo-yul was the leverage of his staying in the team.  Commitment and ego are the two things men can’t keep up, and realizing that he got a contract not because of his skills is disheartening like seeing Math problems.  But team manager bounces back and points out his character has strengthen the chemistry of the team.  Still, I hate you manager, you’ll make an evil sageuk drama villain.


From a sad contract talk we go to a pricey one.  Franchise owner applauds Moo-yul’s skills and even praises his “bad boy” image to be fun.  That I agree.  Bad boys rule!  By the way Director Kim sometimes function as a wallflower too.


Moo-yul notices Dong-soo’s long face, and advises him to just agree with the flow and not be picky.  Eun-jae approaches as he whines of how life has been miserable because of her.  She asks him to come with her to fulfill her evil plan of getting rid of each other.


They plan on staging an abduction drama top-billed by Moo-yul who was hurt by his haters and will be saved by her bodyguard who will be badly beaten.  He hesitates though on the part he has to be beaten too, but she convinces him that police might recognize that odd possibility that he was left with no scratch.  Eun-jae’s patience ticks off on his indecisiveness and when she rants that she will get most of the pain, he turns his back and finally agrees. She poses for the kill, and just as the bat lands on his back, the sound of the closing wooden gate erupts as the caretaker of the place closed the door.


Eun-jae runs to appeal, followed by Moo-yul but they can’t be heard.  They battle against the door, but the non-living thing is triumphant.  Moo-yul wails as he blames himself for working with a stupid girl, while she begs for a technology diversion to save them on that situation.  But even Droid deities are of no help as Moo-yul’s mobile phone struggles getting network signal.  They stare at each other hopeless of what to do next. 


Eun-jae scans every point and corner trying to get a ray of signal whilst Moo-yul tails her and cursing her for the bad luck they encountered.  Their tattle fight times out when the phone rings but Director Kim sounds like Optimus prime because of the poor signal, and then eventually they got disconnected to the outside world due to their cellphone tug of war challenge. 


Tae-han calls Dong-soo to ask about Moo-yul’s whereabouts to which he responds not knowing.  He listens to his wife and soon reading a story and worries on the decision he has to take.


Then another idea strikes Eun-jae but it requires to tag Moo-yul.  He carries her on his back as she squeezes her body to a tiny hole to strengthen the faint signal.  Eun-jae shouts for joy when the network bar increases and calls Tae-han right away but they both can’t hear each other.


Not learning that their union can only bring disaster because they are like fire and wind, the technology fairy godmother falls outside when Moo-yul gets distracted by the water containers’ scattering. 

Moo-yul is on for the running of the best whiner of the year.


Tae-han goes to Eun-jae’s house and is welcomed by her family, but when he introduces himself he is reprimanded to go out right away.  That’s marking your territory.  Dong Ah intervenes claiming ownership of the house thus Tae-han blurts his intention to inquire about what Eun-jae was trying to tell her. 


The geek and the geeker head to the warehouse.  Dong Ah marvels at his nose and blurts out if he has done a nose job, he just robotically replied that he only need a map and not for her to come.  Hahaha  I hope this two will be paired.


The captives attempt another escape but Eun-jae got stuck in between the hole. 


Just when all the hopes are gone, Eun-jae sees headlights of the vehicle of their rescuers.


Dong-ah laughs at her friend’s position Hahaha If I was on her position it would be written on my blog the next day.  She goes to Tae-han’s side who is calling 911 and touches his cheek with his index finger and mutters if he’s a robot.


The police arrives and the officer confirms the incident wherein two ladies were playing and one got stuck in the hole so he came to rescue.  Tae-han signs the stupid report.


Dong-ah lectures how dimwitted Eun-jae is that day even arriving to her impossible thought of them possibly in love.  Frozen and chilling, she gets to her feet to strangle Dong-ah. 


Weary from his earlier misfortune, Moo-yul arrives home.  He opens an envelope where a picture of him with needle-pricked eyes is enclosed.  He sighs and throws it to a box where the rest of the hate mails lay.


The next day, two people amidst their being sleepless still start the morning in annoyance.  Moo-yul who is scheduled for an interview yawns in its duration.  When he sees Writer Go trying to scoop something from Eun-jae, he calls her to come to him.  Eun-jae assures him that she honors her job and that she respects the privacy of the client.


Moo-yul’s teammate, Hyun-woo rushes to the comfort room and throws up like hell.  Before that he drank Moo-yul’s water bottle.  Director Kim senses something dangerous but he covers it up with an imaginary allergy to hide from the journalist a could be alarming evident attack that was meant for Moo-yul.


Okay so we’re gonna play detectives here now.  Tae-han thinks the death threats are getting serious and warns Moo-yul of the clear and present danger, therefore a bodyguard is really needed.

 For the first time, silence becomes Moo-yul and Eun-jae’s friend on their way home. 

 And then we see a dark room with Moo-yuls photos glued on the wall.   eeeee creeepy.  I thought this is rom-com.


Determined to live through a body guard’s duty,  Eun-jae behaves ala-Kevin Costner, but Moo-yul’s ego doesn’t need protecting.  He explains that his ability to hit the speediest balls is not different from punches, but she is convinced otherwise.  So they bet on if she can hit the ball in the batting range, she smiles and go with the deal.


Eun-jae preps up to Moo-yul’s challenge, they are even graced by the Red Dreamers as audience. 

3 strikes for her and she’s out.  4 balls, and she walks.  Just a mere hit of the ball is good.

The prize of the deal will require the loser to dress as a girlPlease Eun-jae can you lose just this one time?

Eun-jae boasts to Dong-soo that she learned Math through baseball stats to guarantee him that she knows what she’s doing.


Ok now!  Playball!


The first ball comes in…

Eun-jae sways the bat but catches only the wind…

 First try, *palm face


The second ball comes in…

Jin-dong gives her a tip… Eun-jae swings… but Moo-yul sees through their play and gets another strike.

Second Chance, Pitch Black.


The third ball approaches…

Eun-jae turns around…


and we see the men’s surprised faces.

The team rush to check if Eun-jae is fine, and when she devilishly chuckles we know she purposely did it.  Her bliss is short-lived though as Tae-han declares another strike because it was a good ball that she didn’t take.

Ball 3.  Strike.  Eun-jae Epic Fail


So Eun-jae dresses up in a pink girly, lacey dress.  Moo-yul gapes at her joyously.  She parades embarrassingly amidst the Red Dreamer’s eyes and guests.


Dong-soo comes in to sit down and muses that she looks pretty.  He then introduces his wife to her surprise.


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