Episode 3 – Role Model Bean Ball


BEAN BALL:  A ball thrown by a pitcher towards the batter’s face to scare him.


May I just say that I like how they use baseball lingos and relate it to the episode.   I really like it.


After their epic baseball face off – Eun-jae is declared… a girl, I mean a loser so she has no choice but to dress in a tube girly dress and attend a lunch out with the Red Dreamers.  I was expecting a Moo-yul jaw-dropping moment when he sees Eun-jae in a dress but there was none.  Alrighty then I’ll wait when the time is ripe.


Seated in front of Dong-soo and his wife, Oh Soo-young, she is confused on the couple’s sweetness because Soo-young is the same girl she saw twice with Moo-yul.  She quasi-growl affecting the food Moo-yul is about to eat  and of course it annoys him.


Eun-jae can’t hold back her being perplex on the girl in front of her so she asks if by any chance she has a twin or if she has a sister she resembles, and was relieved when she confirms she has a sister who looks like her a lot, but when she learns the sister is abroad, she goes back to her assumption of an illicit involvement with Moo-yul.


Moo-yul drops her jaw when she sees Moo-yul whispering to Soo-young in Dong-soo’s face.  He motions Moo-yul to give Eun-jae a lift.  He refuses drawing in the air how their cities are in separate direction, but ended up in the front seat with her clamoring the injustice of giving a ride to his bodyguard.  You’re adorably cute when your childish Dong Wook oppa.


Moo-yul narrates how Dong-soo has been there when he almost gave up on baseball and how he’s been a good friend/brother since college which makes Moo-yul hate rate on Eun-jae rises even more because of her assumed secret relationship between Moo-yul and Soo-young.   Who says maniacal laugh can’t be charmingly cute?


Writer Go tries a small talk with Eun-jae, but she won’t budge.  She sees Jin Dong-soo passing through bluer than blue so she asks Writer Go if he knows how Dong-soo helped Moo-yul before when he almost quit playing.  But cunning journalist wants information trade, she obliges so he chronicles how cocky Moo-yul was in college that no one wants to play with him.  His hot headed self made him beat up two of his teammates, and when Dong-soo arrives, he beat up Moo-yul big time.  Back then Dong-soo was the star player, but Moo-yul was badly beaten, so the school was in a dilemma of how to resolve the bull fight.  Dong-soo said he won’t play if Moo-yul will be cast out from the team actually he purposely hit Moo-yul to bridge the gap in the team.


Then it’s Writer Go’s turn for the trade, he tries talking about the noraebang’s mystery girl, but Eun-jae pulls her invisibility cloak and pretends he doesn’t exist.  I have a feeling this girl was a pirate in her previous life.


Dong-soo prepares for his wife’s birthday and a positive preg kit result catches his attention.    Meanwhile, Eun-jae disgustingly gapes at Moo-yul as he picks a jewelry piece. 

They attend Soo-young’s simple birthday dinner and Eun-jae can’t help but wonder where do the supposed secret lovers get their pretense powers.

Eun-jae looks at Dong-soo pitily as Moo-yul helps Soo-young with his necklace gift.  Dong-soo narrates how that the only good thing so far that Moo-yul did for him was to introduce his future wife when they were in college which makes Eun-jae play a talk show host trying to delve on her presumption, but Moo-yul cuts her intention.


Unable to concentrate on her eavesdropping on the love triangle of the year’s conversation, she plays a Jedi mindtrick to Dong-soo’s son for him to doze off.  She stares at the family picture and worries what would become of it.


On their way home Moo-yul gets nostalgic reminiscing the old days with Soo-young and Dong-soo.  Eun-jae reminds her how good Dong-soo has been to him and that he deserves to be happy.  She adds that good people tends to get hurt most of the time, and as she speaks, she thinks of her father.  I think Eun-jae is trying to play a super-hero because she understands the pain of a broken family.


Soo-young visits Moo-yul early in the morning and informs him of her fear that her husband knows of her pregnancy already. 


Eun-jae arrives early at the Red Dreamer’s camp and bumps with Tae-han.  He hands her the broadsheet where an article of her family being a Seagulls #1 fan and her being an admin to Moo-yul’s hater’s forum.  Tae-han hints that Moo-yul’s death threats is coming from a person who has access in the team.


Dong-soo talks with team manager again about career possibilities, but he seems lost where to start.  Then he sees Eun-jae and he pours his sentiments.

DONG-SOO  “It feels like I have had a crush for a long time.  She’s not loving me back.  I feel like I have given a one-sided love.  I thought that she will love me back eventually if I try hard enough.  They say that if you have liked something for a long time, it can become a religion.”


Eun-jae sighs a relief when he smiles and tells her that he’s taking about baseball.  Then Dong-soo got a call that his son was hurt so they rush to the school.  He embraces the kid and it breaks Eun-jae’s heart.  Soo-young and Moo-yul arrive a moment later when the father and son sit together with the rest of the children.  Moo-yul steals the limelight with his being famous so the kid stands up for his father embracing him.


Moo-yul asks Eun-jae to throw another ugly letter along with the death threat box and notices two orange glasses on the table which confirms her early intuition that he was with Soo-young earlier.


I don’t know why she brought the death threats delights back home, but she did, and while she curses at Moo-yul, she again devil draws on his pictures.  It’s becoming a cute habit, why didn’t I do it with my ex’s pictures.


Dong Ah comments that someone who sent Moo-yul’s photo knows that he has a girl.  Eun-jae connects the poetry meaning when explained that it was a poetry and the writer drink poison when she found out her lover was cheating.


Eun-jae asks Moo-yul to think of someone he betrayed that could have held grudges on him, but he can only joke about betraying Seagulls and her only, pointing out that she’s not a girl so she can’t be included.  She fumes at his being happy-go-lucky on the situation he’s currently with.  Ya Moo-yul!  When will you grow up?


Then they head to a restaurant and meets Soo-young and his son minus Dong-soo.  She tries to spy on their conversation but she can only get bits of info for the Japan vacation.


Moo-yul learns from team manager that Dong-soo is thinking of retirement.  Eun-jae bumps at Dong-soo  and picks up the things coming out of the box he’s holding.  He walks away and it dawns on her the methanol she saw on his box.  She then goes to her Sherlock self and starts linking the events and going to the conclusion that Dong-soo knows already of the secret affair, but Moo-yul cuts her reverie, and when she knows that they will be going to the trip, she gets bugged with what will become of the love triangle.


Eun-jae calls Dong-Ah to ask where the Japanese poet committed suicide, but she retorts she has to read the book again.  She also calls Director Kim and confirms with him that methanol is poisonous and can make someone blind.


Dong-Ah calls Eun-jae back while she is on Moo-yul’s interview.  She reveals that the writer invited her lover and her friend to a pension house and poisoned the coffee they all drink.


While Moo-yul’s finally explains the bat throw-in event specifically pointing to Eun-jae, she goes thinking of a family that will soon be broken because of love and remembers the same thing that happened in her family. 


Moo-yul is asked by the host about the rumor that his bodyguard is not a fan of him, so the spotlight shifts to Eun-jae and she confirms that she’s a hater’s admin with his scowling permission.

When asked if it was hard, she went Obama-like and speaks of her high regard to her work ethics and her duties as a bodyguard to the wonder of the people watching in the studio and MI Boss in his sparkling inner clothing.  She takes the opportunity and reveals in public TV that she’s coming with him for his Japan vacation in fulfilling her noble job.  I don’t get why that public tv announcement can be a leverage for the need for her to go to that vacation.  She could have just asked Director Kim that she needs to be there for precautionary measures.


The next morning in the airport her passport of aeons ago causes some problems making Moo-yul smiles joyously, but the representative suggests a way for all of them go, and that’s Eun-jae taking first class, while the three go economy seats. 

Eun-jae enjoys her first class ride, while sipping some wine as Moo-yul is sandwiched by two sleeping action movie villain like men and complains of such an unfortunate event.


On the way to their relaxing vacation the two resumes their yin-yang feud.

 They settle comfortably in the house and during dinner, Moo-yul raises his voice when the Japanese host thought that he and Eun-jae is a couple to which Eun-jae deduces right away by the amount of anger he surged. 


Moo-yul practices his bat sways as he curses her pet name. 

Eun-jae pouts and diverts her attention and gapes at Dong-soo putting something on the tea.  Soo-young sits down in front of her husband, holds the tea cup… as Eun-jae’s eyes grow bigger in fear.



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