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I’m munching Yellowcab’s charliechan with my gurlies at work.  It’s the first day of March so I look forward to my fleeting summer romance.  *wishful thinking

Earlier I had another run of the last few episodes of Wild Romance, and I was transformed to a big pile of love, actually just staring at Dong wook oppa even when he’s not doing anything can make me feel better *giggles.  I think what made me drawn in the drama is its less complicated, always sunny and comic disposition, that and the literal wild take of the romance.   The ajumma psychopath villain conflict also made me forget of the useless first love conflict of the main male lead.  Now, I’m all eyes to Moon that Embraces the Sun who I hope will not just embrace but kiss the sun now because lately it has been dragging that my drama rating is seesaw-ing from 10 to 8.

I’m looking forward to my Oscar movie marathon day tomorrow too.  I already saw Extremely Loud (so-so), Midnight in Paris (chatty), and Tree of Life (not my cup of tea), and I’m excited to see Hugo, The Artist, and The Help before I can agree or disagree with the Oscar’s Best Picture winner.


On a sad side note, When I look back, it’s not because of a painful relationship that made me not believe of “second chances”.. it’s more of me not liking my feelings to be changing. The truth is, all those pain, tears and sleepless nights did not make me realize that everything was over… it was getting back to his arms and trying hard to fix what has been broken and what will never work out anymore. I realized I broke up with him when I got back together with him again.


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