Episode 4 – When there’s a chance I always make a bonehead play.

BONEHEAD PLAY:  Making non-sense mistakes due to misjudgment.

Terror rises in Eun-jae’s face as she gapes at Dong-soo giving the cup of tea to Soo-young.  She rushes to the sliding door and knocks at it wildly.  Dong-soo stands to open the door for her as Soo-young raise the cup to touch her lips, but it was too late.  She already drank the tea for her sore throat.  Eun-jae crawls back to sanity and excuses her weird intrusion.

At night the love quadrangle goes hot spring bathing and Eun-jae hearing Moo-yul’s pain screams goes Nancy Drew checking if Dong-soo might be drowning her boss.  Dong-soo talks about his possible plans after retirement and worries what plan could possibly work for him?  His pensive mood is short lived as he devilishly teases Moo-yul of crossing the partition that separates them from the girls. 

Back on the girl’s camp, Soo-young is stoically annoyed why Eun-jae leans to the divider.  She praises Eun-jae’s nice body, and she returns the favor by acknowledging hers is nice too considering she had a son.  Then they go belly talk, and that is something girls should just let go I think, because Soo-young is not too happy about it.  Soo-young praises Eun-jae’s pretty chest even if it’s small to which she defensively explained that she just lost weight that’s why it became smaller, and this made the schoolboys on the other side cutely pretend they are not eavesdropping.  Eun-jae explains that her big breast is because of her breast milk feeding but Soo-young rebuts that hers were the same as before and that the size and the bounciness don’t have anything to do with her passing the lactation period.  The boys can no longer bear the female anatomy talk, and decides to leave as the girls carry on with their Aphrodite debate.

Eun-jae wakes up early and sees Dong-soo in deep reverie.  She greets him good morning and tells him not to go on with his intentions.  Moo-yul wakes up and sees the two talking. Eun-jae convinces Dong-soo to be strong, that it’s a hard situation but he will eventually get through it.  She is in the middle of a talk that can pass as a support group speech when Moo-yul interrupts them to her dismay.  She leaves giving him her deadly stare.

Dong-Ah walks in avant-garde mood n her French trench coat making the people in the restaurant stare at her.  She pants heavily while taking off her coat revealing her unbathed-fresh-from-the-bed-with-food-left-over-marks-on-her-superman-t-shirt.  She drinks water and apologizes for being late and gets into business with Director Kim. 

Back in Japan, the couple set to go hiking, they stop on their track as Moo-yul explains that the mountain they will climb is famous as a suicide mountain.  Eun-jae’s ears are programmed to pick on anything suspicious and hearing a place famous for committing suicide stops her.  They voted for the short hard path against the long easy road.  After disputes and deliberation, Eun-jae and Mo-yul ends up together tracking the short and hard road.

Moo-yul and Eun-jae arrives first and Eun-jae blabbers about her woes about Dong-soo meeting an accident.  Moo-yul thinks that she likes his hyung and that’s the reason why she wants to be on the trip, and just as he will confirm his assumption the couple arrives.  Eun-jae smiles happily which makes Moo-yul confirm his theory.

At another dinner time, Moo-yul gazes at Eun-jae as she throws glances to Dong-soo as taking care of his wife’s food.  After the sumptuous feast, Moo-yul blames Eun-jae’s battery operated tummy causing her indigestion as she creeps in pain.  Soo-young arrive with her acupuncture needles and treat the childlike Eun-jae. 

Moo-yul narrates that Soo-young got massage, acupuncture and all those girly certification so she can be a good wife to a baseball player, and on that note he reveals that Dong-soo and Soo-young passed through a you-and-me-against your family love story.  So here’s the funny part, Eun-jae wonders why Moo-yul engage in an affair with Soo-young knowing all that while Moo-yul is explaining those things because he’s trying to make Eun-jae realized that she can’t like Dong-soo.

Eun-jae rants at how pathetic those women are who left their life behind just to become someone else’s wife.  Soo-young overhears it, but stays calm and gives the medicine to Eun-jae and walks away. 

Dong-soo and Soo-young find time alone and they reminisce the old times.  He painfully remembers how his career was in full swing when he met her for the first time, and that he believed that his fate would even be better in the future. 

“I was so sure of my career that I took you from your mother… from your art…”

Soo-young stops his words and tells him that he didn’t take her away, but she held onto him, and that she didn’t regret her decision, and will never regret it in the future…  abby is moved… abby sweetly sighs…

Eun-jae impatiently thinks of the couple who went out for a walk, and when she can’t take it any longer, she stands up but is commanded by her master to sit down.  In circles he hints how Dong-soo is a good man but he’s someone she can’t like, when the insinuation hits her, it infuriates Eun-jae and throws back her assumption of him in a relationship of his best friend’s wife — and then the 3rd World War breaks…

They wrestle, they push and kick each other, and they throw punches everywhere… Anger breaks from one side to another.  And I swear I saw real bruises on Eun-jae’s face and neck and Moo-yul’s lipsYeah!  This is so great!  Is this a rom-com drama?  Who said lead couple fighting is not fun?

Eun-jae maneuvers her judo body lock, and while held by her legs, Moo-yul angrily shouts at how dare she is thinking the worse of him.  And then the referees finally emerge and drag Moo-yul away from Eun-jae.  When all the emotion subsides, Eun-jae realizes her mistakes and is confirmed a not so good woman’s instinct handler. 

Moo-yul rushes to leave the pension house as Eun-jae tails him.  They remain silent during the flight even when they sit beside each other.  She tries to apologize but he fires her from her job and warns her not to show her face again.  Again, I just want to complain on Eun-jae’s wardrobe.  I hate it.

Eun-jae informs her boss of the situation with Moo-yul .  MI Boss speaks of his longing to acquire a good office room that is not as temperature sensitive as what they have now.  He etches the wonderful  things they can get if they continue safeguarding Moo-yul, and keeps ignoring that she was fired as he drowns himself in his vision.  Eun-jae snaps her boss back to go back to reality that his dream of being Whitney Houston’s bodyguard is never going to happen anymore, but he insists on her to ask for forgiveness.  Bless her soul.

Director Kim advises Moo-yul that his request to remove his bodyguard is not feasible because it will raise suspicions from the press as it’s still hot.  He further adds that his stalker is getting serious, so he really needs a bodyguard.  So then, Moo-yul requests for a different one.

A woman stretches her body and finds a needle-eye-pricked Moo-yul’s picture. 

MI Boss replaces Eun-jae to protect our spoiled baseball supahstar who participates in a Fashion ShowNow that is what you call FIERCE in the runway!  *giggles 

Moo-yul attends the after-party and is coaxed by a vixen.  The vixen passes by  Eun-jae and she notices her tattoo.  Eun-jae who is on a different celebrity duty finishes her job early but is holdback by MI Boss so they can go home together. 

She waits in the lobby and notices a man with the same tattoo as the vixen.  Her protective instinct surges and goes back to the hotel to check on Moo-yul.  She tries calling him but he’s prepping on a big night so he ignores her call. 

Eun-jae punches all the elevator floors to hold back the maniac-villain looking guy and rushes to the stairs to rescue Moo-yul towel covered.  The devil tandem are left unsuccessful at Mo-yul’s hotel room.

Eun-jae scolds Moo-yul of the possibility of what could have happened if she wasn’t there and how he can’t see through a gold-digger’s lie…  She enumerates the money, bad publicity and all tragic events that could have hit his career if not for her. 

He steps on the car breaks to stop her from blabbering her super-heroic act, and while they argue, the phone rings.  They simultaneously stare at the back seat and an unfamiliar mobile phone is ringing.  When they didn’t answer, a text message comes in but they can’t crack the pass code.  The vixen finds Mo-yul’s necklace and took it under her possession.

Moo-yul and Eun-jae seek philosopher’s intervention to access the mobile phone, but Dong Ah who lives like a hermit with her books is clueless about the mobile phone she is holding.  Eun-jae explains that Dong-Ah is the long lost granddaughter of Einstein who devoted her life in studying. 

The all-knowing genius computes on the probability of the password that can be used, gets a 10,000 possible answers and sails on to the “access me if you can” game.  Moo-yul ‘s impatience triggers and tells Eun-jae that there’s no way she can make it, he stands up and is about to depart and then voila! 

Say Hello to the newest Numbers cast – Kim Dong Ah.  The cat-and mouse wrestle on the phone again, so Eun-jae gives him a chop.

Eun-jae and Dong-Ah marvels at the pictures of the vixen with different men in the phone as Eun-jae mutters how someone would have been included in that collection by being tempted by a professional gold-digger/scandal-maker, but Moo-yul retorts that at least it was a pro and not an amateur.  Oh well, you got your point there Moo-yul.  *giggles

Then Dong-Ah finds a video and they girly giggle in anticipation at the spectacle as Moo-yul shakes his head in disbelief of the two girls happily snooping on a sex scandal.  Moo-yul stands up to go home because he suddenly turned a wall paper in the room.  Eun-jae asks if he forgot something, but he replies he’s all good, so then she reminds him of “thank you”, but he just continues to walk away.  Eun-jae tells him that they are now even with the trouble she caused in Japan, and Moo-yul is left no choice but to oblige.

Then Dong-Ah’s eidetic memory kicks in and remembers seeing the vixen before, but Eun-jae dismisses it because she can’t possibly bumps with that kind of girl.  Eun-jae’s dad is interrupted with his old-fashioned flirting when he sees a man coming out of the girl’s door.  His son comes out and they are happy and surprised that the princess of the geeks is not as hopeless case in love as what they thought. 

Moo-yul in his topless self which made me drown and sigh notices his necklace is missing, and remembers that he left it in the hotel, but the hotel personnel can’t locate it anymore.

Eun-jae exhausts what the mobile phone can give to no avail so the only thing left for her to do is to get some money out of it, and just then her old boss calls to ask for the phone, so her 5-minute almost lottery win ends abruptly.

Moo-yul glares at Eun-jae after knowing that she sold the mobile phone, and he can only shout in frustration. 

She offers the money if the necklace is expensive, but Moo-yul retorts that the necklace is something he can never throw away.  He stands and leaves the office and Eun-jae gets the money anyway and feasts with her family at home but she is troubled about Mo-yul’s parting words earlier.

Moo-yul looks grumpy as he attends an awarding ceremony something and tries to grope on the necklace his hand cannot touch anymore.  So I guess that necklace is link to an old love, probably me in my dreamland.  I can only empathize, I still wear my ex-bf’s ring not because I love him still, but I’m used to having it in my hand.






One thought on “Wild Romance Episode 4 Round-Up

  1. after watching this drama, you will get a ring to replace you ex’s cause wearing an ex’s ring only leads to bad things. (won’t spoil it)

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