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“Abbey Road” was technically the last recorded Beatles album and embracing my inner princess at this hour, I declare that they named the album for me. *giggles

Another month and I will be closing what I now think the best and hardest 3 years of my life. My so-called quarter-life crisis’ years. I say I did well… a few bad choices, some disappointments but a lot of happiness that I have already stored inside my memory vault.

I’m glad that I was able to try and love again, although it didn’t end up well… the thought that I finally opened the “emergency door” I created for my self and feel again that familiar feeling of cupid’s presence was enough for my rational thinking to admit to myself that it’s still a good feeling to be in love and to be loving someone.

I’ve had my fair share of disappointments from the people I least expected that to be coming from, but maturity and time will heal it I guess, and the reality that there are really people you have once thought you won’t blink an eye in giving your life for them, only to find out that they can never understand the concept of trust and respect.

Moving forward I will now be passing “Abbey Road”, the years that I will fill with serene, happy and meaningful moments. I will try so hard not to expect much from people, especially those who are not writing Korean Drama/Film scripts as they won’t matter to my spare time bliss pills anyway. *giggles

I’m thankful I have a job that pays what’s needed to be paid… a family that is functional and will say straight to my face if I’m saddling myself with negativity, but will embrace me anyway and accept my frailty… a support system that can be cruelly honest but will not turn their backs on me when I needed them…

Whining will do me no good, instead, I will pause and pray when problems come and I can’t seem to contain.

This is me loving and living incidentally…

This is me expecting what I deserve…

This is me happy and hopeful…

^_^ abby ^_^



  1. Yes, me too. No need to apologise: I enjoy the exchange of thoughts.

  2. nearly evening here, i’m sure I’ll have a superb one.. but Lincoln what country?

    • The original and best: Lincoln, Lincolnshire, East Midlands of England, U.K. Dear old Blighty!

      • I see… interesting… Pardon me for chancing upon my blog at this moment, I’m on spree reposting my old writings, but I’m not love depressed anymore,in case you’ll give me a love pep talk or you think of me so love broken… also forgive me for being chatty… I just like meeting new people, learning from them… ^_^

  3. I think it’s a magical album. Folk always go on about Sgt Pepper but I always thought Abbey Road the better.
    I enjoyed your blog. It’s thoughtful and well written.
    thanks for sharing

    • Thank you, i appreciate it… greetings from manila to wherever you are. Be safe. ^_^

        • wobsy
        • Posted March 7, 2012 at 11:28 p03
        • Permalink

        I’m in Lincoln. Have a good evening.

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