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I have been immersing myself to comfort food and “Big Bang theory” to perk me up a bit, but to no avail.  The last time I was moved this much was when I saw DeNiro’s “The Awakenings”, and I’m really glad that they are still producing films that are so simple and yet it will warm your heart big time.

My brother-in-law mentioned the movie during our family lunch last Sunday, he thought I knew of the movie as he perceived I’m a video-rental-house-turned-woman, but I have no clue what he was talking about.  When he mentioned that it was originally a Japanese film, it caught my attention and I put it on my movie list for the upcoming week.

So there it was Monday… with dried mangoes and water I was set to embark on Richard Gere’s “Hachi”… It was a story of an “akita dog” whose loyalty to his “master” was unwavering and heartwarming.  The two best friends shared a special bond that even death wasn’t able to hinder it.  Working as a professor, everyday Hachi will walk his master on his way to the train station and comes back again in the afternoon to fetch him after work.  But the professor died and left Hachi alone.  Everyday for the next years, he still comes to the train station and waits for his master to come home, not realizing that he’s not gonna come back anymore.

At some point, all of us have been to a situation when we were waiting for nothing, but we stayed because we were holding on to that tiny bit of hope that what we want will come true.

The movie has invoked emotions in me that I haven’t felt for a while, and has made me cry like the last time I had my heart broken…  I was alone in my apartment and I was like it would have been better to have watched it with my best friends.  I just watched the Japanese version late afternoon, and it gave the same effect on me.

It made me feel grateful for the friends I had right now.  Having them was a choice to share a very “special bond” that only time can nourish and only memories can explain.

We have had friends in life, some went away… some didn’t linger… some have stayed, and some just passed by.  But regardless, we have shared a special belongingness with them, a connection that once in a while will struck us in our unguarded moments or even in our silent reverie.

So let’s stop for a while and say “thank you and I love you” to our friends, because even if we don’t see them that much, they always visit us on those wonderful memories that we spent with them together.


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