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When you’re in love you have this built in connection with that someone.  Sometimes I miss feeling that connection… that moment when I hang up the phone and let my heart counts my man’s footsteps from wherever he was going to wherever I am.  I miss it.  I really miss it.

Just recently, I felt it again, with a man who awakened my sleeping love veins.  He talks no non-sense… He is so interesting,but then again I can only like him.  Had I met you earlier or you met me earlier… I wonder if we’ll fall in love.  Anyway it’s time to restore my corrupted veins and go on for my life-long search of happy-sometimes-maybe-even-after.

I could think of a lot of reasons why I should take a chance on being with someone, but more than anything else that would be because that someone is also scared of falling in love.  And knowing that I can trust myself to believing in love again and making someone put his faith on it sums up how I perceive love all my life… trusting, understanding and always reciprocated.


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