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Why I still believe in love?

Perhaps because I don’t want looking for excuses just to be alone.

Having enjoyed the bliss of love… shattered by the pain it can give… It is not that I’m oblige to point out why the “everything” about love can’t be explained nor justified…

If you are with someone, it does not follow that you will lose your own individuality. You are what you are and your partner won’t oblige you to deviate from the man you are, unless you let it. You grow with experiences with people and most of the things we learned in life is when we entered a relationship. We learned the basic values of our existence like trust, respect, sacrifice, humility and love. It is not losing your individuality but sharing it… A single person can’t be called an individual if he does not want to be alone and let another person take that loneliness.

I dreamed what most girls wish when I was little… It changes as I grew up and realize that life is not the same way I had it when I was young… If there’s any dream that I would want to happen… that would be sharing my dreams with someone and making what he dreams of come true. It is like building my future with him as he sees his future with me… It is human nature to share whatever they accomplish in life… and they always share it to that special person closest to their hearts… and that’s the real thing… and that’s what makes us feel better…It is so like a fairytale thing but it’s how I want to seize each day of my life… that is not to make my every dream “once upon a time”.

If you are single and you have the thought that your beloved will affect how you view life and make choices, then it is really needed that you have someone to help you with your mindset, because obviously you can’t even decide for your self to even have that judgment. If he can affect your decision then that just means that you are taking a risk… and when you take a risk… you are creating a choice that defines who and what you are…

Relationships work not because you get to see each other but because of the reason why you want to be with that someone. I don’t count how many days I had with the past relationships that I had because what cut deep into me were the moments we spent during those times. Time is a lame excuse to point out that being in a relationship will eat all of your time… Time can never be a moment… Time passes by… Moments stay with us…

When you go to a relationship, you are always unsure of a lot of things.. but u will do it… because that’s what you wanted and you know that it’s worth taking… You let yourself fall for someone because you are capable of being emotionally involved and you risk the uncertainty that he might not feel the same way because you know that he can fall for you. You don’t deal with your emotions alone because what triggers complex emotions are the experiences we get when we open ourselves to someone…when we realize that we can love and we are in love.

Why will you let yourself be scared of having your heart broken when you can embrace the pain. You can have as much personal space as you can around you… You can step back when someone steps forward… You can be as cold and as distant as you would like but you always yearn to share things with someone because you know you can’t break on your own. No matter how bad the break up was, how frustrating the reason was… you don’t deal with it alone… both of you dealt with it in different ways but in the same level of pain.

Friends can never replace boyfriends/girlfriends. Being in a relationship can never replace friendship likewise… There are always things that our friends can share with us and there are memories with that someone we love our friends won’t be able to understand.

Relationships are there to bring out the best and maybe the worst in us. It would break us but we will learn from it. People who are afraid of commitment are people who know how big thing it is to let someone break into his hearts… They are afraid not because they will mess up but because they might let it happen. Women can’t separate the physical from the emotional. No one does it well… Women do it worst… And it is not because they are afraid to open up to their men… but because men let the attachment to prolong… Men are good in hiding what they feel… They do it well… Men do it best… And it is because they are not afraid to let women see through them… But because the attachment is everything for what its worth…

You have a lifetime to search for whatever you want in your life and it always point out to have someone invade your personal space. Yes, it’s wrong to depend your happiness with someone and it’s weaker to let ourselves be completed by someone. It is more of complementing our completeness and defining what happiness really means…

For a girl who has been in such pain because of love, I’m not scared to try and savor every bit of it… It’s not being stubborn and finding excuses just to evade the sadness… It is believing that loving and being in love may shatter my heart and my life but I will always hold it in my own hand…


Lonely guy



  1. Yeah I Agree…

    “For a girl who has been in such pain because of love, I’m not scared to try and savor every bit of it… It’s not being stubborn and finding excuses just to evade the sadness… It is believing that loving and being in love may shatter my heart and my life but I will always hold it in my own hand…”

    😀 My Sentiments Exactly

  2. good, makes a lot of sense.

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