Episode 5:  Long and Long Run Down


RUNDOWN:  When the runner is stuck between two bases.  An embarrassing situation.


After the awkward Japan incident, Moo-yul visits Dong-soo and Soo-hyung as Eun-jae ponders on that “something you can’t let go” thought of Moo-yul. 


Moo-yul narrates that he was honored at their old school that day and sadly tells some of the changes that happened there.  He goes sentimental and pensively talks about how things in the past just always go away.  When he leaves, and the couple is alone, Soo-young mentions that Moo-yul might be remembering someone.  And please don’t give me an ex-gf from the past who will pose as a conflict because that I won’t like.


Eun-jae brings flowers and visits the couple to apologize for the misunderstanding in Japan.  There she learns about Moo-yul’s ex-gf who is a close friend of Soo-young when she mentions the ring that used to belong with the old lovers.


On her way home, Eun-jae battles with her thoughts that someone as playboy as Moo-yul and who can easily get hooked by a gold-digger can possibly love someone so ardently in the past and until now.  Meanwhile Director Kim and Dong-Ah works on profiling Moo-yul’s stalker and find some patterns on his psychopath behavior.   Then Dong-Ah remembers where she sees the vixen before, and off she search for the erotic video in her library.   She picks the video and off they go porn watching which made Tae-han uncomfortable.  She mimics the vixen’s “honey” teasing call, but it was awkward and funny when Dong-Ah does it. 

Eun-jae storms in and halts when she realizes her bestfriend is watching a sexy film with a man, but Director Kim asks her to come in to her confusion… now we go threesome… *giggles  If Moo-yul will come it will even be nicer, but he only discuss about what happened with Moo-yul and gold-digger.

But Moo-yul didn’t join the erotic viewing session instead Eun-jae drags him from sleep to watch a video together.  And yes, good morning honey, you’re going to watch a sizzling film for breakfast.

Moo-yul blabbers how she get hold of the video and if she watches that video as the doorbell rings and MI Boss comes in his sparkling inner suit.  He wonders what Eun-jae is doing there early in the morning and his eyes get bigger when he notices the porn they are watching. 

Eun-jae follows her boss, and he reminds her not to forget the Number 5 Rule which is not to have special feelings for the client.  Then Moo-yul cuts their conversation and asks MI Boss if he can have Eun-jae back to bodyguard him. 

While they wait for Dong-Ah who goes undercover to gather information about the vixen, Eun-jae tries to talk about Moo-yul’s lost ring and his ex-gf, but he keeps evading.  Dong-Ah finally comes in but she wasn’t able to retrieve any contact information but was given another video I’m suspecting the writers here could be addicted to Criminal Minds just saying.

They sleepily watch a sad movie waiting for the vixen to come out.  They fight hard with the boredom and later on Director Kim join their melodrama movie session.

…and just as the trio hold on to the food to keep them glued at what they are watching… Tae-han exclaims how interesting the movie is.  And I fell on our sofa laughing.  yess Eun-jae give him that weird look!

The next day as Moo-yul signs another contract with the Red Dreamers, Dong-soo cleans his locker and sadly says goodbye to the world he so loved which Writer Go beautifully pointed out when he sees him leaning on the locker door.

Eun-jae snoops on how much Moo-yul’s contract is while the vixen watches the television news of the pricey 50USD contract signed by Mo-yul.  She goes to the Red Dreamers autograph signing session and teases him of the ring he’s looking for.  Eun-jae holds is temper, and watches Moo-yul writes his mobile number on the baseball.  Now is that ring cousins with that of Sauron’s?

They wait intently for Moo-yul’s phone to ring and the rendezvous for retrieving the ring that rule Moo-yul  is set.  Writer Go who scoops about the gold-digger’s identity tracks Moo-yul and Eun-jae for another juicy publicity.

The vixen’s devil manager sets up the hidden camera for their evil plan of most likely a scandal to blackmail our baseball star.  She poses to drop the necklace with the ring so Moo-yul reacts and they fall down in the couch as the vixen screams for her camera act.  Eun-jae comes in, as Moo-yul defends he’s just trying to get his ring.  Eun-jae’s bodyguard reflexes surge in and kick in to bid time on how to handle the situation.  The vixen is amazed why Eun-jae can’t be tricked, and Eun-jae retorts that even if Moo-yul has a bad temper, he won’t go as far as that.  INSERT “I will always love you song

She calls in MI Boss, and their security agency men come in to rescue not knowing that the scandal video will soon be broadcast online.

Moo-yul gives the vixen a pep talk of trying not to give up and always hope for the better.  He hands her the boring film and tells her that eventhough she appears cameo in the movie, she shines there.

Inside the car, Moo-yul says thank you to Eun-jae which makes her ears grow bigger, not believing that she’s actually hearing the word from his lips is so elated.

The vixen watches her old film, his manager happily and devilishly grins on the great fortune they will have out of the scandal they orchestrated but the vixen redeems her character and destroyed the camera earning her a beating from her manager.

Soo-young and Dong-soo pick their son at her mother’s house establishing her strained relationship with her mother. 

Eun-jae checks the world wide web to see if Moo-yul is again trending and he rebuts that because of her too much searching he might eventually be there if she won’t stop it.  She complains that she has saved his life twice and instead of being rewarded, she doesn’t get any. 

Then Moo-yul gives her a box, and when she sees a new mobile phone she bear hugs her master and happily shouts I love you to him.  Awwww that was so cute of you two… Eun-jae looks cute hanging on to Mo-yul as they step out of his apartment.  Eun-jae looks a more than happy puppy and he smiles at her happiness. 

The cute master-bodyguard moment is interrupted though by the vixen revealing to him that she is not the stalker and that someone coaxed her to initiate the evil deed.  I HATE YOU VIXEN!   WHY DID YOU KISS MY MOO-YUL?  *super pout

The sight of a girl  kissing Moo-yul sent Eun-jae to uneasiness and wild imaginings of Moo-yul kissing him, and to kill the emerging unknown feeling, she seeks the comfort of the punching bag.

Soo-young goes to her new job as Dong-soo  stares blankly at the children playing baseball while waiting for his son to come out from school.  At night he tells his wife that he decides to  pursue a manager career for the Red Dreamers.

At the Red Dreamer’s practice, Eun-jae lists down potential Moo-yul  threats crazily.  Writer Go approaches and annoys her, and as she writes him as the major villain in the list, Moo-yul walks like a cat and asks her what she was doing which startled her and her judo reflex.  The next thing we know Moo-yul  painfully lies on the field.

They talk with Director Kim bout the development of the stalker’s case and Tae-han advises to keep it a secret for the mean time.  Moo-yul is clueless of people who could be angry enough to even murder him.  Director Kim attempts to illuminate Moo-yul telling him that he’s a hot item to detractors and even people who like him.  And I would just like to quote this scene because I really find it funny.


TAE-HAN:  Park Moo-yul may not know but there should be a lot of people who dislike you.  You are a star.  You attract people’s eyes.  Cain murdered Abel, because Abel is more loved.

(And then Moo-yul’s face goes blank)

MOO-YUL:  Who are those 2?  Are they baseball players?

(Eun-jae’s face surrender to hopelessness case of Mo-yul)

EUN-JAE:  Aissh how ignorant!

MOO-YUL:  What?  Do you know them?  You don’t know either who are they?

EUN-JAE:  At least I know they are not baseball players.

*giggles  we have geek and geeker and dumb and dumber in this drama…how I love these characters.

Eun-jae teases Moo-yul about Can and Abel after their mini conference and jokes at Moo-yul not to get close to her because his ignorance will spread.  He grabs her and she felt something girly weird, and I’m beginning to feel she’ll fall for him first.

Eun-jae is smiling dreamily in her newly felt woman in love sensation which scares Moo-yul while they are riding to their next destination.  Eun-jae annoyingly stares at Moo-yul while he does a pictorial.  She gets weird, she smiles, she gets jealous and she has acted on emotions unbeknownst to her.  She goes to the wash room to calm herself down and Moo-yul’s partner in the pictorial hands her a piece of paper with contact number. 

Moo-yul asks for the number but she refuses to give it thus he uses his muscle and takes the post it from her back pocket leading her to striking her martial arts move to her master who soaks in the swimming pool. With the paper wet and number erased.

Eun-jae asks her hermit always reading friend if she knows the feeling of attraction towards a man. Dong-Ah stops reading and asks her friend if she likes someone, but she evades and leaves.

Eun-jae almost forgot the family’s cook fest day for Blue Seagulls, and while they prepare for the food, her brother squeals of their father having a woman.  They go to the Blue Seagull’s camp and provide a lunchbox meal, but one player wasn’t able to eat as one of the lunchbox, Eun-jae steals to bring to the sick Moo-yul.  Awwww sweet!  That is really sweet, defying your father’s cooking and the team you love so much.

Imo politely tells Eun-jae to come when Moo-yul is feeling better, but the feverish man hears her visit and asks her to come in.  He smiles at the food she brought and happily eats it. 

Eun-jae assumes her girlfriend dream and pours him a tea which made her smile, and him asking what the smile is about as he hates seeing her smile at him.  He tells her Imo has been with him for 10 years which made her wonder how someone was able to manage to put it up with him for that long. 

Dong-soo comes in a sports event in place of sick Moo-yul and learns from the pitcher assassin that he used to play baseball with him in middle school.  Then we go to psychopath’s dark lair, and I guess we are up for another conflict.

Eun-jae wakes Moo-yul up for the ginger tea but he sleeps soundly. 

Her sight focuses on his face and his lips…

she fights hard but then eventually moves her face to kiss him.



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