Starring:  Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo


Classy and nostalgic but wasn’t enough to put me in wonder.

I like old movies but I don’t know I already conditioned myself that I will be embarking on a silent film.  I did marvel at the costume and acting, but it failed to crawl in my system.

George Valentin was a famous silent film actor when the talkies emerged his prominence went downhill and was replaced by Peppy Miller whose career was indirectly given by Valentin.

The film production company ventured on the talking films leaving Valentin to part ways with them and carries on with working on Silent movies but his movie didn’t make it big.  He drowned himself in alcohol and little by little he lost his fortune.

At the night of the movie launched of Valentin’s movie, he overhears Peppy Miller’s interview with the press.   She jokingly mentions that it was time to make way for the young.  Valentin made his presence known, and she felt bad about what she said. 

During the times that Valentin was struggling financially, Miller silently helped him through buying on his auction events and even sheltering his loyal chauffeur.

In one of his frustrating moments he burned the old films of his movies and his place was caught on fire.  His smart dog saved him and he was rushed to the hospital.  When Peppy learned of it, she took him under her care in her residence.

When Valentin learned that Miller has been helping him after all this time, his pride kicked in and went back to moping on his sorry self.   Peppy tried to convince the Film company owner to take a chance on Valentin again if not she will depart from them. 

The film ended with Peppy and George in a dance number for a musical and we see a glimpse of Valentin in a short talking response, when they were asked to take another shot for their dance number.


I’m pretty sure modern movie watchers will not appreciate this movie… At times it’s funny but it just left me stoic after the curtains closed.   I just felt that the story was confused whether to focus on Valentin or with the story.  I’ll remember the adorable dog but not the movie.


P.S Photos are taken all over the web through Google image.  ^_^


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