This is stimulating, brave and very well played.  I was able to feel the story as it move along, and the climax sent me to the excitement and thrill I felt when I watch my favorite basketball game in a clutch moment for a championship game.

Billy Beane strategically revived the dying baseball team he manages amidst financial constraint and talent concerns.  The result is a 20 game winning streak in the history of American baseball.  His decisions on trades and sending off players earned him criticisms that his Math-based program will just kill his team.  But he proved them wrong and his system has now been used by baseball companies.

I only have good words with this movie so I won’t prolong my musings.  It has a lot of witty talking, daring moves and emotion driven moments.  Out of all the movies I’ve seen in my recent 2011Oscar movie spree, this has been my favorite.  It was just rightly done.  No dragging moments, no overly weepy scenes… it focuses on the strength of the movie – the character portrayals. 

So if you haven’t seen it yet, take a time to check it out.  *wink


P.S The photos were taken all over the web through Google Images.  ^_^


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