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1.  I watch Starwars when I’m sad.

2.  I sleep pulling the bed corner cover so my feet can play with the rough bed texture.

3.  I don’t look on a dead person’s coffin.

4.  I listen to classical music when I’m trying to sleep.

5.  I collect pink ballpens and stationery papers.

6.  Dried mangoes, chocolates, cakes and buttered shrimp are my comfort food.

7.  I watch one movie/drama episode each day.

8.  I can’t sleep without a blanket fully covering me.

9.  I hate loud music.

10.  I don’t like crowded places.

11.  I sleep with pillows under my thighs and legs.

12.  I cry when I’m extremely mad.

13.  I’m silent when I’m hungry.

14.  I sing when I’m bored.

15.  I can play a bit of guitar, piano and harmonica.

16.  I like going to museums.

17.  I love watching movies and TV series.

18.  I love reading.

19.  I blog Korean Love Movies.

20.  I’m ambi-dextrous, except the writing part.

21.  I like old, black and white movies.

22.  I love watching Korean rom-com dramas.

23.  I hate Math, and was good in History and English when I was studying.

24.  I’m quite nostalgic, I like the grandeur of the past.

25.  I only know a little on cooking.

26.  I don’t like simply laid ideas, I like it creative, appealing and intellect stimulating.

27.  I’m good at hoola-hoop.

28.  I admire the New Hollywood director batch but I revere Scorsese, Kurosawa, Miyazaki, and Hitchcock as my film making heroes.

29.  I don’t want to get married.

30.  I love watching balloons fly.

31.  I can only explain things twice, the third time my tone will not be friendly.

32.  I like wearing summer dresses.

33.  I can sing all the songs in Alanis’ Jagged Little Pill album.

34.  I’m temperature sensitive. 

 35.  I like being admitted to a hospital.

36.  I play volleyball, chess, badminton and a little tennis.

37.  I’m fascinated with Greek Mythology, and the Egyptian civilization.

38.  I like learning anything about history, astronomy and literature.

39.  I’m good at scrapbooking.

40.  I have very poor vision that I sometimes don’t recognize someone when he approaches me.

41.  I worked as a student assistant in college.  I monitor the professor’s attendance.

42.  I tutor ESL for Korean/Chinese students.

43.  I remember my dreams.

44.  I like popping bubble wrap.

45.  I believe in courtship.

46.  I like Hunter X Hunter, Samurai X and the Avatar Last Air bender Series.

47.  I keep an online diary which is basically this blog.

48.  I rarely get emotionally attached to someone.  It happens once in a blue moon.

49.  I had my first kiss in August 28, 2000.  Yeah I’m good at dates.

50.  I’m a daddy’s girl.

51.  I like going to noraebang (videoke house).

52.  I’m a sleepyhead.

53.  I count 100 yellow cabs and then I make a wish. 

54.  I patterned my ideal man to Oscar Wilde, Gyeon-woo and Dr. Gregory House.

55.  I’m patient when I’m in the position to be patient.

56.  I love children’s sticky little kisses and babies’ milk scent.

57.  I love looking at the stars at night.

58.  I have four Robin Williams favorite movies – Dead Poets Society, The Awakenings, Patch Adams and Good Will Hunting.

59.  I like sunsets.

60.  I like organizing my things.  I have an excel file for my drama and movie list.

61.  I like organizing reunions and gatherings.

62.  I don’t like the beach but I like camping.

63.  I’m a speed reader.

64.  I keep a hello kitty notebook/thesaurus for my blogging.

65.  I jot down unfamiliar words and look up for the meaning of it when I’m reading.

66.  I love going to theater plays.

67.  When I was young I really wanted to be an Egyptologist.

68.  My tab games are mostly trivia quizzes.

69.  I’m bubbly and usually full of thoughts.

70.  I like reading the classics.

71.  I think Confucius is really nice and I keep his advices.

72.  I don’t have wedding plans when I was growing up, I really want to travel around.

73.  I like rainy days.




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