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One does not make friends, one recognizes them.  This aphorism forgot to add that it’s harder to recognize friends when you grow older, and it’s disheartening to realize that someone befriended you for reasons beyond what you expect of a friendship.  That’s maybe the reason why there are a lot of people who want to be alone and just observed from afar how selfishness consumes the race of man.  I’m beginning to lean on those group of people, quasi-lean to be exact, because I still have a few interesting favorite persons I can hang out with who won’t expect more than I can give and more than they can get.  I don’t know I just can’t act as a mood swing sponge nor a fallback friend, I can only give what someone deserves from me, and that is based on a pure unadulterated goodness he extended and is giving to me.  I don’t need a two-faced friendship.   

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