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My job requires sky is the limit emotional intelligence.  I’m not gonna rant here, I will gorgeously rant.  This is for 3 years of trying so hard to be nice.  Well, this is just a wishful thinking… this doesn’t happen in my working life.  I wish it could, but it’s gonna be far from happening.


Situation:  There was a complaint about how a customer was treated.

My Response Letter:

Dear Boss,
I apologize for not being able to extend the best customer service possible.  It was one of those unguarded moments that won’t happen again.  I fully understand what is expected of me and my responsibility.
Sincerely, abby


In reality, and if avaya world permits my response letter would be…

ok boss, it was really not a pleasant thing to do but what can I do? not only is he the best whiner of the year, he totally lives to the multiple personality disorder principle! I bet there’s 5 living inside him. First he goes obama-like in his speech of his difficulty going through the automated system when he could have just told me he can’t follow voice prompts and I would have understood him. Better yet, let’s replace the automated system choices to press 1 if you are old, 2 if you are distracted, 3 if you are lazy and 4 if you are stupid.

Then he goes seer-ish analyzing why his payment was not received when he mailed the payment two days ahead of the due date. Of course I can’t explain that we don’t hire superheroes that can fly or run fast to assist in the mail delivery system, so I just let him vent like he had never before so I can finally talk if there’s a tiny opportunity that he will let me, but he is so determined to create a connection with me and arrogantly demand to remove the late fee.

Even if he so not deserved it, I did reverse the fee charges to appease his corrupted ego. I politely educated what might have happened and provided advice so he will not have a deja vu of the same experience in the future in the very sweet with cherry and icing on the cake tone, but no he really firmly believed in his twisted conviction and blamed my working in Asia to be the reason why the payment was delayed and that is after explaining to him that it goes to Florida and that if his memory is intact he should remember writing a Florida address.

So I let him rant until his supply lasts and when I was just holding all my power to be patient, he goes mad hinting I’m not paying attention to what he’s blabbering. When I tried to set it straight, he goes wilder saying I’m interrupting him. So where should I place myself? I’m not a shrink, I can’t and won’t make myself be a victim of another person’s misplaced emotions. So I held on my ground, apologized for what happened and recapped what I have done to help him.

I didn’t go godzilla on him, I remained apathetic because I can’t pretend to be helping someone as annoyingly pathetic as him. I have done what I can to help him, if he was not happy, I’m not a happy pill, it’s what he deserved, and it’s not my problem anymore.





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