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Wild Romance Episode 6 already visited me when I was sleeping earlier, I will have to make it soon.   Lee Dong Wook oppa will be jealous for the next 8 weeks because I will be glued at watching Yoo Ah In, please Fashion King don’t disappoint me, even if I betrayed you when I saw the first two episodes of Rooftop Prince, those Joseon quartet are just so adorable I can’t help but laugh tremendously.  

On that note, I also saw King 2 Hearts and it is still in the process of creeping in my system.  Love Rain is not really that appealing to me when I read how the premise was I hope it will sway me otherwise.

I’m missing my high school girlfriends, I just hope we can get together soon, when I say together all 9 of us but I guess that could happen on my wedding day perhaps. 

Hunger Games is creating waves these days, I enjoyed the book immensely with its dark, twisted and engrossing feel and it is always a dilemma if you have read the story first before you see it on the Big Screen, but so far I’m getting positive reviews so I don’t think Katniss will let me down. 

March please end now, you are so boring.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Kings will make it to the semis and to the Finals. 


Recently I met my “Obiwan”, for the longest time I have lost my faith in men, and the only man that can stimulate me is in the other side of the world cheering me up with his pink umbrella and wit.  So I met this guy who used to be almost 12 footsteps away from me.  He restored my ability to like someone not fictional but due to pre-existing love initiated conditions, I will remain a princess in waiting unless oppa elopes with me and we go to Korea to have a warm afternoon walk.  (yes oppa, I’m putting a pressure on you now!) If not, I hope the odds favor me to meet someone like obiwan.



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