A good man trying to please his gold digger friend, a gold digger who’s true love was a thug, a thug who want to change his ways for the love of his gold digger girlfriend, a woman who met the man in the wrong situation and intention, a sort of detective who fell in love with his bestfriend’s gold digger fiancée…  oh yes!  This is even better than the Hunger Games.

A man asked his best friend to track his runaway fiancée.  When he went to a bank for a loan, he met a woman when they got caught in a bank robbery.  Meanwhile the lost fiancée thought she has met the man of her dreams until she finds out that he is a mafia boss.  Her gold digger self assumed control and drugged him when they were dining out one day and runaway with his money.  The mafia boss searched for the girl who made him decide to change his evil ways, and they all got entangled to finding what love was all about.

It was snail moving at first, but how the situations were displayed and connected were nicely done.  Forgettable but pleasing when you are watching it, but I do love the happy ending.

This is a love tale told from flashbacks and cute side stories.  Regardless of not having that prolonged feeling, it did fairly in my Hunger-games inspired heart this week.  4/4/4



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