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I’m part blaming kdramagod for spoiling me with so many oppas to drool for that’s why I can’t help but disappointingly sigh or what-the-hell-is-that laugh when I encounter the truth that these boys exist. 

I’m sorry if you think you are partly what was described here, it’s not on purpose.  *wink


♥ The boy who was a storm in his past life

Okay sweetheart, we got that you are super rich, that’s why we dated you in the first place, but you don’t need to boast it because we don’t work at Forbes magazine to hear your “I’m so filthy rich stories”.  If you are that well-off you should have tried to learn something to create a personality out of you.  We don’t care how many cars and houses you have unless you’re gonna give it as a gift.


♥ The all-knowing boy who Einstein hated

There are two types of geek, the yin geek and the yang geek… yang geek translates to the person I’m describing in this category.  He’s super smart and literally encyclopedic, but oh he’s so boring that you can see the “boring” word glowing on his forehead.  You bet a very romantic intimate night will be marred because he’s so intelligent he doesn’t know how to please a woman.


♥ The bundy clock turned human boy who is also a part time security guard

Your time card will be full of red marks if you are free spirited and you will hang out with this guy.  He checks on you every time, like he is not aware that you have sleeping time.  When he doesn’t get any response from you, he will not get that he is annoying you and will double the checking to make you eventually reply.  He’s that assuming someone who checks on you like he has given you a diamond band already, when in reality he’s taking your kindness as flirting.

♥ The iloveyou everyday boy who simulcasts his ardor in social media networks

He is a good find for attention whores and for those who want to feel like they are a celebrity.  He is truly your number 1 fan and he will post it every 30 minutes on his facebook status and will rave about his feelings for you every 3 minutes on twitter.  If you want to go deeper check his blog and you’ll see that his blog is like your personal website.  Yes he’s sweet, overly sweet, and normally his sweetness has a definite expiration date.


♥ The boy with a wife a daughter and a son

And of course you didn’t know about it.  If a single lady is in her right state of mind, he will never settle for a married man, unless it’s really an unexplainable Romeo-and-Juliet-defying-time-money-and-inheritance kind of love, ahmm nah, I ‘ll stick to my original idea.  These men look and act like they are single forever, but just like credit cards, they are current but beyond past their due dates.


♥ The hermit boy who is so stuck up in his so called life

He doesn’t know the past, present and the future.  He wakes up, goes to work, goes home, eats and sleeps.  When you date him be prepared to answer questions like “How are you?” “When is your birthday?” and the likes, because I assure you he can’t talk and think so it would be super hard for him to carry a conversation.


♥ The boy who lives to the more the merrier vibe

He’s running for the “best playboy of the year” annually.   He likes it more and not in a calendar girl kind of way but preferably each day different girl way.  We girls smell this boy easily, but for some they fall for him anyway.  He’s playful and fun and he’s good at giving I’m trying to get into your pants flatteries.


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