I was not expecting much of this movie, hell I didn’t even do a background check which I normally do, but it held me drooling on it the whole time without any rest room break. 

It was a biker movie, and on that note I was really like uttering ancient chants that it won’t bore me.  So when the action-packed motorbike scene begins, the stunts and the speed blew me away.

Gi Su (Lee Min Ki) is a legendary fast biker who works as the errand guy for his friend’s courier service.  In one of his messenger job, he got pop star Ah Rom as his customer and asked him to drive her for their scheduled performance.  Little did they know that someone plot a bomb on Gi Su’s helmet and Ah-rom insisted on wearing the helmet so they got caught up following a bomber-slash-creepy-guy to bring packages meaning to blow up the receivers.  The catch is they can’t part beyond 10 meters or the helmet will explode so they set to follow “big brother’s orders”.

The road action packed scenes were just so amazing and what’s nice is that it doesn’t give you that Mission impossible vindictive badass feel.  Instead they use funny scenes to lighten up the mood of the story which I perceived to be an effective way to make a girl like me be hooked up to something other than a romcom flick. 

So it was sort of an action-comedy film for me… the chase to track the biker with the pop star delivering bombs, the cuteness of the police while they do their investigation, the mafia gangs involvement were really outrageously fun and amusing to watch

Here’s a movie you can enjoy with your boyfriend, not so much romance but definitely entrancing and exciting. 


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