This was my 2011’s last quarter addiction, and what a way to end that year dreaming of Jung Il Woo’s flirty eyes.

It is a definite rom-com drama at its best, full of sweetness, charm and endearing characters that you will surely adore. 

Jung Il Woo is a big pile of bubble wrap.  He always give me that comforting feeling if I’m bored, mad, stoic and saturated and he’s been thriving in my fantasies for a while now… and no you don’t get to ask me to share those fantasies, but if you’ll insist… I won’t submit.  *wink

It was one of the quirkiest-so-pleasing-to-watch-cast-ensembles.   You will keep in your heart the love story, the characters in lead and supporting roles, the humor, the wit, the love triangle sometimes love polygon, and the drama moments.

Cha Chi Soo is the heaven’s gift to women.  He is rich, handsome and knows how to lure ladies to submit to his whims.  He met his match to a woman he never expected he will be falling in love with.

The second male lead “Pillar”, Choi Kang Hyuk, who made me happily slept imagining his buff body was a long lost half- brother to Chi-soo and has fallen in love with the same girl his brother likes.  He used to be Eun-bi’s father student and took care of the Ramyun shop business when his old master died.  He also assumed his husband-to-be-role to Eun-bi because he made an agreement with her dad in a paper and crayon marriage pledge that is sooooo binding. 

Ergo the quest to win Yang Eun Bi’s heart was set to be fulfilled, with two equally dashing men claiming to be her prince.  So what I did and would have wanted to wish if there was a genie at that time is to enter a portal so I can be at Eun Bi’s character, enjoying Kang Hyuk’s ramen and sweet, romantic moves and anticipating Chi-soo’s devilish see how much I love you antics.

Chi-soo and Kang-hyuk happened to share the same mother, but the mom opted to be with Kang-hyuk and his dad thus Chi-soo was never aware of his hyung’s existence and what he’s missing growing up was filled by his chaebol father, thus he grew up flamboyant and always wanting to get what he desires. Including me… *giggles

Eun-bi has been estranged to his father and used to be a great volleyball player.  She has also struggled with her previous relationship when after her boyfriend’s military service he dumped her over another girl.  When her father died she went back to their old house and lived with Kang-hyuk, her little adopted brother and Chi-soo’s friend.  Just as she was not believing with her man-luck anymore, they invaded her life and her world and her heart were turned upside down.

The series tackled the different fears of falling in love.  On Eun-bi’s perception, she was crossed with falling for someone out of her league, and it made her even more confused when Kang-hyuk tries claiming ownership of her too.  In Chi-soo’s mind, his passion over wanting to be with Eun-bi when he finally admitted his feelings for her was overflowing that it sometimes drowning Eun-bi who was still in the process of healing with so many things that happened in her life. 

What I loved in this drama was when Chi-soo and Kang-hyuk set to claim the cup on Eun-bi’s heart.  It felt like Legolas and Gimli boasting at their orc kills.  The kiss scene after Chi-soo snatched Eun-bi while she was on a date with Pillar, was the defining kdrama kiss for me so far.  It was like “you are mine” kiss nailed and defined.

I was so puppy faced all throughout my stay at Flowerboy Ramyun Shop.  I craved for more and they sufficed me beyond what I expected.  I got the closure I hoped for and this will be included in my yearly series to watch tradition.



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