This Romeo-and-Juliet-like drama sent me to the edge of a cliff and I got affected so much with the struggles and motivations of the main characters.  It has the best villain you will hate and love at the same time because he was so effective to his role as the evil Crown Prince Su Yang who defied fate and the heavens to fulfill his wish of sitting on the Royal throne.

In his ambition to ascend to the Royal throne Crown Prince Su Yang pulled all the evilness in the world by killing all the people that would hinder him in his goal even his brothers, relatives and government officials.  The odds submit to his cunning ways and finally achieved the power he so wanted to have.

Meanwhile his most cherished daughter, Lee Se Ryung, fell in love with the son of his arch enemy, Kim Seung Yoo.  What started to be a sweet romance turned into a nightmare as Seung Yoo is torn between the love he felt for the daughter of the man who killed his father and brother.

Princess Se Ryung who saw and realized the dark side of her father rebelled and fought hard to be with the man she kept dearly in her heart.  It was a long shot even making her took an arrow on his behalf but the cold exterior of Seung Yoo melted with Se-ryung’s sincere adoration towards him.

My dilemma every time I watch a period drama is I have to do a background check and keep my attention focused so I won’t miss the important details, and with my grasshopper-ish attention span, it was really hard, but no matter how dramatic the series went, I did not halt my horse and stayed with it because they made it so stirring and so emotionally invoking.

The directing and cinematography were captured efficiently projecting a gripping story throughout its conclusion.  How they maneuvered the movements of the conflict without making the protagonists looked so annoyingly pathetic was strategically laid which made me admire the writer of the story. 

The acting was top-notch.  Everyone stepped up and portrayed their characters as they balance their roles to complement and support each other.  I was so moved with how the lead couple struggled to claim the love that is rightfully theirs.   Feeling Seung-yoo’s pain sent me crying and cursing at the King who I believe was Voldie’s cousin, and I applaud Se-ryung’s facets of characters displayed throughout the story.  Again, the main villain here I hated so much and was already placed in my hall of famers.

The Princess’ Man is a drama so complete and will suffice the addiction you will endure as you gape each episode.   It has a conflict that was justified well and was concluded in a realistic manner.  It was agonizing and yet a very loving tale that will remind you of the risks in committing yourself to someone, the bittersweet pain of coming to terms that love has always casualties and the reality that until you learn to forgive, you will not be able to feel in your arms that person who defined you what is love.


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