Dokko Jin was a long lost demi god sent to the world to become that Hallyu star Uncle Zeus promised me to have. 

The Greatest Love aka Best love was the wackiest, quirkiest, most charming and most adorable Kdrama of 2011 for me.  This has one of the strongest love triangle I’ve seen to date, and I was switching from Dokko Jin and Pil Joo, but then eventually Dokko Jin won me over.

This is my favorite battle-for-the-leading-lady’s-heart showcase, as the two lead men warmed my love veins with their creativity to let Ae Jung noticed how much they love her.

The love drama staged in the showbiz land exhibited a top actor in his prime and a struggling actress who used to be from a famous girl group but was condemned unfairly by the public’s judgment.  In a series of forming-a-love-story event, their lives sort of crossing their paths every now and then and before he knew it, the cutely egoistic and blithely mischievous Dokko Jin’s protective instinct was awakened by the pure, sometimes vulnerable, but never failing to be optimistic and to trust in life character of Ae-jung.

I love Hong sisters dramas because it promises laughter, memorable love tale and humor everytime… I guess those are their trademarks and they were able to extend those points through Ae-jung, Dokko Jin and Pil-joo. 

A fast paced, consistently vivacious episodes can make me addicted and dreamy over a drama, it can even cause me to skip work if I deem it necessary to worry about the fate of my love couple of the month over explaining credit card charges.    “Best Love” was able to pull this state from me when it was running… it was like a heroin disarming me from earthly life making me thrive inside my protective romance bubble.

I don’t have issues with the directing because I like things short, simple and sweetly done, and I believe they were able to make the most out of the plot and the conflicts to sustain a fame defying love to claim a damsel in distress because of misplacing trust. 

Pil-joo will be one of my favorite second leads along with “Pillar”.  He fought well and he could have been deserving of the lead girl’s love but of course his role was to make Ae-jung determine which love will make her happy and that the love she could need will never be more than what she deserves.

Dokko Jin was a complex character, he brought out so many emotions from me, each better than what he previously portrayed.  He was a bundle of laughter and a handful of bliss.  He was erratic when he was in he’s child self and yet made me swoon when he assumed being a man.  Cha Seung Won is steamingly hot, he gets interesting and god-like in each persona he takes.

Ae-jung was a revelation.  I read that she was good, and the drama cemented that claim.  Her acting skills were just effortlessly good complementing how she dealt with the characters around her.  She switched from annoyingly nice, defiant, forebearing to optimistic.  She was a mixture of a heroine prototype that should grace the TV screen often to replace those typecast leading ladies who mopes well and will just redeem themselves when two episodes are left on the series.

True to its title, this was a superb love drama.  It was satisfying and gratifying.  It was one of the best drama offerings of 2011.  This was a basket full of romance that cupid especially made for each one of us.



One thought on “The Greatest Love is your Best Love

  1. I absolutely loved this one! The actors we incredible! Have you seen Kong Hyo-Jin (female lead) in It’s Okay, That’s Love? She did a really great job in that one too. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I use it as a reference for the drama’s I should watch… Thank you! Happy New Year! 🙂

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